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    We are fighting with cheaters from the beginning. And probably we will do it one again with some tuning. Now we have all Ps4 comps data which can be used as a reference model (PS4 is a trusted platform, cheating is extremely hard here). So we can use it to tune down our anticheat system on PC. Will start tomorrow and will write down the anticheat progress here.Finally, we have some time and manpower to do it right.
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    Well. I suppose this thread says it all. This forum has gone from lots of active people and friend making to....tumbleweeds. And it doesn't take a genius to see what that coincided with. There are a lot of very skint people out there right now who gave their all to do this ' event '. Double XP doesn't cut it as a sorry. Even now, 2 albinos in a full game night...what's that, 2 real hours? They were the easy ones a few days ago, now, staring at motionless float and vamps all over again. If I can't get 100 of each despite money not being an issue, and having 5 days a week off work, how is your average gamer supposed to? The game is fantastic, such a shame to see it brought down so. This forum was fantastic too. But now, most people are disillusioned and have scattered. And that is not as a result of me posting, it's a result of an impossible event and losing all they have. If you want to blame me for bringing it up and ban me, that's fine. But remember one thing - I didn't code the game. That was all you. And you severely disappointed a large majority of your players. 0.53%. Really? It's a brilliant game and I commend you and thank you for giving it to us. But you've alienated almost everyone. All you have to do is search this forum to find people stating ' I ran out of of money/bait '. Double XP to make up for lost money and baitcoins doesn't cut it. Here I am in Florida, been fishing since 9pm in a known gar spot. Now 11-20pm, not 1 bite. How is that an ' event '? Sorry guys, this one was a major flop and lost you players, and therefore revenue.
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    Our team would like to thank you all for providing us much needed constructive feedback and healthy criticism. We did monitor the event from the beginning and though it is working as intended we’ve taken into consideration the community feedback, especially regarding difficulties catching Vampire Gar. Based on that we made some adjustments which should deliver a more smooth fishing experience. This should be implemented in the current release (1.1.4) as well with some minor bug fixing. Being genuine fishing simulator, we would like to see our game challenging but fun and rewarding at the same time. It's not an easy task, but we would like to thank you for staying with us and supporting our wonderful game!
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    These are my thoughts and feelings exactly. Shared by many, MANY of the other players/members of the FP community. I couldn't have said it better myself. There are a few things that I would like to add as well. This was my email correspondence with the support staff on my "strike too early" bug that was causing me to lose baitcoin baits. I kept logs of dates and times, and stopped at 13 because it was painfully obvious that I was not going to be compensated for my losses. I ended up losing 17 event baitcoin baits in total. I was told that they would check logs and try to reproduce the error. While this is all well and good, and I understand that they need to work out the bugs and fix them, it nearly cost me the Silver Bullet challenge for lack of event baits had I not been vigilant and spent nearly every waking moment grinding out buggy fish. Finally, I was told that this is normal behavior after they checked the logs. I was also told that I could use regular baits instead of event baits for the event Gar. While this is true, it DRASTICALLY drops RNG for them. With over 130 event fish under my belt, 100 of them being the most buggy(Black Vampire Gar), I can assure you that it's pointless to use regular baits if you're going for the rewards. Mind you, this bug was not exclusive to me. I had many players tell me they had the same issue. I took the initiative to make a bug report about it. I would like it to be very clear that I am not attacking, nor even saying anything bad about any member of the dev/mod/administration team. Hence why I am removing the Support Staff member's name from this message, as I don't want any malice directed towards them. Both @Violentvole, and myself have encouraged players to give a benefit of a doubt with event, when they were thirsting for blood and seething mad. We have both also encouraged players to purchase event baits for the Gar, as well as make purchases in game to help developers come out with new content. Violentvole has himself purchased over £600 of his money, and I intended to, and still do intend to purchase some content once bugs are addressed. At this time, I am too afraid to make a purchase because of bug. I would be very upset if I lost any purchase or it was not as described. Honestly, I really love the game you guys have put together. I have had a lot of fun playing, and enjoy the friendly and helpful community of friends that I have met here. All I really would like from this is for the devs/mods/admins to take notice of what their player base is saying. A lot of them not being so understanding. Many of them very disheartened and angry. I just would like to see the issues addressed, bugs fixed, and possibly some compensation for the players whom have lost during the event. I know that you have done so in the past when there have been bugs with the game. Such as the double XP and baitcoins given out for the bugs about a month or so ago(Neither of which I recieved which is fine). I believe an easy fix would be to extend the Gar-O-Ween event for PS4 players with the increased spawn and bite rates from 10/30/17 that we experienced. Give the players a fun event where the rewards are achievable. Something like that would definitely give players assurance that you guys care about them, and want them to enjoy their gaming experience with FP. Best wishes to all, X-xH3aDxS407x-X Hi *****, I'm still continuing to have the issue. I've lost 10 baitcoin baits now from the "strike too early" bug. ****original message**** X-xH3aDxS407x-X PS4 10/29/17 12:00am - 3:00am EST 4. I just experienced something REALLY crappy. I was twitching my float like I normally do to induce bites and 5 different times it said "Strike too early"....Not "Bait eaten or lost", but I lost my rotten minnows anyway. All of this happened with the Black Vampire Gar on Quanchkin Lake. That's 5x Baitcoins gone for nothing. Is there any way I can be compensated for this? Edit: Make that 6x baitcoins. Just lost my bait after I recieved the message "Bait pulled away fish is gone". I shouldn't be losing my baits to these messages...only to "Bait eaten or lost". 2nd edit: Wow! Even weirder all players just disappeared on my screen yet continue to talk in chat... Make that 7x baitcoins. Just lost another to "strike too early"....... ****New problems**** Hi *****, I experienced the problem more. I will copy the information from the forums. I'm down 9 baitcoin baits now from this error. Time and date for this one is 10/30/17 at 11:45am EST. EDIT: GRRRRRR ANOTHER 9 baitcoins now. 10/30/17 11:51am EST. Just lost another baitcoin bait 10 now from the "strike too early" bug. 10/30/17 8:58pm EST 10/31/17 3:30 - 3:45 EST 3 more lost "strike too early". 13 baitcoins lost in total now. *****Response***** We checked game logs and as we can see, "Bait pulled away fish is gone" message is not concerned with "Strike to early" problem. We saw statistic from your fishing log on 10/29, for example - about one of the ten effort ends eaten bait. Yes, fish can do that, and this feature works properly. Also you can use usual bait for event's fish, it have chance as well. Best regards, ***** Senior Customer Support Specialist
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    (PC PLAYERS) I went around to all lakes today, and I THINK I managed to find all locations for the Pumpkins (if you know of any I missed, please inform me and I'll edit this post) Lone Star Lake / Texas #1 at The House, Top Right Peg #2 Up on the Road, bottom Peg Mudwater River / Missouri #1 Top Left Peg #2 Top Right peg Emerald Lake / New York #1 on the road between the two pegs #2 (KAYAK NEEDED) on the beach on the left hand side of the lake (from where you get in your kayak) Neherrin River / North Carolina #1 & 2, Bottom Peg, By the tents #3 In a Dip going towards the "Longnose Gar Uni Spot" Everglades / Florida #1 Top peg, just turn around Saint-Croix Lake / Michigan #1 Either of the Top Right Pegs, In the forest by the crossroad (there are several roads leading into the Pumpkins) #2 (KAYAK NEEDED!) On the beach to your right, once you get out of the channel. White Moose Lake / Alberta #1 & 2 The house by the dock, there are 2 separate pumpkins you can get stuff from. #3 (KAYAK NEEDED!) On the other bank, at the right of the two campfires Quachkin Lake / Louisiana #1 Bottom left peg (by the hanging tobacco) #2 Pelican Hut (on the side of the house from where you spawn in) #3 "Alligator Gar Spot" #4 Bottom Right Peg It is possible that these locations might move for tomorrow, In previous events they have from time to time.
