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    I would not let some idiots ruin your fun . I would suggest blocking them on PSN . I also believe you can ignore people on FP .If ignored or blocked those people can no longer join your rooms.
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    Went to Canada, caught both sizes needed in one catch and then filled up keepnet, went back to Rocky and caught the golden on 3rd case. UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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    There's always a few rotten apples in the bunch. I'll fish with you Sue. Our crew don't get together and fish like we used to, but they are an outstanding group of guys, and if you join one of our rooms you can rest assured that there will be no discrimination. Well, I just seen Hate_ful posted. He's one of our crew, a great person indeed. So anyways, send me a friends request...BJTATER.
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    I thoroughly enjoy these. Got super busy and was not able to fish the finals much, but that felt like an honor being in top 10. So please keep doing these FP! Big thanks to Sully and crew for their time. It is appreciated. I signed in to make this post and only for that. Sully asked everyone in top 10 to share here and help keep this going. No one did that I am aware, so I did.
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    Don't leave the lake, advance to next day to empty your keeper. Fish until you have recovered the travel costs and license fees and some repair costs, depending on the length of your stay.. Keep fishing after that to reap some profit.
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    Haven't posted in a while. Couldn't contain myself with this one, had to show it off lol. Fooling around in Alaska with light tackle and landed this jewel. Jigwinner 8'10" SE w/Espira 3500SE, 12lb. mono. Landed one earlier in the day that was 5lbs. lighter. My biggest until this was a 25lb. Gar I caught by accident at Quanchin during the Dancing With Pike Comp.
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    I forgot to look there..lol. Boy don't I feel dumb..lol
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    Perfect, this was excellent and answered a lot of my questions! Seems it wasn't an idiotic question after all as many others had the same questions.
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    If i recall i had best luck with a jighead and a small worm 3in i believe its been awhile .
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    There is a longer discussion about the sonars going on over at the steam forums. Maybe this'll help you figuring it out: https://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/1643168364661643201/
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    yes it works, but I would like it to be the same as before "just enter the menu that the bar minimized". You could also use the touch of the control like a mouse.
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    Доброго времени суток! Суть этой темы в том, что хотелось бы донести до разработчика очень важную информацию в направлении приманки в таком виде как "вращалка". Сказать что реализация нулевая - это соврать. Рыба клюет. Да. Однако, хотелось бы добавить очень серьёзные замечания. Блесны вращающегося типа - не могут иметь никаких проводок кроме двух : равномерная и равномерно быстрая. В силу особенности строения и принципа работы данной приманки. У вас же в игре - вращалка каким-то волшебным образом может делать ступеньки и твитчинги) Что довольно забавно Но вызывает и отторжение. Хотелось бы так же заметить, что контролировать положение вертушки в толще воды - крайне сложно. При сборе ультралайтового удилища, вертушка весом в 2 грама очень быстро выходит на верх. Безусловно это логично, однако контроль данной ситуации зависит только от одного параметра который нам доступен - и это скорость подмотки. Так вот это не работает. Достаточно рано и слишком быстро блесна выходит на поверхность даже при минимальной скорости катушки. Есть еще один вариант и этот вариант - не выход и лишен логики. Это остановка блесны, чтобы она углубилась. На сколько известно, блесна вращающегося типа сделанна для того, чтобы своим постоянным оборотом, колебанием лепестка - завлекать рыбу. И этот выход, с остановкой - полностью убивает данный тип блесны. Блесна вращалки - имеют свою прелесть. Они просты, доступны. Не требуют особых навыков от владельца. Лишь наличие рыбы и подходящие снасти. Учитывая масштабы и типы рыб, которые присутсвуют на данный момент в игре - хотелось бы всё таки адекватной переработки такого типа лова. Подводя итог, хотелось бы видеть такие вещи : - Со стороны разработчика сделать так, чтобы блесна находилась в толще воды на минимальных скоростях до 5-7 метров до игрока (т.к потом она по адекватным причинам выходит на поверхность). -Убрать все типы проводок для вращающихся блесен, кроме равномерной и равномерной ускоренной. -Добавить маленький шанс клева некоторой мирной рыбы на вертушкку (плотва, густера и т.п рыбы у которых есть рацион питания в виде жуков). Очень надеюсь на анализ данной проблемы, а не закрытие глаз.
