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    Bigben is a shitty company who have a terrible reputation . They offer little to no support on the products they sell . Shame on them and Fishing Planet for selling the publishing right to such a crap company . The game was advertised on Fishing Planet forums or dev interviews , shares the Fishing Planet name yet they dont have any control lol . Great job on dividing the community then screwing them .
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    As written on the post in steam I want a refund for this game. I also sent an email, but I am also writing it here, maybe others join the request. The game is dead, no support, no updates, there is not even a dedicated channel on the Big Ben official website, indeed, there is not even a game on their site. It is not acceptable that they bought the game, claimed money, and then abandoned it in this way, I believe that there are all the conditions for being reimbursed.
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    Hello, dear anglers, and welcome to the new entry of Fishing Planet Developer Diary! Today we’ll tell you about our latest and perhaps most fascinating of all Fishing Planet waterways - Mississippi: the Blue Crab Island in the Gulf of Mexico! Our team has been working on this new map for the past few months and we are happy to announce it should be released in a week or two. This idyllic and picturesque island is actually a part of Mississippi and is located off the state’s coast in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. From the angling perspective, the coolest thing about this place is perhaps that the island is surrounded by both fresh and saltwater areas! This means that you’ll have the opportunity to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish species within the same angling destination! What’s more, Blue Crab Island is the largest Fishing Planet waterway up-to-date, with an overall area encompassing 4km2 (1.54mi2). This destination is perfect for boat fishing, as the island itself is small and most of the angling will be done offshore. At the same time, the depth is hardly over 1.5m (5ft) in most areas. Despite the waterway’s impressive size, there will be only two fishing locations available at this time. The first location is situated next to a large stilt house, right in the center of the waterway and is a great spot to start exploring both fresh and saltwater areas by boat. The second location is on wooden docks in the middle of a freshwater bay, amidst natural wild scenery and black mangrove trees. To recapture the atmosphere of this enchanting nature paradise as best we could, we added 2 types of mangrove trees: dwarf red mangroves in the saltwater area and tall black mangroves on the border of fresh and saltwater aquatorium. You’ll also find dense thickets of sawgrass - abundantly covering the banks of many natural and man-made canals as well as countless little islets. As far as weather and time of year are concerned, Blue Crab Island welcomes you with beautiful enchantment of early autumn, when the monsoon has already passed, and dry season hasn’t yet taken its reign. This gives us very interesting and diverse weather conditions: from heavy rains to scorching hot tropical sun. But more importantly, and much to any angler’s delight, practically all of the seawater fish species can be found in the northern part of the Mexican Gulf this time of year! There’s a total of 20 fish species for you to catch in the waters of Blue Crab Island, with 4 of them appearing in the game for the first time! The ones particularly worth mentioning are probably every anlger’s dream: we’re talking about saltwater giants like Bonefish, Permit and the Southern Flounder! Whereas in the freshwater area, you can take your chances against the monstrous Speckled Peacock Bass, the largest member of its kind, weighing over 10kg (22lb). From an angler’s point of view, the saltwater area of Blue Crab Island is probably the most interesting. Aside from the above mentioned species, you can also catch some Red Drum, Striped Bass, Gafftopsail Catfish and huge Tarpon! To make your fishing experience even more realistic and add to the overall ambience of the place, we introduced a number of unique anthropogenic objects: 1) a huge house with docks and boat hangar in the center of the waterway; 2) an old and abandoned power line on wooden poles alongside one of the canals; 3) a new power line on huge metal supports seen on the distant horizon; 4) small and shabby little shacks with old windmills scattered around the waterway; 5) old docks and wharfs; 6) modern windmills in the saltwater area of the waterway; 7) hangar-style boat houses with gas barrels. Also, don't miss the opportunity to have fun watching plane flying around. And to make your Blue Crab Island experience even more realistic, you can actually fish out unique objects and critters, like blue crabs themselves!:) Have fun exploring and tight lines!
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    its called passing the buck , and the fact that many on here have sent emails to bigben without any reply says it all really they will happily take your money for the games but information for them is just a joke. lots of questions are put forward on here only to be answered (or maybe someone knows more) by the very people who run the game hahahaha customer care is not something these people understand or even care about . money is their god screw the customers
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    Why is there now a second movement when loading chum? When you reel in, the rod goes to the right to load the new chum. Now it does another fast movement to the right after that. Also, the time to pick up another rod before the new chum is loaded seems shortened. Is this intentional, or just me?
