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    now i find you don't have to have a lot of baitcoins, really good gears, and really good luck to this Christmas event. all you need are really good ingame friends who are willing to help one another and share what they know. for starters..fireworks! wow..this event really appreciate the devs for giving us the spirit of gift giving ( clap clap clap ).. you can't catch this Christmas species alone! you need friends..and if your friends doesnt have the means to buy fireworks and you do..you must help them to get it ( 10 in total..5 for furry trout and 5 for salmon antler ) then in turn help you ..that really is a nice touch! and to get the kayak you must have a friend who is willing to stay a shore and light up those fireworks and help you catch a big salmon antler and drag across ( wow now i know why the only item you can gift a friend is the fireworks ) again i applaud you guys...the devs! a really good event and really enjoyed doing it though i spent a whole lot of hours completing mine and a lot of bantering and laughs..will do it again tomorrow for my other friends still have 7 fireworks left ( suppose to be 8 but so happy i got the kayak that i light it up lol. happy holidays!
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    As per title, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous ( and fishy ) New Year! A massive thank you has to go to the dev team for giving us such a fantastic game and continually striving to make it what it is and even better. If they only manage to implement a fraction of the things they have planned for the future it will make an already awesome game even better for us real life anglers. Yes, there have been ups and downs, and yes, we're very vocal about the downs, but on the whole I think it's fair to say this is an incredible game. While there are little things like animation glitches or frame rate freezes, the experience as a whole is superb and by far the best attempt to accurately portray fishing on a system that I've ever come across. I came across the game by accident while mooching around PSN store for something or other ( I didn't even know it existed ) and immediately hit download without even reading the writeup or checking the trailer. I was immediately hooked ( no pun intended ) and still am, I dread to think how much time I've spent on here, and I do not regret spending a single penny of my own money, as far as I'm concerned they deserve it. So, a huge thank you to the devs and I wish you all a great New Year and I hope everything you have planned for the game sees the light of day and makes this an even better experience! As for you 'orrible lot reading this, I have never come across such an open and friendly community, whether on the forum or in the game. When you have total strangers helping each other, demonstrating things, explaining tactics, sending screenshots of where to cast, telling people to add them as a friend and grab a mic to explain a finer point etc, that shows a community is very close knit and working well. The current event with fireworks demonstrates this very well - everyone is prepared to take their turn on the dock launching for others benefit. And as for the crew I party up with, finer people there are not. I've laughed so hard I've snorted beer out my nose and been unable to breathe...pretty much every time we're partied up! Special mention must go to Headshot for imparting all his knowledge about the Halloween gar to me and fishing the week together, and also for being a great guy all round. And Jim, what can I say about Jim? Awesome friend, awesome laugh and saved me a lot of travelling when the surface lures came out by doing the same thing I was. Also very knowledgable regarding the game and willing to help anyone. There are too many people to mention but you're all awesome and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, hopefully we'll all still be playing this time next year! My one lament is that Jims mic cuts out when he goes into the kitchen to make a drink, but stays live when he goes to the bathroom to pee! Have a good one guys and gals, seeya out there :-)
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    I'm at the point where I'll only use 3', 6' and 8' cranks depending on venue. For the longest time I said it was just the lure indicator that was messed up and not the lures themselves. But, I'm starting to reconsider my views given the amount of takes that I miss. I believe it changed at the same time kayaks were added? Before then they were fine, but as it stands it seems to me that the 12' and deeper are worthless now. The indicator shows any deep crank just dragging bottom now ( or hooking invisible Sasquatchs that drag Pierre up the mountain or invisible birds ). While it's still possible to catch on these deep cranks, something changed for the worse. I'm sure all here remember the Vampire Gar fiasco - we kept saying they were screwed up - and for just one Monday night they worked fine. Then they went tits up again. It was never acknowleged they were messed up, despite the whole playerbase saying exactly the same thing. Seems that cranks are messed up now, and the devs won't believe us when we say something's wrong, just like the Vamps. I expect it on franchises like CoD ( someone I know on a CoD forum can no longer play due to a black screen, Activision and SHG simply said ' it's your internet '. They make so much revenue they don't really care if the game works and have been giving progressively worse game since 2009. But, I know the FP devs work hard to give us a great game being a small studio. I'm curious as to how everyone else views cranks. Please note, this is not an attack on the devs so don't write vitriolic posts, just be honest and give your opinion on cranks as they are now. I seemed to have a different experience to the guys I fish with - or I did until recently at least. But now I fully agree with them. If Hegert or any of the team want to reply, I'd welcome it. But be warned, if you say ' cranks are working as intended ' I will ask what is the point of including any crank that dives deeper than 8 feet? Any crank over 8 feet drags bottom, unlike the previous cranks before the update. And before it's suggested, of course I'm not using 23' cranks in FL or LA. I'm not slating the game or the devs, just stating a fact. I welcome a reply from the team, and I'd like to know others opinions on cranks.
