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  2. Hey Anglers, The most expected update in the Fishing Planet’s history has arrived to PlayStation. Here is what’s new: Kaiji No Ri, Japan - a new map with an enormous 400 sq km (almost 100,000 acres) of ocean, home to 18 dynamically moving fish species, including Bluefin Tuna, Striped Marlin, Mahi Mahi, plus Bigfin Reef Squid, among others. Accessible to players at level 83, with a new maximum level cap raised to 90, this expansive location offers a wealth of new challenges and opportunities. As customary in Fishing Planet, players of lower levels can unlock access to the map by purchasing a DLC pack with a pond pass for 30 and even 60 days. This time, we're offering two DLC packs, providing you with greater flexibility and convenience in choosing your preferred option! As a standout feature that deserves extra attention, incredibly lifelike ocean water simulation, complete with various types of waves, including intense storms. The ocean's appearance will dynamically change based on weather conditions and wind patterns, offering a truly captivating experience. Immerse yourself further with realistic sounds of birds, wind, and water splashes, enhancing the authenticity of your ocean adventure. Sea Life Simulation System, featuring dynamic zones that highlight schools of predatory fish near the water's surface, birds actively hunting for bait fish, and pods of dolphins and majestic blue whales gracefully navigating the ocean depths. Immerse yourself further with additional elements such as cruise liners, regattas, and trawler boats, creating a vibrant and lifelike maritime environment that dynamically changes depending on the time of the day and weather. Fishing Together. Now, you can enjoy fishing with 2, 3, or 4 players on the same boat, depending on your chosen vessel. Invite your fellow anglers for a fishing party, and even let them take the wheel if you fancy. Plus, you'll earn an additional XP bonus for Fishing Together! The more anglers you have onboard, the higher the bonus for each of you. And if you're all clubmates, you'll also receive the club room XP bonus. Fishing Together also implies that the players share common fishing conditions: common bite rate, weather, and time for all participants. Rest assured it doesn’t mean that your fellow anglers can catch all of the fish and leave nothing for you. There are plenty of fish in the ocean! Dive into an exclusive series of group missions and achievements, tailored specifically for Fishing Together, a first in Fishing Planet! Brand new fishing yachts for ocean fishing. All the new boats are compatible for Fishing Together sessions. Rent a boat for two players using in-game credits, or opt for the Scutum™ and Volans™ Fishing Yachts accommodating 3 and 4 players respectively, available in DLC packs. All boats feature two rod holders for each player, allowing one more additional rod in hands. There’s no longer a need for a keepnet when fishing on a boat, as all boats now come with ample built-in fish storage. Equipped with state-of-the-art FishFinders 360™, these vessels detect fish across surface, mid, and bottom water layers. Navigate with precision using the new Detailed Navigation Map, Echo Sounder, Compass, and Speedometer panel. In addition to the boat control panel equipment, players get new Tablet software that will have not only usual tools such as already familiar to players marker buoys, but also new Navigation buoys, and additional Tabs with Echo Sounder and Fish Finder 360™, which will become available after players complete special Maintenance Adventures missions. Navigation buoys are new special buoys, available on the new location, used on the fishing yachts to mark your favorite fishing spots and teleport among them for fast and easy exploration of such a vast location. Over 500 new saltwater items are now available in local and global shops! These additions include delicious fresh baits like spiny lobsters, flying squid, gutted fish, and innovative saltwater lures such as pilkers, plugs, squid jigs, bucktails, trolling octopuses, and teasers like squid chains. Equip yourself with the latest super powerful saltwater gear, designed to reel in massive ocean fish weighing over 270 kg (almost 600 lb)! There is a new addition to the Global shop: the Saltwater Tackle section, featuring all the saltwater items. For your convenience, these items are included in all the shop's dropdown menus. Special high-performance saltwater equipment included in the packs was also added to the Premium Shop. As mentioned above, two Ocean DLC packs are now available for purchase. Players can choose between two fishing yachts that hold 3 or 4 players for Fishing Together. Both packs include powerful gear, multiple baits and lures, additional storage slots, and tackle wagons for up to 300 tackles. The Japan Odyssey Pack offers a larger and faster four-seater boat with a bigger fish storage, a 60-day pond pass with an advanced license, and more marker and navigation buoys. The Ocean Voyager Pack provides a smaller boat for three players, a 30-day pond pass with an advanced license, and marker and navigation buoys. Both packs allow players to bring friends and have all the necessary items for saltwater fishing. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Saltwater trolling – a fishing technique used in the ocean where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or baitfish, are drawn through the water behind a moving boat. This method targets various saltwater species, including larger pelagic fish like tuna, marlin, etc. which are known to chase moving prey. Saltwater trolling is a dynamic and exciting way to fish, offering anglers the opportunity to cover large areas of water and target a variety of species in different oceanic conditions. Free spool mechanics which will enhance your fishing experience, especially for bottom fishing at great depths. This feature is available on all reels in the game, whether for saltwater or freshwater fishing. It allows for precise control of your line, enabling free immersion of lures or sinkers to significant depths with an open spool and securing the line at the desired depth with a closed spool. This added functionality offers greater accuracy, especially when the bottom topography is unknown and considering the fact that the depth of the ocean will be more than 100 meters at many spots, making it easier to target specific depths and fish species. Completely revamped the Pull-and-Reel mechanics system to provide a more immersive and realistic fishing experience, mirroring the dynamics of ocean fishing. Expect fish fights to be more challenging but also more rewarding, as they replicate the true struggle of reeling in massive ocean catches. Gaff animation for the retrieval and retention of large ocean fish. 4 new Kaiji No Ri competitions, 11 achievements, 20 new exclusive saltwater X-series items. Dozens of new missions, including exclusive Fishing Together missions that can be accomplished only with other anglers on the same boats, and Maintenance Adventures to improve the equipment you use on your Tablet as s reward. A small but nice addition: meet the very first NPC in the game! The marina administrator, who works tirelessly from early morning until late night, ensures the port runs smoothly and loves cats. He might need your assistance with calibrating new navigation tools. When you spot him, don't hesitate to approach and ask if he requires any help. You will also have a chance to deliver some treats to the kitty-cats on the pier. Changes in deterministic user-generated competitions: as requested by players, there will be less randomness. The weather and bite rates now match real conditions on the waterways, meaning dedicated training will give you a better chance to win, making the process more fair and rewarding. This will be optional, so you can choose the way you want to play. New start screen. While the game loads, you'll now see a stunning 3D ocean scene featuring boats, birds, dolphins, and a whale breaching the water. New settings options. Players can now adjust the volume of boat sounds and regulate water quality with more precision. Bug fixes and optimisation solutions have been implemented, including updates to the reel damage system and drag behavior to eliminate exploits related to the "unbreakable setup”. We’ve also implemented a new wear system for tackles: freshwater items will wear out faster in ocean water, just as they do in real life. We're thrilled to announce the completion of this monumental update on consoles and extend our gratitude to all of you for your patience during its development. We eagerly await your feedback and wish you an incredible experience out on the ocean!
  3. Pulling a fish after it has been in the water for two hours without it rising can be indicative of several factors. Firstly, the depth at which the fish is located could be too deep, necessitating a change in fishing depth.
  4. After a new day starts, it's not uncommon for fish to disappear. This phenomenon can be attributed to various factors such as changes in water conditions, predatory behavior from other tank mates, or even illness. It's important to monitor your aquarium regularly to ensure the well-being of all inhabitants and to promptly address any issues that may arise.
  5. The "DevDiary: Kaiji No Ri Fish Species Guide" provides an in-depth exploration of the diverse aquatic life featured in the game Kaiji No Ri. From vibrant coral reefs to deep-sea mysteries, this guide offers detailed descriptions and illustrations of each fish species, highlighting their behaviors, habitats, and unique characteristics. Whether you're a novice angler or a seasoned player, this comprehensive resource equips you with valuable insights to enhance your virtual fishing experience and deepen your appreciation for the rich biodiversity within the game.
  6. If your fishing rod is not reeling in properly, it could be due to various factors. Firstly, check the reel and make sure it is not jammed or obstructed. Sometimes, tangled lines or debris can hinder smooth reeling. Ensure the reel is properly lubricated and functioning. Secondly, consider the fishing conditions, as environmental factors such as cold temperatures can affect equipment performance. When asking, "Is it too cold to fish today?" it's essential to note that extreme cold can stiffen lines and reels, making them less responsive. Adjust your fishing techniques accordingly, such as using slower movements when reeling in, and keep equipment well-maintained to optimize your fishing experience.