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    45 minutes ago, SabiScs said: so yea Bigben emailed they are just publisher and say the future (game development, bug fix, updates, etc) of the Fisherman is up to FP Devs team! So Bigben blame Fishing Planet devs and Devs blame Bigben lol . They both have shitty support and are both responsible for taking advantage of the supporters of the game .
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    Has anyone caught, or seen being caught, or know anyone who has caught, the Decorated Lake Trout? I spent 12 baitcoins on a lure that says it's specifically for that fish. @Dennis_FP @Killerwhale
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    6gb for what? There isn't crap on the PS4 for The Fisherman! Is seems those of us that bought it are getting SCREWED by Bigben and Fishing Planet llc. Neither of them give two shits about us that bought it! Hell, Bigben won't even answer any questions from us! Most of the people who own both are about to say screw it and stop playing both!
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    match system please u can stick the rest where the sun don't shine
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    I was wondering, is The Fisherman getting the same update? By the way it sounds we are not. If that is the case...WHY? Is Big Ben that cheap they don't want to do it?
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    I've sent multiple emails to the publisher - both to their official addresses, and also to some of the senior execs listed on their website. No reply from any of them other than the generic "thank you for your email, we care a lot" autoreply. For such a major stock exchange listed publisher this is an appalling display - total lack of customer focus. Almost tempting to buy 1 share just to go the ShareHolder AGM and ask some awkward questions in front of the financial analysts - no investor is going to want to see a publisher alienating their community like this; it may take a while but it always kills a business in the long term. It will certainly be the last game I purchase that has any link with that publisher, whereas had this been handled well I'd have been happily buying DLC for new areas. So frustrating the see this so badly handled as the base game is excellent - there is so much wasted potential here, but I will not be going back to the F2P version either.
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    The game freezes ever minute or so...all the time no matter where you are....is this going to be fixed please...thanks...games awesum by the way
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    Same thing happened with me using my x-series frog popper, my internet cut off by itself while I was reeling in, when I loaded back up lure was gone, contacted support but they ain't even try to help, Great video game, NOT SO GREAT customer service!
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    this for pc ps4 or box ? as usual no info just a teaser of whats to come for who knows what console and to be honest I don't give a rats asss about this update where is fishing planets match fishing update?
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    Hello, guys! The Q&A with the Developers are open! The rules are the same as always. We will pick out 10 of the most interesting questions that you have sent us and answer them in a post next week! Write your question down below in the comments! PS: Questions must be submitted before the18th of July.
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    Did you complete the Golem lure mission (catch the monster Muskie)? If you did then the lure is lost, you might be able to get it again next Halloween (don't know if this is possible). If you haven't caught the Muskie yet, Untrack the mission, get rid of any backlashes in your backpack storage, quit and restart the game (mightn't need to do this), track the mission again, catch 5 new backlashes (make sure you have enough backpack spaces available). Not sure if this will work for you, but give it a try.
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    Ловись Рыбка Большая и Маленькая \ Catch em' All. Пруд Лесни Вила, Чехия Привет, рыбаки! Это соревнование даст вам возможность проявить себя в рыбалке на абсолютно любую рыбу! Используйте наживки из насекомых и червей, что-бы поймать как можно больше рыбы совершенно любого вида. Так что, какую бы рыбу вы не поймали, у вас есть шанс получить первое место среди рыбаков! *Ловите всевозможных рыб любого веса и размера! *Допускается использование только фидерной снасти и садка. *Использование подставки для удилища во время соревнования запрещено. *Пойманных рыб можно отпускать. Баллы сохранятся. *Победитель определяется общим кол-вом баллов за пойманных рыб на момент окончания соревнования. *Вторичный критерий оценки результатов - поимка самой крупной рыбины! Начисление баллов: 1 Балл за каждую пойманную рыбу
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    Yeah jerkbaits have no depth. But they have weight. OK, anyway it will be checked.
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    I don't know if it's good that it's not just me but, question answered. Now if we could just get to the bottom of the Observer Effect of the rod stand.
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    Also happens on the PC version as well.
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    no you just get less xp
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    В январе-марте планируется ввести три новых водоёма - река Крёз, Франция, река Миссисипи, река Амазонка. С вводом новых водоёмов появятся 50 новых видов рыб и новые снасти, в т. ч. более мощные матчевые удилища и более мощные поводки разных типов (моно, флюоро, титан) - до 30 кг. Максимальный уровень игроков будет поднят до 55-ти.
