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    There are two bobbers in different missions. We updated this one from the thread's header, Trophy Glow Bobber Blue, on 06/18/2019. We found out this issue might affect other missions rewards as well and this one float from your screenshot was updated later. Waiting any comments from players who received them like yesterday or today. I'll solve this bobber case.
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    Sorry for my confusion, I have directed this to the devs. Thanks for your patience.
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    For goodness' sake UPD: According the game data, you received and repaired this item before we made any changes, on 06/15/2019. All item settings are correct now.
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    That was a strange one issue. We have checked this item settings and all looked fine. We have updated this item today on live server and new bobbers received from mission reward should work as intended. If not, please update this thread with new information.
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    We are working on a solution.Thank you for reports and sorry for inconvenience. UPD: an update 3.04 has been issued, please check it out.
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    The fastest way rich LvL50 farm Sturgeon at night in CALIFORNIA. also, recommend using a barbless hook +25% XP bonus. bottom sniper360 rod with ThunderSpin4500 or Mega Tank 7000 reels line fluoro 0,55mm & 0,40mm Mono leader.
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    with teams probably not! user competition was staying in beta! I saw the calendar on PC there are more amateur competitions than ever before so no changes in competitions (except design). however, thank you to Killerwhale everything you said on WarlordSully stream previously it all almost becomes reality!
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    Will post more info later, but for now, I will say the game will require constant internet connection. Not because we are too lazy to move the server to the client, but because of the Fish AI in the current game world required a couple of GB of RAM. So it's almost impossible to do it on the client side. About bugs and fixes - optimization and fixes - all we do constantly but especially for last month. But all fixes and optimization will be release to f2p version too.
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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only). This will be the second event of Season #3. The event will start Friday, June 14th, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, June 21st 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Michigan (Saint-Croix Lake) for Lake Sturgeon. Your three biggest Lake Sturgeon caught during the event time may be entered. As you catch a bigger fish, just replace your smallest one. Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. (Note: The video below shows an easy way to take the screen shots and get the correct link) You can use any tackle, even X-Series and boats. Rod stands are NOT allowed. The fish weight (must be in pounds, so you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entries on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form. Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx Prizes: DLC’s will be awarded as prizes: Metalhead Boat Pack, Daredevil Boat Pack, Bottom Pack, and Feeder Pack. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have three Lake Sturgeon entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: boats Entry Form: https://forms.gle/MmiyKDvbP7x8Z6jA8 (Closed) STANDINGS PAGE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ Screen shot instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9FQwHRU5E&t=5s
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    Yeah m8, we all know the chat room problems too well. They've been present for a long time now. And still are. We regularly curse about this in party. Usually 3 or 4 times a day And we have been for months and years now.. It's ridiculously annoying in Michigan. When you've walked (or even paddled! - 15 mins in-game time!) all the way to the Muskie spot in Michigan, change something in your inventory, try to go back to fishing, are kicked into a different chatroom, put back at spawn point, and have to paddle / walk all the way back again.. God i hate when that happens. Which is one reason why I restrained from paddling in Michigan months ago, and just go everywhere on foot. It is indeed hard to explain, which is why me and my mates never filed a bug report for it. Glad you did now. Maybe we can boil this down, and find out where the bugs are that make you exit rooms you wanted to stay in, join rooms you never wanted to be in, and doesn't let you join rooms you're trying to get in.. Here's my attempt: 1. Whenever you try to join a room that's full, the game puts you in a new room. If I remember correctly, that room can not be seen (and, obviously joined) by your friends. So if you're put there for some reason, paddle to the Muskie spot, and want your friends to join you, they just can't. So they (or you) have to open a new friend's room, join there, and paddle all the way again. 2. When the person who created a new friend's room get's kicked out of this room for some reason, he can't re-join this room - even if friends are still in there. If I remember correctly, the only way of getting around this is to quit and restart the game. Then you can usually see the room again, and re-join your friends. 3. Like @RedDwarf10 mentioned in the beginning of this topic: sometimes when you go to your inventory to change stuff around, and re-enter fishing mode by pressing , you're put in a different room. This happens a lot when there are more than 1 friends rooms present at the lake. I don't know what the game's priorities are when it comes to which room it selects, but I remember that I was often fishing with friends in one room, and ended up in another friends room everytime I re-entered fishing mode with . Don't know if it's related to the player's name by alphabet, or if every chat room has an ID, and the game selects the room with the lowest ID#, or whatever. But it happens a lot. Why is why I forced myself to restrain from using completely, and instead use @kdog013's workaround, too: This works fine, as it will just switch back to fishing mode without messing around with the chat rooms. However, this doesn't help you if you'd actually like to switch spots. Then, you'd HAVE TO push to switch the spot - and are often times kicked out of the room and put somewhere else again. If #2 kicks in here, you're shit out of luck, and have to restart the game (again).