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    So, last night myself as well as 4 other players made a private room and put in some legwork on trying to figure out the Black Vampire Gar in Louisiana. This was with someone whom had already caught one. We tried his tactics first and had no luck. So we went to a spot that me and Violent Vole had tried a few days prior. I had spotted some vampire gar there swimming. We managed over about an 8 hour real time period(5-6 in game nights) 4 Vampires for me, and 3 for Bucky. Now before I get to the tactics used to catch them, I'm going to preface this by saying it's an EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING experience to sit there and watch them swim up to your bait and "sniff" it then swim off over and over and over and....OVER again. For every 100 "sniffs" you may get 1 bite. You'll see them constantly, but they just won't bite. Note that the 2 gar in the picture I'm including were "minnow sniffers" and didn't bite. If this was the intended designed behavior, then there is obviously NO WAY whatsoever that you would be able to catch the 90-100 needed for the reward during the event time period. I'm still giving the benefit of a doubt that they're bugged though, as them "nosing" on your bait and swimming off just doesn't seem like proper behavior. Now on to the tactics. Swampy Open Space peg, all the way to the far right next to the rock and 2 trees. Past the line of 4 trees at the "catfish hole". 30in(76cm) leader, #8/0 hook, Rotten Minnows, 24-33ft(7-10m) out. Cast towards the middle right in between the two trees, but into open water not into the grass as you will get snagged. 27ft(8m) seems to be the sweet spot. After casting, wait until the tension has left your line and twitch your float once using L2 then wait. As I stated in the previous post. Wait just a little bit and if they're going to swim out and show interest it will more than likely be within a short period of time. If not, reel in and re-cast. I generally wait no longer than 10-15 minutes in game before re-casting, twitching using L2 once or twice in that time period if there are no signs of life. Now, the bite will come after they "nose/sniff" your bait. They can do this for up to 10 seconds or so. Then one of two things will happen...they will stick their tail out of the water and "moon" you then swim off, or they will obilterate your bait with an enormous bite. I tried to get a video of one shooting straight up out of the water last night nose first like a torpedo, but it didn't come out. They do not nibble whatsoever like the other Gar, just ONE BIG BITE! Something as a side note...this seems to work better fishing as a group as more casts to the area seem to induce more activity and more bites. It also helps save your sanity fishing for broken fish with someone to talk to lol. I hope this helps, as it took me 35+ hours of REAL time to figure this out. Good luck guys and TIGHT LINES! ******VERY IMPORTANT EDIT!!!******* Edit: Don't start fishing there until after 9:00pm. Otherwise, channel catfish will steal your baitcoin baits! Best times I've noticed so far are from 10pm-11pm, and 1am-3am.
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    Alright, well let's break this down.... "This Gar O Ween event is joke! Pay DLC for skins that dont do anything? Yea, claim to make game realistic and going to add garbage. " It's a free event, which is meant to be fun. It's free, you don't have to buy the DLC. You can even get free rewards for catching enough of the event fish, that you don't even have to have their event baits to catch. Who cares if they're realistic or not? They're temporary and fun, and it's a halloween theme. "I would rather see an ice fishing dlc with new maps without a price tag." Oh so you complain about the game, yet you want them to make new maps for a game that you don't even like, FOR FREE. No compensation for the Devs? Nice logic there slappy. They do plan on releasing new maps and even european waters soon. As per the Devs " Right now, we are actively working on bottom fishing, feeders, as well as British and European waterways. We already finished a new aquatic complex in Great Britain called the Weeping Willow Lakes and are currently working on Dutch and German waterways. We’ll soon show you a sneak peak of the new location and + 40 European fish species. However, we plan to release all of these features (European ponds and Bottom fishing) together, as one complex update. " "How long in beta? .......Two years and game has bugs that probably wont ever get fixed and people going to give them money for putting in fake fish. (yea the wack fish is free but not the tackle)" The game has very few bugs, and the ones it does have aren't game-breaking. They even recently fixed some bugs that people were having and compensated the community for their errors. More than generous. Regarding the fake fish, they're all fake fish. If you don't like the game, go grab a REAL rod and reel and fish for your REAL fish. "This is why the gaming industry is going down under without the abandoned ship warning." No, people like you who go onto forums and troll/slate developers of a free game that you don't have to pay for and absolutely do not have to play are what is ruining the gaming industry. If you want better content more towards what you desire for the game, show some respect for the developers, maybe even buy a DLC to support them. They need to get paid too. Possibly try cordially speaking with them and making suggestions that are constructive. I've seen you on post after post bashing this game. If you don't like it, don't play and it and just go away.
