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    Hey guys, I just did a small updated sheet for the 30 days x-series rewards for me and my friends. Thought I might share it with the community - even though I know most of you guys probably don't need it anymore. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZDUXKnIPddLt0HCjtc21WPOb26BQQOxi/view (It's in German and metric. But I guess most of it is pretty international anyways ) Be aware that repair costs are not included in the costs! Leave your equipment in your home storage of you're just after the rewards. Let me know if you find any mistakes. I also asked support if they could give us an updated sheet with all the x-series rewards - including (new) competitions and tournaments. The last one we got from killerwhale is > 2 years old, and since some stuff was added and some changed, it might be cool to get a more recent version. Tight lines!
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    ok, 2 things on the marker buoys but first, i agree with both of you 1 - i would like to see a bigger capability of showing info "on-screen". Right now, you can rename the buoy, but is limited to 15 or 20 characters. In my case, rename them with: hour, type of weather, air temp & depth But with the new carp update, i require more info: bait, ground bait, hooks, leaders, mix here, mix there, spod mix, etc, etc. (water temp and wind direction) Ok, i know, take PEN & PAPER and write it down......... i think by now, we all have our notes (a mess of papers all over the place, or different pc/mobile phone files/photos) and 2nd...... i would like to see an in-game future that, when at" HOME", you can see a list of the buoys with all desired info on the different lakes, not so much the location of the buoy but the info that we write down there, in order to prepare, in advance at "HOME" I understand that the "TABLET" can only be brought up at the location, but the info of these buoys, would be awesome to access this info from "HOME". side-note: i know you can rename the mix, but still ........
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    There is not really a way of determining the casting distance beforehand. You'd have to buy and equip your setup, and test it out - travelling to texas, for example. Can be quite an expensive way of optimizing, but there's only a handful of fish / spots, where you really need the casting distance. Anyways, like the guys already mentioned, there are some basics to this: The longer your rod, the further it will cast. Which is part of the reason why spinning rods will give you more casting distance than the casting rods. Casting rods usually stop at around 40 meters - partly depending on the line and bait. The BassCaster 240 in combination with the Counsellor reel(s) and braid line is the only one that will cast out up to 57 m, using the medium spoon 42 g. The thinner your line, the further it will cast. Braid line is your best bet, if you really need the distance. But like @Carpman99 already mentioned, it might be a disadvantage if you're fishing for shy fish like the trout. Braid is pretty suitable for bass and walleye, though. There are certain reels that are exceptionally good when it comes to casting distance. E.g. the Espira DoublePunch - which works pretty great on the Thora 290 or the Fenix 450 - with a brake setting of 9/12. Based on your experience with the EspiraSlim, this might be true for all the Espira reels. But I haven't testet that out, really, so don't take my word for it. Last but not least: The heavier the lure, the further it will cast. Which is true for spin fishing, as well as bobber fishing. -- When it comes to bobber fishing, the pear shaped floaters will get you the furthest. If you need a little extra distance, you can always use the X-Series pear shaped floater. But be aware that it wears down by the time, and until now there is no way of repairing or re-obtaining it when it's broken. Apart from the floater, the weight of your bait also makes a difference. Like @FishyWishy already mentioned, a shiner will cast out further than a fly. -- As for the spin fishing, apart from the weight of your lure, the shape of the lure also matters. I haven't really worked out a "ranking" for this, but what I can tell you is that the medium spoons, due to their aerodynamic shape, will cast out the furthest. If there is a lot of "clutter" around your lure, you most likely can expect a little less throwing distance. Leaving out the level restrictions, here are some far-caster setups that work pretty good for me: JigWinner 270 + HornetSwarm 6000 (max brake setting: 6/12!!) + Fluoro 0.35 mm (too heavy for the rod. don't use if you're in danger of getting spooled!) This is my go-to-setup for trout fishing. When it comes to casting distance, the JigWinner behaves like a whip. I sometimes still can't believe how far this thing casts out your lure. The HornetSwarm is pretty great for trout fishing, due to it's recovery of 90 cm. Try this out if you're struggling with losing line tension fishing for trout. Can be substituted with the Espira MLR 3500 and some thinner fluoro line, if you don't want to risk breaking your shit. But you'll get less recovery. Nice setup fishing for the pike with topwater in Louisiana, too. Works great for the "Dancing with Pike" competition. BassCaster 240 + Counsellor 3500 S + Braid Line 0.23 mm Like I mentioned above, this is probably the best casting setup you can get, when it comes to casting distance. The medium spoon 42 g casts around 57 m, and even with the lighter lures, you can get 45 - 50 m easy. Pretty awesome for bass fishing in Florida or hunting walleye / pike in Michigan (but be aware of Muskies! The bigger ones might spool you with this setup!) Thora 290 + Espira DoublePunch 5500 (max brake setting: 9/12!!) + Braid Line 0.23 mm This is probably the best far-caster setup you can get. With the 42 g medium spoon you can get > 70 m, and even with the 28 g Bass Jigs you can make around 65 m. Again, pretty great for the largemouth bass in Florida, walleye in Michigan, bass & bowfin in Quanchkin, etc. Switching to Fluoro line (and maybe the HornetSwarm), you'll lose some casting distance, but then you can also use this setup for the big trout in Michigan, or - if you want to get full XP - topwater fishing for dolly vardens etc. in Alaska. You can also switch out the Thora 290 for the Loki 270, to trade away some casting distance for some more power. Both these setups are totally worth bringing to Alaska, Alberta, Florida, California, and so on, if you wanna have some fun. I love using those for the steelheads in Cali, the salmon and trout in Alberta, the snooks in Florida, and the salmons, dolly vardens, etc. in Alaska. Won't be your best setup in competitions, as you'll want to get the fish out as fast as possible in those. But it is just so much fun fighting the bigger fish on those setups! Fenix 450 + Espira DoublePunch 6500 (max brake setting: 9/12!!) + Fluoro 0.45 mm + pear shaped bobber Great for pike in New York (reduced XP), Alberta (beware of trout!!) or Quanchkin (careful with catfish and alligator gar), freshwater drum and pike in Michigan, and trout all over the place. Easily gets you out > 50 m. Again, using the X-Series pear shaped floater, you could get some additional metres out of this setup. Depending on the fish, you can also exchange the fluoro for some braid line to get some extra distance. It's also possible to trade away some casting distance for more recovery by switching to the HornetSwarm. Probably my favourite bobber setup, since even the biggest fish don't put up much of a challenge on the Brutus 360. But with the Fenix, the uni pike and smaller Muskies in Michigan give you a great fight! Sometimes I get the impression that the Fenix is kind of indestructible. Even caught a 38+ kg uni blue catfish at the pike spot with this setup last week. Brutus 360 + Thunderspin 5000 + Fluoro 0.55 mm + pear shaped floater Heavy setup for Unique Muskies in Michigan (> 40 m) and the like. As for your FeatherLight setup, the 7" rod in combination with a prima reel and fluoro line is really the best setup you can get for that rod, hunting for trout. You get a nice recovery, and all in all a maxed out, nicely balanced setup. If you really need more throwing distance (which I think you don't, at that point in leveling), it'd be best to wait for the JigWinner 270. Sorry for not using imperial measurements, but I guess you can work it out yourself. Credit for all of the setups goes out to TpCatch, whose video(s) helped me a lot, back in the days. I left out the bottom, feeder, and carp rods, but the same basics are true for them. Longer rod, heavier lure / weight, thinner line = more casting distance. Hope this helps. Tight lines!