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    Before I start, this is not a self praise thread. The point of the thread is the result so bear with me.. I jumped on for an hour after work ( always seems to turn into 2 hours! I digress ). Was doing my own thing when a friend enters the room who was having...issues, regarding a uni. In the course of chat I mentioned something all us regs take as given and well known. Not 5 minutes later, bang! That uni dropped for him. I didn't mention location, time, weather or anything like that. Just mentioned something we all take as a given these days. He did all the work required, I was just making my way through fifty or sixty 40lb gar doing my own thing. If the above seems ambiguous, that is intentional. I don't want to steal his thunder and I don't want this thread to seem like self praise. Point is, it's all the communication that occurs in this game that made the above happen. And I was grinning like hell when he caught it - just as happy as if I'd caught it the first time for myself. We all know what I refer to above being longtime forum users and deranged mic users, and I purposely haven't mentioned what I said because to us it would seem to be trivial. But, if you don't know these things...you won't know until you're told! I was over the moon to see that uni come out, and if the person I refer to would prefer to remain silent then that's fine by me. The sharing and willingness of people to help in this community is the best I have ever seen, and being in a position to be able to provide some help and seeing it pay off is awesome too. And what makes that happen? Pretty much every person reading this post. If everyone in the game was a secret squirrel and said or shared nothing, I have no doubt I'd have gone the same way in a form of self defence. Instead, my morning was made seeing this guy get his uni. Long may it continue dudes. We haven't created a poisonous community like CoD, we've made a sharing and helping community. Just look at where we're all from - not a word of discord anywhere about country, language, ethnicity, language skills, religion or sexuality ( actual or implied ). There are no juvenile comments or the regular headset slurs found in other games. Best bit? Myself and the person I refer to have never even spoken. And I was still psyched to help and see the uni he wanted come out. That wasn't just me, it was everyone I play/chat with because I know they all would have done exactly the same thing and been as happy as me when it dropped for him had they been there and not me. I also think I owe Brazly an apology as he was talking to me in familiar terms and I was wracking my brain knowing I'd seen the guy but unable to remember where and too embarrassed to ask if we knew each other. Hey, one step at a time ;-) To quote two favourite dudes of mine....be excellent to each other!
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    Hello there everyone, I am not a pro or anything close to it but after playing close to 90 days for 10+ hrs daily and after losing many fish I learned few things, which I am going to share below. 1. Don't use L2+R2 to get the strike right away when u see ur bobber taken away instead try moving ur right joystick left/right + R2.( u will notice the difference) 2. Repair ur rods/reels while u can because once it's broken u can't fix it or sell it. 3. Sell damaged X series lines/equipment to get baitcoins instead of removing them. 4. Take extra reels/lines for your trip it will come very handy for ur long trip. 5. Don't run around lake to lake instead stick to one until u make enough cash for future(initial stages up to level 20). 6. Buy bigger keepnet/stringer to make best out of ur level( initially try to use stringer as they provide more space compared to any keepnet),Unless u want to jump into competition . 7. Money management is the key to success(specially up to level 30). 8. Try to fall in love with BASS or try dating with Walleyes till level 30 and they will treat u well. 9. Try completing the achievements, if you do so u will get rewards real good ones. 10. Last but not the least while casting your bobber or lure, when u are done pressing R2 to cast try moving your right joystick to move your rod and by doing so u can slightly adjust your cast where you want to land it. [ Turn on the bell for float fishing ] While playing FP u don't have to own everything which store has to offer in initial stages instead try to capitalize for later to buy better stuffs. I know grinding is tough when you are at low level so to avoid that don't run around, try playing from one place.
