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    Made possible by Killerwhale , the Make Slippyfish Smile and Laugh contest! This is a PS4 contest only! The prize : 1 DLC code for the Salmon Star Pack , a $70.00 value ! The contest starts right now and ends on 09/27/17 at 12:00pm How to win : First you must make me smile. You do so by clicking the heart in the lower right-hand corner. Second you must tell me the funniest fishing story I've ever heard. It can be true, partly true or just completely made up, but don't tell me! It can be an in-game fishing story or a real life fishing story. You can only enter once (one post) and you cannot edit your post. Editing your post = disqualified. The winner will be chosen by me and it's hard to get me to laugh so it better be good! Don't try to use one you get off the internet, I'll be checking . Let the funniest fishing story win!
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    1) Yes. We will try our best to do it twice or once per month with YouTube live stream with Devs. A lot of stuff almost ready and we want to show it to the players and answer your question 2) PS4 version roadmap is under development - our new line physics on topwater section must be polished and optimized to meet PS4 standards. 3) Yes, probably with bottom fishing and feeder rods. We will let player manage up to 3 rods and will add new rigging options. 4) Yes, we think about this, but kayaks, boats and bottom fishing first. And 40+ along with lower levels will have a lot of fun with kayaks very soon.
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    I was not expecting this to make an appearance whilst fishing for cats at night in Michigan
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    Yep. Y'all broke it again.
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    Happy to see we can minimize the problem. But we will try to fix it completely. Sorry for the inconvenience and rapid disconnections.
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    Working on the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience
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    1.) There's Always Texas Get the advanced license for sure, with your first few baitcoins. 2.) Basic Licenses: With the exception of florida at the present moment you can buy 3 day real time basic licenses for just a little bit more then the 1 day advanced. You can keep all commons this way and get 3 days to fish real time. -Granted you have to release trophies/uniques, but the point here is working on a budget. -Trophies/Unis only give just a smidge more credits/lb when you sell them. 3.) Fish Sell Guide: See It Here-> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MVthNeh0VrZZ2mxOAqHojrjowkRZwgcQXIgWlq6ErZ8/edit#gid=0 Thanks Wicked Viking! 4.) Extend Days, And Exiting. When traveling to new locations, extend multiple days. And when you exit the game do so by going to the gear in the top left, and exit game there, you will not leave the waterway. 5.) Keep Your Storage Updated: Your stringer/keepnet is your most important piece of gear to keep updated, it's your livelyhood. 6.) Travel Light! -Take one to three rods, to keep your rod case minimum. Use a small tacklebox and vest as well to carry just the bare minimum gear. (This will give cheaper repair cost because your gear is cheaper.) -When traveling to lower level lakes, you can reduce the size of your keeper/fishnet to reduce repair costs as well, why would you need a 200 or 300lb stringer when you won't get anywhere near to filling it? --Suggested By BonPadre THANKS! 7.) Spawning Locations: Fishing holes can dry up, try to keep moving, don't stay in one place, explore and find more places to get your target fish, this keeps the fish flowing in, which keeps the cash flowing in. 8.) Slow Your Progression. Don't always travel to a new location when it opens, as you won't have a big enough stringer/keepnet to be successful there by filling it. 9.) Keep Old Gear. -Suggested By BonPadre, Thanks! Don't sell off old rod/reel setups or other gear as if something goes wrong you won't have any prior gear to fall back on. 10.) Keep It In The Green, Saves Green -Suggested By darren, Thanks! Watch how much tension your putting on your line, keep all 3 bars for rod/reel/line in the green. If your not seeing those bars go into your settings through the gear icon and turn tackle load indicator to advanced. 11.) Expensive Baits Don't Mean Better. Suggested BonPadre, -Thanks! Keep an eye on how much each bait costs when your using it, and take into account the credits your getting for the fish. IE a bait that costs 50 credits to catch a 55 credit fish makes no sense. Personally this is why i use lures, only 1 initial investment cost, and it's not a consumable. Downside to lure fishing is it takes quite a bit to learn and be effective at it. 12.) IF You have a little bit of money to spend. Buying a New York advance for the $2.99 pack for the 50 baitcoins is worth it. Walleye there are easy to catch with narrow spoons, and give quite a few credits/xp and are a good fallback with a 6lb setup. 13.) Shop at home. Buy your gear/lures/baits at your home, not at the lake, there is a larger markup at the waterway. - Suggested By Hilrond. Also having premium helps as it gives you a 50% boost to credits on fish and xp. I may add more but these are just a few things off my head. Hope this helps. Tight Lines!
