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    Small answer. We have St. Patrick event for the third time. And every time we change something in the game along all year. And sometimes we don't have enough time to check the event with a CBT, because a huge update was on the way just before it. Our check shown the players mostly trying to catch event fish using small hooks, but I think with your 40+ lvl it's not the case. And looks like you guys frustrated with the event, we will try to improve the game and making an apology. It's hard to add a lot of stuff in the game and not break anything from old stuff. New physics and a lot of fish AI bugfixes probably changed our already polished event (along 3 years we think we nailed it before). But we will change the game and whole bite rates and Fish AI system very soon, so will try to make next St. Patrick event completely different and fun. So we try our best and failed. Will fix and improve. And sorry for the bad experience. We are working on a lot of stuff now, will try to make the game fun again for a top level players too.
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    Hello everyone, I don't recall ever posting anything before but felt the need to chime in. I have only ever played on the PS4. I love fishing in real life. I take my son and head about 5 minutes to the local lake almost every weekend. Stocked Rainbows are all we have ever caught, but I've heard rumors there are LMB. Many a afternoon we have sat there for a few hours and caught absolutely nothing and enjoyed every minute. Afterall, "A bad day of fishing is still a good day". My point I suppose is that even with bugs; Lures that don't work properly, a couple of events that fall short of enjoyable, stretched fish and hats and probably a boat load of other issues I haven't listed. It's still a fantastic game. It takes time from a point when a bug is found and reported to fixed and implemented. There are many new additions coming to the game in the near future and typically with new content being released, issues are fixed. I understand the feeling that your complaints are falling on deaf ears but I imagine it's quite the opposite. It's sad to see a lot of people, the constant back bones of the game leaving due to small issues. I say small compared to the masterpiece that Fishing Planet is. Ultimately, the best batters strike out and heavy weight champions get knocked down but they can get back up and perform better then ever. Be patient, it will get better and with change and determination it will be better then ever. Remember, A bad day of fishing is still a good day. Tight Lines folks
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    They need to add to what you get out of a club other than a forum. I'd love to see things like... 1. Club-only jackets/hats (maybe have a baitcoin cost for the club members to pitch into to get the gear). 2. Club-only comps that the club leader can set up...either put in in-game cash, baitcoin, or gear awards. 3. Club-only trading & gifting. 4. Club licensing...basically allowing the club to buy a license to a lake for all it's members for 3/5/10 days or whatever. 5. Club vrs Club leaderboards 6. Club rankings...maybe go by time logged in per member, fish caught, comp placing, or combination of all of that. Club rank-ups can award in game cash or baitcoins.
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    I shall start by saying I absolutely love this game. I've spent an obscene amount of money on it and have no shame in saying so. I've made some amazing friends and had some amazing times. The devs listened and fixed our issues, it was the perfect game. But, sometime around October/November, we had an update that broke the crankbaits. The staple lure of the game up until then that anyone could use. To this day, we can't even get an acknowledgement that the crankbaits are well and truly broken. We had the terrible Halloween event where the devs still interacted with us and despite all our complaints insisted that things were ' working as intended '. The Xmas event was brilliant and seemed to indicate that they'd changed their outlook somewhat, then the Rowdies and Lepers came along and we were back to October Halloween gar levels again. While I'll stick with the game and think it's brilliant because I'm a lifelong angler, I stopped spending money a long time ago apart from keeping Premium going. I see my friends all around me quitting and deleting. And why? Because not only are reported issues being fixed, they're not even being acknowledged. We asked for cranks to be fixed - we're getting lake maps, markers and the priveledge of paying for home storage of the tackle we've spent all our money on. I see people leaving day after day, I chat to randoms who all share the same frustrations. I cannot justify spending anymore money on this game, and if their superfan is thinking along those lines, how do they expect a casual player to spend anything? I'll give it a year, maybe 18 months. When the people leave then the money goes with them - no more game. It's already well underway on another FTP game I frequent. Can hardly get a game due to the devs not listening to the players. We can make suggestions and it's up to the devs whether they follow them up or not, but to report issues and be told things are " working as intended " when they clearly aren't, to report a major issue and not get one word of acknowledgement, to spend thousands on tackle and be charged to store it in the next update.. I am perilously close to jacking it in like all the other guys. And yet it's such an awesome game. I dunno, I love fishing but I don't like being screwed over. Apparently, cranks on PC work fine. But we all know they don't on PS4. And we can't get a single word on the subject, after they altered the mechanics. Not even an acknowledgement that there are issues. Until the issues are sorted, no more money from me. And you're hemmorhaging players every day. I can't help but wonder where you took a wrong turn FP?
