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    Hello, anglers! Now, you can create and customize competitive fishing events based on your own preferences, by fine-tuning and adjusting multiple event settings, including rules, locations, time schedules, participants and much more! We designed a whole array of new tools to make it more comfortable for you to create and host just the perfect angling competitions and set numerous parameters to your preferences: Use pre-existing templates or generate your fishing event from scratch! Select the competition formats (free for all/team/duel) and privacy settings. Set your own Entry Fee and Prize Pool. Choose from multiple settings, including location, number of participants, player LVLs, duration, time, weather conditions, tackle, qualifying fish, etc...! We’ll tell you in more detail here how these new competitions are going to look like in the game. A new Custom Competitions will be added to the game interface that’ll feature a convenient list of all the user competitors both available and already played. Aside from standard Custom Competitions, there will be Sponsored Competitions easily recognized by the distinctive golden design of the following elements: Logo frame Icon for the competition format Competition name These competitions have some special characteristics: Only a Hosts appointed by the game devs may create Sponsored Competitions. Once created, such events get checked by the Administrator before publishing. These competitions have unique names and are always shown at the top of the event list. Devs may assign sponsor rewards for these competitions. Sponsored Competitions will pose a particular interest for the more advanced sport anglers, being a perfect chance to compete against equally worthy opponents and win valuable prizes! If you're an influencer and want to create your own competition, please contact sс@fishingplanet.com with information about your channel and your nickname in Fishing Planet and they will provide you all the information needed. That’s all for now! Stay tuned to keep track of what’s fishing;)
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    Had the same issue. I sent an email to support and apparently they are unable to see the issue in the game data. They requested a video of the problem. When they work, they are fun. Hope they get it sorted.
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    Не для кого не секрет , есть прога которая ломает dll файлы, в нашем случае Assembly-CSharp.dll. Проблема в том , что НИКАКОЙ АНТИЧИТ не поможет, так как не запускается сторонняя прога при запуске игры, а просто тупо редактируется как в блокноте. Затем манипуляции с этим файлом очень просты основной файл идет в архив, подмененный с премиумом и всякой лабудой в игре . Итак в соревновагиях нельзя подставки но они разрешены при заходе в соревнования и еще рыба идет в зачет с берега, что делает читак делает подсветку рыбы и затем ее сартирует подняв донку до того как она клюнет. Вобщем запарило видеть говнецо без году неделя в игре. Итак тему я открыл чтобы скидывали сюда скрины суперфишермен
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    Спасибо, мы почти закончили работу над системой античита, так что скоро ребяткам прилетит по полной.
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    Hey there, dear anglers! Many of you have been asking us to prolong St.Patrick event to be able to complete all the fun event activities. We are happy to announce that the event has been prolonged for one more week till March 29th on all platforms: Steam, PS4 and XB1! Enjoy!
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    Добрый день. У эвента заканчивается не только поимкой 150 змееголовов. Так же эвент заканчивается по времени. https://prnt.sc/rk2qk2 - на скрине видно, что до конца эвента осталось 2 дня.
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    https://youtu.be/moGThoAtsEE Proof it exists. Got it at Mudwater River. Snagged many bark before but the Aspen finally showed itself!
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    after the initial week or so of the blue crab patch England has gone into decline yet another nerf in the hope of killing every good fishing spot to make people go to prem this company sucks
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    Company direction ---- continue breaking the game after fooling people into buying 'The Fisherman' while basically giving F2P a complete makeover with continuous updates.. So much more too say but i'm not quite ready to get banned.. meh!
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    I have been playing Fishing Planet for 3 years and here I sum up why I do seriously consider uninstalling it The economics in the game are just so unfair now. And I'm talking about when you purchase the premium, not in free to play mode. At least some of the bugs were fixed in the latest update that were annoying me before, but off-course they introduced new ones. But the main reason to give up is that its not fun anymore, when you are trying to fish for fun you just lose so much money that sooner or later you are broke. And farming money is boring as hell and devs are trying to make it as hard as possible.
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    When you level up you are able to purchase these items from the shop now, they are not given to you.
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    More details about St. Patrick's Event Release you can find here - Happy St. Patrick's Day: Kick the Snake Leaderboard redesign Fish image and player’s avatars added. Redesigned leaderboard filters Added a quick search by fish type, name, size or location. Added a possibility to choose all players leaderboard or only based on your friends. Added a possibility to choose fish by its type instead of genus. Sports events filter added to chat settings. Physics bugfix: Fixed bug with friction position storing. Mississippi walls bug fixed. Added more realistic bass beat behavior. Fixed a fish escape from the stand bug.