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    Fish master III (250 Fishes) Challenge rewards Roach Master - X-series Frog 14g #3/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Bream Master - X-series Crankbait 2,5m #6/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Predator Carp Master - X-series Crankbait 3,5m #4/0 ( Availability LvL 12) Sturgeon Master - X-series Glow&Holo Casting Spoon 28g #4/0 ( Availability LvL30)
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    My my! Time Flies when you’re amidst such competitive thrill and excitement! We’re only a day away from witnessing an epic event in the history of virtual sportfishing - the Grand Finale of Largemouth Bass April Cup! Lo and behold, below are the names of 20 best anglers that’ll fight this final battle for the Championship title and valuable prizes! 1 CP_Manduka 2 AznSaiyan 3 FPU_bigboss1504 4 NesterPs 5 Melara_Brasil 6 ruskachan 7 dmlopuhov 8 jimmorrison1962 9 KYLEROBZ 10 alex-misha 11 VFF_jow1908 12 CP_Rojao12Vala 13 VFF_RTComando 14 mitderplatte 15 Mr_Black_Sam 16 superpolkilo 17 ghosthidden 18 kallur222 19 michelplat 20 ItsKeef
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    As a fellow european player, logging in at 5:30 pm I must say: hooooolyyyy crap! The first competition I can take part in is held at 4:00 am. I do understand that it's hard to satisfy everybody, with players all around the world, living in different timezones. But guys, really?
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    Paddling around White Moose, Alberta when I latched on to this nice Whitefish. Didn't know that paddle boards had been introduced!
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    We all did our time to get to 40, plus whatever rank we reached. Now we have new content, it's locked behind a Level system again. Why? What is the point? I played all I wanted to play of Europe - in all fairness, the new venues and fishing methods are awesome - and yet I still didn't get to Russia. I grinded to Level 44 before it got tedious. And now Willow Lake is locked to Level 50. And don't get me started on the prices of the unlimited licences, they were kinda ok/fair for the original venues. Now they're just outright greedy. So we have a huge post here from the team, extolling the virtues of Willow Lake, yet most casual players will never get near it until maybe a year from now. Unless they want to grind the nerfed XP. And to fish it whenever they want, 1,800 baitcoins!! WTF?! Top marks on the new content FP. You blotted your copybook with the availability though. I played a year grinding cats, pike and sturgeon. I don't want to do it even more when we have new venues. As for the licence prices, 4 figures is just ridiculous when you're talking in baitcoin terms. Because nobody except the ultra-super-dedicated-lives at home-no job-plays 18 hours a day person can consistently win enough baitcoins due to the competitions being about as far from random as they can be. I take my hat off to the FP team for the new content. I just find it sad that someone who has spent as much time in the game as I have feels that it's a major grind and cash grab. I earned my Level 40 and my ranks, as did all here. And then they randomly dump another 10 levels on us and nerf the XP all to hell. I hope Willow Lake complex is awesome, because I'll probably never see it, seeing as I no longer wish to play for 15 hours a day. And as for 1,800 baitcoins for an unlimited licence, lose the 1 and maybe you'd be in the realms of reality. Greed is a terrible thing. You gave us great updates, but you made sure we played and got frustrated. Enough to spend real money that is. How in hell is the average gamer going to amass 1,800 baitcoins? It's impossible. Pay-to-Access. Such a shame.
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    Maybe the easiest way to address this, is the “license warning” needs to be clicked “ok” before you can continue anything... similar to how you have to click ok to quit the game... just a thought
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    I think you're missing the point. It's not a question of whether or not they like playing, but a lot of these guys like VV have been playing since day one or close to it and the only thing left to keep them playing on any sort of a regular basis is new content. So finally for these players we have 5 new lakes, but until they grind and level up again like they already did over a year ago, they can only fish at 3 of them and the xp required will increase by 10K with each level you earn. If it were me, instead of freezing everyone's ranking when level 50 was introduced I would have rewarded players for their loyalty and patience, using their rank as credit for time served so to speak and adjust their level ranking accordingly. Some might only get to 42 while others jump right to 48 or 50. To me that would have been the right thing to do instead of making them grind out 10 more levels, which as you know, some players either don't have time for or just aren't interested in doing all over again. In regard to the unlimited license pricing, I've come to accept the fact that they are just a pipe dream for me.
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    Oh wait, it gets better. Killerwhale recently announced a new waterway in Mississippi that would be level 52. For those of us who did grind to lvl 50 (thanks rowdy bass!), we are again level locked at 50. So if you do make it to 50, you will again be fishing for useless XP and then have to grind 2 more levels when it is released.