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    Could we have pond map to show markers while in the world map? Like, the tablet that appears ingame when pressed M with our markers there... And if so, can they get more detailed? It would be nice to see which hook, jig, depth, distance casted, TIME, if it was SnG, LnD, Twitching or so. And about bottom fishing gear, Are you guys thinking about any new monos... The higher mono is 19.5kg while the higher rod setup is 26kg Happy New Year!
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    First trip to Alberta for the Christmas event this year it happened to me 6 times in less than half an hour RT. Doesn't come back on when re hitting button like before, you have to go to audio settings each time to fix it.
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    Неверно. Согласно правилам русского языка употребление местоимения вы вместо ты при обращении к одному лицу само по себе уже представляет проявление уважительного отношения к этому лицу. Окончательное решение о написании Вы с прописной (для подчеркивания этого уважительного отношения) принимает автор текста. (http://new.gramota.ru/spravka/letters/51-rubric-88)
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    Уважаемый Вы когда нибудь играли в старенькую игрушку С.Т.А.Л.К.Е.Р- концовка игры очень разная, об этом разработчики кому небудь говорили. В ФП просто нужно иметь маленькую жменьку мозгов-тем более когда система клева стала как в реальной рыбалке. Не дуйся НА РАЗРАБОТЧИКОВ они действительно молодцы-только за анимацию рыб на крючке им огромный +, а могли пойти путем наименьшего сопротивления , показывать фантики выловленные из воды(это я про конкурентов) С наступающим!
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    Где искать коробочки с подарками? 12 подарков по всей карте мира
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    imo, you have to use a rodstand, get all rods in the water, (for bottom rods, wait till the bait is on the ground) and THEN use fireworks.
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    There is no decorated lake trout. Do not buy the jolly bullet spinner hoping to catch one.
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    I finally caught the big antlered salmon. I nice person helped me, I had to cast out much further for the bigger ones. Seems others have had this problem in game as well from what other told me.
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    Задаетесь вопросом где же все-таки найти кучки снега, чтоб добыть тот самый чистый снег?
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    This is the forum for Fisherman?.. no?... the dev's are the same... no?... all links to support game going to FP devs?... no?... What's you say?...
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    The Bigben is as if it did not exist, and how to ask a wall .... Completely disappointed to have bought that version, among other things incentivized by you of Fishing Planet, with the advertising that you have done, and then today, see yourself downloaded and unsupported .....
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    Has anyone noticed since the new update, when casting, you constantly get snagged on the dock? Happens over and over again....
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    No, update here! Strange, a 6gb would be nice! BigBen and FP jacked another $50 like their DLCs. FP claims that FP & FP Fisherman are two separate companies... Then why is the forum for both on FP's forum page... More intrigue. The Fishermans Twitter Feed via link from Big Ben's store page https://www.thefisherman-fishingplanet.com/ = https://twitter.com/fishingplanetus?lang=en The Fishermans Facebook via link from Big Ben's store page https://www.thefisherman-fishingplanet.com/ = https://www.facebook.com/FishingPlanetGame/ Honestly, not getting the Yuletide feeling from these companies or this company.
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    Not really, you can use the ~ (PC) key to change the HUD so messages don't appear (I think you can depress (? for want of a better word, push it straight down) the left joystick on the PS4 and Xbox for the same effect).
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    Trolling will be implemented in Fishing Planet after New Year. So you'll be able to fish with rod stands from boats.
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    Whenever I'm working a lure and that awful reel squeak I think to myself add reel oil to the equipment catalog, I'll stay in Texas to afford something to stop the squeaking. And the sound when your playing a fish. I thought it was the wind going threw the rod eyes, till this morning. I was tinkering with leader length on my bluegill float set and I yanked in 3.8lbs smallmouth buffalo with 1lbs test. It's the line that makes that whistling ping sound.
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    yeah it makes the game harder but its fun to fight them
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    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone here in the forum and also the FP team. Developers, thank you for the great game, the new lakes and the great work you've done. That in 2019 we have much more news, many more challenges and we can have even more fun !!! And also a happy Christmas for those who hate me, that in this new year everything changes.
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    Will we ever be able to purchase lost x series gear (with baitcoins) or at least reset challenges that unlock them . Will we ever be allowed to sell lures we dont use , as it is we can only discard them.
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    I'd rather have the 1 baitcoin than cash that I'll make anyway catching fish.
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    Not that I need either, but baitcoins would be my preference. Especially given the crazy prices for licences that some people struggle to afford.
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    Is bait not referring to baits such as minnows, worms, etc?
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    This looks really nice. I've been hoping for more saltwater fishing. Whats the level requirement going to be?
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