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    Great comp, if I never see another sturgeon I’d be fine with it lol
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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only Steam). The event will start Friday, August 23rd, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, August 30th at 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Colorado (Rocky Lake) for Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and White Sucker. The biggest fish of each species caught during the event time may be entered. (NOTE: You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form.) Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx! AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Watch the video below. You can use any tackle. Rod Stands are NOT allowed. The fish weight (must be in pounds, so use you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entry on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form) Prizes: Metalhead Boat DLC’s and Daredevil Boat DLC’s. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have one fish of each species entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: lol Entry Form: https://forms.gle/DqoQEstMSRsWYw3S6 (Open) Standings Page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ/edit?usp=sharing Screen shot video: (one change to the video, in the video it says hit the Tab key to go into the chat box. Now, you have to put your cursor into the chat box and left click.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9FQwHRU5E&t=5s
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    I'm no expert by any means but I usually catch mine in that location about 90 - 95 feet out.
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    The most important thing is to ensure the rods line weight higher figure is not exceeded by the reels max drag and the line test is equal or less than the reels max drag. Rod Stongest -> Reel equal or less than rod -> Line equal or less than reel (->leader less than line). The lure and casting weight (spinning/feeder/bottom/carp) should also be noted, if you get a message that your tackle is too heavy do not try using it or it will might break, try using lighter tackle (lure, feeder or (possibly) bait. Possible setup suggestions would be the Valuespin260 (lvl8) with a EspiraSlim2500 (lvl10) for spinning, for float (match) fishing a Omnifloat450 (lvl9) with a CrucianHunter3500 (lvl10), unfortunately you'll be stuck with lvl10/11 2.7 kg (about 5.9lb) mono or braid line. Have a look at what's available and see what you come up with, good luck.
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    Most of the information you need should be provided in the screenshot, have to use fresh bait(I have caught my PB on large minnows but large cutbait will work too), Salty Delta, standing on the right hand end of the dock, casting to fish activity straight out and slightly to the right next to a weed bed, just off the bottom. Hope this helps.
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    Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup: Результаты финала Друзья, привет! Наконец, финал турнира по ловле лосося, Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, окончен и сейчас настало время огласить имена наших трех великих Чемпионов FPAC, а заодно и список Топ-10 самых сильных рыбаков по ловле Лосося! Ниже приведены их славные имена, которые теперь навеки будут увековечены в истории кибер-спортивной рыбалки на Лосося! Это была славная битва на акваториальных просторах самых выдающихся рыболовных локаций Северной Америки и мы благодарим всех вас за участие и то, что вы веселитесь вместе с нами! Steam PS4 XBox One 1 NewbieGoodfun 2 SteamingPolak 3 CN.YuLuo.REDfloweR 4 HG-ABATAP_01 5 NoName_Enot 6 PRO.s_CLUB_HEINO 7 cc13 8 FU_icenice 9 PH_PatrickJane 10 FU_BlackPlague 1 VFF_jow1908 2 v1707a 3 CDsT_SandroProf 4 maximysss 5 CP_Furious_TINTO 6 Mr_Black_Sam 7 Poohlykhomyak 8 VFF_osni1910 9 Zorglub-001 10 michelplat 1 JekNiko1son 2 kardyAVC 3 BFW Fishingblue 4 royalbirhat 5 BushidoWarriorr 6 DnTy RenaTeras 7 II DoN LuNix I 8 Maxtime Brasil 9 philkool 10 ThaSeedOfSatan