  7. You'll have to buy a rod case from the Tools & Equipment section in the (Global/Home) Shop.
  8. Yesterday
  9. How do I equip more than one rod at once
  10. No, Support will not reset an account. Maybe get some light tackle setups together and go fish a few low level waterways like Lone Star, Rocky or Emerald and see how you go.
  11. You have to LEAVE the waterway you're on to go Home (LEAVE option is on the MAP tab) so you can access Home storage.
  12. I’m having trouble trying to switch an account that I don’t want to my main account that I used to play on Xbox. It kept logging me into my account that II’m having trouble trying to switch an account that I don’t want to my main account that I used to play on Xbox. It kept logging me into my account that I don’t want and I can’t switch it back. And I can’t figure out how to switch it if you know, please tell me
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  14. Hi, I do not have home as an option in inventory please help.
  15. Iv recently downloaded the game again after a couple years but really have no idea what to do being like level 20 something with random gear I was just wondering if there was a way I could reset my progress to start from level 1 I can’t find how to anywhere
  16. ever since the 5.0 update. with the launch of the ocean map I have been experiencing random instances where when I got into my inventory or go to the keepnet , the escape key no longer works and I cannot return to fishing or exit the map or exit the game and I am forced to use the task manager to end task on the game.
  17. Ther was a server reboot earlier today, maybe it was that : [All Platforms] Server Reboot Hey anglers! Servers will be rebooted on June 18 at 5:05 AM UTC. Expected downtime is 20 min. It is a servers maintenance and optimization. Sorry for any inconvenience you may experience! Fishing Planet
  18. Home storage is located at home, you'd have to Leave the waterway you're at to access it. You can't use it because you no free spots available to put the setup into. You'll need to buy some things from the Home shop so you can carry more items (the waterway shops tend to have only a limited range of goods and are generally more expensive to buy from). You'll need a Rod Case to carry more than one rod, a Tacklebox and a Waist coat so you can carry more tackle. On your Inventory tab screen over on the top left side you should see a little green man icon this is where you can see what you have currently fitted, select the Home tab then select the packing boxes icon (3rd from bottom) located slightly to the left of centre of screen, here is where you'd find things like rod case and keepers. P.S. always buy an Advanced license for the waterway you're fishing at (the Basic license always has too many restrictions) and never sell your old fishing setup before making sure you're happy with the new setup. GL.
  19. Day time during the peak is best, all the way down at the end of Green bay is a good spot to try, try casting close to weed beds, a suitable weighted (for your spinning setup) jighead with a 4/0 - 6/0 hook and a 10cm (4in) shad in either yellow and red or green on green. Try a twitching retrieve (maybe speed 2 - depends on how fast your retrieve speed is). GL.
  20. You should be able to track the first part of the mission again, make sure you have used up all of the monster bait (on your fishing rods, in backpack inventory or in home storage if you've been home), stop and restart the game if need be. If you still can't find the the first part of the mission again you could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Xbox) and a description of the problem.
  21. I’m new to the game and I bought a new rod and reel and it says I can’t equip it. It put it in my home storage. Where is that and why can’t I use it ?
  22. Looking for any tips on catching Muskie with shad baits, need a 22 and 33lb one for the next mission and all I ever seem to catch are tiger muskie (and no where near the right size). Have caught them at the location using float/match tackle so I know they are present. Thanks.
  23. I’ve used all my bassy baits and still now monster terra tarpon how do I get more brassy bait I try to reset the quest and idk how I’ve looked for videos do I just need to catch five more under 1.1 pounds or how do I do it
  24. please restore my account
  25. quand arrive les nouvelles map congo river et kaiji no ri sur fisherman et fishing planet sur console
  26. у меня такая же проблема. хочу восстановить аккаунт кроме ника ничего нет. приблезительно помню количество купленного за деньги. Nickname Bopo6eu. Аккаунт просто весит .
  27. Hi I'm really excited to see when the update for the Xbox will be released.. There are fishing controllers for the PS1 - PS3 on Ebay
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