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    I don't understand why pressing start/options doesn't work for @RedDwarf10 as I was just doing the same thing in Alberta fishing from a boat without a problem, but I have had the same issue that @kylerobz is talking about and I think it was fixed in the last update, at least here on the USA version. What I would do before was pick say for example a private room and when you want to change pegs, even though it still shows private room on the map screen, I would highlight it, switch it to friends room and back to private room again, and then press square. This would keep me in the same room I was in before changing pegs and should work no matter what type of room it is.
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    2 hours ago, SabiScs said: the reason why the float has poor condition is that they wanna let you know is repairable. I hope that was an attempt to poke fun at the glitch. Its an obvious programming error with a 1 instead of a 250 under bobbers health or a very strange way of thanking people who complete the mission , here have a broken bobber for your trouble .
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    Spawn sacks works well so take plenty, fish the night time peak and fill your net, check the weather forecast for when the next nights peak starts and forward time to then, repeat. Before you know it you'll be off to Russia. A 4/0 hook on float or bottom tackle will work. Watch or ask other fisho's there for suitable spots. (don't forget about the cooldown timer)
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    VBO FINAL RESULTS The Final Round of Virtual Bass Open coincided with the third Sunday of June, taking place right on Father’s Day! That’s when our 20 best Bass anglers traveled to the pelican state of Louisiana for an epic final showdown of this year’s ultimate Bass fishing Tournament! It was a tough and fiery battle that made the otherwise peaceful and remote Quanchkin Lake explode with competitive excitement! And now that the Final Round is over and all the results are carefully considered we’re happy to give you 10 names of our Tournament prize-winning finalists, and at the top of the list - the 3 Bass fishing Champions who will be forever remembered as glorious winners of the VBO 2019! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Summer has just begun and there are many more fun tournaments ahead! 1 CP_Furious_TINTO 2 ToddynhoO1 3 CP_100vergonha 4 michelplat 5 CP_MuayThay 6 CP_DuduBeder 7 VFF_Chicao 8 VFF_RTComando 9 terentiev81 10 CP_PONTE-TJP
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    just tried farming Sturgeon at night in Californaia - worked like a treat!
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    We used to be able to adjust the reeling speed after casting, while the lure is still in the air. With the casting rods it's still possible, but it doesn't work for the spinning rods anymore. Why? Can we please have this feature back?
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    I agree with all on this Sturgeon fastest just night skip peaks and I would suggest 6/0 hook now as they still bite fast enough and you will get bigger size equals more money and XP, a must on the barbless too. The Muskie are also fun as well as good money and XP when you get bored. Another good 1 is when you hit 42 in Germany go to Gold Lake and get Bighead and Silver Carp , 6/0 Vegetables and Technoplankton when you unlock it work with float setups , I use a 9 ft 10 Brutus with the new 39.6 lb reel forget name with 40lb fluoro and you can go to 2nd last drag setting, from 100 ft to 120 ft from where you spawn in all the way to your right in day peaks.(they get to 75 lbs and fill your net quite fast using multiple rods and a stand)
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    QUALIFIER 2 Tension is growing as one more Qualifying Round of Virtual Bass Open is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our daring anglers to show their best Bass catching performance by getting one of the twenty best results and going through to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who splendidly coped with this challenging task! These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River in North Carolina on June 20! In the meantime, the rest can still have one final go at joining them and try their luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier on June 21st! 1 kelvinlazzarotto 2 def83style 3 osohdj 4 CP_Rui-Manitas 5 CP_RodrigoSkyBox 6 FPIA_AnglerBOB 7 svs-paljas 8 WolleSLF 9 CP_DuduBeder 10 svs-Porreke 11 spectra1979 12 CP_MuayThay 13 BabyJouker 14 Marek1970U 15 bruno_bmp 16 tessi1988 17 JACKYLEGGS94 18 Igokat 19 DaYwAlKeRoO76 20 svs-calibrake
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    Virtual Bass Open: Qualifier 1 Results QUALIFIER 1 With the Virtual Bass Open in full swing, we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifying Round. Held on the wide open spaces of Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan, that was the 1st chance out of 3 to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled Bass anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to North Carolina on June 22 and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River. If you don’t see your name - no worries There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers. 1 CP_Manduka 2 VFF_toninho0 3 deviltrevor68 4 nicodiegoantonio 5 fanki1992 6 Chubrevich 7 michelplat 8 enderalex777 9 Ruger422 10 guitoons9422 11 VFF_Chicao 12 Antrazes45 13 VFF_jow1908 14 Mael_Pierre 15 KaduzeraXD 16 djbergziege1974 17 NesterPs 18 The_Razonar 19 Max6767676767676 20 CP_crodo_jau
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    I have had the same problem with the sound completely cutting off during fishing. There is a loud pop just before everything cuts off. I thought my tv or surround sound was the problem, but it is only when I play FP that this happens. We even changed out a HDMI cable to make sure. The sound will resume if I leave the lake or close the application and restart the game (PS4).
