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    10 additional places to the second and third qualifiers! why only on Steam? what about PS4 nothing? I just wanna let u know FP Team, we have the same issue if not more on PS4, buffering window, lag, 2seconds freezing, blue screen error,etc it looks like FP has a Fishing Game only on steam! you know what FP team! this is just great proof you do not apply the same meter!
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    Use large minnow on #3/0 hook with a float setup at that spot during peak time.
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    On that matter it would be nice if we could run custom practice comps without needing a second player to join, would save us pestering others with pms.
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    (I believe) Any purchase or sale involving baitcoins should have a confirmation prompt before being actioned.
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    Ok, I'll try to decipher the information from the wiki for you. You can win this crankbait by taking one of the prizes in the following competitions: Bass Challenge, Triple Trout !, Lucky Spot, The Size Matters, C'mon, Carp !, Kaniq Topwater Rodeo. The distribution of awards is carried out randomly, so the fact that you won one of the prizes does not guarantee that you will receive this particular bait.
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    They also work on match rods now as well.
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    You can either try to juggle fish, fight one for a few seconds switch to another rod and so on, you can try to fight the one on the rod in your hand hoping you won't lose the others due to tension dropping. Some types of fish might stay a while and are more manageable while others drop tension faster. There's no guarantee you'll land all the fish biting.
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    He is obviously a new player with much to learn, and accusations like this are common when new, but responses like this don’t really help his situation, and we need more players to develop a better understanding of the game so they can increase the player base. You could have explained how it is done, or pointed him to a thread that discusses the event fish catch rate. Instead you clubbed him into submission. Just my thoughts.
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    The XP is counted instantly, but the money is only counted at the end of the day for the fish in your keepnet.
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    The Stocking in Germany is found at the Kayak/boat spawn point, looking at the dock it is nearby to the right, attached to a tree (trunk hidden by a smaller tree (bush)). The Stocking in Italy is attached to the railing of the South East end of the bridge (spawn point). HTH.
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    fish everglades or marron many more reds there
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    This is a poorly executed event . Still need 57 red bandits everything else is done . If the catch rate of reds continues the way it is i'll need to use 25 to 28 more token to finish . Thats around 113 minutes of praying i get 2 or 3 reds per song . Not fun . The xmas event used to bring the community together this 1 not so much.
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    All fish caught, except I still need 66 red aracu! The distribution needs tweeking, lol.
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    If you are talking about the holiday groundbait you can just put it directly in the circle slot of the character. That should give you the ability to make 10 hand casts, I believe 100 grams each. What happens is that several smoke clouds appear on the lake (i only did this at Lone Star), and you have to cast at one of them. I targeted the cloud on the bridge, casting about 20 meters towards the mist. I used a smaller hook for Goby (10-14) and up to #2 for the crappie. I also used regular baits for the fish, like bloodworm, leeches, etc). I tried the holiday baits, but didn't observe that were better with this method. I still caught normal fish, which obviously we would like to avoid. I also tried using using the holiday groundbait in the feeder rod, instead of hand casting the groundbait, and normal baits on the hook. I didn't find that to be more effective. I think they want you to only fish within a smoke/mist area on the water for these event fish. Either using a coin or hand casting the groundbait. So far the only method that I have found to be 100% effective, albeit slow, is using the jukebox and casting the feeder rod in the much larger smoke cloud in front of it. The jukebox only produced christmas fish for me, but only 12 or so before time expired. There is probably a more efficient method, but I haven't tried enough combinations to make one work. All fish can be caught on Lonestar, using different size hooks and bait. Ideally, I would like to catch the event fish just with the Christmas baits, without use of coins or handcasting, but still trying to determine if that is possible. Perhaps someone else has had a different experience.
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    Hey, I have 5 more red crappies to get, using only groundbait. So it's possible. I agree with you though regarding the uneven color distribution. I got like 200 green gobby....
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    My guess is you didn't select the JOIN option from the MAP screen after the comp start time. Your game name should show up (indicating where you're currently placed) on the competition leader board (top left side of screen) of the comp you entered (while you're fishing) if all is going well. HTH.
