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  2. Violentvole is it possible they are in Private Room or Random Room that's full at the time,I've had that issue quite a bit,but really frustrating when I create a room & been playing for a bit,have buddy join,then I have to leave to take bag limit in & mind ya I have the FishHutL so holds 26+lbs of fish,then when try to rejoin room to continue fishing there is no option available to rejoin Oh & how about when you join or friend joins you in same room/lake & the time difference is off,what's with that lol,why cannot we join rooms at time that friends are fishing instead of 5:00am,know there is option to fast forward,but should be joining automatically at time my friend is fishing on particular lake..All in all I'm really enjoying the game,just small things I would like to see Devs change or add..
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  5. A lot of the time, the friend menu will tell me someone's fishing at a particular location but then the game refuses to display a friend room when I go there.
  6. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Some good points there from all, thanks for the replies. So I just pulled my challenges up and I'm on exactly 100 Rowdies ( I could have sworn it was telling me that 100 = Irish Pride Flatcap and 13 baitcoins, now it's saying it's 150. I digress ). So that's Monday morning, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Saturday morning and currently Saturday night fishing exclusively for Rowdies. Plus some afternoon sessions on various days. For 100 Rowdies and 8 accidental Lepers, when location and methods were not an issue. Less than 24 hours to go and I'm only two thirds through, just fishing for one species. So how, just how, is anyone supposed to complete both these challenges short of spending 20 hours a day on the game FP? I suppose I can go for the Lepers this time next year, or possibly finish the bass off. Assuming I'm still playing that is! October all over again.
  7. I understand that Fishing Planet is a free game & for a free game is a pretty amazing looking Fishing Simulator & that Devs need to make their money back somehow for game they created,but I for one the price for Premium Accounts are so steep I could never afford it. $134 even for the year on top of having to already pay my PSN membership is difficult to do along with fact can buy couple full games as well for that price,seeing how Fishing Planet is not my only interest in gaming..Haha & not too mention need to keep some money for the real fishing as well . Thanxs for your time.
  8. Was wondering if there is any chance of creating a way to join our friends for some fishing using the friends list instead of the new room friends only,when I create a room then end up having to leave to take bag limit in,I cannot rejoin my friend in the room I had already created,thus we have to leave room and create another..Also on another topic I have gotten used to the interface somewhat better now after playing several hours,but friends I get started playing the game become so frustrated with setting up tackle or other requirements trying to move around the menus & there is not much explanation to the novice of why somethings is not working together example rod/reel/line & lure combinations..Thanxs for your time & have to say I for one am enjoying the game,have yet to try a competition or tournament,but so looking forward to doing so once have my set up where I want it..
  9. Time forwarding

    Now longer a problem
  10. Track IR head tracking software

    Exactly guys!
  11. A sheer impossibility for most players

    I love to earn the rewards as much as the next fisherman, but I have a job, too. Got both Christmas Hat and Jacket. What fun that was for everyone! Was looking forward to adding to my Hat/Clothes collection, but knew Day 1 I would not have the time nor patience to get 150 of each. Not enough time for me to get 150 of ONE. They should have made it sound sensitive where cracking open a beer worked like the Xmas Fireworks did. St. Paddies Day, indeed!
  12. Spring Cats Tour: Semifinal Results

    yea Congratulations to all. superpolkilo,jeff78550,Poohlykhomyak,warlordsully good luck in final
  13. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Excellent post and could not agree more. I did catch my 50 by last Thursday of the rowdies but gave up after that. Just too boring and slow going. So, maybe after 2 more St. Patricks days I will get my 150. Though I did not think the hat was worth it all or even the 100 more gold.
  14. A sheer impossibility for most players

    I wasn't aware there was 150 rowdy goal. I caught one rowdy, but hooked up with at least 6 prior to the one (unless one was a leper, not sure). I knew it was a crapshoot on my gear since I was only level 19, but I managed to pull out a smaller 20 pound rowdy. I tried once more but gave up after a ridiculously long 45+ irl minute battle once I figured out the fish never wore out and there was no way I'd get it. So I'm done with it. I have a stockpile of about 200 drunken worms and 190 bully grasshoppers, so I'm happy with what I've done. It's not really fun tbh. Unless you're at least a level 30 I don't think most can even compete in this event.There needs to be some kind of endurance built in to all fish in the game to make it more realistic, a fish cannot fight that long, be pulled in to as close as 5 feet before rocketing back out to over 130 feet multiple times without being tired out. Especially against a current which should play into the player's advantage. I mean, I schooled that fish on a Nero 14' 10" pole, a prima 3500 reel, and 10 lbs. braid. Never came close to spooling me, breaking me off, or breaking my gear. I felt like I deserved that fish, or at least deserved something for the effort at a lower level, and felt like I got cheated when I finally had to break the line off due to hand fatigue.
  15. Spring Cats Tour: Semifinal Results

    Congratulations to all. Specially to you del great job
  16. With only one day before the Final Round of Spring Cats Tour, we’re thrilled to give you the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Catfish anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the mesmerizing Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana for the official title of SCT Champion and other valuable prizes! 1 superpolkilo 2 Papayoy31 3 michelplat 4 jeff78550 5 Chubrevich 6 RotaComando1986 7 Dyadka_Valerka 8 alex-misha 9 ruskachan 10 Usuario1 11 edak32 12 Willians82Br 13 Poohlykhomyak 14 rebelleke069 15 ToddynhoO1 16 warlordsully 17 IMAMURA2013 18 eduardojmaranhao 19 V-_-BiGbaSs-_-V 20 del_udy
  17. A sheer impossibility for most players