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    So...firstly I have to say this is an honest opinion/critique mods. This is not a snipe at the devs. If you'd rather brush it aside, people will see. To start, the gar went live and dead. The Halloween gar ( henceforth referred to as gar ) kinda worked. The vamps - not at all. As soon as enough complaints appeared Killerwhale told us that ' the event is going as planned '. A total catch rate of 0.53% is a planned event?? Now, I'm no programmer, but 0.53% is as planned for an event? The prizes are not as advertised. We wanted to wear a straw hat and vest to show we'd done the challenge - they don't appear. The vest and tackle box are lower spec than ingame items. I get every Monday to Friday off work and have lived on the game. I am only on 70 something vamp gar, and it isn't due to lack of knowledge as members here can attest. Money is no object for me, neither are baits. So how.....how, is the casual player supposed to get 100 of each? Devs wouldn't admit vamps were broken until the complaints mounted up, when they miraculously fixed themselves for a while. Now gone back to last week....bait eaten or lost, vamps eyeing the bait and hightailing it. People have spent real money, everything they've invested in the game on this event. Simply saying ' the event is performing as intended ' and posting percentages doesn't cut it for a supposedly fun event. 0.53%. Really? 0.53% of 5,000+ fish on any given day was intended? How is that an ' event '? Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is criticising and have the hump right now. Prizes aren't what are promised, gar behaviour and catch rate changes randomly, loads of money and coins spent. This event may have made you some money but it has cost you more due to the amount of people leaving. You have had nearly £600 of my money, and I don't regret it. But, the overiding theme here is ' where are the devs and why aren't they listening? '. I love the game, have spent a lot. Would rather no event than a broken or impossible one. But, I will spend no more. And a hell of a lot of people have said the same. All we see is PC getting things before us and things not working when we do get them. I mean no disrespect, you have made a fantastic game. But, you should be made aware of how people feel. And right now, they are feeling ripped off. Mods, sorry if this is too close to the cuticle, but it has to be said.
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    I figured since I posted spots and tactics for the Vampires and Albinos already, I'd do some work and figure out the Ogres for you guys that were targetting them. After a bit of work today I found 4 confirmed spots for them. Size #6/0 hook, 20in(50cm) leader at all spots. I was using crawfish, but I'm assuming that event baits work better. Edit: If 20in(50cm) leader is not working for you try 23in(60cm) Spot 1: Start at the Into The Rocky Blue peg. Turn around facing directly behind you. Run to the right until you come to the first opening. It will be directly across from the sunken truck at Great Parking Job. Cast into the grass where I am in the photo. https://imgur.com/VZ4RVSi Spot 2: Start at Rubble Of Old Times peg and run to the far right past the 2 trees in the water to the next clearing at the end of the grass bed. There will be a rock partially submerged in the water. It's a good spot to stand. Cast out barely past the grass mats, and backreel to let out line and let it drift. There are about 4-5 different points along the grass bed that the Ogres will bite. https://imgur.com/7nUz0BI Spot 3: Woody Enchantment peg. Run forward to the water and all the way right next to the rock. Cast out anywhere around the 2 trees sticking up out of the water. Had them bite all around the trees, so no specific spot there. https://imgur.com/4Vy4P2S Spot 4: Great Parking Job. Picture tells it all. End of the grass mats. https://imgur.com/gSVk5nk Good luck guys and TIGHT LINES!
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    Got a confirmed spot for the Albinos. Go to the Lily Pad Channel peg in Florida. Go to the end of the dock and turn left facing the boat. There is a grass patch right next to the dock. At the end of the grass patch there is a little gap. That is the money hole. I caught 5 within 4 hours in game. 3 within 10 minutes real time. I missed the hookset on 2 of them, so it could've been 7. Throw just past the gap into the red area from the photo 23-26 ft(7-8m). Leader length 35in(90cm). #8/0 hook. Dead minnows. I'm using 35lb fluoro but not sure that matters. They started biting immediately at 7pm and continued to bite until 11pm. They moved on after that, however I found them just past the boat on the left side at 60-80ft(18-24m) in the green area from the photo. You can even see the gar swimming around in the 2nd spot. It was on a partly cloudy day. I also don't know if this matters either. Edit: Thank you to Magisthiq for providing all of this information. It was his discovery not mine. Edit Edit: Just had bites at 100ft on the 2nd spot(green area). So 60-100ft(18-30m)
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    Yawn. Give it a rest dude, nobody is forcing you to play or buy anything.
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    Hey guys. I'm constantly seeing people asking what rigs to use for what purposes. I figured I'd make some suggestions. This will mostly be covering lvl 20+ gear, but will give you some ideas for players lower. Just match up the corresponding lower level gear, downsize line, lures, drag, and baits. I still say always upgrade keepnet first anytime you unlock them. Just means you will be able to keep the larger fish that you'll catch with your larger rigs. The more money you'll make per trip as well. That being said, you can skip some. Buy the ones at lvl 20, skip 23 and 26, get the one at 28 and 31. The one at lvl 31 will last you until lvl 40. Regarding rigs, you want to have an ultimate goal of having the Vault 7 rod carrier and 1 of each light, medium, and heavy float rigs and lure combos with a super heavy lure rig as your 7th combo. Rig 1 Light Lure: MagFin Featherlight 7' rod, MagFin Prima 2500 reel, 8 lb fluoro. (1 tick down from max drag) Rig 2 Light Float: Nero 12'10" match rod, MagFin Prima 2500 reel, 8lb fluoro. (5 drag setting) Rig 3 Medium Lure: Aurora 8'2" rod, MagFin Prima 3500 or EspiraMLR 3000 reel, 10lb fluoro.(1 tick down from max drag) Rig 4 Medium Float: Nero 12'10" match rod, EspiraMLR 3000(10lb fluoro) but would highly suggest waiting until lvl 21or 22 and getting the EspiraML 3000 or MLR3500 and using 12lb fluoro. (2 ticks down from max drag) Rig 5 Heavy Lure: Loki 8'10" rod, Hornet Swarm 5000 reel, 20lb fluoro. (1 tick down from max drag) Rig 6 Xtra Heavy Float: Brutus 9'10" match rod, Thunderspin 5500 reel, 35lb fluoro.(2 ticks down from max drag) Rig 7 Xtra Heavy Lure: Rivertex Zeus 8'10" rod, Thunderspin 5500 reel, 35lb fluoro.(Same as float setup, 2 ticks down from max drag)
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    When you’re ready to upgrade equipment, it might pay to shop around while in the field. Example: Two identical items shown may be purchased for a cheaper amount “On Location” vs. “At Home.” That’s’ a $6030 savings. Obviously, travel expenses, licenses, etc. would factor in but if planned, we might be able to conserve a few bucks when money and/or bait coins are tight. Especially if members see a cheap deal “on location” regarding the higher end equipment and post it here, it might benefit the community. Some items may be included with specific DLC’s as well so it’s wise to read those descriptions closely. Just thinking out loud and thought I’d put this here. EDIT: My apologies, I meant to identify the locations. The cheaper of the two was found in the Alaska store. The other in the home store.
