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    Pike hunt 3

    How is it possible that i cant cath any big pike with the crackbait,i am fishing 7 days now to complete the challenge pikehunt3
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  4. As mentioned elsewhere, and trying to get support for the message, the problem is not the cost, which has now been lowered and is more honest, but deterioration is everything. I understand that a line, if used in a certain way, deteriorates more quickly, like canes and reels, but it is not acceptable for a hood to deteriorate more quickly than a line, rather than repair the jacket after a short time, not to mention the fish basket, which seems made of paper, since a day of fishing, the door to 50/60% of wear, and what about the toolbox? A component that actually lasts a lifetime, here it seems made of cardboard, it is consumed like bread ..... This must be resolved, giving a more correct and balanced use and time of wear, some components must last months, not hours like now ....
  5. Of course yes, you can find em in the game in the main menu of every waterway. Or you mean something else?
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  7. I've not played fp for awhile. Just would like to know is there a guide out for the European lakes like there is for the North American lakes?
  8. I'm having a very difficult time with the games playability as well. I am fishing Michigan primarily and when i go to place my 3 rod holder the game starts freezing a few seconds at a time every few seconds. I'm on a PS4 with 150mb internet connection and I'm in the US. Today I keep getting disconnected from the game as it says I must be on the PSN. I get right back into the game and before I make it to my spot and put my rods down, i get disconnected again. I've seen numerous others complaining about the same thing. I really like the game but rod holders are unusable at this point in Michgan, please look into this because it is a great feature that I have invested a lot of ingame money into.
  9. Witam. Mam 1 pytanie Czy dojdzie kiedyś do gry wędkarstwo muchowe?
  10. The Fisherman - Облов на озере Лоун Стар всех видов рыбы
  11. Shuld think about making ice fishing with ice auger tip up ect.........
  12. When u fighting fish sum time tge fish will just fly up in air a long ways anf go behind u on land
  13. Last week
  14. The Fisherman-Fishing Planet is already out
  15. refund only by contacting PlayStation Support.
  16. I was charged for 1 year of premium and I don't want it. I do not play this game anymore, and I am waiting for the new game to come out. By the way, I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. Never asked for a refund. There is no clear way to stop the payment of premium. I had no idea it was active, and had no idea how to find out if I was and how to turn it off. Please get back to me. I have sent an email without a response. Now I am here.
  17. Are these ever gonna be fixed? It's been well over a year now. It makes the game literally unplayable... And worst of all it's in BOTH VERSIONS of your game.
  18. clarified- got banned just because i upload video on YT thx
  19. This is original soundtrack. I heard from devs they are going to release it separately, but I don't know when.
  20. same happened to me so my recommendations try ur luck support@fishingplanet.com and if u have a sreenshot or video send it as well for better solution.
  21. I too was fishing while using my x-series frog popper and the game crashed to a blue screen. When I logged back in my gear was gone. Can this be replaced since it was the game being the cause?
  22. yes have to agree the repair costs are fair now so thanks for that its np to earn the coins
  23. Is there a way to contact support? My wife loved that song and I would really much to buy it it was super relaxing
  24. I guess it's obvious if the missions still present in the game, they will work anyway. But I decided to leave here this msg in case if someone has a similar question. So catch the monsters, enjoy fishing! The thread is locked.
  25. I actually found out that if you just report your own post and list it as irrelevant, the mod's will take it down. I figured I'd leave this up since after trying multiple taglines I couldn't find anything on the subject of (after Halloween), hoped maybe it will help someone else.
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