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  3. I did send them an email yesterday and they responded saying they were working on getting it fixed
  4. let me check mine now will let u all know how it goes
  5. Don’t know if they fixed blue crab island or what. Or if uninstalling and reinstalling game worked. I’m dumb founded. On thing is for sure, this is sweet.
  6. Thanks again.there is no sinker 175 or 150 ,115 is it ok?
  7. Maybe use a lighter sinker on your rod. The sinker's and the bait's weight add up, and have to be under the max weight your rod can handle. So if the 200 sinker + large cutbait is too much, try a 175 or 150 sinker. Then you should be fine Of course, duck mussel meat is cool for wels, too. But be aware that some carp like it as well. Also, large cutbait / minnows *might* get you bigger fish. Can't confirm though. Just a feeling.
  8. Unfortunately large cut bait is too heavy for my rod.the duck is ok.
  9. Got any large cutbaits, large minnows or duck mussel meat ? give em a go
  10. Thanks for your help.now I’m using the following set up:rod heavy chaser 290,reel ambusher 9000,line braid 0,28,sinker 200,mono leader 0,45,bait mole cricket lacra,I’m catching wels catfish(trophy wels catfish 12,714kg)but and smoller(young catfish)what do you suggest me for biggest fish?
  11. Seems like a nice setup! Try the bigger casting spoons or single spoons for pike, and try fishing closer to the bottom of the waterway. But beware of the wels catfish. They bite on single spoons, too! The Mega Chuber is a carp rod, which means you can only equip carp baits on it. You might catch one or two wels catfish on peas, too, but cutbait would definitely be the better choice. Get a heavy bottom rod to be able to do so. The Bottom Sniper is on the lower end, the CatBoxer would be the better choice. The Ambusher reels should pair nicely with it, depending on your leader. Try a #6/0 hook with large cutbait.
  12. as a general rule you can do the following to determine which brake setting to use 1) between the line and leader select the lesser of the two values for the calculation 2) Read the maximum reel strength value (listed in reel description) 3) Determine the total number of brake settings on your Reel. (usually 6, 8, 12) 4) divide the max reel strength (item 2 above), with the total number of brake settings (item 3). That will give you the brake resistance for each incremental setting. 5) click your brake to the setting position that is just below your weakest link of line or leader In the example below I have listed the strengths for both the Kraken 8000 (max 19.65kg) and Kraken 9000 (max 21.5kg), both have 12 settings, and determined best setting setting for max resistance is 1 click from the top when I use Fluoro .60 for the kraken 8000. It will give you max resistance at 18.013kg when the strength of the line is 18.1 Kg. you can't get any closer than that.
  13. Thanks for the answer.I’m not able to record a video at the moment. I will try your suggestion and post again.
  14. This is a rip off. Paid for and game froze now it took away my 50,000 and 20 baitcoins and location is locked.I'm not trying to buy it again. Hope they can fix it or Microsoft store refunds my money. Should have stuck with the free version,at least it works
  15. Yesterday
  16. To be honest, the question of how it’s done is in many fisherman’s minds, I have fished hard for carp for so long knowing you can get larger fish. I have seen people catching them and I just want to learn how. After hundreds of hours of trying different things you make some head way. Now because it’s the carp tourney that hard work pays of a little. It’s not handed on a plate, it’s not wrote down anywhere to find that I know of. When you get it it’s an amazing feeling. Now all I feel is I’m being attacked and accused of cheating and I’m sure I speak for others, it’s not nice to be accused of cheating. fishing planet could confirm we are not cheating I am sure. the ability to catch these fish has been there for as long as I know as there was always a name up there with an amazing fish. I just wanted to be that name and now I’m there I feel I am now being attacked and don’t think it’s fair. please consider what you say, put the shoe on the other foot
  17. Same here,Bought,got,went to go to location and game froze.When restarted It took away my 50,000 and 20 baitcoins. Didn't give back the 10.50 I paid for it though.
  18. i just sent them an email with all the attached proof i bought it. Lets hope it gets resolved casue its been so long and im super excited to try it
  19. same here bought it twice Microsoft said its a developer issue now
  20. I purchased the Blue Crab DLC today, but it isnt showing as i bought it ingame. I actually bought it twice because of this. Ive contacted Microsoft about it and they said everything is all and well. Money has been paid, The license is applied to my account, we did their whole process and now they told me to come contact the developer and they gave me this link and twitter. So here i am. How do i go about getting the dlc to work??? I can provide emails, screenshots, order numbers whatever you need.
  21. The only fish that can Possibly cut your line in that waterway are Pike which are not likely the cause of your problem since the bait you are using isn’t known to be a bait they prefer. The cause is most likely your reel brake setting being too high for your line or leader. Do you have a video of the break occurring?
  22. Same thing happened with me paid for the dlc bass boat advanced license etc and I can't get onto blue crab island
  23. for real sold that boat and net im good lol lol
  24. Not worried about that. Got lots of bait coins now
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