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    There are so many different variables when it comes to experiencing bugs to fixing it. Things vary from user to user, on PC it varies even more due to the amount of different specs and software people have. If you find a bug or a glitch, please make sure to email about it to support@fishingplanet.com Do not forget to include as much info as possible - console/PC, crash file when on PC, video clips & screenshots to help to visualise the issue, what gear were you using or what steps did you take to have this issue. The more info you can forward, the easier it is to locate things that are not working as intended. Just a little tip
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    Oct/Nov patch was with topwater physics system. And it wasn't perfect (but a lot of players even not notice it). With the new update, a crankbait behavior is fixed. Most of the players I've been asked told me everything is ok with crankbaits. We still working on polishing topwater tackles, but crankbaits? About bugs have not fixed and "not even acknowledged". We create special support form to grab direct bugs submission to us. It's more fast and efficient way to send us reports. And about not fixed - we have a bug tracker. With about 600-700 bugs nailed and fixed since only Aug. Most of physics related are fixed with new physics update - like rubber line, rod tip behavior, crankbaits dive speed, technique detection etc. So if you still have problems with a crankbait - please, describe it here in details and we will fix it.
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    The mono seems to be a bit more resistant to shock and taking some stress off, and braid seems to be a little better at hooking up from a longer distance in the game (as in real life) but it might just be my imagination tbh... I think the way to test it will be to compare them against trout, which I am yet to do, since the game tips indicate that lighter test fluorocarbon is better for them due to the visibility factor. But jeez... the differences between them would be difficult to program accurately. For instance, braid floats better than mono which floats better than fluorocarbon (which is known to sink). But then there are also co-polymers of mono and fluorcarbon irl that balance that out better. Then if we compare other differences... fluorocarbon is the best against abrasion resistance among the three, and is the least visible if you exclude matching the line color to the water conditions. Braid can be second best or worst depending on what kind of construction it has. Some are softer and fray quickly, others are stiffer and fray less quickly. So it'd be hard to blanket any one line in that manner because it depends on /what/ type of braid, mono, or fluorocarbon it actually is since they differ drastically. I don't blame them for not diving too deeply into it.
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    Seriously. This crap again? Same as the pike tournament. I've made it through the first hour of the first qualifier. I've had a minimum of 150-200 bites. Only been able to set the hook on 6 fish out of those bites. Every time a fish spawns and goes to bite, the whole screen freezes up for about 2 seconds until the fish stops biting. I've had 4 fish actually on the hook and the bars be up into the orange and pulling drag, then the fish completely disappears off my line. The same thing happened with the pike tournament. I've asked multiple friends, and they're all experiencing the same problem. I would appreciate it, if everyone will chime in and let them know it's a problem for them as well. Not like it will matter anyway, we'll just be told "everything is working as intended", and nothing was done to fix it during the pike tournament either, but hey...it's worth a shot.
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    Ended in a similar position myself. Was probably one of my best topwater days which just highlights how bad yesterday was.
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    Hello Friend. there are so many strange things in fp. luckily we still have fun anyway... sometimes.
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    Topwater for me was downright impossible. It was like my walker had no hook. But I was probably in the wrong spot according to them.
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    I think the night lures have the same advantage as the X-series
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    According to killerwhale ( Posted on x series dlc thread ) X series doesnt affect bit rate but affects bite speed slightly so it technically gives you a small advantage .
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    X-series do have benefits over the normal tackle. The floats cast farther than their standard counterparts. The line wears slower, so it needs to be replaced less. The hooks and jigheads set the hook easier, and are less likely to become unhooked. The lures have exclusive colors that attract more fish. The night hat has the light. The fishnets have a larger maximum capacity. The rod cases/tackle boxes carry more reels and tackle etc....None of these things individually make a huge difference, but using all of them in conjunction will make a difference in your success overall. I've noticed a slightly higher catch rate with bait coin lures, but not as much as x-series stuff. One thing I have noticed for sure, is that bait coin live baits definitely catch more fish. Even more so with event baits, so stock up on event baits whenever they come around. The regular baits such as large minnows that you can buy with baitcoins instead of in game cash seem to have a slightly increased bite rate as well.