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    It seems while you (the devs) had past mentioned before the european waterways had been released that from now on comps would be more random, fish migration etc. It seems like 1 key element was also ruined.... the fun factor has been lost. Most of the comps are 45 minutes long yet most comp are a struggle even for most of the top competitors to catch more than a hand full of fish if even 1 or 2. I have always enjoyed pleasure fishing rather than training and comps have always been done well or done poor just another way to have fun ingame, yet now i strive to train more as my list of fish is once again complete, all unis accounted for. Most of my friends are soaly competitors so i now spend time with them to learn new things. But unfortunatly as people witnessed the drop in numbers of friends playing outside the comps we are at the point of seeing the same within comps also. People want to catch fish, not everyone can win regardless. There is only 1 1st place spot and so on. Take a look at the amount of players now entering new venue comps as aposed to the old, statistics dont lie. Alot of my friend are top 100 board competitors most of which top 50, 20, 10 so all know how to play and a few of them are still succeeding to win or atleast place top 10 in alot of new comps, yet i havent spoken to one of them with anything good to say about the euro competitions. Most of which leave way before the timer runs out due to reasons we all can see. I understand maybe you (the devs) may have implimented this way of play to encourage casual non competitive players to also join and even win comps, but this will disolve fast as the odd random win for them after re-entering to find they catch almost nothing will not be enough to keep them trying. There is far more i could say regarding this situation but il leave it at that because typing an essay is about as boring as the new comps are. Please dev atleast reconsider adding more fish activity it seems like new versions of yellow perch gold rush. And please all are welcome to there opinion but if you dont play comps dont embarress your selves typing a load of rubish you know nothing about.
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    Yesterday (25/03/2019) I managed to catch at least 3 Crucian carp while fishing at the Weeping Willow fisheries. Which is great, except they are not listed in the fish species for this waterway.
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    Congratulations, it was a tough fight. I'm sorry kylerobz luck was on my side
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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only). This will be the first event of Season #3. The event will start Friday, April 19th, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, April 26th 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Florida (The Everglades) for Red Drum. Your three biggest Red Drum caught during the event time may be entered. As you catch a bigger fish, just replace your smallest one. Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. (Note: The video below shows an easy way to take the screen shots and get the correct link) You can use any tackle, even X-Series and rod stands. The fish weight (must be in pounds, so you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entries on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form. Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx Prizes: DLC’s will be awarded as prizes: Salmon Star Pack, Catfish Combat Pack, Bottom Pack, and Feeder Pack. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have three Red Drum entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: big3 ENTRY FORM: https://forms.gle/7aLTrkpdmvEnXsbE8 (Open) STANDINGS PAGE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ/edit?usp=sharing
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    Congrats all, so much fun was had in this event even until the final seconds (thanks big boss for knocking me out of 3rd in the last 5 seconds) One thing id like to mention for all low level players even if you dont wish to participate in the tournys keep an eye out for which waterways will be played as 20k entry will give you access to areas you may not yet have unlocked giving you a chance to fish species erlyer than you would normally be able to. Just remember to save enough for travel fees also though as the 20k only unlocks the waterways and pays the unlimited licence fee
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    Please lock this topic now! Our club members have the right to construct a Poll without and criticism or diversionary tactics from those who are totally against keeping the Amateur Comps. Besides, this poll gives a much greater insight as to why individual are for or against keeping the Amateur Comps! FW
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    Here is some information from the Developer Diaries and Official Q&A and FAQs forums, hope it helps. and The Retrieve To perform a Lift and Drop retrieve, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time for the same duration. Approximately one second. To perform a Stop and Go retrieve, reel in approximately three to five meters of line, stop for a couple of seconds and repeat the process. To perform a Twitch retrieve, reel in continuously while tapping the right mouse button to cause small jerks in the line. Straight retrieves are just that. A retrieve where you steadily reel in without performing any other actions. There are two variants, a slow one and a normal one. Take note that a lure's weight will affect the speed required to do a proper retrieve. Heavier lures will require a faster retrieve as do lures that are further away. To adjust your speed, use scroll wheel up or down to select between four different speeds and reverse.  
