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  2. nordak76

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    Headshot (sorry I didn't go to the trouble of spelling it correctly visually) made a good post in regard to potential x-series benefits. I remember him stating the x-series bobbers cast further and were more durable. As soon as I saw my pear x-series glow bobber get into the yellow on durability, I thought I'd look for a replacement I could knock around and save what was left of the x-series. Got the shop bobber and noticed my first max cast was identical to the x series. Not sure about the xp bonus, if there is one, but the max cast is identical. For anyone looking for a suitable replacement, it's identical without knowing all the hidden (or not) benefits to the x series bobber. So far I've noticed no differences to things like catch rates, but I'm not sure I'd notice anyway.
  3. Результаты полуфинала: 1 BUR-GoldenCatch1 2 GiDRA_ViC 3 BB-HunterG 4 BUR-EbisuWasia 5 NB.jianyu 6 B.O.L.T 7 ZlayaZaya 8 GiDRA_ieweler 9 NB.xianxian 10 BGF-LucasLeal94 11 BB-EAC-Nogmaa 12 PH_gatsu52 13 Bohemond 14 aryaman 15 LechmesbOOls 16 NB.BoomBoomZzz 17 Viuva-FDP 18 MANDIMESTRE-FDP 19 BB-gelegenheitsangler 20 harmattan Результаты финала: 1 LechmesbOOls 2 BUR-EbisuWasia 3 BB-HunterG 4 BB-gelegenheitsangler 5 harmattan 6 NB.xianxian 7 BUR-GoldenCatch1 8 B.O.L.T 9 NB.BoomBoomZzz 10 MANDIMESTRE-FDP
  4. J.Mitchell WV

    How to transfer screenshots/videos from PS4 to computer

    I found it fairly easy to have your PSN account linked to your Face Book account. After taking an in game screen shot, just share said screen shot to said FB account, (be sure to set it up so that only you can see the screen shot on your timeline unless you want all your friends to see it lol.) I have an album set up just for FP screenshots. Easy to access and upload to FP.
  5. J.Mitchell WV

    Have you ever caught a turtle, plastic bag or a shoe?

    If you catch one of the aforementioned items. If you pause the game, spend 5 bait coins, it will magicaly turn into a "Uni" of your choosing lol.
  6. Violentvole

    Let's not forget the good.

    Hegert, Every critiscism should be seen as feedback. Yes, opinions get heated, but that's what forums are for. You know as well as I do that if FP said they were pulling the plug this forum would degenerate into a slagging match within seconds. But the fact that a hell of a lot of early adopters are still here says everything that needs to be said. I am the first to denounce anything negative, but I'm also right up there when something works, and works well. And a lot of users who I know will admit the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.
  7. Hegert

    Let's not forget the good.

    Thank you for the kind words. We are listening to everybody's feedback and the team is doing their best to develop new content for newcomers as well as our veteran players. It takes a very long time (As you all have noticed), but that's because there is so much more than just creating a new map and simply just adding new fish into the game. It doesn't work like that - new fish AI has to be developed and tested, different bugs and glitches need to be figured out and fixed and so on. It is difficult with a very small team, but they are working hard to do their best. There's a lot more coming than what we have talked about and shown on our social media. Can't wait for you guys to experience it all. Thank you for sticking with us!
  8. Violentvole

    Let's not forget the good.

    With all the current topics about comps, blue screens, lag, the upcoming trash ( that was me ), bugs etc, let's not forget why we're all here. To any newcomers to the forum it probably seems all we do is moan about everything we dislike. And I think that would be a perfectly justifiable opinion. However, those of us who have been playing the game since the early days have also been the first to congratulate the team on all the improvements they've made to the game. And honestly, the pros far outweight the cons. It says a lot that there is a core group of players who are still here and still playing. We may gripe, we may take a break ( I did ), we may question things and we may seem to be overly negative sometimes. But ultimately, we complain so bitterly because we love the game. A bit of research shows the direction the devs want the game to go in, and if they can pull it off we are in for some good times. The Christmas event I think is a good example of an event that was almost universally acclaimed as superb in that it brought so many of us together and was a genius move on the part of the devs. Conversely, the Halloween gar event was marred by the glitched Vampire Gars and the Paddies day event was far too short to realistically be able to complete both challenges ( they did acknowledge that one in all fairness ). I did actually have the joint biggest Rowdy Bass of that event - albeit one hour before it ended and the leaderboards were wiped. But I got me a screenshot 😉 Never have I played a fishing game ( it's not a sim ) that was so enjoyable, never have I met such a friendly community and never have I seen people brought together in the way the Xmas event was orchestrated and performing selfless actions for the benefit of others. So yep, there may be a lot of whining and whinging going on right now with some critiscism, but, as fickle as any mob, watch us all congratulate the team the next time they introduce something good. The Xmas event is definitely the feather in their cap though, they need to learn from that one and find ways to make all other events bring the community together again. Personally, I can't wait for December even if it's a straight repeat of last years. But we all need to remember one thing - this is a damn good game, the devs are only human and we all make mistakes 😉
  9. Violentvole