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    Yes ! 100 vamps done Was it fun .... not really
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    Finally got my 100 vamps. It was not fun, nor was it a fun event, it was a grind. A major grind. Half a percent of fish caught per day is ' working as intended? '. Glad to be done with it as the hat was the only useful prize...and I already had a hat. Regarding vamps and nibbles - they most certainly do. I even landed one yesterday striking at a nibble. Yep, most of the time it's a case of slamming the rod over, but they do nibble.
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    I'll definitely be leery of any future celebration events in Fishing Planet. I don't mind supporting the games I enjoy so I did purchase the Monster DLC and some baitcoins for this event. That's on top of the monthly PS4 and Steam Premium account fees. But I believe after this month's premium subs expire I'll start enjoying Fishing Planet 100% free for a good little while. On a side note, I think Headshot should get a cowboy hat with a sheriff badge on it for all the work and effort he put into this event.
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    I can't imagine them doing it on purpose given how people are getting frustrated. The last thing they want is to push players away from a free game because the only income comes from ingame purchases. They had problems when the event first launched which caused it to be disabled again briefly, and of course, there was the hooking bug. It's still a new game for PS4 and I imagine doing a port isn't an easy job...actually, I'd say it's evident it isn't easy. They did compensate players for the whole hooking bug thing and gave double XP. I'm not slating the game or devs when I say that an event should be fun, you shouldn't have to sit for 8 game hours for one bite. As someone stated elsewhere in this thread, is there an issue because PS4 has no night fishing while this event allows us to? There's a plethora of possible reasons why it's messed up, not being a programmer, all are beyond me. Yes, it's frustrating as hell, but I highly doubt that it's a purposeful move from the devs, as when people get frustrated they go elsewhere. Now, the Halloween baits are baitcoin only purchases, that is a deliberate move because of course, they want us to buy baitcoins. That's fair enough and expected, but making the game frustrating to the point of quitting for good isn't in their interests - they want us spending, not leaving. Some dev input would be nice admittedly, because there is obviously something not right for the vast majority. The other concern is that people are saying the regular fish aren't biting so well since the Halloween went active. I can't comment as all I've done is chase gar since they went live. But, that would be an underhand tactic if deliberate. However, again I think it's an accidental thing because as I said, they need us playing and happy and spending...not getting pissed off. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if I'm going to need the hat to cover my bald head after pulling my hair out in frustration.
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    Have been informed that once kayaks drop the Fairytale dock on Michigan is removed, and the blue cats change in behaviour and possibly area. So, to make money while you can, you want a Brutus, strong line, large cutbaits, large hooks, one of the top 2 keepnets and baitcoins to allow you to skip time. There are plenty of smaller cats for those who can't keep 60lb+ fish. Quite simply, the cats feed from 7-9pm on sunny days. They are intially worth less than pike, but their sheer size means you fill your net so much quicker. You have to spend more than a day there, but you're only fishing for 2 game hours as opposed to however long it takes to fill a 330 or 440 net with pike. You need baitcoins to be able to skip from 7pm to 7pm. Here's the real kicker, if you mess the cast up on purpose and release R2 as soon as it changes to the casting bar, you should have 14 or 15 feet of line out and the float lands at your feet almost touching the dock. My biggest blue cat is 88.5 and I landed it in less than 5 seconds, because they are under your feet. It's a simple case of filling your net as quickly as possible and skipping time to do it over and over. You strike, dip the rod immediately and reel in the fish. The lack of fighting time more than makes up for the lesser value of cats as opposed to pike, because in the time it takes to fill a 330lb net with pike you can fill the same net 5 times with cats. The cats are only active from 7 - 9pm on sunny days for the most part. Quickest I've filled my net is 48 game minutes. Then you skip to the next sunny day and do it again. And again. Only reason I post is because once the kayaks arrive, this will no longer be possible and kayaks are 4k per day. I use a Brutus, Thunderspin and 40lb line. The cats can be found up to 35 feet out toward the gap in the trees to the right of the last narrow brown house. You strike, you lower the rod tip and reel, you land 60, 70, 80lb cats in seconds. And that's the key...big fish, no fight time. It does not work to the best of its potential if you don't have one of the top 2 keepnets and the gear needed - you aren't reeling in huge catfish on 12lb line. But, you can still bag loads of 20s and 30s to get XP and cash. Once you get it, you get it. Some people can't seem to grasp it. I finally succumbed to the temptation and bought the top keepnet for 100k, an hour later I had recouped the money and earned more. Bit of an anticlimax eh? I'm not the one posting about lack of funds. To reiterate; you need a BIG keepnet and baitcoins for it to work. But once you get it dialled..you can earn as much as your patience will stand. Grind it while you can, it ends when kayaks go live. 10k to fish your first day, you earn 21k so 11k profit. 2nd day you pay 2k, earn 19k and so on. But, you are filling your net within 2 game hours and skipping time to keep it going, so you're clearing 19k in 2 game hours or less. Quickest I've seen is me filling a 330lb net in 48 game minutes. It is far quicker than pike, so the lower value is offset by the frequency you can fill your net...albeit requiring baitcoins to skip time. And, of course, unis and trophies are very frequent. My biggest came within an arm length of the dock and was landed in seconds because there was no fight. No more PMs please. If you still don't get it after it being detailed I am disinclined to explain it further because, quite frankly, you're too stupid to get it.