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    Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup: Результаты третей квалификации Привет, рыбаки! Третья и завершительная отборочная игра юбилейного Турнира по ловле Лосося окончена! Мы рады сообщить имена 20 счастливчиков, которые проходят в Полуфинал турнира согласно результатам и отправятся уже 17го августа на завораживающую реку Каник-Крик на Аляске! Данный список приведен ниже. Steam PS4 XBox One 1 cc13 2 Bauer41 3 NoName_Sane4eK 4 PRO.s_CLUB_Ronald 5 RobertKKKK 6 PRO.s_CLUB_Lotte 7 LGD.Jonny 8 LGD.DouFuRu 9 KP_Ambro789 10 GPBr-flaviolprlp 11 19-HARY-76 12 PBA-NoobSaibot 13 RiverFanatics-Jose_MyKoSe 14 Gabi19787 15 Der_Zkaya 16 wojer 17 jankasani 18 ekkie63 19 Vegeta19923 20 GPBr-Bodeblu 1 AznSaiyan 2 alex-misha 3 VFF_RTComando 4 krot238 5 ID_0030000A88 6 Angelkoenig27 7 cellux1 8 BobNudd10 9 FPU_NetteUschi47 10 VFF_toninho0 11 nicodiegoantonio 12 Mael_Pierre 13 FP_Falls_BLC 14 v1707a 15 Poohlykhomyak 16 bigfamily0815 17 GretchenModermoe 18 hocky80 19 Toretto68800 20 tyskiepl-1980 1 BFW Fishingblue 2 TyTange51000 3 OLLIETHEGREAT1 4 LittleCapTV 5 Pere Uch 6 Nicke19 7 Re della notte 8 Maxtime Brasil 9 BDeutscher 10 DnTy RenaTeras 11 Stiik La NiGht 12 pios more 13 Guateng 14 True Carnage69 15 SOCOMCAZADOR31 16 Deuces WiId 17 yuchijr 18 BunkerPappy 19 Ss BioHaZard sS 20 Bac 2 the Money Если вы не видите в нем вашего имени, помните, что впереди еще будет множество рыболовных турниров и соревнований Так что, продолжайте тренироваться и улучшать свои навыки - тогда победа и чемпионский титул не за горами
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    This is one hot summer we are having, eh, folks? Well, maybe not so much in terms of the weather, as in fishing tournaments! Of course, August brings you yet another thrilling competitive event that is double special for us! Wanna know why? Well, we’re talking about Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup - a dear-to-our-heart Sportfishing Tournament that we’re hosting to celebrate our yearly anniversary of coming out on Steam! FPAC tournament is all about catching Salmon in various beautiful destinations like White Moose Lake, San Joaquin Delta and Lake Saint-Croix! Making your way from the Qualifiers to the Semifinal, you’ll have to prove your Salmon catching skills to take part in the unforgettable Grand Finale in Alaska, on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek and become the Salmon fishing Champion! Join us in this symbolic Fishing Planet “birthday” celebration by Enter the Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, passing the Qualifiers, getting to the Final Round and competing against the very best to ultimately become the Salmon fishing Champion! First-place winner and the two honorable runner-ups get the fame, the glory and valuable prizes! Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup will be held August 13th through August 18th, with the Registration starting on August 12th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 12th of August - Registration for the FPAC Tournament begins. 13th of August - Qualifier 1 on the snowy White Moose Lake in Alberta, Canada. 14th of August - Qualifier 2 on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan. 15th of August - Qualifier 3 on San Joaquin Delta in sunny California. 17th of August - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek in Alaska. 18th of August - the Grand Finale on Alaskan Kaniq Creek. Take advantage of the opportunity to get special Fishing Planet Anniversary Pack! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store
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    Listen to Del. He knows of what he speaks. Btw we all did it when we started.
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    Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup: Результаты второй квалификации. Вот и завершилась вторая отборочная игра турнира Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup! Этот интереснейший этап турнира по ловле Лосося проходивший на озере Сент-Круа в штате Мичиган теперь окончен и мы готовы огласить имена нашей второй Топ-20ки, которая пройдет в Полуфинал! Если вы так и не попали в Топ-20, то уже 15го августа состоится третья отборочная игра, а значит и ваш последний шанс попасть в Полуфинал FPAC! Ниже перечень 20ти финалистов второй отборочной игры: Steam PS4 XBox One 1 J_3 2 rongxd 3 CN_Shaopi 4 Forever-shine 5 pepevince1 6 LGD.LaoKK 7 NewbieGoodfun 8 J.djb 9 CN.douyu748770 10 GPBr-FireHydra 11 MTKing 12 PH_goran007 13 GIDRA_Ivan_rybolovec 14 Stylopora 15 KahenKilonHyrskytin 16 CN.YuLuo.REDfloweR 17 GiDRA_ViC 18 Digage1 19 GPBr-Wartao 20 Shonny.The-Dude 1 FPU_bigboss1504 2 Zorglub-001 3 CDsT_Lenda 4 CP_DuduBeder 5 Methuselah2000 6 FPU_FFM--89 7 CP_Wismeck 8 CDsT_SandroProf 9 maximysss 10 CDsT_xaninhost 11 O-pescador-007 12 CP_Rui-Manitas 13 VFF_osni1910 14 Mr_Black_Sam 15 Wilsonjr455 16 VFF_jow1908 17 AKA-Maskulin 18 CP_Furious_TINTO 19 CP_RodrigoSkyBox 20 Matchicory 1 Garison RUS 2 sneakiecat 3 Stylopora 4 lazyangler2020 5 TBON XO3RNH 6 DirtyPoppie 7 royalbirhat 8 Jukeboxknocks 9 II DoN LuNix I 10 Kernow Gaddafi 11 TFP KaruKera 12 Tinoxx89 13 FLOWTIME86 14 PremiumGrim 15 THEBIGMIXED1 16 JekNiko1son 17 BushidoWarriorr 18 GPBr Adriano 19 ttvKrellicOG 20 Osiris1818