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    No, you can put any fish that is under the keepers max single fish weight in. So if you are at 199.357 kg of 200 kg (440 lb) total fish weight you can still slip in that uni
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    Thanks mate! Highly appreciated! Here are the Deals for Neherrin River, North Carolina: Mono 0.23 mm (150m) > 150 instead of 200 Mono 0.23 mm (300m) > 225 instead of 300 Mono 0.23 mm (500m) > 330 instead of 440 Pear shaped floater (green / orange) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC (LVL 1 instead of 10) Pear shaped floater (green / gold) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Bass Jig 4 g, #1/0 (all 3 colours) > 300 instead of 350 Barbless Nano Spoon 4 g, #1 (all 3 colours) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Bass Jig 4 g, #3/0 (all 3 colours) > 4 BC instead of 5 BC Bass Jig 9 g, #3/0 (all 3 colours) > 4 BC instead of 6 BC Bass Jig 5 g, #2/0 (all colours) > 300 instead of 430 Bass Jig 7 g, #2/0 (all colours) > 375 instead of 460 Just like in Michigan, there's a lot of stuff that's just not worth it. But: there is a special pear-shaped floater, coloured green and orange, that doesn't exist in the home shop at all. You can get it at LVL 1 instead of waiting for LVL 10. Plus: this one - as well as the other one that you can also get in the home shop, are only 2 BC instead 3 BC. Might be worth picking up if you're leveling, or if you wanna go in style You can also make a bargain with the Barbless Nano Spoons, as well as the 4 g and 9 g Bass Jigs, that are only available for baitcoins. Pick them up in Neherrin, if you don't already have them in your inventory. If you buy all of these at once, that's a 12 BC discount. Not bad at all, I would say!
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    with the new distances involved in fishing its very hard to see the marker buoys in the distance especially at night so you could have 2 types marker buoys 1 that glow for night and 1 diffrent colour for day maybe so can see it
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    Since I had PS open.. just an idea.
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    OK so to bring some life back to this topic, I'm trying to check out the local stores whenever I'm at the lake, and compare prices to the home shop. Since I was in Michigan today, that's where I'll start. Feel free to join me if you like Maybe we can find a deal or two that way. I'm assuming that PC / Mac and PS4 prices are the same. Will do a double-check in the future, though. Deals in Michigan: Braid 0.23 mm (150m) > 780 instead of 880 Fluoro 0.5 mm (500m) > 16 BC instead of 20 BC Mono 0.45 mm (150m) > 420 instead of 560 Fluoro 0.45 mm (150m) > 570 instead of 615 Worm 15 cm (chocolate and white) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC For the lines it's not worth it. But if you haven't picked up the baitcoin worms, get em in Michigan, and save 2 BCs
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    This triple Michigan uni catch was made possible by having 4 bottom rods in the water at the same time the unis spawned. Apparently they spawn multiple unis at the same time. Maybe 4 next time?
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    My free time is drastically reducing. Various problems, moreover my son no longer has to touch PikeRed. Now my reflection is this: if in the comp finish tenth, out of 90 players, I take only one point. If I arrive first or second 14-20 points maximum. If I arrive after the thirtieth I lose 20 points. Not being able to do many races, it penalizes me too much. Example: if I can do only two and one I lose I am fucked. Don't you think the allocation of points is unfair? Thanks to those who will respond.
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    https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/04/10/psn-online-id-change-feature-launches-for-all-ps4-players-tomorrow/ Sony will provide the ID exchange for PS4 users. It will be useful for those players who would like to create a Clan in FP or just make the name change. It is worth remembering that Sony mentions the possibility of some games not accepting the exchange.
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    everything ok....all my downloaded content on the ps4 is as normal....nothing lost
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    followed DBLTALK73's Float trick on youtube and it worked
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    Mine stutters every 5-10 casts and always makes me cast short causing me to waste ground bait!
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    Largemouth Bass Cup will be held April 16th through April 21st
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    I'm a spinning fisherman. I never imagined having so much fun catching carp. The work done for this game exceeds all expectations. I lose myself between pastures, willows and carp. Rods and reels, wires and hooks. Don't poison yourself for the points of the comp, relax and fish. Thank you.