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    Once you can fish in Florida/California/Michigan, here are the things you should focus on there: 1) Florida: Largemouth & Peacock Bass. Topwater lures work really well for them, and they are very active at night too. Cast around or near lillies. Takes longer to fill your net as the fish are smaller, but they give decent payout and the catch rate is very high. 2) California: Fish for Striped Bass and Steelhead Trout. Both can be fished from multiple locations, but I usually go to the docks (top peg) - specifically the middle dock, and cast roughly towards the green building. But fan-casting works too, they're not limited to a small area or anything. I use walkers and poppers with great results - in daytime and nighttime. You fill a net very quickly here, and a full 200kg net can yield you about 20k (non-premium). 3) Michigan: The real money-maker. Float-fish for Northern Pike (I use shiners on a #6/0 hook at 30cm leader length) around the lillies on the south of the lake. High bite, rate, and VERY good value for money on the pikes. They will also bite cranks and medium spoons.
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    Pro-Hookers Nilly Chipples https://www.twitch.tv/ph_nillychipples Dlc's / Quizes / Earn Points for the Massive December 1st Give away
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    Big Daddy Pro-Hookers PC http://www.twitch.tv/bigdady012678 Casual Fishing, Competitions, & Tournament Qualifiers. Looking for a hard to find fish, stop by and we will see what we can do to catch it. I currently do not have a stream schedule, but will try to create one in the near future.
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    Phoenix Pro-Hookers PC http://twitch.tv/Phoenix_025 Fun and tournaments, with some added hilarity
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    Сегодня случайно зашёл в раздел фритуплейных игр на PS4, скачал... и залип на целых 9 часов! Такого у меня не было со времён выхода GTA5. Отличная игрушка!
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    Click Here To Enter Competition Click Here To See The Leaderboard Click Here To Learn How To Save/Share Steam Screenshots **RULE ADDITION** Fish must be submitted within 6 hours of being caught, or they will not count. (Reccomended As Soon As Possible) I will be competing for fun, If i take a place the person below me will take my spot
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    Hey dear angling community! We work hard to provide you the best game experience and try to solve all of your problems promptly. In case you encountered an issue please shoot an e-mail to support@fishingplanet.com or post in this Bug Reports section on forum. Please make sure to include the following info when contacting the support team (either on forum or by e-mail). Username Platform (PS4, Steam) Date when the issue was encountered Problem description In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) If the game crashed on PC send to support@fishingplanet.com an output log file (PC-> Local Disk (C:) → Program Files (x86) → Steam → Steamapps → Common → Fishing Planet → FishingPlanet_Data) This will help us provide a more fast and efficient support to all of you. Please note, that at the moment our support team works only with English and Russian so make sure your request is in one of these languages. Thanks and tight lines!
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    So I take my niece fishing when she was 5-6 & though we'd been going for years, I fig'd ok she's old enough to grasp the concept of really fishing & not just aimlessly throwing a bobber & praying. So I spent all night & morning explaining the best spots to look for fish (in a pond I knew very well), well time to load up & head out, she says "I'm smart now, bet ya I catch more than you do". We get to the pond & start fishing, I immediately catch a lil small mouth bass, we continue fishing & not even 5 mins later, I land another. Well she gets irritated & says "I know why I ain't catching nothing... my hats on wrong & we are fishing on same side of the boat". She flips hat around & starts fishing toward middle of pond (instead of the bank, which 99% of the time meant 0 bites); not 2 secs after line hits the water, she hauls in 1 that's close too twice the size of my 2 combined! She says "told ya, haha", we continued fishing for the next couple hrs or so. We compare catches as we're getting ready to leave, me - 2 / her - 10, the smile on that youngin' face as she said "I was smart all along...when we get home I'll teach you how I caught them" was priceless! Smallest haul I've ever had there, yet my best fishing day ever, & that's including my 11lb 10oz bass caught at same pond.