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    Hegert, I started this thread so it seems fitting that I reply to you. Firstly let me say I have bought DLC and God knows how many baitcoins. I have spent over £500 of my money on this game, and I will spend more. Because, it is a fantastic game. The replies show peoples dissatisfaction with the event. Bear in mind that we made numerous posts stating the vamp gar were not working as intended. We were quoted a ratio of 0.53% if memory serves, and told the event was ' working as intended '. At this point, some of us were lucky to get one vamp per game night. Various reports of gar ignoring our baits, stealing our baits etc were seemingly ignored. Now this was supposed to be an event. I.e. something everyone could participate in. People spent their money on coins for baits. Suddenly, the gar became catchable on Monday if memory serves. Only to drop again on Tuesday. I fully accept what you say that it was meant to be a challenge, but if I - who has 5 days off a week, no baitcoin limitations, no ingame money limitations, no time limitations and, I'd like to think, no ingame skill limitations - found this event impossible to complete, how on Earth was the average player supposed to be able to even get close?? I only just scraped through on the vampire gar, and it wasn't for lack of trying as several guys here can/have attest/ed. Left me no time to get 100 albinos ( 58 ) or ogres ( 8 ). Fact is, people lost real money on this event. I appreciate you're not a dev and were stating your own personal views, that's what forums are for after all. I also very much appreciate you allowing threads with critiscism to remain, hopefully because you can see that above all else, it is constructive and not just random bitching. There was an issue with the vamps no matter what is said. A lot of us here proved that, but our complaints mostly seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, I can also appreciate the fact it's a new game for PS4 so there may have been issues. It just would have been nice to have them acknowledged instead of being largely ignored no matter what we said. I doubt it has driven anyone away from the game permanently, but I can guarantee you that the next event will be scrutinised minutely by all here before commiting to it. I mean no ill-will or disrespect to yourself or the devs, can only begin to imagine what a challenge it is for a small, independent team to have everything working perfectly, all of the time. But, there was a major flaw in the Halloween event regarding the vamps no matter what is said. I won't bother mentioning the prizes ( I had to SS somebody to show them their vest wasn't there ) because I saw the post stating it's on the list to be fixed, that's fine and it goes a long way to show the devs do care and want to make a great game. If we sound like we overly complain, it's because we like the game so much. And if it seems like I have a big mouth....well, I do. And I'll post what people would like to but won't. Like I said, it says a lot to me that not only did you leave the thread open but you also replied yourself. Would be all too easy to either lock or delete, but all credit to you, you did neither. Fingers crossed for the next event. No matter what we say, none of us would be here if we didn't love the game, so I do apologise to you for my venting. We just want our concerns taken care of more than anything else, or at least acknowledged. Do that, and we'll all support the game and spend money for as long as they keep it running. I certainly will, and I know some of the others I've spent some time with will too. If anything of the above seems disjointed, discombobulating or plain weird, forgive me. Been out fishing for real all day and knackered at 1am!
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    The problem is, they raised the biterates for 1 day then dropped them back to worse than they were before. Either that or it caused the AI to go completely buggy and it was not fixed. They were also active on the thread where EVERYONE was complaining because of them not having proper behavior. People did make bug reports about they way they were behaving, as well as losing many baitcoin baits to the "strike too early" bug. I made that report myself and kept documentation of every time, and date that it happened. I was then replied to with "This is working properly". The same response they gave to the AI behavior. Precisely. I know that we had a team of at least 8-10 players going after the fish and sharing tactics. There were many more on the forums sharing information, and every bit of information I shared here, with the exact tactics detailed out with pictures. The entire community and player base knew things weren't behaving properly, and if things were working as intended, we were intentionally given a buggy event. I agree completely, as far as the normal game goes. I love the challenge of having to use specific tactics to catch a rare fish. Baits, times, lures, leader length, weather patterns etc...It's one thing that I really enjoy about this game. That it is indeed a challenge. However, there is a difference in the normal game, and the buggy event fish. It sucked the fun right out of the game. It became a huge frustrating grind for impossible broken fish. We worked as a team with myself and at least 10 other players trying everything under the sun to figure out the tactics. The only time they "worked as intended" was when they upped the biterates for 1 day. I personally spent 35+ hours before ever catching my first Vampire gar. I also personally spent at least 100-150 hours to just get the 100 vampires for the achievement. I ended up broke, no cash, 2 baitcoins left. I had to sell all of my Xseries gear that I had earned throughout levelling to 40 just to get enough baitcoins for event baits to catch them. All of this for a "Scarecrow cowboy hat" that doesn't show up properly, and is just a yellow baseball cap with a B on it. This was not my sole experiece either. This is coming from almost everyone whom participated in the "event". I'm glad to be back to normal fishing. I was actually planning on spending some money on this game, but will refrain until all of the bugs are worked out. ^^^^YUP^^^^ Edit: Just for some extra clarification, if there is any question of us working as a team to figure out that the event gar were bugged, or how they worked/didn't work, you need only look here. 12,000+ views. 500 replies. And that was just one thread on the forum. Not to mention the teams of players we had in game putting in legwork and research. https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/1368-halloween-event/
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    Agree 💯 % Im a working dad and gets about 1 to 2 hours game time aday, and with the bite rate the fish had been giving us it would have taken me months to finish 1 challenge not the less 3 of them. I do injoy the game but its time the devs and mods seriously need to start listening to the community. I understand its a free game and you need a income somehow, and events and events packs are perfect but you devs also need to take the lv40 players into consideration as they wont buy packs that has lower equipment than ingame equipment. The gane started of with a bang but has taken a toll for the worst these past few days, and by look of things its not getting better. Just my insight on everything and with violentvole, ban us it wont make the problem go away
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    Congrats to ViolentVole and Magisthiq! Also congrats to buckylastrd even though he doesn't frequent the forums to getting your 100 vamps! Such a long horrible grind. I was planning on getting 30 ogres to get back at least 13 baitcoins but have all but given up. I'm using regular bait, and out of 100+ nibbles, 4 fish.