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    I totaly agree with everyones posts. But for me, it also has a deeper meaning. At 55 years old, and being estranged for almost two years now from my wife of 23 years, I have become quite the recluse. Anyone who has been through a divorce, especially after a marriage that consumed almost half of ones life, knows the emotional and financial woes that accompany such. It seems that until lately, my life mostly consisted on immersing myself in work, and spending my evenings at home watching TV and solo gaming. I have a small group of friends that I've known forever, and we manage to get together from time to time, play a round of golf, go have a beer and shoot some pool, watch a sporting event and such. My two oldest sons are grown men, but I have a 15 year old daughter that comes to visit from time to time, so it's not that I have no life, just a limited one lol. But what this site, and the friends I've met since becoming a member, has offered me has been therapeutic. I'ts given me an outlet to cut up, have fun, speak my mind, forget about work, and just generally enjoy the company of my new comrades. And for that, I thank you. Now that I have told my tale, who's up for a cocktail and some fishing later lol.
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    Texas- at cabin Missouri- Songs of Summer peg (on path) North Carolina- Rubble of Old Times peg (on path) Florida- Lily pad peg Michigan- on beach to the right of kayak dock (kayak required) Oregon- down path from waterfall behind big rock on leftside of path Louisiana- Cypress Dreams peg, to the right halfway down bank Alaska- behind hunters cabin New York- left of kayak dock, small path beside big rock (kayak required) California- on Beaver island (kayak required) Colorado- at very south end of path Alberta- under Christmas tree Obviously not all found by me, was a collective effort between members of the ps4 community [Fishing Planet] & this forum. Merry Christmas Y'all, may it be your best so far!
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    Lol it's all fun dude. I love how so many different people from all over the world can just chill out and have a laugh and relax. After 9 years of CoD, well, that community is just poisonous. Racial slurs, sexual orientation slurs, kids telling you what they did to your mom last night, insults based on how well people speak/type English, hate messages, Country hate....etc etc, I'm sure we've all experienced some of the above at some point. So to be in a party with, seemingly, half the forum and not hear a single word of dissention was a breath of fresh air. Goes to show we're all adults and share a cameraderie and a love for the game regardless of where we're from, what we like, what we've done ingame, what we want to do and nobody looks down on anyone. I can't ever recall being part of such a good group before, just a shame we can't all fit in one room! And we still tell any and all to join us because we all have one thing in common. Great game, great people :-)
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    can't find you guys but some guys helped me get this!! sweet
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    Well, as I said many times, you can still catch on the deeper crankbaits despite what the indicator is telling us. But, the glitches keep mounting up and the amount of takes missed has also dramatically increased. I agree with Jim - it's made me use other gear more, and therefore better at the game. It's telling that there is no reply from even a mod to this thread so far. I don't care if they have problems, I don't care if they're struggling to fix said problems, I would just like them to acknowledge that cranks aren't working as they used to. If it takes them a few months to find the source of the problem that's fine with me. Quite a few people have mentioned this issue now and I haven't seen a word from the devs or support team about it. I find it annoying because I own so many of the bloody things lol. I would presume the team still have testers or play themselves? How has this not been noticed when these things are happening to us on a daily basis? I, and I'm sure everybody else, accept games have problems and that this is a small studio. The gar event was a brief addition so somewhat understandable, but cranks are ( or were ) a staple of the game and used to work perfectly. But, we've heard absolutely nothing about this from the team despite many posts and comments about it. Even if they simply said " we're aware of the issue and trying to find out what went wrong " that would go some way to mollifying people somewhat. Anyone who says they've never made a mistake is a liar, and the team proved with the hooking bug ( twice ) that they do their best to address issues. But this one has been ongoing for a while now.. If anyone from the team would care to reply it would be welcomed, I know changing something isn't as simple as hitting a switch or pulling a magic lever. But, this has been going on a long time now. I'd rather see cranks removed than left in their current state tbh. Like I said, this isn't a thread slating the team, far from it. Love this game so much. Just listen to us and keep us informed please, when we come across issues we will make them known and ask for them to be fixed because we love the game so much. I'm level 40 rank 20 and still spending real money, I wouldn't be if I thought this game didn't have legs. I can absolutely see myself playing this game this time next year. Anyway, apologies for the diatribe. Largely repeating what we all say on mics or on game chat but the cranks over 8' simply do not perform as they used to.