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    2019 Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup: Результаты первой квалификации Первая отборочная игра турнира Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup окончена и мы готовы огласить ее результаты! Помните, что это была лишь первая из трех попыток чтобы сразиться с другими игроками за место в Топ-20 и пройти в Полуфинал нашего юбилейного Турнира по ловле Лосося - Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup! Вторая квалификация не за горами - принимайте в ней участие уже 14го августа на просторах озера Сент-Круа в штате Мичиган. А пока, эти рыбаки, попавшие в 20ку лучших результатов этой рыболовной баталии сразу проходят в полуфинал турнира, который состоится 17го августа на реке Каник-Крик на Аляске. Seam PS4 XBox One 1 SteamingPolak 2 NoName_Nester 3 FU_BlackPlague 4 BSS 5 NoName_Enot 6 GiDRA_Duke 7 PRO.s_CLUB_HEINO 8 PH_PatrickJane 9 FU_icenice 10 NoName_KYPJIbIK 11 HG-ABATAP_01 12 FU_Winzall 13 Beer_O 14 Foxiii 15 GPBr-Adriano 16 Vanishow 17 Viuva-FDP 18 GiDRA_ONikS 19 FU_Twitch.tvPhilkool23 20 Lobotomyfatal_YouTube 1 carpupwamble300 2 fabinhorajada29 3 ToddynhoO1 4 GeovaneSPFC 5 CDsT_danfactore 6 deryco 7 codeman_7825 8 W1964M 9 Fernando_kino___ 10 C54-Mikl1985 11 Melara_Brasil 12 BLKHAWKS69 13 HerrisonMan 14 michelplat 15 spectra1979 16 jueboe69 17 HughBetcha88 18 RNG-KibaltchichK 19 CarreraMax3 20 FPU_DaYwAlKeR76 1 philkool 2 ThaSeedOfSatan 3 MillerTime2828 4 CrypticBlacksol 5 AndyAsh05 6 Cmitch58 7 bigdaddy012678 8 LoftiestTuna19 9 BLANKS2539 10 rudyronchon 11 kardyAVC 12 RockingRAM 13 Blue Patriot62 14 Pacifik Jok3R 15 PO0PIE HEAD 16 Tefoy 17 Jimrasta13 18 KongPowChiken 19 RuthlessIMPSTER 20 J3STERFIED
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    I was in St. Croix for 2 days trying to catch Muskie. In the second morning I caught my first unique Muskie. My first unique fish EVER!..LOL
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    just played the grass cutter tournament and while sitting there for 45 minutes without catching any fish I asked myself why I bother playing this garbage. all the people I used to fish with have quit playing because the game just gets worse every time they update. I hardly play anymore and if I do its just random fishing. its pointless to enter any competitions or tournaments because its either the same people winning the old ones and a lottery to win the new ones. seems the devs don't understand this is a video game and people play it to have fun and seeing its a fishing game the fun part would be in catching fish. playing a competition for 45 minutes and not catching a fish sure doesn't sound like fun to me and I know I am not the only one because the leaderboard sure wasn't packed with many fish. it is too bad cause at one time this was a decent game I killed many hours playing it but I will no longer spend a cent on dlc for a game that just gets worse and worse. advice for the devs is make the game actually fun to play where everyone has a chance to win once in awhile and actually catch some fish in the competitions. it shouldn't just be all about the unemployed people who sit around playing this game 18 hours a day that win all the old competitions. maybe change those up a bit so they are more random like the new ones. make it fair for everyone and maybe more people will play and you may make some money rather than seeing more and more people quitting the game out of frustration.
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    Completely agree with @BobNudd10. Some of the more elusive uniques will only bite for me on one or two colors of a particular lure or shad or whatever. Here's a really good video posted by another member a while back for anyone interested;
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    Thanks for the input. I checked and did have everything correct and thank goodness, it finally acknowledged my fish last night. One good thing about it, I added at least five uniques to my fish base - LOL. And I agree, customer support was my next step if it hadn't worked.