    As probably close to an "average" player here, I gave up on it fairly quickly. Instead I tried the tourney (2 hours a qualifier) and spent the rest of my time enjoying the free Michigan license. I'll throw a bully grasshopper in here and there when waiting for the advance time limit timer for the possibility of the free bait coin, I've caught 9 rowdies and 2 leps just fishing them that way. But as for the challenges, once I put the bite rate together with the challenge expectations I threw that idea out the window. We had one person in the club get the 50 fish challenge, a couple more are close, other than that I think a lot of us just ignored it as being a useless time sink.
  18. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Agree 100%!! Sam here, spent everyday (since Sunday) doing at minimum 2-3 sessions of atleast 2 hours each, finally broke the 100 mark for Rowdys this morning lol. Knew it was going to be an illogical grind so targeted the Rowdys exclusively trying to atleast get 1 challenge done but even that's not a certainty with such lil time left. Days 1-2 spent finding best spot for highest bite rate; Day 3 spent each session staring at a non moving or even dinging bobber (0 fish caught); 4-5 grinding with what seemed to be a reduced bite rate; Day 6, decent morning session, but still unlikely to tag out unless they drastically increase bite rates for the final day. Btw, give the chipmunk a shot; everybody deserves a lil lovin lol
  19. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Xmas event was fun . The Gar and St Patrick's day where not . I tried for 1 day then gifted baits away . I was looking forward to this event to spark up the game but instead it made me play less . Im not even gonna start about the Huge ( Joke ) upcoming patch that adds nothing new accept the need to purchase storage lol.
  20. LONE STAR LAKE-Texas

    Hey Try peg 2 look for reflection of two big rocks in water. Cast just infront about 80ft go 55inch deep with size 4 or 6 hook on petfood😉 you will have a bag full in no time.
  21. A sheer impossibility for most players

    VV don't waste anymore of your time. Even if they respond they will say you're doing it wrong. Even if they said it was screwed up but there's nothing that can be done now I would at least understand. But they won't admit it's broken and will say it's your fault. I now have several hours of my day freed up.
  22. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Spot on V! And in the time it took to read all of this I still have yet to get a damn bite! LOL. This event was a complete waste of people’s time. I love this game too, but I don’t see how you grow a game and get more players “hooked” when you have events that are anything but fun.
  23. Xbox one controller problem

    My xbox one controller works with steam however stops working once I launch the fishing planet game using mac and controller on in game settings help anyone?
  24. Soo..I spend a fair bit of time on this game. Since the Rowdies and Lepers went live I've fished exclusively for Rowdies. I've caught a few knowing the spots, even had 4 or 5 Lepers pick up Bully Grasshoppers unintentionally - I've yet to fish for the lepers specifically. In the interest of fairness, I have my challenges up right now onscreen and I have 89 Rowdies and 6 lepers. After fishing for the Rowdies exclusively since Monday, one night I spent with Hateful, BJtater and Del and our catch rate was low. So my question is, if someone like me who spends nearly all gaming time on this game ( which amounts to more than most seeing as I only work weekend nights ) and has no trouble catching fish cannot get 150 of just ONE of the event species, how the hell is the average gamer who pops on for an hour or so here and there or when time/circumstances allow supposed to do it? This event is ending in 36 hours at time of posting, and I'm not even 2/3rds through the Rowdies. Event is probably being generous. After the Xmas event, which was awesome and a true ' event ' we ( or I at least ) thought the lesson had been learnt after the Halloween gar debacle. However, if someone who plays as often as I do can't get 150 Rowdies in the time frame without spending 10 hours a day on the game, what chance does the casual player have? Are you trying to piss all your players away on purpose? This event should run for another week at least. St Paddies day is today, and you're ending the ' event ' tomorrow. I can understand adding the allure of a challenge to newbies in the name of purchasing items, but most of your playerbase is level 40 and ranked now. There are posts here of level 40 people saying they didn't even bother because they knew how it was going to turn out...doesn't that bother you that they called it so accurately? It's not just new players who spend money on the game. But by doing crap like this, you push your loyal, long term players further away. If things are ' working as intended ', I would like to see 2 things: One of you guys explaining how making the target ( 150 caught ) for just one species damn near unobtainable, never mind getting 150 of both species. One of you guys logging onto my account and catching either 150 Rowdies or Lepers in the time frame I have to play, which, as I've stated, is a lot more than most people have at their disposal. On the verge of sending a Collins dictionary to FP HQ with the word ' event ' highlighted. We thought you had learned lessons and taken our comments to heart after the brilliant Xmas event following the gar debacle. What a difference between the two. One was fun, one was frustrating and a grind. And here we are, back to the grind. I'm sorry if I sound like I hate the game, I don't. It is fantastic and the best fishing game I've played. You have over £1,000 of my money to prove that. But you should really look at your Xmas event and wonder why nobody complained about that one while the Gars and Rowdies/Lepers generate critiscism. One of those events was fun, the other two aren't/weren't. Oh, fix the crankbaits too please ;-) Anyone have anything to add? Was I too harsh? Did I miss anything? Be constructive, critiscise but don't generalise. Is this ' event ' fun for you or not? Did you get 150 of one species? Did you get 150 of both?! Is it ending too soon tomorrow? Bite rates too low? Was the Xmas event better or worse? Were all events just fine and you hit all targets? How could they improve? Should they read this board more to see what we're saying? Is VV an egocentric megalomaniacal delusionist who's salty? Should I reply to that woman who looks like a chipmunk on the dating site? Thoughts?
  25. boat rent

    Well you see a countdown in the top left part of the screen - counting down from 24:00 - and I had about 22h left. Real - or gametime. After I fwd to 5:am - the counter still run down from about 22h, but I couldnt access the boat anymore.
  26. 2018 Unique Fishing Techniques Reference

    WOW! This is excellent! Thanks!
  27. 1 Day Trip Fishing Challenge

    Nice list
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