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    I think I resemble this post! It's all true. The thing mentioned was something as simple as the presentation of crankbait. I've said before, i'm no real life fisherman. And the videos on cranks all show a strike in milliseconds of casting so no help there. VV is right, I put in a lot of hours trying for that SOB LMB and I could've kept grinding on it until I eventually got it. But he took the time to offer some advice and answer some questions and BOOM, three casts later my white whale is vanquished! BTW, there should be whales in FP. Like VV said, you gotta do the work (I have copies of ubersheet, charts, and even a map of the docks in LA) but it's nice knowing someone will take the time to help out when all else fails. VV--self praise all you want, you earned it.
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    Well said, friend (even though we're not...yet). I fully plan to hit you guys up if I have problems when I get around to going for the rest of the Uni's. As for now, I just was going for the cash spent in one day. Level I is $100k in one day for 1 bait coin. Level II is $200k in one day for 2 bait coins. Silly me assumed (incorrectly) that Level III would be $300k in one day. Whoops! Not so much! It's actually spend $500k in one day for 3 bait coins and an X-Series Gold round bobber. I was disappointed because I purchased everything a Level 40 should possess. Big tackle box, big vest, big fish fort XXL, big fish keeper. I even bought the 3 other kayaks. A few rods and reels and Bam! $324k spent. Well, it look-a like I'mma have to buy some monthly licenses the next time I save up over $500k to try again. I did unlock Lucky Bobber III two nights ago on Pike at St. Croix. Unsure how, but I'll take it. Still struggling on Angling Machine I, catch 20 in a row. (Any idea how I got Lucky Bobber without getting any Angling Machine done?!? I'm confused) And, back to the Community. Most games are broken down by region to keep the lag to a minimum. I love that this game is region free! I can finally play with friends from all over the world again without the lag destroying our fun. We can be fishing side by side and not have to worry about one of us rubber-banding or glitching in place. Everyone that I've met in this game have been helpful, pleasant and generally fun to be around! The Voice Party Chats are EPIC! I can't wait to join some of you I haven't met yet for nights of fishing, imbibing and laughing together! Thank you everyone for being you! You make this community work for all of us!!!