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    Mate I am level 62 almost 63 haha, it's not the Catfish you target at St. Croix, its pike and muski, you will make a lot more money in real time so long as you know what you are doing, I find Emerald too bland and a lot of a grind, the bass lakes and trout lakes are much more fun and you still make good money, remember you want to stay at a lake for as long as possible to simply offset the travel costs, I have over 2 million cash in game now so I am not too worried about it now but once you hit level 40 from memory you will find it hard to beat San Joaquin for money and xp when you are going after sturgeon with bottom rods
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    There is a option to do this (from Inventory), select SPORT, select CUSTOM COMPETITIONS, select the CREATE button and select the two crossed fishing rods under the Format option (then fill in the required details), the rewards aren't great (yet, if ever) but it could be a good option for practicing other competitions. HTH.
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    shorter heavier rods are less forgiving when a fish shakes, jumps or turns towards you as there is less flexed rod to streighten out and take up the instant slack before you get a chance to react. holding the rod to the side will help absorb the slack. I was losing furry trout on a fast retrieve with a short heavy rod due to loss of line tension when the trout skipped along the surface and changing to a lighter more flexible rod sorted it out. If you still have the lure on after losing a fish then its down to line tension.
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    The answer to your question is yes, many people have managed to get out of debt. You'll get $3000 just for logging in four (real life) days in a row. Always try to use an Advanced licence so you can pick and choose which fish (barring a couple) you want to keep. Buy an Unlimited Advanced licence for Lonestar as backup insurance should you find yourself in the same position again. Do not sell or bin your old setups until your satisfied with your new tackle and always have a backup spinning setup sitting at home. Also suggest keeping different sized keepnets for different waterways (a small one for Lonestar, medium for the Everglades and a large one for Michigan for example). Once you're out of debt suggest saving up for good spinning outfit and a couple of different coloured narrowspoons #1/0's(as suggested before) and then taking a trip to either Rocky (for the trout) or Emerald (for the night time Walleye) to get some money back in your account (using lures is cheaper than bait when money is low IMO). HTH.
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    It seems that the problem is solved for now. I'm already fishing. Thank you very much and good fishing.
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    HI, The game don't work properly since the christmass event ... please do something ... No point point for competition win , no xseries equipment for win comp , no stats update on competition ...... Fix please !!!
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    I have just completed the Christmas mission and I had to invest money in the game for the first time ever in order to do it. The key is the Silver coins as you need to play the jukeboxes in order to catch the Gobies etc. No Jukebox and I only caught non event fish. So I purchased the 69 Coin pack which gives you 25 Silver Coins. I needed around 100 Silvers to do it in total and at the start I think in the Santas Socks I only optained 5 perhaps six, checking over 10 places everyday. I have just found out today though the Blue Santa Sacks give you Silvers as well but I only unlocked that today when I managed to get the blue light helmet. Although I think they have unlocked the blue sacks today for everyone and removed the presents. This is good for the people that need Silver coins but bad for me who now needs fireworks that were showing up in the presents. Right now I have no idea how to get Fireworks apart from purchasing one of the packs with real money. In summary I think this event needs some redesigning, anyone starting needs silver coins and you need a lot for the quantity of fish you need to catch. They hardly show up in the Socks and so you need the Blue Santa bags and you cannot unlock them until you complete the first part when you need the Silver coins. So you are in a catch 22 situation and it is difficult to proceed without using your Bait Coins. At the start by checking the socks you should at least get 3, 4 or 5 Silver coins a day so you can advance in the game otherwise you are completely stuck.
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    Okay guys, I'm stopping this useless discussion. The cheating is impossible in the game after the summer update. Scammers can only use game bugs until these bugs are fixed. If you want to report about bugs using or another way of fraudulent, you can send a message at support@fishingplaqnet.com. Do not forget to attach the proof links, screenshots and videos. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
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    I’m in the same boat your in. Up a creek without a paddle.
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    This may be Noah but you can catch them more than once, when you have decorated the tree that is, I am farming them and getting very good results in Peru
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    lol clearly your a noob as catching 100 christmas fish in 30 mins is not only possible but any half decent player would probably catch a little more than that. with 4 rods i was bringing them in as fast as i could reel. the guy told you the truth. the lesson learned here is maybe you should have the facts before you go around accusing people of cheating. just because YOU dont understand something doesnt mean someone is cheating.