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    8 hours ago, Violentvole said: Thank you! Catch rate dropped significantly from when we were in a room together on Monday. Working as intended no doubt.. Yea kinda figured they switched it back to horrible catch rate after seeing production when we were in room w/ Dat. I fought till I had no resources left, might could've made it if Devs would've reimbursed us for the resources wasted the first 4-6 days "they" were broken, probably could've made it if I'd have sold all my gear too; but wasn't about to go back to complete new start (Tx. w/ 1 rig) or drop $50-$60 on restocking resources, like they obviously intended for this event. Personally won't be involved in any event until I see thru others experiences that it's a fair endeavor. This thing totally ruined my faith & enthusiasm for the game, same for alot of the 2000+ ps4 community I help manage. Regardless of feelings about event in general, very glad you & HeadShot completed the challenge!
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    Just now completed tier III of the Silver Bullet Challenge. Caught 100 Black Vampire Gar. Got the Scarecrow Hat as a reward. It holds 4 extra baits. However, it unfortunately just shows up as a regular baseball cap and not the cowboy hat. Extremely happy and sad all at the same time. So much work, sold all of my X-series gear to get the baits to catch them, down to 1 bait left too and 2 baitcoins. All of this despite today's nerf on the spawn rate and the first 4 days not even catching a single Vamp, coupled with the fact that I lost 17baitcoin baits due to the "strike too early bug". Bittersweet. @Killerwhale ??? https://imgur.com/Pmnypez https://imgur.com/BpVcpSn https://imgur.com/YYUwhm8 https://imgur.com/oaHomd1 https://imgur.com/KGxfOG5
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    Thanks for the kind words bud. I love how everyone helps eachother here. Very good community. If anyone has any questions or needs help just ask, and I'll do my best.
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    Was showing a couple where to catch vamps and retired to the regular gar spot to let them have the prime spots. I pulled out an 81 vamp within a minute, sods law lol.
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    great idea for Halloween really bad idea for fishing . ive done nothing but waste money and time trying to catch a Halloween fish in Louisiana for the past 3 days . on top of it you need to catch what is it 100 vampire fish for a bloody hat , i sure hope you give us something in return for just wasting a bunch of peoples time and money trying to catch one ,ive fished with other players last three days who have not caught one nor have had a bite not one between 7pm and 5 am . fix this crap
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    Will write more, but so far as I see most of the players don't use the right hook size. Try to use #10/0 for vampire.
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    Its in Tips/Techniques/Guides now
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    Considering these being the catch rates by design for the event fish, even with the Vampire Gar being the lowest and the Albino(which I caught 20 of in one day) only being .10% higher than the Vampire Gar. None of this explain how I spent 30+ Realtime hours and the first 3 days of the event fishing for it and not even have 1 nibble much less a bite. This is not exclusively my experience with it either. Myself as well as multiple other members of the community have teamed up and spoken with the few players that have actually caught the Vampire Gar. We've tried all of the tactics and spots. Such as leader length, distance, hook size, bait, time of day, weather conditions, pegs, hotspots etc...and other than just being a fluke, none of us have caught them. Some of us only 1 by pure chance. Violent Vole and myself spent many hours in game trying all of these spots and tactics suggested by the community. We even saw the Vampire Gar swim towards our bait, then swim off. Indicators that the event is not working properly in Louisiana are firstly that the glowing eyes, nor the moon show up like they do at Florida and North Carolina. In the entire 30 hours I spent fishing in Louisiana with no nibbles or bites, the only sign of life was when I drag the bait across the top of the fish and get the message "strike too early", which from what I've read has been a known issue in the not so distant past. The A.I. of the Vampire Gar does not behave properly compared to the Albino or Ogre. They swim around and you can see their fins breach the water before they are about to bite, just like the normal Longnose, Alligator, and Florida Gar do as well. The Vampire does not exhibit this behavior. It seems as though they are stationary and unless bait is dragged directly on top of them, they don't initiate their A.I., but this usually results in a "strike too early" message. I have watched videos on YouTube of the years prior Gar-O-Ween events, including one from last year with the Vampire Gar still located in Missouri. They exhibited normal A.I. and behaviors. I believe these problems to be solely on PS4. I'd like to be clear in saying that I'm not slating anyone from the developers nor the staff. I don't feel that any of the issues experienced by players is intentional. I do believe that it's a problem in coding or from porting the event from PC to PS4, possibly due to the night fishing mechanic. I really enjoy the game, but have been met with great frustration since this event started, like many other players. I would be more than happy to volunteer myself to enter a private room with a Developer and test that they're working properly so they can see what we have been experiencing. If that isn't possible, maybe the Developers could at least point us in the right direction as far as what kind of setup to use and possible locations of the fish for us. It would definitely help relieve tension amongst players in the community which have become very disheartened by the event that is supposed to be fun. Thank you in advance for all consideration and help with these Issues.
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    Personally having worked in Sales and HR, as well as Management. The proper thing to do in a situation like this is to offer some sort of compensation. If they can't fix the Vampire Gar and extend the event for PS4 users, then they should offer the reward that is unatainable to all of the players. The halloween hat to all players. The other rewards are possible to get, so I'm not saying just go willy nilly and give everything away. Then there is the matter of how much in game money(credits) has been spent. At least 100,000 per player. Not to mention the lowered RNG of regular daytime fish, making it impossible to make money back wasted on travel fees for uncatchable fish. Then there are baitcoins spent for Halloween baits. 5 baitcoins for 5x dead minnows is a lot. There should be some reimbursement for that as well. Then there's the people who spent REAL money on their Monster Night Pack, which everyone that has bought it has said that it won't even bring in the event fish... If they don't give some sort of compensation, I can almost guarantee players will leave the game. Which in turn will cost them a lot more money in the long run that providing compensation or at least an extended WORKING event. I got so frustrated myself after spending 30+ REAL TIME hours chasing the Black Vampire Gar that I nearly quit myself. Instead of denying the problem, they should address it. It would be a costly mistake for them not to.