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    Never sell anything. You'll only regret it later. If nothing else, you can always use the starter rod and reel to get the reelbreaker and rodbreaker achievements. I keep light tackle because A)You may want to revisit lower level places just to have fun and B) Fishing with heavy tackle will get boring at some point. There's nothing like catching a 10 pound fish on 4 pound tackle for a great fight. As for travelling storage, I always tended to buy the best available, but some folks travel light. To me, it's never a bad idea to be able to take more stuff with you. Don't worry. Fish sizes will become second nature in time. Also, when you have the lake map (not the depth map) open, you can click on "fish species" and it will often give you a rough idea. Just go with the general fish sizes and not the "record" fish sizes. Also, clicking on the "weather" at the left will show you day/night fishing "hot" times so that you can forward time if you want. Just remember to forward sparingly as there's nothing worse than needing to empty you keepnet and still having an active cooldown period.
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    Let me try to answer your questions in order. KpShamino has very nice guides, but they are only one way to level. I stayed mostly in Texas until level 25. Fish where you like, like where you fish. I find New York terminally boring, but if you like it, that's all that counts. Basically fish wherever makes you happy until you open Michigan. It's hard to beat trophy Northern Pike for money and xp. I like both Florida and Oregon, but they're very different. Try them both out and decide which one you like best. Buying storage is a new concept that I don't have any experience with, but I can tell you NEVER buy anything you don't NEED for your next fishing trip. If you want to move some tackle to home storage and you don't have enough space then buy it. Otherwise don't. Overpowered refers to catching fish on tackle that makes those fish too easy to catch. There is really no such thing as a level 18 set. There is line test and max drag. If your line test is 12, and your max drag is 13, then generally you will get full xp for fish 14 pounds and over. On the same setup, an 8 pound fish will carry with it an xp penalty (Indicated by red backarrow(s) next to the xp gained on the screen that pops up when you catch the fish). You cannot always avoid xp penalties. If you're fishing for 15 pound northern pike with any setup reasonable to catch them, and you hook a 2 pound smallmouth, of course there'll be a penalty, but that doesn't mean you want to use a 2 pound setup, since when you hook a 15 pound pike, you're going to lose it every time. My best advice is to have a reel with maxdrag capable of handling much of what you're fishing for and just play things that are too big until they tire and you can reel them in. Other advice. Have fun! Remember that you don't need to leave a lake when you quit the game. If you stay there, you'll just pick up where you left off next time. This saves you money since when your keepnet is full, you can just forward time to 5AM the next day and pay only a daily fee and not a travel fee. Always buy the largest keepnet available for your level. Have fun! Hope this helps.
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    Oh my. Are you saying you aren't aware of the crankbait issue on PS4? From what I hear, they're fine on PC. On PS4 they've been broken since..November? Only the 3, 6 and 8 foot cranks are any use. There have been numerous posts, pleas and videos on here, although I appreciate the team will not necessarily see them. I know you've fixed countless glitches and bugs, but to have - what was - the staple lure of the game unusable and claiming not to be aware of it is stretching belief a little given the timeframe of 4 or 5 months. But, if you say they've been fixed in the new update then I'll take your word for it. In the meantime, all you have to do is play the game on a PS4 ( not a dev kit on PC ) and use a 12 foot or deeper crankbait to see what we mean, they all just scrape the bottom regardless of depth of venue. And a lot of us fish for real so aren't using 30 foot cranks in 6 foot deep venues. If you really want to experience some of our PS4 issues, go to Alberta and use cranks. Between hooking invisible birds in the air, getting snagged in the air and having invisible fish drag you out of the lake and up the mountain, it's a major problem, all of which result in losing a crankbait we paid for. Note that it doesn't happen with jigs/spinners/spoons, just cranks. I'm sorry to sound so negative but I'm just stating facts which I've both seen and experienced firsthand. It's good to hear that you're willing to work on these things. I look forward to the future and new things to do in the game and I haven't, and will never, say negative things just for the sake of it. But the fact is, at the moment a hell of a lot of high level players who all spend ( or spent! ) money are leaving everyday. There don't even seem to be that many left on the forum who can relate their crankbait woes now, but here's your chance guys. I'll always keep the game to chill out with because it's superb. I know nothing is as simple as reading a post and changing the code in 2 minutes flat to accomodate a persons wishes, and hopefully now you're aware that us PS4 users have a major problem you can get it fixed. Couple that with improving the events as you indicate in the other thread and that may well turn the tide and bring people back. Thanks for the replies and good luck KW.