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    Хранить информацию а каждом из друзей, а также скачивать массу аватарок, состояния друзей и поддерживать активную информацию а них. Может занимать память, и канал. До 200 думаю можно расширить без проблем.
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    Well, while I was very excited for this update, I must say that it seems to be bugged on PS4.. When the competition starts, the counter counts down, you can enter, but if you start fishing, you're not in the competition. Not the right weather conditions, no top 10 table.. something is not working there. Once you restart the game, you can correctly enter the competition, choose your spot, go to the lake, and you'll see the scores. But since the user generated comps are live (why?), you'll have already lost 8 minutes of your fishing time by then. I really love this feature, and think it can bring so much to the game. But from my first impression it is still bugged. Happened at Weeping Willow UK. Will do some more testing in the next days. Thank you guys for putting it out. It'd be awesome if you could fix this, though. Thanks! Edit: why can't we give the comps custom names? I don't understand that part of it. Also, it doesn't show the wind direction when I create a custom comp. The menu is a bit confusing here. It'd be awesome if you could make it easier to identify and set the specific conditions. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, this update does not work yet. Developers know about it, they said that it will work next week.
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    Good for you, more of these bullies should be reported and banned for disrespectful activities. Its 2020 now, the world has changed. There is nothing wrong with dating a tranny these days if that's your thing, certainly you shouldn't be osterisized for it in a video game. As well, your tranny girlfriend should not be insulted or put down either... live and let live
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    Thank you very much! Wish I asked before I bought it! Wish I could merge my progress from The Fisherman into the free play. Live and learn. I appreciate your help!
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    Сегодня вышел новый патч 3.5.5. То есть, патч включает в себя: Небольшие исправления и улучшения Улучшена доставка игровых продуктов (DLC) И самое главное: добавлено ограничение в 1 минуту для перехода из команды в команду в пользовательских соревнованиях. То есть теперь хост соревнования за минуту до начала может спокойно уравновесить команды. Кто хочет, может проверить прямо сегодня. UPD: По информации, полученной от разработчиков, обновление с минутным ограничением на переход из команды в команду заработает на следущей неделе.
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    You are playing The Fisherman Fishing Planet if you have a disc . They are two different games . If you bought deluxe pack from psn store it is for Fishing Planet (free to play version ). There are only 2 DLCs for The Fisherman boat pack and trophy pack the rest are in the game to purchase with baitcoins.
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    The function of prohibiting the transition from team to team a minute before the start of the competition will be introduced in the game soon. Thus, the host can calmly equalize the teams.
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    Привет рыболовам! Сегодня отправляемся на озеро Фэлкон за Радужной Форелью. Самая популярная и распространённая пресноводная форелевая рыба может сегодня принести каждому участнику команды-победительницы 10 бейткоинов! Но это ещё не всё. Победители своих команд получат каждый по набору на День св. Патрика. А вот тот, кто поймает самую крупную зачётную рыбу в течение соревнования, получит Golden Pack! И не забудьте посмотреть в условия соревнования. Радужную форель сегодня ловим только на спиннинговые и кастинговые снасти. Подставки запрещены, лодки и каяки - на здоровье! Начало соревнования 27.03.2020 в 19:15 Киев, 20:15 МСК. Прямая трансляция - Twitch, YouTube, канал FPdimsam. Участвуйте, побеждайте и да пребудет с вами Сила! Запись трансляции соревнования:
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    Ограничение на 200 человек. Неужели мало? А сколько хочется? Поиск и пр вещи - да, доделаем.
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    Can't cast, can't set the hook, can't reel a fish in, but the problem is with my PS4 right? I really wanted to enjoy this game and all the new things that have been added, but my user experience has been terrible. FP why do you keep producing more content when it's obvious your servers can't handle it?
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    For me if im playing for more 1 hr i try to close app and restart . It helps sometimes .
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    Paid DLC huh? I thought that buying the game was supposed to get you everything for free afterwards, was marketed that way. Kinda still waiting for all the 36 DLCs that were supposed to come with the game...worst waste of money ever
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    On a general mission where you need to collect 4 bark, one of them is aspen bark. Where is this located and how do you get it? Rocky lake i assume but no help online for this mission after weeks of looking.