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    ThePedroKid PS4 Since start of Halloween event Black Vampire Gar nibble all night but exceedingly rarely bite. I have located five locations Vamps nibble at throughout the night. I have experienced 3+ nibble sessions on every size hook using every type of event bait (and some large cut). In well over eight in-game nights I have only received ONE actual bite (I currently have top Vamp on leaderboard). Based on review of catch rates from Videos of the past two years of the event on PC, it is EXTREMELY clear it is not currently working as intended. There simply is no possible way to accumulate enough catches to complete event challenges. Frankly, it’s BS and players are due some serious compensation. Please refer to the thread concerning the event under General in the PS4 forum for more details. Thank you.
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    My thought in the new patch, and what I would like see implemented in the future. Kayaks: Overall, I love them, however I would love to see you implement dual anchorpoints, or the option to pick if you want the anchor in the front or the back. Something that helps us to stay in one spot without having to readjust the kayak and try to find the same spots over and over when a fish drags your kayak to the side, or when the current in the water is strong. Also, it would be nice it the kayak had some kind of automatic anchoring system for whenever you go out of the kayak and leave it on a bank. It is possible to set the anchor before you leave it, but I had a blooper in New York one of the first days of testing it when I went the the "beach" out on the left and got out of my kayak, and when I had been fishing for a while and went back towards where I left it I noticed that it had drifted away long enough for me not being able to get in back without switching to another map peg. Pricing of the Kayaks: I think the prices atm are way to high for the players that rent them,. And not only that, the fact that it only lets you rent it for one fishing day, instead of 24hours IRL time like it is for the Licenses. My suggestion would be to make it 24h IRL time, or even giving us a new 3rd option for an Advanced Licence including the Rent of kayaks. Edit: In my opinion when using the Kayaks the stamina should ONLY go down if/when you're pressing shift, and it should start to recharge as soon as you let go. It would make way more sense that way. IRL I could paddle at a slow pace for hours without any stops, and so in my mind the stamina should realistically only go down when you're "really going for it" (top speed). Float Alarm: I just wanna add that I love that you implemented this feature, BUT(!), there was no mention of this is the patch notes or the news. I would like it if you include alot more in your patch notes, not only the "major changes", but even minor, once like this new Float Alarm (that now is possible to activate in Audio setting for everyone that didnt know about it yet). ___ Stuff I would love to see implemented in the future ___ Sunglasses: Me and many others have brought this up before, and I got some more suggestions on how it should me implemented. Give us a pair of sunglasses in a DLC or in the ingame shop that we can adjust ourselves in our options. Maybe with a few different filter options, like a blueish color, a brownish color, a yellowish color and so on. HUD color settings: Please make it optional what color we cant to use for the HUD, and even make us slidebar 0-100% transparency for the HUD. In my experience some weathers make it near impossible to see your HUD (even the Bobber/Lures icon that are 2 colored are impossible to see at times) , if you implement a way for us to adjust it ourselves with a color chart and a transparency bar I think that would make our fishing experience alot easier. Chatwindow & Event scoreboard: Same thing here really, I would love it if I could turn the border around the chatwindow down to 0% transparency, because at times you wanna "lock" you rod in a certain position to hold a bobber fixed in a spot slightly downsteam (behind the chatwindow in this example) and at the same time being able to follow the chat without minimizing it. Customized gear: I would love to see some kind of "workshop" or whatever where we could customize our gear. I'm thinking there could be ways for us to make small changes to our rods, reels. Switching colors, adding reflextape or glow in the dark tips for all our gear. And once you introduce a proper Club System in the game, even Club logos for your vest or pants. "Friends only rooms" (The way they work): Ever since PH_Trulight started his forum fishing comp I've noticed how this is a really annoying problem. When you start a friends only room everything works fine up until the creator of that room leave. When that happens there's no way for him/her to get back in. Something we got painfully aware of this last patch when we had alot of problems with the "Spagetti reel bug". If (WHEN) the player starting the room got that bug, we ALL had to leave the room and rejoin once the person was back in creating a new room. Hoarder gear: I want Bigger bait boxes basically, the way I got my gear atm I think I can bring 151 baits/lures/hooks/bobbers etc And that's with the highest lvl vest, the "Sport pack" cap. I think if you have all the best things you can get it go to 153 if I'm not mistaken. I would love to see a baitbox that made it possible to bring 200-250 lures, and that way I would use the different tournament jackets etc more frequent, since I dont have to sacrifice tackeslots my "downsizing" to a jacket/vest that dont hold as many tackles. I wouldnt mind an even bigger rodcase either if I'm honest, atleast one that holds 8 rods. That way I could bring Float rods and spinning/castingrods in 4 different weightclasses to cover all fish in all lakes. (I know some ppl are gonna explode by me asking for this, but I'm the same way IRL. I always bring a ton of gear to cover whatever I might encounter at the lake).
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    I was there, you had your first then showed the rest of us up and made us look like noobs lol. Edit: still gonna work on the vamps to get you one. You've spent more time there than anyone. Whatever I know, you'll know. Still can't get over how willing this community is to help each other. Everyone shares ( and the only reason I witheld my catfish thing was because I didn't want to spoil the game for lower level players ). Even random people who aren't members here send me screenshots and I reciprocate of course. Such a change from CoD etc where all people do is get narky at each other.
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    I just caught a 59.862 albino and set the hook at 4 am and its 7:25 right now in game. I thought so many times i was gonna lose him. The bones tackle set up I bought just is not enought to make this guy come in, i had to up the drag with the line in the red for a few when he got real close, i just knew i was gonna get the line too lose thing or he would pop it. Man i was so nervous. I wish i could post the video it was excruciating, at the lillty pad channel at the place between the past the boat thicket and the lilly grass to the right with pig eye, 6 hook
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    Just saw one caught in LA. I've got a new spot to try. At least I saw this one caught and have confirmation of the details. #10/0 hook, rotten minnows, 24 in lead. Upside down peg. Straight down the middle of the grass mats' channel. 100ft out. Edit: 98 ft out. Edit Edit: Caught at almost 12:00am.