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    When I get the room full you have been sent to a (empty) random room message I select the rooms icon and select the Random room option and Go Fishing again. This will stop the game trying to move me to the (possibly full) friends room again. Hope this helps.
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    the reason why the float has poor condition is that they wanna let you know is repairable.
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    You kidding me, right? Really?? That's fucked, m8...
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    You need to catch a Chain (Mesh) Pickerel, Northern Pike grow larger and are not considered to be Pickerels.
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    However today I park the Bass boat on the beach and Sonar still show fish. and then I forgot to put down the anchor but I didn't expect the unique 11kg Pike will pull the big 1000kg Bassboat
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    you can change them in the PS4 settings
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    So far so good but 1 thing i must say...... y change the keep and release button around, we have spent 2 years pressing O and now we press X ffs can see this being an empty net few weeks its almost second nature now to press O
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    Looks interesting, one rod is not going to slow me down, Every one have fun.
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    Motorboats update i think that tomorrow
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    Yeah mate, I agree! Especially at the start of the game and while you're leveling, every little bit counts. Once you leave Texas - and have to pay travel fees, it might be worth knowing if you really have to go back home to get the equipment you need. One good example might be Alberta, where buying the shiners you need to level with pike is even cheaper at the place than at home shop. Could save you a couple of thousand bucks. Also the BigBox you found in Alaska, that started this whole thing. With higher levels, I think there's still some good deals on lures, that let you save some of your hardly earned BCs at least. Kudos to the guys that helped out, @kdog013 and @Carpman99. I checked what we got so far, and since we still needed Alberta, here's the deals on that place: Mono 0.3 mm (500 m) > 555 instead of 650 Mono 0.4 mm (1000 m) > 10 BC instead of 11 BC Braid 0.23 mm (1000 m) > 24 BC instead of 28 BC Mono 0.35 mm ( 250 m) > 270 instead of 360 Mono 0.35 mm (300 m) > 405 instead of 540 Shiners > 525 instead of 650 The only lakes that are missing now are the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. Feel free to check those out if you're there. I'll do the same next time I'm there.
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    Completing missions can give you a nice XP boost. Have you tried salmon fishing in Alaska, can be a bit tricky but if you concentrate around the peak hours you can have your net full before sundown (game time) with a very nice return. As Sabi said the easiest and quickest would be the Sturgeon at California.
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    Yay See you there @PH_Recklessf4tman and Pops @PH_Hilrond and @PH_TalonAquila Pops 2.0 lol
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    WELL DONE to the Developers of this brilliant simulation...I am very grateful and appreciative of your work. I bought the top of the line Bass Boat, and I Love it, I can go to any place on the lakes and rivers and troll easy, the faster speed on the rivers and larger lakes is very helpful, I can pull in to any bank and fish from there, and the sonar is spot on. Looking forward to New Lakes and Rivers where the New Bass Boat will be even more beneficial. Cheers, Pete
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    I already mailed this to support. But maybe some of you are curious on how the Achtuba river looks from underwater. My little swim starts at the 5 minute mark Don't know if this can be reproduced on other rivers / pegs. I guess the "trick" is to put your rod-pod down at the right position (to the left, and a few steps back), so that the game will glitch you down the peg and into the water when picking up / putting down your rod. And you'd have to have a rod equipped while walking into the water, in order to not be teleported back to the spawn point. Since the fish boxes etc. are not being displayed in-game, and rod-pods are forbidden in all the competitions, I guess it doesn't give you any advantage, and is fine to share with you guys.
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    As a ps4 player i cant really make a conclusion about boats on fishing planet but some of the things he dont like are the way thet are in real life . Like the sonar half moons or humps are what fish look like on real sonar units , bigger moons bigger fish . Also real sonar units do constantly move on screen . I guess i'll have to wait till ps4 release to see how well of a job they did.
