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  2. The second bug in the maps Below The Cryton Dam - San Joaquin Delta on the PC platform --------> http://prntscr.com/mzq2ua When it comes to an update? at least to solve these bugs. There are a lot of bugs
  3. Spring Cats Tour: Результаты финала Дорогие рыбаки! Весенний турнир по ловле Сома благополучно завершен и мы еще долго будем вспоминать это эпичное событие! Теперь же, после долгих тщательных подсчетов и проверок мы со всей полагающейся торжественностью оглашаем имена Трех Победителей в рамках 10-ки лучших и самых удачливых рыбаков, чьи навыки и упорство дают им право считать себя лучшими из лучших самоловов! Спасибо, что вы с нами! И помните, что новые Турниры не за горами 1 CN.Leviathan 2 NoName.Johnni48 3 PRO.s_CLUB_WayneJucktz 4 NoName.MihA76 5 CN.love1983 6 JimPanse0108 7 NoName.NoBrainNoPain 8 PRO.s_CLUB_Tessi88 9 CN.DouFuRu 10 CN.Caiwenge3020
  4. Just looks like someone typing it in to me. Thats why the name is blue unless im missing something.
  5. I dont really care about catching some smaller wels here and there, however i do wish and think they should allow the uniques to get bigger than 118. Im hoping they end up making alot of these fish get bigger. Unique Alligator Gar would be awesome. I actually wish they would just add fish from River Monsters lol.
  6. I had about a 20 min period in 1st qualifier where fish would not bite. Well, there were 3 bites, I quickstriked all and all bait was eaten. After a while of switching locations (all my spots a few times) with no results I reset the game and BOOM, fish started happening again. Oh well. I also, practiced right before Michigan, basically checking how far I could cast, ended up catching a unique and never got one during the tournament. I think that fishing before a contest with unique fish and catching a unique right before competition will give you a low uni count or none at all. The game should treat competition time as a unique time that is not effected by prior game play. Anyone else experience this? It also happened right before tourney in Moose Lake, I cast out to check something pulled in a unique and ended up with only one during comp. People were catching on average 3 and 4 unis in that qualifier.
  7. I don't think the North American/Canadian waterways have been optimized for bottom/feeder fishing yet. Meaning things like the length of your leader or using chum/groundbait/burley is going to make much if any difference. I have been keeping my leader at full length without trouble. Hopefully, someone else can give you a better idea of what you want to know.
  8. just an update, found that going slower and giving the fish more time to latch onto the bait has massivley increased my catch rate, I did try with different lures and it is correct that you get more fish with certain lures on certain days but i didn't see any difference in the way they take the lure, that bit is still a matter of patience and going slowly enough on your stop and go, lift and drop, and twiching.. I've noticed that when the line starts to go slightly blue with tension give it about 3 seconds and lightly tap the strike if it's not hooked carry on very very slowly and that same fish 9/10 jumps back on the lure!
  9. Awesome thread. I agree 100%. Just started this game about a month ago and its such a relief to get away from all the trash talking and trolling in every other game ive played. Everyone congratulates everyone else for almost every unique fish and no one has a problem trying to give advice. Glad i started playing this game. Hope to see some of you out there!
  10. Can anyone tell me how they figure out proper leader lengths for any certain places when bottom fishing? Ive read a few people say they keep them shorter in ponds/lakes and make them longer in rivers (especially with high flow). I usually just keep them around 50in because im just not sure what to set them at exactly. Ive been fishing in Alaska, Cali and Michigan alot lately if that helps. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. Are you able to reproduce it?
  12. May I ask where is the saltwater fishing at. Really im sad. Plz make a point its planet fishing the best game out but let's make it the greatest game out. And saltwater fishing hey you advance it to crab fishing in a boat in down lol.
  13. This did not work for me even during normal gameplay, hence I did not try that during the tournament. Maybe it only works during then, but I am hoping this will not happen for the next time. FP please fix this glitch.
  14. Last week
  15. Iv been staying away from talking on forum there is alot id like to disguss opinionate amongst other things, but i only come to say 1 thing. Incase it doesnt get fixed about cutting line insdead of keep fish i have found a simple solution to fix and keep fish today as it has happened to me a few time in florida. Simply go into photo mode with fish then go back to normal screen then it will alow you to keep the fish as normal. Stay mutual people alot of great players here it would be a shame to argue. See you all ingame people
  16. Hey there, angling community! We’ve done our best to check and double check the final results of Spring Cats Tour and announce the Three Winners of this epic tournament! Here below are their victorious names along with the overall list of Top-10 most proficient Catfish anglers! Thank you for your participation and efforts! Make sure to keep practicing - because the next exciting fishing tournament is just around the corner! In the meantime, tight lines! 1 alex-misha 2 ghosthidden 3 crodoojau 4 eduardojmaranhao 5 maximysss 6 Chubrevich 7 Mr_Black_Sam 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 v1707a 10 Poohlykhomyak
  17. as for osni problem me and i think pikered had same trouble where we could not net fish so i think this problem and a lot of others will not go away until a patch is brought out and its been a while now since update and is high time they got a patch out , also seems to be tourny problem only as have not seen in norm match
  18. this is not first spring cat tour i guess and the dlc is same as normal one from last year so maybe they just forgot about the new nets and did not take into account people would get more than the old nets 200kg as i asume everyone had the 200kg last time so bit of a fail on fishing planets behalf
  19. в полуфинале ПС4 - результаты третьей квалы
  20. So yea Sergey, please explain to me it.
  21. the fish weight is not accurate,158cm Flathead Catfish, weighing only 22kg. that's impossible!!!
  22. Just lol and sorry for my brain is not like yours but i will make an effort to be like you.. The truth is fp screwed up, and an apolagize will be good...the rest is just bla bla bla bla capiche dasssss
  23. Spring Cats Tour: Результаты полуфинала Остается всего лишь один день до грандиозного финала турнира по ловле сома, Spring Cats Tour! И вот 20-ка самых крутых самоловов, которые уже завтра сразятся в финальной битве за Чемпионский титул, зажигая своим неудержимым азартом болотистые просторы озера Кванчкин в штате Луизиана! STEAM PS4 1 NoName.NoBrainNoPain 2 PRO.s_CLUB_Mish761 3 PRO.s_CLUB_WayneJucktz 4 PRO.s_CLUB_Tessi88 5 PRO.s_CLUB_noobnerdy 6 NoName.A.K.E.L.A 7 PRO.s_CLUB_HEINO 8 BUR-aleksandp_3 9 NoName.MihA76 10 NoName.Johnni48 11 wttr 12 CN.love1983 13 JimPanse0108 14 NoName.Do1phin_Ups 15 BB-HunterG 16 CN.Leviathan 17 CN.DouFuRu 18 CN.Caiwenge3020 19 BUR-Kamaev-75 20 NoName.FeniX 1 jmv1607 2 Papayoy31 3 mar_get 4 jaguarferoz 5 ToddynhoO1 6 popytom 7 coucoupolo 8 AznSaiyan 9 Mandukinho 10 cdrik-1223 11 T-DoG_55- 12 RAYKOKILLER 13 sabiscs 14 fuziionsgaming13 15 laforcedu11 16 Generalofpain1 17 Furious_TINTO 18 osni1910 19 lucanab1983 20 rabbit4u
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