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    Hello, Why DEV team or SOMEBODY from administration don’t speak with clients of this game ??? Why we need to wait for something that is caused by your fault and don’t know, even a few info, when and WHY ?? Please give us a feedback of what is happening as soon as possible! In this way you may loose us, one by one
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    How about this one?
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    I actually have auto hook setter rod holders
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    Just do what my RL buddy did. Just tell her you don't mind if she gets a boyfriend, as long as he has a bass-boat
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    Seeing as it's a competition, I've made my story rhyme! It was mid September, give or take, I took my old skiff and left for the lake, I had a my rod and the coffee I like, Everything you need for a day hunting pike. I got to the lake at half past 5, The mornings make me feel alive, I rowed out to my favourite spot, And tied on the lure with a uni-knot. I cast out to where big pike hang, When suddenly my telephone rang, I was startled by the sudden noise, (My ringtone was "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys...) I stumbled while the lure was still jerking, I looked like I was Miley Cyrus twerking, But I couldn't believe it when I looked: In the commotion...a fish was hooked! The game was on, I began the fight, It felt like a monster, pulling with might, I battled and battled but the fish did too, I was starting to tire (and I think he knew!) I decided to give one final heave, But the fish didn't budge, would you believe, "You will not beat me, fish!" I roared... A second before I fell overboard! Soaked to the bone, with my confidence hit, I decided to call it a day and quit, I climbed back in the boat with my rod and my flask... ...and I'll say I caught it if anyone asks!
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    Напротив,игра очень нравится (на ps 4 pro), иногда связь с сервером разрывается,но я думаю,что в будущем поправят,в целом всё супер,спасибо разработчикам,что сделали игру на эту тематику,тем более продуманную и бесплатную.Буду только рад новым обновлениям,дополнениям и прочим плюшкам.
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    First unique I've caught. Bad thing was I landed it after the timer ran out in the event so it didn't count. Still a nice large mouth though.
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    We will take it into consideration and thank you for idea)
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    FISHING PLANET переходит из фазы БЕТА в официальный РЕЛИЗ! Дорогие друзья! Два долгих года мир Fishing Planet создавал для вас захватывающие рыболовные приключения в режиме раннего доступа на Steam. Многие из вас были с нами с самого начала...а кто-то присоединился намного позже - но в любом случае мы рады каждому рыбаку и считаем всех одной большой и дружной рыболовной семьей! Вы активно играли, оставляли отзывы и участвовали в соревнованиях - тем самым помогая нам постоянно улучшать игровую экосистему Fishing Planet. И вот теперь, когда игра готова к официальному Steam-релизу, мы хотим поблагодарить вас и сказать, что данный результат - наша общая заслуга! Мы рады, что рыболовное сообщество Fishing Planet в Steam неуклонно растет и наша маленькая команда старается изо всех сил радовать вас новым контентом и интересными апдейтами! И вот на этот раз мы подготовили нечто действительно интересное - а именно, сразу ДВЕ масштабные и захватывающие новости – ПОВЕРХНОСТНАЯ И НОЧНАЯ РЫБАЛКА, которые будут доступны через пару дней!
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    1.How can I download the game? The game is available for download here: Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380600/Fishing_Planet/ PS4 Europe Store: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/fishing-planet/cid=EP1438-CUSA09106_00-0000000000000000 PS4 USA Store: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/fishing-planet-ps4/ 2.What is the price of the game on PC & Console? Fishing Planet is a Free-to-Play game for both - PC and Console. 3. What should I do after the game has been downloaded? First of all you have to pass a tutorial. Tutorial is intended to show a player basic game things, such as: get to the water line, catch some common fishes, buy new bait, change location and catch a trophy fish. 4.Can I transfer my progress from PC to the console? You can not transfer your progress/stats from PC to the console as there is no cross-platform support. 5.How to get BaitCoins? You can get BaitCoins for leveling up, completing challenges, winning the competitions or tournaments, in DLC packs or buy in Premium Store 6.How to sell fish? The fish stored in keepnet or stringer will be sold the next day, at 5 AM or when leaving the waterway automatically. 7.What are advantages of Premium Status? Premium gives you a 50% boost to your XP as well as x2 Credits you get for selling fish. You also get the privilege of free registration in Competitions and the advantage of using free Forward Time function twice as often/ 8.I have caught a fish,but got fined. Why? Player can be fined if he has no license, or he has a Basic license with specific restrictions: released fish had to be kept, or vice versa- a fish was kept instead of being released. Before you buy a license,please read the terms carefully and always prolong the license if it expires to avoid fines. 