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    If only this was the answer given for why over 230 people had problems in the Spring Cats Tournament in NC instead of 'wrong spot".
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    Unfortunately, you do reach a point where there's nothing left to do and you have to impose self challenges. We play and progress faster than they can update the game. DLC packs, ' events ' and paying for home storage are more important than anything else apparently.
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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only). The event will start Friday, April 27th 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, May 4th at 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Florida (Everglades) for Snook, Red Drum, and Largemouth Bass. The biggest fish of each species caught during the event time may be entered. Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. You can use any tackle; however, X-Series equipment or lures are NOT allowed. The weight (must be in pounds) and screen shots of each of your biggest fish need to be put on the Entry Form withing an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entry on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form) Prizes: Kayak DLC, Salmon Pack DLC, Catfish Combat DLC, and Topwater&Night Fishing DLC. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have one fish of each species entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: Entry Form: Standings Page: This is an example of taking a screen shot for the Events:
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    The team is working on an Xbox release as most of you are aware. We have not announced a set date yet, because we do not know when FP can be released on the Xbox. It is coming, though! When we have more information, we'll share.
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    This is my issue. Or being told the bubbles mean nothing and I was in the wrong spot. Competitions could have gotten me by until new content but between weirdly skewed RNG and double accounts, there is no point. And it won't be fixed for one simple reason....money. An example. In a recent amateur comp I saw a screen name almost identical to a well established players name place high enough to earn prizes. This level 10 player had twice as many competitions participated in than in game days. They also had 5 rods, all sport edition! How does a level 10 get a Brutus SE? They are prioritizing DLC over everything else.
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    Same here Headshot; today was much better than yesterday, lol the strike lag bug was still horrible but I fought thru better today. Actually most my fish were caught on the 2nd strike immediately following the lagged one, used a real unorthodox (non rythmic) reel style after each lag strike. Still did worse & had way more missed strikes in 1 session than in the past few months combined. Hopefully they figure out the issue & get the ps4 version up to par with the pc version, cause I hear they don't have even a fraction of the issues we have. I would've left the game awhile ago, but the upbeat community & folks make the issues a lil more bearable; tho without addressing them, those folks will leave & basically leave no reason to even deal with the issues.
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    Well today, everything worked as it should. Unfortunately I ended up in 45th place when I quit with just under 45lbs. Can only blame the RNG for that one, which I have no complaint about. Yesterday was still ridiculous. You'd think they'd at least test some of these things before putting them out, or fix them after the same complaints over and over. Oh well, I gave it my best today. Luck just wasn't on my side. Good luck to all in the tourney. I don't get that much with topwater during comps. Only during tourneys, with the pike tourney being an example. The majority of the time if I miss with a topwater in a comp, it's because my line is too slack to set the hook, or I try and set too early/late. From what I can tell, the topwaters aren't broken, however, after months of complaints from virtually everyone that plays the game, we obviously know that crankbaits are.
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    I've noticed that not only in the tournaments but the comps too that topwater lures end up having a horrible hook rate. I don't claim to be a topwater expert, but I use them a lot in regular fishing and have lowered my "miss" rate by a lot with practice. I do a comp or tourney and I go back to being a newbie again, watch the topwater lure get pulled under, watch the tension go up, and just end up missing the fish over and over. With all the complaints about cranks being broken (I still catch things with them) I'm surprised there isn't more of an uproar about topwater in the comps and tourneys.
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    Down 20000 dollars an missed more fish i can count
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    What set-ups to advice is really hard. I dont know if you prefer float fishing or fishing with lures, or maybe you enjoy both. There are a couple of scenario's: 1. You like floatfishing and dont care for lures. In that case I would get 4 different float rods. 1 telescopic for the small ones and 3 different match rods for all the other species. With multiple rods its easier to choose the right set up for the fish (casting range / xp). 2. You only fish with lures. In this case i would try to get multiple spinning and casting set ups, ranging from ultra light to the heaviest possible. Pay attention to the lure weights you can use, so you get a nice range of possibilities. 3. You enjoy both. In this case I would go for the full 7 rods and get 2 float rods and 5 spinning/casting rods. I always bring the same 7 rods to all lakes. Ive typed it all out here: (I hope this works)
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    Practice and just keep trying for competitions . Once you get used to what to use and where then its all just luck .