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    Thank you for your reply and I will write in English for the rest Nice day
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    The stutters in FP have always been an issue especially while using rod stand but with lastest patch i have had poles stretch 30 ft when fish is pulling drag . I have gotten stuck in a strange point of view when using rod stand where the pole is shoulder height on my character . Getting some bait was eaten when it never moved , beeped nothing .This was when float fishing . As for PSN i have had messages come 2 hrs after they where sent , friends list isnt always loading i imagine the system is just overloaded .
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    Lag and freezing seem to be better after the update. Time will tell, but it’s nice to start enjoying this game again.
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    Is there any ETA on when or if the update drops that we can create custom competitions on PS4 like they have on PC?
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    They post patch notes about as often as they answer questions here on the forums.
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    The silence begins lol i would expect any update anytime soon.
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    не Важно быть вАЖНЫМ-важно быть нужным)
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    March 11th hmmm.... Any news on this matter? I will by DLS I promise
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    Thankyou also for your willingness to help! Tightlines
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    Just a suggestion, But maybe you should inform players that Pike and Muskie can and will bite through your line if you don't have a titanium leader on it. And that you can now add leaders to all the setups. I for one was very upset when I lost a lure I paid for with baitcoins because I wasn't aware of these facts when it was released on Steam.
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    Get in contact with me. I'm also on xbox1. I WILL GO TO THE SPOT WITH YOU.
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    I don't know about everyone else, but the new Bite System update seems to have brought about many changes for me personally.. the Pros.. well it seems that it's brought about many new areas on the waterways that one can catch many different species of fish, therefore breaking up many of frequenter's of the honey holes such as Pike alley at St. Croix, now it never really bothered me to go and mingle elbow to elbow distance from the angler next to me, as a matter of fact that's how I have met a many a new friends, started ourselves a club and together we have fished many competitions, tournaments and shared and learned new areas techniques and ideas.. and this has been great.. however,, now we get to the Cons...the same honey holes everyone else leveled up to 50 on are but dried up now and the peak fishing times mean lil to nothing as far as filling your stringer or keep net, which really has made playing this game for me almost a bore.. Now at first I thought it was just me, but after confering with the other 20+ anglers in our club we have all come to the realization that the new system.. although it has brought new areas of opportunity, it has changed what we know & knew.. and while that may be great for others, I know in the real life fishing spots taught to me by my father I now take my grandchildren, son & friends to now, have and shall always be the same.. and I say thank goodness these developers aren't God.. well thanks for reading.. and feel free to way in with your thoughts, because although this game was fun for a while, since the bite update,, Well I still have the guys I met in this game on my friends list, it just seems like the parties of 6 to 8 people chatting and learning about and from one another has diminished as well to the point that even on the weekend we're lucky to see one another on a waterway and party up.. sure miss those good ole days, that's why I feel somethings should never be changed.. just my opinion, nothing more & nothing less.. Good fishin everyone..
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    Is there a certain area. Sorry to bother u but i been trying to catch them for 5 days now.
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    You're right, it's in Colorado. From the default peg you have to snag that log that is laying across the water to your left. I used the roach spoon but it may be easier to just drag a popper over it.
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    Ловим уникальных рыб на Вайт Муссе
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    You're welcome and good luck! Btw, thanks to casting rod you may use more heavy lures, even than 25g. In this case be ready to fight with the biggest fish!
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    It's French, use google translate to see what the message says. He's basically asking why after being out for awhile the keyboard shortcuts haven't been updated? Maybe someone who's fluent in French can break the bad news to him? The Fisherman seems likely to be a rip off and a dead game. Yet another example of a company (Big Ben in this instance) **** ing over the little guy. Thanks to Fishing Planet developers for jumping into an agreement with Big Ben and not doing there homework. They've played a big part in screwing over anyone who's bought The Fisherman as well. Both parties are equally at fault.
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    I also agree, a great little spinning outfit (for its casting distance and decent lure weight range) that needs an upgrade (or a bigger version) to keep up with the updates (i.e. something able to handle a unique marble trout would be nice).
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    Hello! Try next conditions: cloudy weather, low pressure. Early night, start at 21:00. Details and spot you may find in this video: It's in Russian, but it doesn't matter. Pikeslasher's bite at 26:51. I hope it will help.
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    the bite alarm on the rod stand sounds like a metal detector and a fish is nowhere! fix it fast as possible because its very annoying!
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    https://fp-collective.com/ found a new ubersheet out there
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    (On PC), the pike are small there (about 4kg or 9lb max), use either a narrowspoon 1/0 or small minnows on the same sized hook, have caught them in Golden lake and in the river itself.
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