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    If I may provide an anecdote of sorts, I recall someone saying X-series kit gave an XP boost. I have never bothered to prove or disprove this theory as I stopped worrying about XP the day I hit level 40, but there must be some benefit to X-series kit surely?
  10. Violentvole

    Unfair competitions

    Let me see if I can sum up the frustrations aired in this thread in one sentence. It is up to you, the forum users to decide if I succeed or fail. Makes no difference to me as I only enter for fun when friends do for all the reasons stated in this thread. Anyway....drum roll please, the grand sentence coming up! " A competiton should - theoretically - give every entrant a chance of winning or at least placing, they should rely on luck as much as skill, but the way the FP comps are structured reflect in no way on the actual gameplay because they require a different style of play that normal fishing does not cater for in any way. " One sentence, as promised. Putting the multiple account thing to one side, how many times have we seen the names stating " you have to practice to get good. "? Why do competitions require a different style of play? Why are many of us perfectly capable anglers ( I have 754 unis, so hardly a novice! ) suddenly impotent in competitions and everything we know becomes irrelevant? I have come 4th twice with a few more top tens back before I realised it was nearly always the same 20 or so people battling for the top ten placings and stopped entering. 88 comps and not a single top 3 finish, even on species I know well? Ok. Surely competitions should be on an even footing and reflect leisure fishing to give everyone a chance? But, they don't. At all. Interesting to note I hardly ever see the competition names fishing for fun and chilling with friends anymore.
  11. Dennis_FP

    Logging in

    Hello, please, email us at support@fishingplanet.com and we will try to fix your problem.
  12. sabiScs

    Char Charger's Open Final Results

    he has error too.
  13. Tmif

    Char Charger's Open Final Results

    That sucks. I had a blue error with 2 minutes left. Wouldn't have made a difference for me.
  14. sabiScs

    Char Charger's Open Final Results

    Guys check this out how unlucky is my friend Morito848 video time 51:15
  15. Yesterday
  16. SlothnessMonster

    Game wont load Properly (OSX)

    no idea's??
  17. nordak76

    Glow Grub

    The grub is one of my go to lures in the game. I can't tell you how many times I've been night fishing for species like Walleye and Whitefish and thought to myself "if only I had a glow grub." Please give me a glow grub someday in a future patch. While you're at it, maybe make glow colors in the remainder of soft plastics that don't have them. They would be a welcome edition to my tackle box.
  18. CCO FINAL RESULTSWow, that was one superCHARged tournament! And what an electrified Finale!But let’s get straight to business and break the news you’ve all been waiting for - the Char Charger’s Open Final Results. Here below you’ll find the names of our Three Char Charger Champions along with the carefully calculated list of the Top-10 finalists! Well done, guys...Congrats and thank you for participating! We really hope you enjoyed this thrilling experience and are already looking forward to new challenging tournaments coming your way soon!In the meantime, recharge your fishing capacities and work on those solid hooksets. Stay tuned and tight lines, folks! 1 eduardojmaranhao 2 costelera 3 HughBetcha88 4 warlordsully 5 Pinok-76 6 IMAMURA2013 7 Ronaldo_Leite 8 hawaiistell 9 morito848 10 ToddynhoO1
  19. nordak76

    Feature Suggestion: Fishing Contracts

    I like this idea a lot. .
  20. Hate_ful

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    If i recall it was said somewhere that night and x series have same bonus .
  21. nordak76

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    The night edition "NE" pear shaped bobber available in shop for bait coins is an identical bobber. You still get the bonus to casting distance and it's visually the same. As far as additional x-series benefits vs. the shop bobber, don't know about that one.
  22. Guest

    Connection lost

    Hi, i have problem, please help me.I'm still getting the same message: "The server connection timeout has passed. The server is unavailable or the firewall is incorrectly configured. Check the ISP settings." My internet is very good.
  23. Walleyewhisperer

    Unfair competitions

    For all of those that spend countless hours on this game perfecting their skills and techniques good for you. More power to you and I hope you become the best FP players in the world. What I have a problem with is the people that do everything in their power to manipulate the game to take advantage of winning no matter the cost. You all know who you are. It’s really a shame, but if it boosts your ego then I guess in your eyes it’s worth it. Tight Lines!
  24. Walleyewhisperer

    The Show Off Contest!

    Same for me, but we can always hope!
  25. Guest

    Bugged tutorial

    Can’t seem to catch the additional fish after the first three
  26. peeter_panfish

    The Show Off Contest!

    My PM is still showing as unread, so I'm not expecting any today. But who knows ... maybe.
  27. Yolobafreak

    new to tourneys please

    Awesome Thank You
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