9.How to execute a long cast with a telescopic rod? It is necessary to change a casting mode. You can do it on PC by default F11, and by pressing right stick on PS4. 10.Other players block my view. How can I avoid that? Switch off Players models in close range mode in game settings: Settings-Game>Player models in close range->On/Off 11.Where is Home Storage located? Home Storage is located in Inventory Section. Pay attention that Home Storage is unavailable when being on waterway. To get an access to Home Storage you need to leave a waterway and move to Global Map. 12.How can I play with a friend? You should go to the same location and someone has to create "New Friends Only Room" at the right bottom corner, meanwhile other friend/friends should join by choosing "With Friends" button. 13.I can not register/get for competition. Why? Registration for a competition is available 12 hours before the start (time is mentioned in competition description). Requirements for minimum and maximum level admitted for registration and participation are mentioned in conditions for competition. After the competition starts there will be available option “Enter” (if you are registered and you are on a waterway where the competition will take a place). If you are registered but can not join the competition please check if you are equipped accordingly to competition rules. 14.How can players at low levels get to waterways which are available only for higher level players? You can buy Pond Pass at Premium Shop. Take into account that travelling and staying at location are not included in price and have to be paid additionally.You can also permanently unlock waterways one by one with BaitCoins (Before reaching the required level). 15.Why caught fish is not displayed on a Leaderboard, though it weighs more than others' in a list? Leaderboard rating updates once an hour. 16.How to get X-Series tackle? X-series tackle can be got with challenges, winning in competitions and tournaments. 17. How to differentiate hooks' size? Hooks are divided into two categories: small and big. Small hooks: #10-#1 (in descending order). Big hooks: #1/0-#10/0 (in ascending order). 18.How to report about bugs? Please shoot an email to support@fishingplanet.com. Include the following info: Username Platform (PS4, Steam) Date when the issue was encountered Problem description Ingame equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) 19.I have deleted/sold the item by accident. Can i get it back? Sold or deleted items can’t be given back. 20.I am a new player and I made some mistakes in the game. I lost money and Now my balance is negative. I can not travel anywhere or buy anything. How should I act? You can go to Texas to Lone Star Lake, travelling is free. You can earn money fishing there and cover your negative balance. 21. The game crashed. What should I do? Please send us an output log file to support@fishingplanet.com immediately after crash. – Here is instruction of how to get output log file on PC: PC-> Local Disk (C:) → Program Files (x86) → Steam → Steamapps → Common → Fishing Planet → FishingPlanet_Data. 22.How to change my ingame username? Please go to Settings-> Profile->Enter a new Username-> Click Change. Please take into account that to change username costs 160 BaitCoins. 23. I want to delete my account. How can i do that? It is not possible to delete an account. You can simply create a new Steam account and tie a new game account with that.
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    Please fill out the information about channel as follows:- Name Club Platform Link to channel What People will find(Tutorails, Comps/Tournaments, Fun) Thanks in advance to everyone posting, please only post your channel once!
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    Well TC, technically it is free to play. Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to spend money. It's entirely possible to progress through the game without spending a penny if you have the dedication. Thing is, devs don't make games like this out of the goodness of their hearts. The game is free and they have to generate revenue to cover all their costs and hopefully make a profit, but every ' free ' game always has a window that allows you to progress without spending any of your hard earned. If you're of that persuasion. Me, I'm happy to spend a few quid because fishing is my life, and the hooking bug aside, this game is the best fishing game I've played. The menus are PC friendly admittedly, but it didn't take me long to get used to them and it doesn't require any thought anymore. There are still one or two things that need to be addressed with the game, but they aren't gamebreakers like the hooking bug. I have to ask, if you want to see ' pay to play ' gone, why are you downloading free ' pay to play ' games? You obviously know the format they follow?
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    Finally figure it out. All I had to do was ask apparently. Just make sure your line never has slack. You may have to change the retrieve rate. More slack= fewer dots. Update: It seems now that it has more to do with the speed of the retrieve. The faster you lift n drop the more dots you get. Although that fast of a retrieve doesn't always seem to be the best.
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    This bullshit is back like come on now.