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    Here's a link to a spreadsheet showing the majority of the x-series items and their benefit descriptions. As well as how to get them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3O8d21lAetballYMGdGTDBSYXM/view
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    In game, go to the "EVENTS" tab, then go to sub tab under that labeled "Tournaments". You can register for free or for in game cash to any competition or tournament. They do not cost money. What you're seeing that costs money are the DLC packs associated with the tournament. I would however take a screenshot once you are registered to prove that you are registered because last Tournament I was registered, but somehow magically got unregistered and support would not reinstate me.
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    I agree with light pole and 6 lb line- I am guilty of using 8 lb fluorocarbon most of the time which can cost a bit of xp. But if you are just concerned about the cash, it's no big deal. What I use is a jigwinner 8' 10". I like this pole, it responds how I would expect it to do so. I will pair that usually with a Prima 2500/3500. Lures: the 1/3 casting jib #1 hook/gold works most of the time in cloudy or light fog conditions. Sometimes I like to break out the 2-3" glow worms as well if it's dark or really foggy. I do well with those on several fish species. On the rare sunny day in Texas, the silver v1/6 oz spoon works magic. I once caught 10 in a row in 10 casts on such a day with that lure. Bagged out 66 lbs before 9am, it was crazy. However, I think the speed and retrieve is where it really matters a majority of the time. The trick is to find A.) what speed the fish want it at, and B.) what type of retrieve they want. Sometimes you have to play around with both to figure out what works best. Timing plays a big factor too. Here's what works for me. My pole casts out 220+ feet. I will fan cast starting on the left side from the bridge and work my way right until I find a sweet spot, and that's where I will focus until they quit biting. For gold spoon or worms: Retrieve #1: Set speed and drag at 3. As soon as the bait hits the water, hold down L2 to lift the pole up. Let the bait hit the bottom and sit there for 3-5 seconds. Then use R2 to lift it up about middle column, then let it drop. Start reeling again just before or as it hits the bottom. Repeat until around 130-140 feet. I often will bias the rod a bit right or left by the third lift and drop. for some reason it works better for me. Then start twitching at middle column by feathering R2 to keep it somewhere near middle or slightly below middle. Sometimes it's good to let the lure die, then twitch back it again. This has caught tons of spotted bass for me, and since the rod is held up the whole time it auto sets for you on a good hit. Note: sometimes they miss. If they miss, back the speed down one click and do your best to mimic a dying fish. Often they will nail it soon after. Retrieve #2: standard twitch. Set initial speed at 3 and drag and 3. Start reeling and add in some LIGHT L2 twitches as the lure comes back. If it gets above middle column, back the speed back down to 2 and repeat. It's a feathering process between 3-2 until it gets really close. Every so often, add a double or triple twitch with L2. It takes some practice to do this, and a well broken in controller I might add. You don't need to lift the rod fully up, just a little pop, pop, or pop, pop, pop, done fairly quickly. This seems to work when all else fails. For those rare silver spoon days: Go around to the left side of the pond by that tree where the moss is in the water, stand to the left of it. Aim towards that rock on the far side, cast out as far as you can. With speed/drag at 3 or 2, do a looooong, slow stop and go traveling about 30 feet each time you reel. Let it fall and hit bottom, repeat. Float fishing: they will eat shiners, small minnows, or my favorite is crawfish cut on a 2/0 hook. You shouldn't catch anything but bass on craw cuts. Aim to middle of lake about 65-80 feet out with a 40-43" leader. It may take a few minutes for them to take it, but it works when nothing else does. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully this gives you some ideas. Feel free to develop your own style and methods! Hope this helps!
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    I believe x series lure are said not to give an advantage but in my experience i have better luck using them. Like you said bass jig works wonders for me.
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    http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/357287935546714776/ Something like this perhaps?
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    At this time, I do not believe there is a way. However, I believe in the next patch you will be able to take snap shots in third person.
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    So it's starting to sound like if winning is the goal of entering the competitions, I'm pretty much wasting time? Sounds more akin to playing the lottery.
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    Same with the Neherrin minimal, cats after dark, etc, etc...
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    Rarely do I miss one on topwater when just fishing for fun. But enter a competition... Lets just say that thankfuly I have a non violent demeanor. If not, I'm sure that there would be a PS4 controller that would need to be surgicaly removed from someones arse lol. Just ask Hate_ful how many strikes he missed in the Kaniq Topwater Comp. this weekend.
