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  3. The license system needs a update imo same with the repair system.
  4. Or just fish in a private room and you’ll never need to worry about being bothered by anyone again. The game is much more relaxing that way.
  5. FishingGame YouTube Спонсируемое пользовательское командное соревнования на просторах реки Тибр. По условиям этого соревнования необходимо ловить все виды Усача Обыкновенного. Победит команда которая поймает суммарно больший вес. Допускаются все снасти включая подставки для удилищ. Время соревнования: Суббота 4 апреля в 19:00 по Киеву (19:00 по МСК) Основные призы: - Все участники победившей команды получат по 10 бейткоинов - Участники победившей команды получат 61190 кредитов + еще добавится к моменту начала Каналы в Discord и в Telegram Трансляция на YouTube канале FishingGame:
  6. I found an old post talking about fuzzy bunny fish... was hoping something was happening this year... Eh well
  7. Thanks for the answer that was helpfull and straight forward.
  8. I agree, the prices for unlimited licenses are way too high. Even if they were 50% off they’d still be overpriced.
  9. as someone mentioned in the PS4 section, the licenses for Russia, Germany, England and Italy have a 25% discount on the Xbox platform. This includes the perpetual license (bitcoin).
  10. Had someone check for me on Xbox and it appears that the licenses for those waterways are on sale also
  11. Is the sale on Xbox also? I am away from the console currently I have never seen a sale on anything other than the permanent discount for markers and storage slots in bulk. Why even have a sale checkbox in the store if they never have items like bait or equipment for sale, since the time that I have been playing.
  12. Apart from the Large Mouth Bass tournament scheduled for mid-April there is no event associated with Easter (as far as I can recall).
  13. Thanks for sharing buddy. Everything above 500 BCs is just greedy if you ask me. But it's nice to know.
  14. Well Jamaica no problem Next time we'll record a video before we enter. If it helps them bug fixing, that's the least we can do Maybe also crowdfund a PS4 for the dev team. It might help. You never know. Enjoy your weekend guys. Maybe see you in one of the next custom comps. Tight lines!
  15. Are they going to do an Easter event? I haven't seen anything about it.
  16. What I've been doing is simply not casting out an extra rod beyond what's on the stand, and then not switching rods once I have a nice fish on. So now I'm only losing the unknown fish biting and some bait and not both the fish biting and the one on the rod in my hand. Seems silly to me that they would put rod stands into the game with up to 4 slots and bite indicators. Then make it so you cant switch rods without a high chance of losing either or both of the fish on the rod in your hand or the one biting on the rod you're switching to. It pretty much negates the point of a rod stand with multiple slots. As well as much of the other equipment in the game that's focused on fishing with multiple rods at the same time. That's pretty much why I'm assuming that this must be a bug. At least I hope it's a bug and not a game mechanic working as intended.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Just saw UK (1286BC), Russia (1125BC) Germany (825BC) and Italy (150BC) are on sale. Looks like they are 25% off. Still too much for me, but thought someone may be looking to get one.
  19. Rank tells you how many times you/they have levelled up after reaching the level cap (currently 55), apart from getting a baitcoin each time you rank up I don't believe it adds any other benefit or bonus to your character.
  20. Хранить информацию а каждом из друзей, а также скачивать массу аватарок, состояния друзей и поддерживать активную информацию а них. Может занимать память, и канал. До 200 думаю можно расширить без проблем.
  21. Had the same issue. I sent an email to support and apparently they are unable to see the issue in the game data. They requested a video of the problem. When they work, they are fun. Hope they get it sorted.
  22. Well, while I was very excited for this update, I must say that it seems to be bugged on PS4.. When the competition starts, the counter counts down, you can enter, but if you start fishing, you're not in the competition. Not the right weather conditions, no top 10 table.. something is not working there. Once you restart the game, you can correctly enter the competition, choose your spot, go to the lake, and you'll see the scores. But since the user generated comps are live (why?), you'll have already lost 8 minutes of your fishing time by then. I really love this feature, and think it can bring so much to the game. But from my first impression it is still bugged. Happened at Weeping Willow UK. Will do some more testing in the next days. Thank you guys for putting it out. It'd be awesome if you could fix this, though. Thanks! Edit: why can't we give the comps custom names? I don't understand that part of it. Also, it doesn't show the wind direction when I create a custom comp. The menu is a bit confusing here. It'd be awesome if you could make it easier to identify and set the specific conditions. Thanks!
  23. I understand what dev's did with crank baits, attempting to make the depth of these more accurate, but it has left a void. I use to be able to use from 6' down to 16' depth at St. Croix, (felt no reason to go as shallow as 3') but after update, only 3-6' are really usable as 8'+ just run on the bottom and look Wrong. If this is the way things are going to be, can you Please add a better selection of 3' and 6' crank baits, say with 6/0, 7/0 and maybe even 8/0 hook sizes? Never had to consider using the 3' crank before, but been trying it now, and with only 3/0 max hook size it could do a lot better with upgrade. Same goes for the 6' with 5/0 max hook size. That, or simply make the hook size adjustable just like it would be in real life, like all of the hook choices for still fishing already are. St. Croix use to be a dream, probably too good. Was my favorite lake, mostly because I love lure fishing over still fishing and Pike/ Muskie are my fav's. Hadn't spent much time there after leader update took my Golem lure. Now that I've had the chance, the combo of bite change/ update/ depth correction has definitely left much to be desired. Just trying to give ideas that might help bring some of it back while being completely relevant to the game.
  24. Itfishing in the mediterranean it will be cool if we can fishing in the deep sea or in the mediterranean.(surfcasting or from the boat)
  25. Unfortunately, this update does not work yet. Developers know about it, they said that it will work next week.
  26. ramziock2014

    New maps

    I want fisining in the mediterranean. There are many interesting fishes there. It was also cool if we can fish in the deep sea with boats.
  27. Im really curious about the #(rank) as (Name, Level, (RANK) Cant really find anything about it, where it tells what, why or where you get the rank!
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