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  2. How do I know that the rod is telescopic or match ?
  3. In this topic there is a short guide:
  4. Come on folks. I'm very tired of telling folks they have the wrong type of screen shot link! Please read the rules and watch the video!
  5. Any setup example for level 9...please ? I am not very good at this...
  6. You are using a telescopic rod. The only way to make it cast further is using a heavier bobber. The best way to cast a float far out is using a matchrod.
  7. Thank you. Now it goes only to 26m, how can I go more ?
  8. There is an issue with the entries not showing on the results page. They are showing in the screen shots tab. So keep entering fish, I've contacted the sheet designer.
  9. Hopefully this helps: Steam PC - DLC available in steam pc only. Playstation 4 - DLC available only on Playstation 4 only. Xbox One & Windows 10 PC - DLC available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. In Short, Steam PC DLC does not transfer over to Windows 10 or Xbox One and vice versa. Hope that helps BD
  10. Hi carpman99, thank you for getting back to me. Are these directions for a computer or Xbox one. I need directions for the Xbox one if you can.
  11. Fishing planet has advised people asking the same question on the FP Facebook page that it is not possible to transfer you inventory from Steam to the Xbox version.
  12. Hi, how can i transfer my inventory from steam to xbox one and is possible? I've made a lot of purchases there and it will be sad if i have to do all fromm the start.
  13. Have you managed to assemble your rod setup yet? Setting up should (is probably best) done at home. You want to select the Inventory tab, select the little green man, this is where you fit items like your tackle box, vest and keeper net/stringer from home storage. To assemble a rod select a number next to that green man (1 for instance), select the home storage tab and select the rods and reels icon. Select the rod you wish to use and drag it across to the rod outline (it should highlight), next select the reel and also drag it to the highlighted area. You then select then Line icon and drag across the line you wish to use. The tackle is now required to be added before you can use your setup and this depends on the type of rod it is (Spinning, Float (telescopic/match), Casting, Feeder, Bottom or Carp). It is important that you have a balanced setup (e.g. Rod: Line weight 1.5 - 4kg, Reel: Max drag 4kg or less, Line : Test 3.6kg or less than the reels max drag). Hope this helps (or that you have already sorted this all out). Tight lines.
  14. Have you tried pressing F11. Press F1 (help) to get a keyboard key layout (F1 to close again)
  15. Look here...I am holding at every cast. Right click also doesn t work on the first rod
  16. I have this setup : telefloat 650 with calisto xsr 1400, chubby, hook #6 and pet food. I can t go further than 10 meters, I can t hold left mouse button. I just press it and it goes at 9-10 meters...what should I do ???
  17. Yesterday
  18. my gamer tag is fewerdan been playing fishing planet for few days but today I found a strange graphic bug on San Joaquin Delta, California while fishing for carp sorry cant remember the spawn name also game crashed about 4 times first time on level 3 lake in Europe which happened twice then on rocky lake which happened again another 2 or 3 times lost one sent of tackle the rest of time loaded back up everything was still there the first crash on rocky lake happened when I changed room to friends room hope this helps make the game better
  19. How do you assemble the rods? If anyone could please help. Thank you.
  20. Yeah they specifically mentioned that boats and carp fishing will be in the first update for Xbox version.
  21. SysMain (SuperFetch) может вызывать проблемы в играх, если в вашей системе установлено 4 гигабайта памяти или меньше. Данная проблема актуальна для игр, использующих большой объем ОЗУ, которые постоянно запрашивают и освобождают память. Данное поведение может заставить SuperFetch постоянно загружать и выгружать данные. Как отключить SuperFetch в Windows 10 Приложение Службы
  22. Try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com. Note : You can change your name in the game Options under the Profile tab but it will cost about 160 baitcoins to do so.
  23. I need to change my name because i set it to my real name i really want to remove this because i feel unsafe and i dont want my name out their when i just. I want it set to my steam username. The accounts name is EvanBloss. EvanBloss is my name in-game and i need it changed to MachKiller which is my steam profile name
  24. Xbox is NOT weaker , as a matter of fact all xbox versions usually have a higher speed processer across the board than PS. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/console-specs-compared-xbox-one-x-ps4-pro-switch-a/1100-6443665/ Please educated yourself a little better before putting out false opinions of what you "think".
  25. Short answer : Yes. Long answer : It has been mentioned in another recent thread that FP stated in a discussion on FP FB that Xbox is currently a basic version and more features will be added in upcoming patches/updates. (FaceBook)
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