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    I'm with Bear. Played CoD for years, and the latest iteration is a perfect example of playing a Beta - after a Beta that was in August/Sept. And it's still messed up to the point I deleted it after paying £85 and giving it 6 weeks. I'd rather see things like gameplay additions, new venues, that frame rate freeze that happens every 30 seconds sorted, cranks fixed, the elastic line that creates a resonance wave when using surface lures sorted, be able to sweep the rod over my shoulder when playing a fish from a kayak instead of hitting an invisible 180 degree wall ( that should really be reduced to 90 degrees, 45 degrees either side of directly behind the player ), things like that. Please note, that is not critiscism per se, just wishes and observations. VR for me is a long, long way down the list of things I'd like to see. Not to mention a PS4 Pro is needed to get the best out of it. And most peoole have a regular PS4 that works just fine.. In my opinion, there are a lot of areas that could be worked on with the game in its current format that would improve it no end rather than having the devs extending themselves to include a mode that - given the low response - would cater for a ( seeming ) minority. The kayaks were a great addition, the changes to cranks weren't. Even I'm getting disillusioned with the amount of missed takes now. I'd rather see things that the players are saying need to be fixed, fixed. But God knows, they do try. They are very communicative and for the most part are sensitive to our complaints. Take a look at Condrey, the ' genius ' behind the latest CoD, if you criticise his game on his Twitter account he will delete the post and block you. At least the FP devs communicate with us, invite us to mail them our issues and do their absolute best to please us all and listen to us, whether they act on it or not. And they don't do stupid things like ' this our latest grand idea, get used to it because we aren't changing '. * cough * Condrey. But VR? That is something that should be treated as a ' 5 years from now, maybe '. While the vision behind the game is vast and so is the scope, look at the ingame tips. Use a strong rod so you don't have to lift anchor when hooking a big fish. We only recently got kayaks, and we cannot lift or drop anchor while playing a fish. Look for Rainbow trout in pockets of water behind boulders - there are no rivers with Rainbow trout. Etc etc. Lots of yet to be implemented plans are evident just from those two tips. FP should forget about VR and just work on what they have - because it's bloody brilliant and with some touch ups and a few fixes could only get better. Be gentle...
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    I understand the excitement of implementing VR into the game, but wouldn't stabilizing the existing platforms with all future and planned implements, bug fix's corrected, and offering the community a "Polished Product" first and foremost be priority before injecting a new technology considering the limited resources the team has to work with? Would rather go into a new entity with a stable product without the potential of new bugs joining the old ones and forced to be a "beta tester" of a product I have $$$ invested in. Just my opinion and with all due respect, I'm neutral regarding VR implementation at this stage. In the future, yes absolutely!
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    Just a bit of fun http://www.cultofweird.com/nature/furry-trout-caught-in-wisconsin/
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    Turned out to be a 17lb Antlered. Without fireworks. Walleyewhisperer here saw me land it, although he obviously has to take me on faith when I say I hooked it with no fireworks. But the only other guy in the room was leaving as I hooked it and there were no fireworks whatsoever going off. I was expecting a Lake trout, especially seeing as it was such a git to get off the bottom. But, it was an antlered ( and not my biggest ), without fireworks. I have read on the Steam boards of people catching the Furries on PC without fireworks, so maybe it isn't such a big deal, but it was a bit of an eye opener.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone and too your all family members and also wish you an advance Happy New Year 2018. As it's 12 am on 25th here right now, I wish all of your wishes may come true and fill your life with all the happiness in coming year. May Santa come this year for you all with the gifts which shall make your every moments more cherish able.
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    ((( Гринч Нарушь любую лицензию на рождественском водоеме )) а как его сделать? если у меня еще с времен когда золото было я купил на все водоему безлимит. как быть? ))
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    Pap, you got through!! Congrats mate, go for it. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we're rooting for you as one of our own. Best of luck fella, you've done better than all of us. No matter how you do, you got there and respect is deserved. Go get 'em tiger..
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    Ms. Pierre sent "him" to a tent in the graden lol. Said she has had enough Fishing Planet lol.
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    If he says Oregon I'm not switching my PS on for a week
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    Just purchased headphones an wow this game is awsome an getting only better. I had a great time playing with strangers now fishing buds.So if u ever get a little bored with the game buy urself a set of headphones . U wont regret it the community is awsome for the most part an sharing tips an a partner to jion u while u experience the game. Theres definitely a community out there fit everyones style to find . From the casual to the hard core players
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    Was just fishing with.....someone, and helped him get both unis from Colorado. I swear I was happier than when I caught them myself! I may have been artificially stimulated by the fact I know I never have to go back there unless someone specifically requests it though I know any and everyone on here would do the same for me, and many randoms have gone out of their way to help me in my quest too. Try getting the same support on CoD
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    I hadn't really tried fishing for uniques before. But at the end of a New York grinding trip with some shiners left I decided to try. By reading old posts on here and watching a couple of videos, I got this guy in 1 hour of gt. Keep posting those tips. They really do work!