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    Personally i wouldn't spend bait coins , horde them till there is something you really want or until you check out all venues. If there is a place you really enjoy go for it. It really isnt that hard to make money as long as you stay at venue a few days. The umlimited advanced license are nice but not really needed.
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    Sign in to your acount every day u will get around 5k a week from your daily log in shud b enough to get a spinning rod setup. Not sure if other platforms do the same dlc but there is a free feeder dlc for ps4 that will be enough to get you going again
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    Schönes Pack auf jeden Fall. Das gibt's für die PS4 nicht. Teuer zwar, aber dafür sind auch ne Menge Standardruten dabei, mit denen sich so ziemlich jeder Fisch fangen lässt. Sofern das Geld bei dir noch knapp ist, würde ich den Premium Account ausnutzen, und mit der HeavyChaser und Spawn Sack / gr. Schnittköder bewaffnet in Kalifornien auf die Störe gehen. Einfach ein paar Nächte durch angeln. Bei YouTube gibt's Tutorials dazu. Oder in Michigan auf Hechte / Muskellungen. Spar ein bisschen und kauf dir alsbald den 300kg Kescher. Mit Premium und dem großen Kescher sollte Geld dann ziemlich schnell kein Problem mehr sein, und du kannst in Ruhe alle Seen ausprobieren. Viel Spaß!
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    Hi Lenny, I just did a test and recorded 3 different locations and I cannot see any sonar rotation at all. The underwater terrain remains consistent and, take note, I stopped at a few places where the terrain had a steep decline and I never saw it repeat on the sonar (and I would have if it was doing a 360 degree rotation). Anyway, here it is, and please read my comments on youtube as well. Cheers friend, i50
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    I'm saying after the event i can rarely if ever catch any pike other then young now. Before the event I was catching 5-10 common pike a day there now if im lucky i catch 1 in a five day fishing trip
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    you don't have to enter the tourney all u need to do is register for it and there is an achievement to enter them all so that's what I was saying as it is an ingame challenge
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    Sry im late to posting but i want to say ty for this event and Gratz to all the winners , i have been busy
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    the solution is to close the game down without leaving the water then reboot the game and rejoin it works for me but a pain in the butt lol
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    Согласен с вами что в реале мы контролируем блесны как "ювелиры" но перевести это в цифры гораздо сложнее.
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    Believe me, you have not practiced enough. Look for more experienced players and they will give you tips, so you'll soon realize that you can score well.
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    Problem with this idea is a lot of us fish multiple days in a row at the same spot and jump through days to prep for competitions. I get your thought process but no practice could be had if we we paying for the travel and license to get 10 days into a lake to get proper weather for a comp.
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    BloodTastic FU_Jukeboxknocks_twitch.tv PH_Speedy congratz guys
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    this game does not have the potential to be best fishing sim as it is already the best fishing sim
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    Hello everyone! My nickname is Infinity Explorer. My passion is fishing...and fishing planet . I’m happy to meet with Fishing Planet Anglers. This game has potential to be the best fishing simulator! Some notes: I’m Playing on PS4, my PSN ID will be below this Post. Tight Lines!
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    Push in on the right thumbstick.
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    Вы упускаете одну деталь, в европейских водоемах рыба не стоит в одном месте в определенную погоду и в определенное время. Там другая система поведения рыбы так что при одинаковых погоде и времени рыбы может не быть там где она была вчера.
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    Your not getting what my point, sorry. I realize they give an advantage for a reason but when The Man comes and promises numbers and you never get them, you wonder why. Im trying to get us those numbers He was here diligently until this promise months ago. It would not be a hard task whatsoever. Its a simple spreadsheet that was promised that I would like to see. That is all...
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    As stated by Killerwhale the X-Series do give a very slight advantage and why not? They were meant to give that slight advantage. Providing different ways to get them and replace them if you lose them are being worked on as he said.
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    I’ve posted on here before and have yet to get a reply. I LOVE fishing planet on Xbox one but noticed it’s FAR behind PC/PS4. My biggest question is WHEN will Xbox one get boats?! Secondly, WHERE is the best place to find information related to fishing planets Xbox one roadmap, updates, etc. thanks.
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    Rhis game is trash its the worst game ever
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