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    About time you did something nice for players how about removing bobber durability x series bobbers arnt that easy to get
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    Yes, you always have to pay to travel and license fees no matter what. The best thing to do is go to the location of the competition and practice for an hour before then go to the comp hope the RNG gods are nice to you then keep fishing the same place until you get sick of it.
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    The game is definitely not losing players. We average about 2.5k players/month - you can look it up for more details, if you wish. Trust me guys, as a gamer myself, I do understand what you mean and I feel the frustration. We often have talks with the other folks about the development of the game, the speed of it, discussing feedback & ideas. I wish things could move faster and so does everybody. I am not part of the developers team, but what I understand from what I've been told, is that, it's just a very very long and slow process. Programming in general is, actually. There are lots of features in the works, as well as a ton of new fish and EU waterways like mentioned multiple times before. Has it taken a long time to bring such new content into the game? Yes. We all would like it to come alive faster, but they can only work so fast. The Fishing Planet team is not huge, nor are we an AAA company (EA, Ubisoft, Epic Games etc). The team is doing their best to work on many things to bring amazing content for those who have been here since day one or who are playing for the first time. At the same time, we are working on the Xbox version of the game (No ETA) as well as content for PS4. As soon as we have more info or any release dates, we will announce them on the forums and social media.
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    Biggest problem i have is nothing to go after once you hit level 40 and caught most or all of the fish . The competitions are few and far between depending on your schedule . Some competitions are just not fun at all.
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    I am happy that Killerwhale came on and at least tried to explain some things. Things like that and what the devs of Sea of Thieves did do make a difference.
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    We kinda sat it out to see what would happen. It is an absolutely hilarious glitch - when it's happening to someone else and you're watching. I paddled closer to be able to see better.. The issue is bigger than just cranks, but KW indicated in the other thread that they'll look at the events, so that's a start. If they rework the events and fix cranks, there's two major bugbears sorted right there. But, they seem unaware of the crankbait issue right now ( although KW says they've fixed the crank issue they were not aware of in the next update - go figure ), and most of the vocal people have left the game and forum which will lead to a lack of testimonies. I'm trying to be constructive and point out why people are leaving while not being excessively negative. It's up to them if they act on it or not. But, when people leave, the money obviously leaves too. I've watched another amazing FTP game die a death. I'd hate to see it happen to this one. But, it will unless they listen to the playerbase. Actually, it's happening right now. From a group that took up three rooms with 15+ players in party at Xmas, now it's just me and Jim still playing. That was less than 3 months ago, and now we're down to two. I hope they can turn it around, I really do.
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    I had the mountain thing happen to me, so I just restarted the game so I wouldn't lose my crank bait.
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    I imagine Sony hasnt yet approved it . It takes roughly 1 month after they receive patch for Sony to ok it. I really hope it brings some kinda joy back into game . I know it dont add much but if some of the mechanics are better maybe some of the competitions will be better.
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    Blackbird, Ive spend many, many hours at Oregon. These are the things i always make sure to take there: - shiners and any other decent trout bait to use on a float - medium and narrow spoons with a 1/0 to max 3/0 hook I try to use fluoro line to make sure the trout dont see the line. Mainly 10-12lb (4-6kg). I think my favorite rod to use there is the JigWinner. It can take 12lb, is long for a good casting range and it can take 1/4 and 1/2 oz lures (7-14gram).
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    If it's doable, I've yet to discover how. 2 dots is the best I can get despite using surface lures a lot. Come across several people who claim to be able to do it, but they always go quiet or leave when pressed for details.
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    Agreed, seems like they completely change everything. I had the same issue with unhookable fish, far far more than my occasional missed strike. Also since LmB is my most fished species & one I have the most knowledge of ingame (& irl) kinda figured I'd do decent, but threw every rod & lure combo at them & still got only 2.002-2.203lb fish! Not a single trophy in 8 game hrs, when normally I can fill a net with trophies on even the worst of days in that time frame. I really like the tournaments but something needs to be changed, there's no possible way to practice for a tournament if they're so few per year & the parameters are so different from daily fishing. Even if they made tournaments similar to daily fishing it would still need work considering the way they fiddle with catch/bite rates for tournaments & events, the missed strike rates shouldn't skyrocket 1000% like they do.
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    I hate that competition