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Well, you can't actually ask a fish directly but maybe a member can help you? Easy to join and easy to leave!
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  2. Hi all, Been playing a few weeks, level 40. Would love to have people to play with. Xbox name: PT Businessman Currently farming arapaima in amazon but im down to fish ANYWHERE / help with missions
  3. Suggest you just do float and lure fishing until you become more familiar with how the game works. Use the Help (F1 on PC) button. Remember the Rod should have the highest line weight value, the reel max drag should be equal or just lower than the rods highest line weight value and the line test should be equal or lower than the reels max drag (leaders should be equal or lower than the line test). Also make sure when lure fishing the lures weight does not exceed the max lure weight for the rod. Above all, take your time and have fun. Hope this helps.
  4. I would love some help Just started getting into the game recently and am a amateur fisher haha there is so much terminology and kit ive never seen or heard of in my life it can be very overwhelming
  5. Well, what if I’m a “new angler” on California?
  6. Does "The Game of Thrones" cast actually fish here too?
  7. Nice one and thanks for joining too!
  8. Hello, I'm willing to give advice to new anglers in this club. if you want any tips on how to get started On Lone Star Lake or Mudwater River, reply to this topic.
  9. Wow! then the barbless jigheads I got a few days ago was a good investment!!
  10. @sabiScs I didnt know that but it does make sense seeing as they are either baitcoins or through challenges! Thank you for letting me know!
  11. barbless hooks or barbless lures can boost +20% XP!
  12. @Carpman99 Ah okay I had a big alli set up which followed the rule of rod to leader in terms of strength and was losing xp on peacock basses so I altered my line and it didnt change so I just thought that I'd ask! Thanks for the advice!
  13. The short answer: The red arrows indicate the tackle is too strong for the fish your catching, the number of arrows meaning 1 slightly 2 fairly 3 overly overpowered. To stop this use a lighter tackle setup. When using a balanced setup (from weakest to strongest) the line (test) is matched to the reel(max drag), and the reel to the rod(line weight) so I'd say it was the setup. (When using feeder/bottom tackle I have the leaders (test) slightly weaker than the lines test) Hope this helps.
  14. Hey everyone was just wondering what causes you to lose xp from fish is it the line being to strong for the fish or he rod and reel? Thank you in advance, McLeodinho
  15. Go to the Woods of the Eastern Bank on a sunny day between 5am and 7am to catch your Uni White Bass:
  16. Sandy Cape - Sunny day between 5am and 7am.
  17. @Carpman99Thank you! I was kinda confused due to different days having more or less over the max but now it makes sense!
  18. No, you can put any fish that is under the keepers max single fish weight in. So if you are at 199.357 kg of 200 kg (440 lb) total fish weight you can still slip in that uni
  19. Hey everyone I was just wondering how far you can go over a keepnets max weight? Is it 1/10 of its max weight or similar? Thank you in advance, McLeodinho
  20. This is a massive help thank you very much!
  21. This Fishing Planet Russian Wiki looks like it is being actively maintained: Fishing Planet RU Wiki I use this Firefox add-on to translate it to English: Cheers, fishdom49
  22. Since there is actual underwater activity, and it does looks somewhat realistic, Fishing Planet would be better served to offer an underwater camera like some of the other fishing games.
  23. A decent sized Muskie!

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