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    Possibly many tweaks and fine tuning needed before the custom competitions, which isnt a bad things as it stopping anybody with a pc being able to sit replicating a comp over and over to gain an upper hand over ps4 players that are still only able to skip time and days hoping they get a day or maybe 2 if there lucky with the correct climate to practice or just have to enter the comp and risk it for a biscuit. When i first saw this new concept i was quite pleased about all that fp is offering where customizations are concerned, but taking a step back and looking from a different perspective i think the option to replicate existing competitions and tournaments should of been exempt from the customizations. Yeh it will give some players that arnt as competitive the chance to practice more to learn how to play but then how much will they benifit from it when many who already know how to play are then able to also practice countless times before the real thing. Sorry if this offends any but sometimes i see thing for what they are, a black and white veiw. For the small part of us that mainly spend our time competing this is perhaps the best thing fp could introduce to the game but as for the bigger side of the games player base id say a very bad desission, already complaining they think the comps are rigged, scripted, hacked, full of cheats, how do you think there going to react when they just spent 2 weeks playing that exact comp continuasly to still come low in the ranks and the same names in the top 10. Always just my veiw, but take a step back and you will see what im saying
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    Custom competition one of the best thing they made! Am just wondering why they didn't release it?
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    Pelo video do kpshamino, esta em versao beta,vai ser rapido, ta demais cara kkkk adorei... e tambem vai dar para competir contra equipas. Esse jogo esta cada vez melhor.
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    I just wanted to jump in here and offer my humble thanks to you guys for taking the vision to the next level. There are many that feel that those with mega $$$ of in game currency and Bait Coins could care less about saving a few bucks. And that’s ok. But as we watch some of newer players struggling for cash as they “grind” their way up the level’s , expensive licensing, travel and repair fees as we all did, the list becomes a valuable tool and worthwhile “means to an end” to efficiently progress through the game. At some point, every little bit counts and eventually begins to add up. Great job!
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    Thanks for your comments and info shared guy's , I hope this helps many players in the future too
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    About 200 hundred bugs where fixed in the last game version. "so why bother sending u any if u dont fix" - up to you. We trying to found and fix all bugs. But in this case I hardly understand what do you mean under the "bug".
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    Yeh kyak was at home it gave me the option to rent the kyaks only no other boats. And yeh its a nice to be able to keep zoomed in when reeling im almost sure it remained zoomed while i was retreiving my lures also. Seems better zoomed out again while reeling a fish in though so you can see the full rod while playing your fish. Iv noticed they just sent a new patch out though maybe the renting of the boats is working now after the devs have tweaked a few things??
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    I'm assuming the trolling feature is why we have two throttle buttons, which is a little awkward at first, but should be easy enough to get used to. I do like having the missions back and the trophy hunt ones seem to be a little more challenging so far, even on the first tier for some of them. I get the feeling it'll take a while to complete all of them (hopefully). From what I can tell, they have the old standard transducer that points straight down, imaging from directly under the boat, not behind it where you're lure is. Even if it was, I would think the lure would almost be too small to be detected by the sonar imo. I'm told they do have ones that will do that irl, but they're ridiculously expensive Maybe you have to leave your kayak at home in order to rent one, I don't know, just a thought. I did a little float fishing and one thing I noticed was when you're zoomed in on the float, it doesn't zoom back out anymore when you reel in the slack. I can't try myself for a few more hours, but I'm hoping I can do the same thing when retrieving a popper or walker that's been cast 200 feet out, that would be great!
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    Azn did the same thing as soon as you left the lobby m8 so far iv been lucky with just half full nets
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    alright @Carpman99 Thanks so much and enjoy the game bro
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    He found the tackle box in Alaska, not Alberta And it is still available there at the lower price. Unfortunately, I'm kind of handicapped right now, as I don't have internet at home. So I can't check prices until my connection is back. But thank you guys so much for participating! If you keep the deals coming, I'll happily add them to the sheet. I attached a screenshot of what we got so far. Will do some more formatting and sorting in the future to make it more readable. I guess for future deals, we can just skip the lines, as well as the cash lures and stuff, as nobody above level 40 really cares about saving 100 bucks on mono line or a worm. What do you think? It's a different story for stuff like shiners, where 125 / 10 can really make a difference when buying a thousand or so - even if it's just for the "feeling" of saving 10.000 cash, that you're gonna spend for traveling to the UK and playing a tourney where you catch 3 fish anyway
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    Предложение. Добавить комбинацию клавиш, или просто клавишу, чтобы персонаж мог делать забросы на максимально возможную дистанцию. Чтобы не ждать полного заполнения индикатора.
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