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  2. Tube fishing? Wade fishing? Ice fishing? Having the ability to wade fish in rivers would be awesome. Also being able to purchase a ice fishing hut, with auger drill, along with fishing gear would be pretty awesome.
  3. Is there a suggestion box for players to make suggestions?
  4. Щуки и маскинонги очень хорошо клюют на приманку для Muskie Golem.
  5. Don't know about the speaker sinker and baits (haven't bothered using them) but the lures can be pretty effective, be careful though, at present it's not possible to get them back if lost, also completing some of the Challenges (select your game name from the Inventory screen, scroll down the column on the right-hand side, hover the cursor over the challenge to see the requirements) is another way to get good lures (particularly the 30-day waterway stays).
  6. Suggest sending this question via email to support@fishingplanet.com
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  8. I own an android, but I will be switching over to iPhone soon, I would like to be able to still play my account on my new iPhone, but the account I made was through my google account on my android. Since the mobile servers are shared between android and Apple, shouldn’t there be a way to log in to my account through my Google login on my new iPhone, so that I can still use the same account? I spent money on my android account and a lot of time in the game, I don’t want to lose all of that just because I changed phones. If this is not an option, will it be in the future at least?
  9. After years of playing this game I have NEVER completed any of the monster fish missions. I am curious though.... After completing those missions, are those lures / sinkers any good for other fish in different lakes/ponds?
  10. Just another thought..... Having a live well in the boats would be a huge deal.
  11. Over the years of playing this game, I have seen a lot of great suggestions (although some are way out of the realm of possible). I feel that most development teams really lose a lot of player interest due to NOT taking suggestions seriously by the player base that promotes their game(s). Red dead redemption is just one great example of a game dying due to a complete lack of listening from the development team. That game is D E A D. Now I'm not saying that FP is on the outs, or that it is a dying game. You all have done a really good job of keeping us on the water. But we feel that you are leaving money on the table so to speak. Here are just a few examples of what I thought were great ideas / suggestions. 1. Fly fishing with rivers in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. (by far the best suggestion I have seen to date. I personally fly fish, and have spent many a dollar, and time fishing all over the U.S.) 2. Having the ability to bring boats on the Everglades 3. Additional passengers in your boat. (In order to not lose possible boat sales, make it to where if you own a boat you would be allowed to join a friend on their boat) 4. New tournament style based off of fish weight WITHOUT the unique, and trophy fish being able to be caught. This evens the playing field. Not everyone can sit and play FP 10 hours per day to zone in on the exact spawn locations, time, bait, and weather to have the edge in a tourny. 5. The ability to purchase a pond pass at every lake / pond 6. Career mode ( I know that this one is a bit tricky, but I also feel it might be worth looking into) 7. Friends having the ability to help you with multiple lines when the occasion arises. (Personally not my favorite suggestion, but still one I have seen a few times)
  13. It's not about this game, but still I want to share my experience here. Because it's almost a similar game. I spent a lot of time to fulfill the conditions of this trophy and all I managed to spend was 350. Maybe you know how to get 25 more.
  14. Having the ability to purchase a pond pass to ANY pond / lake available would be very nice. For instance, the amazon maze would have been amazing to fish. But after I bought the amazon carnival pack I got very busy at work (rail road), I ended up missing out on it.
  15. This info might be helpful in real life, but I'm not sure if having this actually helps the game at all. Yes, it only happens when you use rod stands. It's just a bit annoying and slows down the game, and adds to the confusion. Perhaps, they should add more useful messaging so people know what to do.
  16. Having the same issue too. I think SPODing or using feeders actually have the opposite effect. Fish tend to bite at a LOWER rate or not at all. I'm not sure if they wanted to fix the over-sizing formulas and broke something during the last update. In any case, I hope they fix it soon. Without SPODing, Weeping Willows gets really boring.
  17. Apart from buying the Amazon Carnival Pack DLC from the Sony (PlayStation) store which will give you 30 days of access (starting from when you buy it), there is no option to buy a pond pass for Brazil (Amazon) by itself.
  18. where can I purchase a pond pass for Brazil?
  19. Spod rod bait not working for carp fishing in Weeping Willow Fishing Grounds. I was able to catch a total of 150 kg in game time, but no matter how many times I tried, I could only catch a total of 50 kg. It was working until last night in real time. This has happened to me and several other people as well.
  20. To me it can mean a number of things, maybe the bait was being pushed/moved by the current or was rolling down a slope on the bottom moving the bait out of the fishes reach or there might be an object of some sort (rock, log, weed, mud etc) preventing the fish getting to the bait. I have seen the bait moved by the current at Kaniq Ck into water that's too shallow for the fish to get it, resulting in this message. I will normally try moving the bait (sometimes to another bottom type), seems to be more prevalent with rod stands. Don't know any real answers to this problem.
  21. Пиши в службу поддержки той платформы, в которой играл. Здесь твоей беде никто не поможет!!!
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  23. Bit of a silly one… I somewhat roleplay when I play the game. Would be fun to have a chair you could sit on while waiting for the fish to bite Maybe even down the road a house or something where you could display trophies and what not! I go down the rabbit hole in games like this.
  24. Anybody know what this means? I get it very often for bottom and feeder rods especially when I cast far or into the deep end especially in White Mouse, Germany, Netherlands, etc. where you need to cast far and deep. It essentially nullifies a bite which is very annoying. I have to then reset the rods again or reel it in a bit which might scare away fishes. It happens very often and I'm not sure what I can do to reduce this. Do I need to get a different weighted sinker or leader or something?
  25. I feel like I would even pay for extra challenges… Challenge packs for a few dollars? Would be nice to keep having more challenges for all the content. Plus the extra incentives and chasing down fish makes the game so much more fun in my opinion.
  26. Don't know if anyone still cares, but you can still do the quest to get the golem lure. Don't know if not getting the monster was crucial to my success. But it did give it to me again after getting 3 backlash with weed. Good luck!
  27. So it would be nice. I think it's cool that he suggested gifting to other players I play with my wife and there are times where I will run out of bait or she will run out of bait and it would be nice to have. A bait bucket where I can allow someone on my Friends list to get bait from it. Or they have to put in some kind of pin code or when they try to open it. There is a request on my screen that says accept or deny and they can only take out up to a certain amount of bait and if there. Isn't enough in there for that? Then they can't get any unless I give them the OK? That would be pretty cool. I also think it would be pretty cool if we could have our own cabin to put all of our trophys even.if . It's at the main screen. It'll be pretty cool to be able to show off my achievements.
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