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    Good evening everyone! I did not answer before because I was working. I did not quite understand your comment, but come on. Why do you say that I'm apparently being "racist"? LOL I am from a country "Brazil" and from the city "São paulo" where it has one of the largest, if not the largest, mixtures of races, religions, ethnicities and etc ... I am Black "some of the forum here are on my facebook "and I have no reason to be a racist person. I do not know 99.9% of the forum, I do not know who they are or where they came from. But FP made me have friends in France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA. But for the most part I have no idea where they live. And you could tell me the meaning of "stinkyriceboy" I used Google translator, but it was not very efficient. And about my comment "Nice to see you back!" It was not a Sarcastic comment or anything like that but I'm glad to see good players returning to FP. Since they do not comment on the same mistakes. My response has no intention of offending you but clarifying something that you have misunderstood. Even more and "tight lines" so far I do not know what it means
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    hence the reason im back figured the forum needed livening up a little. Not much for me to read any more while im takin a ., at least if i post ever 2 mins i can atleast read my own posts . Took you a while to reply could see you coming in and out the forum like a yoyo. Was you waiting for ur missus to come home to help you think of a come back??? I just like facts, unfortunatly it seems that there was no actual facts only assumptions but the way you portraid your comment i figured it was time to lay some facts down to the assumtions 1 more fact being that the only person that had anything half resembling racism was indeed you my friend. Because of the way i talk on here and ingame to people you would never guess the upbringing im from but yet i treat everybody with utmost respect here as that is the way it should be wether a cheat or a foreigner ( which in fact almost all of you are foreigners to me) even americans. But sometime some people get personal like you, there is no need for it at all especially if you dont even play comps or tournys as you have just suggested. Remember your ancestors were also imigrants once upon a time or are you a decendant of an american indian??? Not everybody that is asian have come illegaly to spunge benefits, most countrys now are mixed race how do you know them and there family wernt in your country before you was born. Again more assumtions no fact there for no position to give coments like your own. That is all stay tuned for my next comment in 2 minutes from now
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    Yeh both valid points made about the time scale of comps being around old vs new and in time yes more fish will be found we come back to yellow pearch goldrush scenario very rare to see more than 10 fish caught after 30 mins and that comp is old, and i dont just speak for us that do comps regulaly as i say if the intentions were so even casual player had a chance will they want more than 1 chance after so little of a catch. Straight back to the same regulars battling it out. hopefully it is just time needed but some people i know have put alot of time in and are still seeing the same scores as the people that arnt even without the youtube how to clips. And just bare in mind some people dont just practice on there own some have full teams of people testing water. It would be nice to see some screen shots of the top 10 score boards for pc to see just how much more has been found in that extra time they have had to practice and learn
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    I might be the only person that likes some of these comps and is your friend. However, I stopped playing the flouder comp (and all the Netherland comps that require 300ft+ casts to make it to the fish) because you cast 350ft + or -, and get a fish on only to have it be something else. Make a few of those, wait for fish and retrieve, and comp over (this one is 45 min I believe). Just not one I am find fun. But that is me. On the contrary, I do really like 'Catch'em All', on both days (partly cloudy-active and cloudy-low activity). I caught 11 fish the other day on cloudy, and I know I can catch more. 1st had 14 I believe. I have played that one from the very 1st time I could (eventually got a 2nd place), and I have watched the scores climb on both days from competitors, including my own numbers. I also like 'big headhunters' (those Silver carp drive people crazy - lol), 'party of 5' (got to get those unis), 'spin the trout' (Just keep catching trout - which I am also improving on - but I have heard some people catch zero fish > practice practice practice), and I am looking to add some new Euro comps in future as I learn more. I am still learning NA comps and find some of them suck too, like Gold Rush (which I have won and placed top 3), but now I could not get a decent score if you handed it to me - so I rarely play it anymore. I think expectations can get in the way of purely appreciating a comp for what it is. That is why some people get frustrated and leave early. I say if you are in a comp and you have not caught ANY fish, and it is almost over, just leave. You will not get a penatly, the game acts like you never played the comp, only entered it. So no loss of personal points, I know this from personal experience. I am on the road to top 100, last I looked I have climbed to top 150. So, bottom line from me on comps, be careful which ones you enter and be smart about your expectations. I find some comps in both NA and Euro to suck, so my expectations for new comps was not changed. I like some and run like hell from others. Thanks for sharing buddy (Kyle), see ya on FP!