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    You can buy fire shark firework cost 10 baitcoins and hellfish fireworks cost 15 baitcoins and Squid pro firework cost 25 baitcoins and monkey firework cost 50 baitcoins!
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    Fireworks are to catch Furry Trout and Antler Salmon at White Moose Lake. You get them in the Xmas boxes and sacks. Basically they are challenges and you win hats, coats and jackets when you catch a certain number. If you have fireworks press f and right mouse button to set them off.
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    Caught my biggest fish for this game and it put in1st place for quanchkin lake. Still don't see my walleye for Saint-Croix Lake, But it does make a guy/gal feel good to see their game name in the leaderboards. Oh well It's all just for fun anyway and as long as your enjoying the game that's what really counts.
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    Merry Fishmas , рыболовы! Сегодня вы получите 25% скидку на поездку на все водоёмы, где проходит Рождественско-новогодний Ивент: ПРУД ЛЕСНИ-ВИЛА ОЗЕРО ЭМЕРАЛЬД ЭВЕРГЛЭЙДС РЕКА ТИБЕР ОЗЕРО ВАЙТ МУС ОЗЕРО ЗАНДЕР-БАГГЕР ОСТРОВ ГОЛУБЫХ КРАБОВ ОЗЕРО МАКУ-МАКУ РЕКА МАРРОН Скидки начинают действовать 24 декабря в 16:00 UTC (18:00 Киев, 19:00 МСК) и будут доступны до 6:00 UTC (8:00 Киев, 9:00 МСК) 28 декабря. Ах да, какое же Рождество без подарков! Подарочные коробки будут активированы в рождественские выходные. Не забудьте открыть все! С наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством!
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    65 aracu caught, 8 were red. At this point I would rather FP just put in a cover charge to enter the events.
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    You can catch them without fireworks also, as long as you have snow in the feeder. the bite rate is lower however
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    Thanks to some guys at the lake cought crystal burbot using snow in feeder with medium cutbait but must also use fireworks!!!
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    @Kinnan5 I think you would be better off targeting the crappies first and then the gobys. When you get the headlamp from catching the gobys, you can open the red bags which give you more groundbait. When you get the glasses from catching the crappies, you can open the blue bags which will get you 1 token for the jukeboxes. Both of these bags can be revisited after 1 hour of real time. I spent baitcoins for tokens and have only used the jukeboxes with a rod stand. I would have saved at least 69 baitcoins if I did the crappies first and I kinda wish I hadn't spent any because I have finished the event with the exception of the snowman cap which I will get later today when the stockings reset (7:00 pm EST) so I can get the last 4 bags of snow. The music plays for around 4 1/2 minutes real time and with the right hook size it was difficult to keep up with 4 rods constantly going off, the most I've caught from 1 token was 18. Here's what I ended up using for all 3 that gave a consistent fast bite rate for each token; Goby - #10 hook with bloodworms (started with a #14 but got a lot of nibbles with no bite) Crappie - #1 with leeches (catches aracu as well but no gobys) Aracu - #2 with leeches again but if you have camu-camu or palm fruits unlocked you will catch all aracu, the others won't bite.
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    My thoughts.... 1. Why wasn't the mission that once finished, allows you to get tokens, first? 2. Return of the Blue Error. 3. The constant 1-2 second freeze. 4. The uneven distribution of fish by color. Does everyone still need the red variety of every fish? 5. Why put every species together. Better uf some places only had goby or aracu. 6. Cookie groundbait is terrible. I dare someone to try to complete the crappie portion using just the groundbait. Other than that, how was the play Mr. Lincoln?