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    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't implying at all that the Devs set it up to be a "money grab" on purpose, tho w/ the current "code/whatever" for the event it's basically impossible to complete the challenges & obviously for me to even catch 1 of each type (which is really all I set out to do). Some have had success but since we've all seen proof that regardless if you use same gear/bait/time/weather/spot, it's still a roll of the dice (not in our favor, heck not even 50/50) to if you even get a bobber bump, much less a strike. The Devs/Mods should be more vocal in my opinion, instead of watching their customer base struggle so badly, but I know code error issues can't be easy, plus what do you say if you don't even know the reasons for the issues. And it's not anything to do w/ skill, because this event has baffled & made even our best anglers (members) struggle. I notice pc didn't have near the issues ps4 has had, so beginning to wonder if the 2 different codes for ps4 (the reg code not including night fishing; the event code saying there is night fishing) are at odds w/ each other & messing up the event. Again, not saying Devs have done anything underhanded, but there is definitely an issue w/ this event, no way could 0-1 fish a night or multiple nights for most, be the intended parameters for the event. Congrats ViolentV on snagging the Vampire, and to Magi for the Ghost. VN fellas!
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    This is a real problem for PS4. Night fishing is not an option apart from Halloween gar. People are spending money to go and sit for a full night of no bites. At least PC has night fishing activated when presumably fish feed as normal. On PS4, it's a mega grind. I spent 9pm to 5am on NC for 1 bite. 1 bite in 8 game hours? This event is a joke. And I don't say that lightly.
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    I caught 20 or 21 ogres today in 4 game nights time. Rotten minnows, #5/0 hook, 60-inch leader. Fishing solely at the bank across from the 2 tree stumps. Casting above stream of the stumps and letting bobber drift past them.
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    If this is fully live, I'd hate to see what dead is. This is an abomination. I demand compensation for the wasted travel to Louisiana for a bugged out game.
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    Dead mice - 3 baitcoins x 5 baits, Pigs eyes - 4 baitcoins x 5 baits, Rotten minnows - 5 baitcoins x 5 baits. Prices from Florida, but if memory serves they were the same in N.C. They catch regular gar and cats etc too, not just for Halloween species. Do they catch more than regular baits? A whole new thread...
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    I would like to inquire info on fly fishing. Will you add it to the game?
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    Hey fella. As far as I'm aware there's no way to tell how far a certain rod will cast, it seems to be very much like real life: A stronger rod has more power, A heavier lure will cast further, A reel full of line will cast further than a half full reel Line diameter plays a significant part. ( you'll always cast further with say, 10lb line than 20lb line using the same rod, reel and lure ). These are purely my own thoughts, if anyone can elaborate I'm happy to be corrected.
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    Lol I'll be spending every baitcoin I have on them before they disappear because by all accounts they work better for Ali gar and cats than normal baits.
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    So after some extensive testing last night I've come to a few conclusions. I fished 8 in game nights. I tried #10/0 hook, regular baits, and found a new Vampire spot with confirmed catches and sightings(I'll post a pic). From my experiences last night, after switching to a #10/0 as opposed to #8/0 I saw no difference in bite ratios after changing. I caught 4 more in that time period. There were no differences in sightings or "noses/sniffing". If anything, I saw a few less fish which might be attributed to the smaller vamps not being interested in the larger hook? Tonight I may try a #9/0 being in between to see what effect that has. I also tried different regular "Gar Yummies". I tried Shiners, Large Cutbait, Large Minnows, and Crawfish. As soon as I switched to these baits, sightings became non-existant. 4 in game hours and only 1 sighting while using Shiners. The fish came out and "sniffed" the shiner and swam away. I was hoping that maybe it being a live swimming bait that it may enduce a strike faster than the dead baits.However, that is not the case. The RNG for spawn rates and bite rates seem to be GREATLY reduced when not using the Halloween event baits. I also tried different hook sizes for the different Halloween baits, which cofirms, to me at least, my assumptions. #6/0 hook for pig's eye an ogres, #8/0 hook for mice and albinos, #10/0 hook for dead minnows and Vampires. All baits can be used for all of the event fish, but hook size is definitely important. Dead minnow seems to have the best results across the board for me. I've caught ALL of my fish on them, on all 3 of the hook sizes. The new location is next to the boat on the left hand side of the Upside Down peg. I saw two caught there and A LOT of sightings and bites. The catches were on #10/0 hook 21inch leader and Rotten Minnows. The red circle is the area to fish and the green arrows are where I saw the fish spawn from. I still prefer the Swampy Open Space location because they're much easier to see up close. I'll also include a pic of my PB Vampire Gar which is currently #2 on the leaderboards. https://imgur.com/a/Kk74n https://imgur.com/a/0cAC4
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    Very good advice Vicious_Bear! Another "on location" bargain is the shinners at White Moose Lodge shop are cheaper than the "home shop". So stock up because when you get to Michigan you can't have too many shinners.
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    Hook size is off one way or the other when this happens. It is my belief that for the Halloween gars this can be BAIT dependent as well as fish dependent. Some people have caught them with rotten minnows on size 4/0 hooks, yet you cant catch a thing on a 4/0 hook with pigs eyes they just tap it repeatedly. (you can see the monster fish if its close) Also, the same spot doesn't always seem to work more than once for these. I have 5 gar spots in NC and if I catch one in one spot i wont get another one there that night. Yet a new spot ill get one next cast. 1 spot I caught 2 repeatedly though so it can happen. Was hoping to gather more evidence before posting, but I cant see ya suffer getting nibbles. Every Halloween gar I caught, they hammered it. Once I went to 5/0 hook for the pigs eyes at least. Seems like minnows work at 4/0, eyes at 5/0 and mice at 6/0.
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    Caught my first albino gar. 7/0 hook, rats leader at 40 inches. Was at lily pad channel go to left side of dock about 100 ft out (right in front of small grass patch on left side. Guy in the lobby caught 3 before I found him and caught mine.
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    So after all that complaining you’ve done here once you hit top of leader board you go radio silent... what you don’t want to help out your fellow fisherman?
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    The catfish and gar in Florida are small, so you won't need much to beat them. However, the drum and snook grow rather large ( 40lb+ in the case of at least one of those species ), and the tarpon go to at least 28lb. Seeing as you haven't fished there much and have an equal chance of hooking them all until you learn where they're all located, I'd say go with a Brutus float rod and 15lb line to be on the safe side. You'll sacrifice a little XP sure, but you'll have a decent chance of landing anything you hook, and money is far more important than XP. Bass I'll leave to others as there are some people who spend serious amounts of time fishing for them, whereas I just use them as a pleasant diversion between fishing for other species.