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    До выпуска садков я имел перфектный аттенданс на этом соревновании, так-как изейшие плюс рейтинг. Стабильная 10ка, раза 3 был в призах. Сейчас я туда даже не регистрируюсь, против 210кг садков - не вижу смысла напрягать оппу.По скрину (вырезал интересное) хочется добавить. Кто если не знает - набрать лишних 12 или 15 кг от максимальной вместимости садка, та даже напрягаться не надо. Просто вывести 199 и взять любого попавшегося осетра. Но набрать сверху 19.4+ кг - надо чтобы не только повезло, но и очень постараться. И крючечки поменять и побегать и понимать что ты делаешь. На месте Михана яб просто сгорел нафиг, взять сверху 19+ и попасть на 3е место. Он заслужил 1е место. Выб своих тестеров попросили попробовать набрать 219+ за время соревнования с текущим клевом - и потом спросили, повлияло ли на результаты введение этих садков.
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    Best group of friends on PS4 I’ve ever had and it’s just all about having fun and helping one another out. VV is spot on with nothing but the above mattering and at the end of the day that’s all that really should matter. 👍🎣👍
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    Y Just 5 minutes with the "Aquaholics" and BOOM the Unique i was looking from 3 days ago... Was epic. A wonderful night without sectarianism and fully friendly. Thank you guys. And yes this community it's the best i have known in PS4/PS3 and PC games environment. And no more words... VV now im crying... Going for a beer.
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    And finally after two full days of fishin at Michigan I was able to capture my Uni Walleye. Obviously I can recognize that beyond my knowledge and skills what influenced most was the good vibes and friendship that was in that room. Thanks friends for giving me that extra touch of luck. Thanks for the invitation and laughs. And no... I'm not scared! It was very funny to see the notice that the license expired just while pulling the line and BOOM "my precious" PS: No matter what, it was worth it. Big or small, unique is unique.
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    I have Unlimited Advanced for Texas, Missouri, New York, Colorado, Oregon and just got Michigan. New York for low levels, Oregon for mid-levels and Michigan for life!!! Grinding Michigan until $350k, then completing the Spent Cash Challenges in one swoop!
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    Congrats to all !! Had my first one yesterday..during a competition and it took me some time to get it on the dry land lol!
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    Atleast im not the only person to fish for uniques that aren't there .
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    Left Alberta, too many issues. This does help soothe the pain some.
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    100% agree w/ both of you, but am still looking forward to clubs being installed. There will always be the select few that are hyper competitive to the point of only sharing tips with friends or playing in private rooms, there's already many who do, they just aren't under an "official" named group. Though I believe the majority of the FP community is like Dusty, ViolentV, Headshot, Papu, Bucky, myself & far to many others to list, that literally have folks from lvl 1 thru Rank 20+ as friends & are more than willing to share tips, techniques, etc.; also I believe the daily FP player is a different "breed" of gamer lol. We may be a lil competitive & want top tier fish, but we are also very laid back & quick to congratulate another for note worthy achievements from simple lvl ups to challenge completions to even topping our own pb'. Friendly competitiveness is mostly what I see by 99.9% of folks in every room, so I have faith that it will continue by the majority of folks even if they're in separate clubs. Like I said imo the FP community is a different breed of gamer, enjoying everyone getting that next achievement as much as doing it ourselves, instead of the cutthroat competitiveness.
