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  2. Good, good, very good. I don't know anyone but it's the same. Congratulations on the excellent results.
  3. I read about the upcoming update: Missisipi. I can only say "fantastic". I will never stop thanking you for the work you do. it's one of those rare times when I don't regret spending money. When will it arrive on PS4?
  4. Lvl 47 - Russia map. Good PC. Mid map across from Canoe spot. This happened after (during) time extension. Please pay 2000 to extend your stay (as I am catching a fish!!) I click YES! BOOM. Then the next 5-6-7 fish (I lost count) that got on the rod, I couldnt reel in. No animation with the fish on the rods. (Yes animation of rod spinning, with fish off rods) I thought it was me at first, as I took a break and forgotten about the bugs. Like every crash (we all know this game) and like everything, I pick up my 4 rods, pack up my stand, reboot my whole computer, enter password, start steam over, come back, get in canoe, paddle for x minutes, go back to my spot, and then it works, I can reel now YESS!!! NOW...Only then for a new bug to occur. I am catching fish but, again 4-5-6 (i've lost count again) but they are not registering!! No money, no progress, they just disappear when they reach me. Not even taking bait. Just wow. This is 10-12 fish, who knows. Is this painful yet? Imagine my gameplay. Yet ANOTHER re-boot, (I forget how many now) Repeating the above process with the rods.... move to a different location and finally that seemed to do the trick. Wildly frustrating. Funny thing was, the night (hour) before was fine. We all know this game has some odd memory leak, but we can handle that. Especially after many years and lvl 47. We know. It is known. But this was new and weird. Just SEEMS so disappointing that the game has moved backwards with whats SEEMS like these Euro waterways. I dont know what the change was. SO MANY BUGS. Imagine "please send your bug report files" Sure, I will zip them down and FTP them over. I love the game. Thats why I am so mad. Because this game has so much potential and its right there.
  5. don't forget to look at the plane you'll be doing alot of that and staring in the water,still can't understand why they changed the bite system.terrible
  6. Yesterday
  7. Only softbaits e.i. shag, grubs will work with offset hooks and Threeway, Texas, and Carolina rigs
  8. ive got a setup using a 3-way rig and an offset hook but it wont allow me to put bait on. what bait am I supposed to put there everything in my inventory is greyed out
  9. Как ловить баса на спинниг:
  10. Выкладываю здесь результат соревнвания FPdimsams Night Swamp Cats на озере Кванчкин от 21.01.2020. Первые три места получили свои бейткоины, а вот 4-е и 5-е места получают дпоплнительный подарок DLC. 4-е место Golden Pack, поздравляю Gantalf 5-е место - Advanced Pack, поздравляю Propencity
  11. Хронология: 1. Появилось сообщение об обрыве лески, но донка осталась управляемой. 2. Выловил на нее этого "мутанта", после чего игра наглухо "зависла"!
  12. Эверглэйдс - Басс FishingGame Спонсируемое пользовательское командное соревнования на озере Эверглэйдс. Ловим все виды Баса, победит команда которая поймает суммарный больший вес. Допускаются только спиннинговые снасти. Время соревнования: Вторник 21 января в 21:00 по Киеву (22:00 по МСК) Основные призы: - Все участники победившей команды получат по 10 бейткоинов - Участники победившей команды получат 68400 кредитов + еще добавится к моменту начала Трансляция на YouTube канале FishingGame:
  13. This is a test mode video for developers. It has nothing to do with the real game.
  14. If a server restart was not in progress at the time you experienced this, then check for updates to the game files. If that doesn't work. Delete the game and re-add it
  15. What you experience is just one of many bugs affecting rod stands
  16. Прохождение миссий - Исследование и облов Эверглейдс
  17. I was fishing in Saint Coix , and everytime i placed my rods on my rod stand, whenever i picked them up, my whole rod (incuding reel) would do a 360 turn around in my hand. It didnt effect anny fish on my hook at the time, and had no game breaking impact, it just looked and acted weird. Dont have anny video, since i dont have anny recording software for it. Realy dont know how to descibe it better then this. I will try to do a restart of the game, to see if it fixes the bug. Should that work i will edit this post to let you know. Edit: Restart did fix the bug, still not sure what caused it though.
  18. Still no reply to e-mail or anything here so guess i'm just gonna assume i'm not gonna get it back , oh well.
  19. Similar issue here. Line snapped at 75% tension. Cannot find golem lure in inventory and cannot repeat the prerequisite mission to get it. This game's developers need to error handle this.
  20. There are a lot of bugs and glitches, but the worst is losing a trophy lure due to server disconnect. I put in some time to get that one lure and will never get it back. Wish I could at least say the fish beat me for it.
  21. Last week
  22. You expect us to grind to lvl 54 with the nerf to xp? That would be a joke and a waste of time for me. Im assuming you hoping we waste money on premuim to go for another grind. Not to mention ever update always has new bugs.
  23. Wow,,,,,,,$24,500 just to fish for a day....... They really want us to bend over.... and take one from behind for the team
  24. Tonto

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    The rule of thumb is Maximum rod strength >= Maximum Reel tension >= Line test When fishing with float tackle use a heavy bobber for live or heavy bait like minnows, shiners, crawfish, etc... If I remember ....in Colorado you can do very well with lure fishing, no need for using live bait. Are you doing a mission requiring minnows?
  25. Jaxon m

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    Im only level 7 and when I use minnows in the Colorado lake, it breaks the line every time. What do I need for that not not to happen? ( I have all the starter gear)
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