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    I think it is you who are the rude one. BTW, I care nothing about his decision, and if you are too lazy to vote, then go elsewhere. And, where did I ask anyone for help? Instead of bashing people you need to post more constructive responses.
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    I disagree with doing away with amateur comps, you dont take content away, you never do that. Just add more. Perfect solution it to keep all amateur comps and actually have all max level players have their own bracket of competitions for all lakes which means no lvl 50 (or whatever happens to be the max level at the time) playing against others below their level. This would not only give the lesser skilled players more of a chance in comps but would also solve the problem of locking max level players out of the other lakes as they wouldnt be pitted against the lower levels but only against other max level players. Easy solution that honestly shouldve been implemented long ago by devs.
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    thanks mate! I really hope that those price differences are intended, and not just something that the dev's forgot to change. Enjoy your shopping trip mate! Here are the deals for Quanchkin: EspiraDoublePunch 5500 SE > 230 BC instead of 235 BC Mono 0.35 mm (500m) > 600 instead of 800 Mono 0.45 mm (1000m) > 12 BC instead of 17 BC Fluoro 0.45 mm (1000m) > 14 BC instead of 19 BC Mono 0.4 mm (150m) > 390 instead of 420 Fluoro 0.4 mm (150m) > 450 instead of 480 Mono 0.4 mm (300m) > 585 instead of 630 Mono 0.4 mm (500m) > 870 instead of 950 Wurm 10 cm (chocolate, white) > 210 instead of 220 Wurm 12.5 cm (chocolate, white) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Barbless Nano Spoon 6 g, #1/0 (all 3 colours) > 3 BC instead of 4 BC Wurm 10 cm (blue, yellow, black, acid green, purple, light green) > 210 instead of 220 Shiners > 525 instead of 650 Large minnows > 8 BC instead of 10 BC This place really is kind of a craphole. Not just for profits in fishing, but also in bargains.. Can't imagine why anybody would buy lines, minnows, or the DoublePunch reel with hardly earned BCs. The only thing to maybe pick up here (in case you don't already have them) are the 12.5 cm BC worms in chocolate and white, and the bigger Barbless Nano Spoons. Again, if you buy all of those at once, that's a 5 BC discount. Of course, you should always stack up on Shiners whenever you're here.
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    Well yeah. I don't know about you, but the last updates cost me a good million in cash. Buying all the new feeder, bottom, carp and spod rods, new tackle box, keepnets, etc. pp. was quite expensive. Buying reels just to work out the # of brake settings, buying boilies for 2000 / 10 - just to catch some not-really-lucrative carp, paying 20.000 in cash each time, just to travel to the new lakes and take part in the competitions (where I, for the most part, hardly manage to catch more than a handful of fish in 45 minutes) makes you think about ways to hold your cash together. With the constant nerfing going on (Alaska comes to mind - so does the pike in Michigan), one of the only solid ways of building up cash is to restrain from tournaments and sit on beaver island for a couple of nights in a row. Which is just plain-ass boring. So yeah, I now use the mussel stuff instead of large cutbait for farming, since it's just 1/5 of the price. I use Shiners instead of large minnows where I can. And yeah, I'm curios where to get a good deal for bait and the like. I mean no offense to you personally, but don't you agree that it's gotten harder and harder to keep your cash together in this game? If you're only playing in the evenings and the weekends, still trying to figure out the new lakes, and yet enjoy playing competitions the most, you have to decide. I like a good challenge, but they took the fun out of a lot of lakes by nerfing them, while upping the costs for people that want to experience every part of the game. You can have fun at a lake fishing, but you won't be able to fill your net with those fish. You can fill your net with big carp or catfish quick, but that doesn't get you much of a profit. You can make a profit, but it's either boring or takes the whole evening. Anyways.. Maybe we can bring some life back to this topic. I was curious if there are other deals than the tackle box and the shiners when you started this topic; but it's hard to compare the prices without a sheet by your side traveling. I made one, at least for the different baits, and printed it out. So I'll try to keep an eye out for some bargains there. Might be a lot of work to do the same for equipment and lures, though.