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    Human nature. While I welcome anything along the lines of clubs or clans, I'd like to see it introduced as a way for friends to fish together - not as a competitive thing, because that would lead directly to what you state above. It'd reach the point where we'd see things like " Fishing Masters are recruiting, tryouts at 7pm, must have 500 uniques to apply " etc. I'm not interested in that aspect of things at all, fishing as I do with people at a variety of levels where nobody cares who has caught what. It's the social aspect that's more important to me and the guys I fish with, so if things do reach the point where clans are ranked, well, I'd rather be placed last fishing with the awesome group of guys I do than high up with a bunch of sweaty tryhards. I'll be having one hell of a laugh while they'll be screaming at each other for not catching their required quota of unis for that day ;-) The Xmas thing was awesome, I think the very last time I fished it I was in a room with 4 randoms and we all communicated and took our fair turn. Proper community spirit like you say. We'll just have to see what happens. Personally the next big thing I can't wait to see is Willow Lake, as that is the first step to a load of new European venues ( although hopefully the N.A venues won't be allowed to stagnate and will still be tweaked to keep things fresh ). Happy dangling :-)
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    2 months from now, you won't pay the cooldown any attention whatsoever. Take note of what we say above, because we've all been there. Make getting a bigger keepnet your priority, and also spend multiple days on a venue. Your first day you may make very little over your travel costs, but the second day all you have to pay is a 2k fee and the rest is yours. Same for each subsequent day. The absolute worst thing you can do is go shooting off to venues you can barely afford, there is plenty of money to be made in NC. If I knew in September what I know now... You're still at a fairly early stage of the game and to me, it seems the stringer is limiting your options. Get that bigger net, stay multiple days and the money will soon start to go up. If ( and it's a big if ) you can afford to buy some baitcoins, do it. The Fishfort XL keepnet is 660 baitcoins. Yep, it's steep, but it will make you a hell of a lot more money ingame. 1,090 baitcoins are currently £24 here, seeing as the game is free just that one purchase for half the retail of a regular game helps the devs and helps you progress through the game much easier. I bought it when I was a fairly low level and my money just went up and up from there as it holds 330lb of fish with a max single fish weight of 110lb. Didn't take long before I had the spare funds for the Fishcastle XXL. Getting a bigger net should be your ultimate aim because ultimately it puts money in your account, and means you no longer have to skip time every 45 mins. In the meantime, hit us up. We're all happy to help in any way we can
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    this game is money well spent.. It gives u more freedom and more options to fish different locations. Fishing Planet deserves all the riches that are coming too them for creating such a indepth and unique game on the entire market
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    It's $2.99 for 50 bait coins , which is not much but eventually it's some bodies hard earned money and probably he/she was trying to gift someone, which I don't know how to as there is a gift option. After all it's holiday season everyone is giving the gifts to their loved ones. It was a honest thought nothing else. Ty anyways... It's much appreciated.. Cheers!
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    Dear Friends! It’s time to hand out those Christmas presents from Santa and his merry elves!;) Thank you all, who wrote their fishing story letters, all of which we made sure to pass on to the North Pole! Every one of you will receive 50 BaitCoins! We will contact the TOP 10 story writers and with their approval post some of the letters here as soon as possible! Unfortunately for technical reasons, we can’t send you the Tackle Packs on Sony Playstation, but we can and will send you all the Christmas Edition items from the Packs separately! Will will write you each an email with further info!
  42. 3 points
    No matter how grown up we get, Christmas time never fails to excite with the tingling anticipation of something magical in the air...just around the corner! And this time the feeling is right, with plenty of holiday magic, fairytale fish, fireworks and festive excitement waiting for you! This holiday season, join our fairytale fishing adventure with fantastic Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout that were spotted in snowy Canada! Have fun catching these magical Christmas event fish while the fireworks are blasting and complete the Myth Buster and Deer Hunter challenges to get unique holiday rewards. You can also try to complete the new Fishy Racing challenge and get a unique Elven Kayak as a prize! Then of course, do not forget about Christmas Giant’s Tour - the final fishing Tournament of 2017. Christmas Special Packs For a full joy of this special event we compiled the limited Christmas Magic Pack with unique collectible holiday-themed rods and reels! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store* *will be available at midnight December 21st Also you can get a Santa’s Kayak Pack which is every angler's perfect Christmas present! The best goodie in this giftbox is a collectible Christmas kayak, decorated to look like a real Santa's Sleigh! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store* *will be available at midnight December 21st And don’t forget to collect your Christmas presents, hidden around all waterways! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fishing Planet!