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    So out of curiousity I bought a 24 hour pass for Alaska because I'm only level 30. So much fun just wandering the river with crankbaits catching different types of salmon. I didn't go there in search of the unique 70+ Chinook or to discover all its secrets just yet, just wanted to see what it was like having such a large variety of fish willing to take the same type of lure. I have had Chinook to 39 despite not knowing anything about the place, doing what I do irl and having a cast per step working my way downstream. Great fun, I highly recommend trying it for the few quid it costs for a 24 hour pass. Be warned though, your Jigwinner will not cut it. You want at least a Loki and associated suitable reel and line. I had a 29 Chinook that fought far harder than the 39. 8' lemon/green crank working fine for me with 25lb fluoro. Can't wait to get this place unlocked to learn all its secrets and go for a real monster! Edit: first cast after typing this post I had a 59lb Chinook! Screenshotted
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    Already up. New patch applied. Maybe not a 100% fix but final for today. Will continue tomorrow.
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    You can check in 10 minutes. Please, hold on
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    I agree not an easy fix especially when myself and others are nagging so much. But it doesn't make it anyless fustrating. Ithink so many people are angry because this is a good game and we just want to play. As far as the picture .._ well in my opinion its a bit disrespectful . I apologize on behalf of the community . Thank for the message and please keep us updated Thankyou
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    This may be old news to some, but hopefully it will be helpful to others. When fishing in real life setting our drag correctly is primarily done by feel; however, here in the game it's just a matter of simple math. Here's what I do whenever I do a new set up or change line weight on a current set up. 1. I make sure the line weight is correct for that rod. 2. I make sure the line weight is below the maximum drag of the reel (this will limit unnecessary wear on the reel). 3. Different reels have a different number of drag settings (6, 8, or 12). Once you know the number of settings on the reel, simply divide the maximum drag of the reel by the number of settings. Now you know the exact amount of drag each setting has. I always adjust my drag so it is at least a half pound to one pound lower than the line weight, There are exceptions though. For example, I use a Thunderspin 6000 which has 24.2 pounds of maximum drag with 25 pound line. If I set the drag to max I'll place excessive wear on the reel, but running the drag at 1 click below maximum it works just fine. This should give you the most efficient use of rod, reel, and line. Good Luck and tight lines!
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    Конкретно эта приманка зарабатывается на Mudwater Champ. Весь список X-Series Tackles List
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    so we don't have to watch the floats the whole time, it would alert the angler if there is bite activity. please consider it. thanks
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    Недопустимо, описано в правилах. Легко детектится нами и будет наказываться
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    Следующая попытка была более успешная. На шпулю спиннинга намотано около 500 ярдов (450 метров) нитки с нагрузкой на разрыв около 30 кг. В начале видео видно, что шпуля набита под завязку обратным конусом. В конце показано сколько осталось нитки. Груз улетел приблизительно метров на 100. В тот выстрел ничего поймано не было ))) [youtube] [/youtube]
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    This is a long story get ready when i was much younger, i lucked up on what was considered the holy grail of fishing tackle at the time - a boron rod at a ridiculously low price at a store that was about to go out of business. to this day, i was more giddy over that purchase than i ever have been over any other expenditure on fishing tackle. and why not? i got a rolls royce for the price of a bicycle. boron rods were the "members only" jackets of the fishing world. and man o man did that rod ever catch fish. very quickly i became convinced that there were magical powers contained within that lightweight super sensitive boron awesomeness. sometimes i wondered if the rod was even crafted by human hands at all. perhaps it was left here by aliens who were watching from afar, conducting a bizarre experiment to see how a bumbling human would react to their advanced technology. in retrospect, i wonder if it could have shot lasers or somehow teleported fish out of the water into my waiting hands if i had only been smart enough to figure out how to harness its full potential. i cherished that rod like it was my only child, even down to polishing my fingerprints off of it after every outing. and i never, EVER let anyone else touch it. it was only natural for me to begin wondering if its powers extended beyond fishing. one day i decided to find out. i had met a girl that i was crazy about. and the kicker was that she actually liked to fish. i decided that she was the only human on the planet worthy of sharing a trip that included my precious magic fishing wand. this was the perfect storm. the girl of my dreams and the rod of my dreams on the same fishing trip. perhaps the rod's powers and luck would extend beyond the realm of fishing. initially, that hot summer day's trip exceeded all expectations with big fish after big fish reeled in, admired, and released. in my delirium, i proceeded to do the unthinkable. i handed her the rod to reel in a fish. biggest fish she had ever caught she said. she offered to go to the store to buy us a couple of cold beverages to celebrate. i wouldn't hear of her buying me a drink. "hold on, i got it, let me give you some money," i said. i laid down the rod and walked to the car, wallet in hand. "be back in a minute", she said with a smile that just made me melt. she turned the car around and headed for the store. too late, i saw it happening like it was in slow motion. she ran right over my precious boron rod!