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    Just an absolutely detailed and awesome response! Great job! Fishywishy
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    for all you G.O.T. fans out there the new series starts 2 am on sky atlantic wooohooo 2 years been waiting for this its finally here
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    everyone has same problem it gets progressively worst the longer u stay online so to combat it just relog i know its a pain to reset gear but its the only way to combat it atm until FP sort it
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    I have experienced quite a bit of stutter over the past few days; in fact since the last update. Mine normally happened if I'm standing still getting ready to cast. It's as if I take a step forward and then backward, but numerous times. Doesn't work well when someone's vertigo is kicking but I'm griping to myself and just dealing with it. The devs fixed the menu lag and absolutely nothing compared to the pain that was. To set up for a different fishing location or update my inventory, it was nothing to spend two hours or longer just dealing with that aspect of the game.
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    Yes, thanks for the video! However, the one thing I noticed is that you really can't target a tossing distance that well (if at all). The bait always went to the same spot for me no matter how hard or soft I tossed it. Certainly not like trying to hit a spot (or marker) with a rod and reel cast .
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    You do have the ability to renew your license before it expires. When you go to the shop and repurchase for however many days it doesn't display the correct expiration date, but it will when you go back to your inventory and select the licenses tab. I agree with the "license expired" staying at the top of the screen, but maybe add an audible sound or alarm or a game warden's siren for the five minute warning because it only stays on the screen for about five seconds and is very easy to miss if you're looking away for whatever reason.
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    Hello fellow club member, I asked a good friend of mine and here is what he recommended: You need a medium feeder rig and a decent spinning rig (see attached images for what he is using there). Cast out toward the windmills at both ends and/or the 3 grain elevators on one end. Use recommended baits and/or lures and fish peak day/night times. Don't expect this place to be a fish farm like NY with Walleye, or Florida with Bass. It is fairly boring and slow paced and it is not one of his favorite places to fish. Good luck, fishdom49
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    Yet to see you make a positive coment on this forum. No name was mentioned other than from sabi but if in fact this was the player rota was referring to, yes he could be totally wrong but one thing for sure this player has played and done well before in comps. 13 days ingame christmas giant dlc to give premium and big net to steam through leveling up and all the big fish rods to go with it, targeting all the money and xp fish and of coarse the comp fish. 39 comps completed 4 wins and 4 more times in top 3 not to mention top 10s hes accomplished. Thats a strike rate of 1 in 10 comp win. Also high up on global xp earnings this week. No youtube how to clip gives you wins, otherwise you would be winning by now and not be as sour. Just my veiw, have a good day
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    Sorry m8 i should of added that i wasnt saying i dont like the comps because in fact i do like most of them my main thing i was getting at is the basis of catching a hand full of fish regardless like you just mentioned catch em all most of top scores are less that 20 fish. Last night roach rider i caught no fish in 25 mins that qualified so instead i sat and spectated azn think he had maybe 4 of 5 at the most and yeh mad and pikerd did well but look at the scores, didnt catch many to be in 3rd and 2nd place. I said just in 6-7pm window with bottom rod i can get 5 uni roach rud in 1 place which to be in top 10 would only of taken 2 but with 15 min left my rod stayed out the water wasnt risking 1 common a min before the end like when i played the comp blind last time which i finished around 5th or 6th place. And the practice beleive iv been doing plenty, many many spots of all kinds even in same conditions as comp then nothing. I found many spots for grass carp last few days and tryd those spot exact same conditions as comp again not 1 out of 12 spots 4 of which hold trophies, oempie managed around a 8 or 9lber 1st fish by luck then another 1 around 10lb towards the end and finished 3rd only 6 people got 2 grass carp in comp and yes i know only 29 finished and 67 register but ask the question how many like myself dropped out when timer had a minute left or how many dropped out sooner so not to waste 45 mins of there life and another thing is why do new comps only atract 100 people if lucky ????
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