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    From our humble beginning the Pro-Hookers Fishing Club has evolved into one of the largest clubs in Fishing Planet.  In August 2015 our Founder PH_OldNr.7 started Pro-Hookers.  I am now club's Leader and Senior Administrator.  We now have more than 300 members (40+ still very active in Fishing Planet) from all parts of the world, ranging from Indonesia to Poland and Scandinavia to South Africa.  Most of our members range in age from 35-71 and are/were avid fishermen in real life.  We hold our own weekly club competitions and have our own Teamspeak3 server.  Our weekly competitions run for two real life hours, are held at a different location each week, and we fish for a different species.  At the end of each weekly competition points are assigned for 1st to 3rd place.  At the end of 8 weeks the points are totaled and the member with the most points gets their name on our Master Pro-Hooker Fisherman Trophy (designed by PH_OldNr.7) on our website.  They also get a permanent title on our Teamspeak3 server. We want to keep the club like a group of folks you would want to go fishing with in real life, or just to go have a beer with; therefore, membership is by invitation only with an application process. We also try to be as helpful as we can to those we fish with everyday. We have recently begun to organize player run Community Competitions which you will find in the Competitions section of these forums. Enjoy Fishing Planet!  Good luck and tight lines to all!

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    The purpose of the Aquaholics Fishing Club is to provide a forum to share knowledge, fishing techniques, experiences and ideas to provide members with the opportunities to aid them in their development of the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful Fishing Planet angler.

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    Clube de pesca para jogadores brasileiros. Venha pescar conosco! Acesse: www.fishingplanet.com.br

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    Welcome to the Bass Community. We keep up to date with all updates and will let you know about them on here. We also love to fish, we fish all over video game and in the real world. We help anyone with money and equipment problems. Thank you JAY

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    Hey everyone i am makeing this group for everyone to join if your stuck ask i will do my best to answer you or find a answer for you so come join add me on ps4 zkilla421 thanks Fish on

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    PS4 Fishing group. Having fun, joining tournaments, catching uni's, voice chat, and community page. Join today.
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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Just fun friendly fishing
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    Anglers from the Sunshine State!