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i screamed in a pathetic wail that was probably heard in the next county. not knowing what in the world she had done, and probably more than a little freaked out herself to hear a grown man scream like that, she slammed the car in reverse and headed back towards me at the speed of sound trying to figure out what the commotion was about - BACKING RIGHT OVER MY BORON ROD A SECOND TIME!!! i just fell to the ground beside the shattered rod and shattered dreams lamenting this horrible, sadistic twist of fate. why couldn't she just have run over me instead? it was over. it was all over. the mojo was gone. i just knew i would never catch another fish again. i have never felt such rage and betrayal. this woman deserved a fate worse than death. there was no choice. she HAD to be punished for committing this unspeakable act. so i married her. she has been paying for that rod for the last 25 years. and neither one of us could be happier about it.
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    A few years ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine and I hooked what felt like a monster of a fish. As it got near the boat it felt like he was about to snap my line so I let out some line and it ran under the boat, no big deal. I asked my friend, Ron, to pull up the trolling motor so it didn't get caught up. He told me he'd reel in and do that. Just then, he too hooks a fish, awesome. So we each sit on this boat, battling big fish and I'm thinking to myself this is the mother of all fishing holes on this lake. Can't wait to see how this day goes. after several minutes of the fish coming back and then letting out line, it seems like its tired but always has enough to run back under the boat. I finally gave up and cut the line, saying adios to my $9 lure. 15 seconds later Ron exclaims "omg about damn time!" And lifts up this Walleye in the net, with two damned lures hanging from its mouth. When it ran under the boat the first time it either was stupid enough to eat another lure or just happened to swim right into it, who knows, but I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life, two idiots reeling in the same fish back like a damned cartoon! 😂😂😂
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    When I was 6 or 7 I was fishing with my dad. We had been fishing for about 3 hours and caught nothing but small bluegill. We only had one poll so had to take turns. I was his turn, but he wasn't getting any bites, I said to him " you don't know what you're doing, give that to me" he did, and a couple minutes later I hooked a fish I wasn't able to bring it being as young as I was. I handed the poll back to him and when he reeled it in it was a 18 inch largemouth bass. Not all that impressive, but to this day it remains the biggest bass I've ever caught, and I'm 46 now.
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    Caught this one just a little while ago. Tops the first one by just a little.
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    Hello Bear, The gifting system was introcuced for centain events. At the moment the only things you can gift to other players are event lures (example: eagle spoon), event baits (example: drunken worm) and fireworks. Its not possible (at the moment) to gift rods, credits or other things to players.
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    You're not exactly right. It does not affect bite rate but affects attack speed. So you will have a shadow of advantage But really small.
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    Убрать эту надпись. Чтобы можно было покупать наживки с помощью кликеров/макросов. Либо внедрить в игру калькулятор. В котором можно было бы указывать сразу определённое кол-во покупаемого.
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    I agree. There is no ease to navigating the menus, especially the inventory when trying to set up your gear. I got so po'd I almost threw my controller at the screen.
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    Salut, Tu peux accélérer le temps (en appuyant sur carré sur la PS4) Par contre c'est immédiat que la nuit (de 21h à 05h de mémoire), en journée il te faut patienter IRL à la hauteur de 5 min par heure avancée ou un truc du style (j'ai pas les ratio en tête) Ensuite partir du spot pour vendre sa pêche et revenir au début de la journée ça ne marche pas il me semble, enfin si mais tu repaye le voyage (ou pas pour le lac gratuit). D’où l'importance d'avoir des bourriches XXL
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    "сразу ДВЕ масштабные и захватывающие новости – ПОВЕРХНОСТНАЯ И НОЧНАЯ РЫБАЛКА, которые будут доступны через пару дней!"