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    the last 4 minutes of the semis..thank you guys for the support good thing i didn't bungled it because i think i might hide for a year lololol
  44. 3 points
    He hooked it and I was there! Sorry I couldn’t shoot off any fireworks I had one on for the longest time and got the kayak!!!!
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    По соревнованиям будем дорабатывать и дорабатывать. Сразу после окончания введения каячных соревнований начнем допил. И все замечания будут приняты к сведени. По изменениям в патчнотах - изменения по клеву мы пишем,а по респауну это как - писать слева от коряги теперь дно выше и не респаунится? Позже будет функционал карты, на котором будет виден рельеф и можно будет делать привязки координат. А вот респаун сообщать не будет, тут уж извините.
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    Guys, you missed out on a truly awesome evening. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard for so long. It was: Myself, Mitch, Hateful and Pierre ( who can't use a mic ). And a random. We covered a lot of topics, we caught a lot of fish. But damn, did we laugh. Especially when Bigfoot took a liking to Pierre, grabbed his line and started dragging him up the shore, through the cabin and up the mountain! We all set fireworks off taking turns, we all caught xmas fish and unis, even the random set off fireworks ( and I did thank him after you guys left ). Decency prevents me from recounting some of the most hilarious moments/comments - Jim couldn't breathe due to laughing at one particular comment - but what a night. Guys, it was entirely my pleasure and an absolute blast! My liver is going to be jelly by Xmas day..
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    Я начинал играть сравнительно недавно и по началу также шерстил ютуб, который пестрит кучей видео с проблемой "Как заработать, экономика в оппе, итд". Первое что пришло в голову - это спросить у гугла о ценах на рыбу. Получил ссылку на документ. Я был 5 уровень. Выбрал рыбу, и начал качаться на прибыльном варианте. На локациях выше 25 уровня, вначале я начал температурить о невозможности игнорировать графики клева, однако нагуглил и эти таблицы. К 40 уровню у меня хватало кредитов на абсолютно весь топовый обвес, и в течении недели я купил все что было необходимо для высоко-уровневых локаций. В итоге - даже понравилось. Так что проблемы "Плохого фарма, отстойной экономики" - решаемы вполне нормально. В итоге проблемы вижу, как озвучил ранее и был бы счастлив если бы что-то изменилось. Лайфхак№1. не смотреть Вольдемара, он не умеет играть, просто фармит зрителей и пиарится как умеет. Просто играйте.
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    Gone to do my qualifier. Or should that be, gone to be smashed in the qualifier? Lol. Tomorrow dudes. We can only get 5 in a room ( hint hint FP ), but we can get plenty in party chat. We've reached the point where there have to be multiple rooms for all the players in the party chat when everyone is on, we can't all get in the same room - or even 3 rooms on a good night. FP have stated they have plans to implement clubs etc, so let's see where the future takes us. I'm already envisaging co-founding a club with Jim. My entry requirements are simple - have a mic. That's about it. Don't care about level, unis caught, rank, what you fish for, where you're from, what you use, biggest fish or comp wins. Not really too concerned about the mic thing either, but it helps. We are the guys who love the game and welcome everyone, level 1 or level 40.
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    but here is the thing bud..really this event is for all..even if you don't know the guys fishing next to you then incase your lure is on the water and suddenly someone tries their fireworks...booom Christmas fish on! of course after that you will thank them and by earning fireworks yourself it will encourage you to help them.catch one! make friends anew! p.s. compared to the last event which we really cant blame the devs because night fishing in ps4 wasnt implemented yet..this event i'll give it 10/10.. so much fun and a lot of laughs and made long aquaintances and new friends enjoy fishing again!
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    After the last event, I waited to see if VV and some others gave this event a thumbs up before I bought the DLC. And according to their running thread, it looks like they are having a great time. That persuaded me to support the devs and buy the DLC. Now after reading what you said here Pap I'm really glad I did. For reasons I won't go into here I have a heck of a time being social in the game due to the way the in-game chat keyboard system works. That said I may not be able to fully participate in this event, but I can do so vicariously here on the forums. Congratulations on that Kayak!