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  2. Negative weight fish

    How is EG_Coupe not in 2nd? 2nd and 4th places have smaller fish than their weight difference
  3. Constant snag and hooking bug

    The hooking bug seems to be better since last time I posted about a week ago. The snagging has been horrible. I fished Colorado the 1st time I went there 4days lost cpl baits due to dumb casting. I went back there yest. to get rainbows and everything I threw was getting snagged. I even spent baitcoins to get barbless hooks and lures thinking that may be it. Its bad even my barbless stuff is getting snagged and I have to cut line if it will let me cut it. Most times gotta exit out and come back in the lake. Really sux guys please help. I never got snagged my 1st trip here. Now I can barely even use barbless stuff. I'm PS4 please help
  4. walleye esmerald????????????

    Check the weather conditions , and time carefully.
  5. Bonjour, J'ai perdu 10 000 crédit au lac Emeraude hier soir. Je n'avais pas de licence étendue. Lorsque je pêchais une perche, je la relâchais. Systématiquement, je me faisais verbaliser comme si j'avais gardé le poisson... J'ai du quitter le jeu car j'étais rendu à - 7 000 crédit!
  6. Anyone else not getting double xp?

    Difficult to know for sure since we have nothing to compare it with. At times it appeared as if we were and other times it was questionable. Many in the "chats" were paralleling their catch (Money/XP) payoffs with previous data advising they saw no difference. If we are receiving 2X XP and Cash for the weekend great, and Thank you. If we're not or it's buggy, hopefully they'll make it right. I'm going fishing!
  7. I Just Caught a Big Fish...

  8. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    I got 300 from them
  9. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    Violentvole - I agree with you 100% To give back to us in this fashion is much appreciated and will keep me loyal to these devs for a long time to come. They fixed the bug, and then made it right to us.
  10. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    I've had nothing. But, 100 coins isn't a gift to be sniffed at. That is £4.99 in good old British money. Now multiply that amount by the amount of players, and then extrapolate that amount to the amount of people who won't be spending £4.99 on coins anytime soon, and there's the loss the devs have taken by giving baitcoins out. Obviously, it's impossible to know the actual figures. But what may seem just a few dollars/pounds/Euros etc to us is a huge loss of revenue for the devs, as every player who has just received baitcoins isn't about to buy any more in the foreseeable future. I am actually amazed they did that tbh given that it's a free to play game. I thought and suggested maybe double XP. Which we also have. Say what you want, but they know people lost money and that they made an error somewhere. I would say the community has been fully compensated, and then some.
  11. I can't catch Tarpon in Florida on PS4? Help

    I have to be honest, I see a wasted opportunity. They aren't worth anything and require time and patience. Theae are aggresive fish that should be hitting lures and scaring anglers, instead they're only 150 feet+ out and give a very poor return on your investment. They also fight like a carp whereas they are known for their aerobatics IRL. But, they are on the PS4. Not worth fishing for except for a tick list, but they are there. You don't need to cast at the trees in my last pic btw, they just seem to be further than 150 feet. You can catch them in the open channel too.
  12. I can't catch Tarpon in Florida on PS4? Help

    so far I've caught one that was19 lbs.
  13. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    I received exactly 100 baitcoins, and I have premium, if that matters./
  14. Yesterday
  15. new friend lobby

    I have been having issues with friends not being able to join my friends lobbies. I can join theirs but my lobby never shows up for them.
  16. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    Also have not received any baitcoins
  17. well, yesterday lot of walleye.... today double xp , the walleye disappear.....nice very nice
  18. I can't catch Tarpon in Florida on PS4? Help

    Ok...don't ask how much money, how much time etc. But here is Voles tarpon ( finally ), with date. They are in there. Totally wasn't worth it lol. Edit: and 2 mins later, another. Another edit: although there are only commons, my last pic shows they reach a decent size. 3 in 10 or 15 minutes.
  19. Leaderboards

    The main leaderboards when I get a Uni work ok. I did appear briefly on salmon and gar before getting nudged off. The my fish section, as my pics show, doesn't work. However, just because the main leaderboards work for me doesn't prove anything. There is definitely an issue on the whole amalgamation.
  20. Leaderboards

    Ahh apologies, I just noticed dates after you mentioned it. Hopefully they get everything sorted out soon. Personally not to concerned with boards, if I have proof it happened all is good. Though being on it would be cool & I see your point.
  21. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    Well, anything in the hundreds is rather generous to my mind. That's coins people could have bought, so kudos where it's due.
  22. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    I've heard different numbers ranging from 55-400 so idk
  23. Leaderboards

    No problem, the meaning of my thread is to draw attention to the Devs that the Leaderboards are not working (if they wasn't previously aware) and for other people to post their Leaderboard problems. I see you have problems with the my fish section of it, does this not transfere over to the rest of the leaderboards?
  24. Where is the compensation in Bait Coins?

    Lol, I know right CTX. Violent, a few posted in ps4 community they received 300 but no confirmation. I'm sure you'll receive them, especially being Premium user.
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