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    ever since new most recent update after I clip my line I can't change reel speed or drag when reeling in it effects all my poles I have to close game completely to fix issue I play on xbox
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    Ho, ho, ho! Well, we may not be Santa Claus but we’re certainly announcing the results of the CGT third and final Qualifying Round, and the last chance you had to make it to the tournament’s Semifinal! Below is the list of 20 heavy-caliber anglers who did their very best and succeeded in getting one of the Top-20 results and will be going to the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek in Alaska on December 26th to fight in the Semifinal battle! 1 Big StoneyNSDQ 2 Sergei Kis80 3 I HDT I Chucka 4 jM283043 5 AriMarullo 6 deanwinnchst3r 7 SuperOEM 8 TWIST3D GN1 9 Dr T G i OPoWaH 10 LambofGod420720 11 CurlierVeil6797 12 Myasnik25 13 Ducky Doucette 14 LeaDHeaD125 15 RingedEel223513 16 GTz TurboTurtle 17 waz69er 18 ObviousFlea1191 19 Dimwetoth Not on the list? Don’t let that get you down! Just think of all the fun you had and experience you got! Make sure to use your newly acquired skills and knowledge in the many Tournaments to come and profit! Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas, dear anglers! Participating in the Christmas Giant’s Tour is like unwrapping a huge Christmas present...and with the 1st Qualifying Round over, one could say we untied the bow! Now on to the more serious part: we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifier and the 1st out of 3 chances to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled large-caliber anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to Alaska on December 26rd and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek. If you don’t see your name - no worries! There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers - your present will simply take longer to unwrap Stonedrabbit54 SMF PHILKOOL yadimka48 sithidious ItchyCalf226655 Kugamir BABY SHARK5913 FergusStone sneakiecat BsK BruNo 5 StandupCoast7 Dendeze1999 THATHOR Jr BFF B3T0 SMFGwazzaPow EM Modus FOCtitorius SMF Redqueen RCAGOINGFISHING Oanev2
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    Very Very Nice news. IS Very cool event. Congratulations FP Team for this. Ty developers.
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    Yeah, still true to this day. It doesn't take the so called pro-gamers long to figure out how to level up without actually playing the game. They don't find it cheating. It's just testing the limits of the game. In their minds its only a data bit. And there are plenty more where that came from and no effort expended to learn, explore, or enjoy the game. Its achieving something for nothing with no personal effort involved. The worst thing the developers did was identify all the players on the lake. Now every, what you call idiot, who only wants to level up watches the chat panel to see who is catching what and when they see something interesting/they need, they look around the lake to see where the person is fishing and rush over to cast right on top. In real life they'd end up hurt, or in a hospital but they see no reason not to do the stuff online they would be afraid to do in person. Its easy to tell who they are. They are the ones doing the stupid things. Some try to block you on the small paths. Some try to block you from your rod holder (as if they could steal it). Some follow you to the offbeaten little nooks that you have to hunt to find. Then some will go make a video about their great discovery for Youtube likes. They don't know any other way to play without putting in the least effort and call it winning. And then these joker think themselves pro gamers testing the limits. What they are really doing is irritating the players who put in the hours to learn the nuances.
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    (As you would know) Duet rod holders have a spike base which doesn't work on hard surfaces like a wooden jetty, either try at the very edge of the structure (used to work) or find somewhere with access to the ground proper (around where the jetty connects to the shore). HTH.
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    You've got your opinion and I can see there's no point to argue further. My opinion is that the way to actually being competitive in those events doesn't lie in watching and copying youtube videos.
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    Day 1 (9/12/2020) Pt. 2 Rod 1: Boilies Tiger Nut Pop-up .8" (Neutral Warm Bait) Method 2 5/6 oz. with Hot Spices Method Mix (All Season Groundbait) Rod 2: Boilies Tiger Nut Pop-up .8" (Neutral Warm Bait) PVA Med with Garlic Pellets .24" (Neutral Warm Groundbait) Rod 3: Boilies Spices Pop-up .8" (All Season Bait) PVA Med with Garlic Pellets .24" (Warm Groundbait) Rod 4: Pellets Garlic Pop-up .6" (Neutral Warm Bait) Method 2 5/6 oz. with Hot Spices Method Mix (All Season Groundbait) Observations: Only 10 unis this round. I was an idiot. I should limit uni magnet configurations to 1 rod. I lost a few unis to line slack by trying to reel 2 in with furious rod swapping. Tiger Nut, a slightly warm weather aroma, appears to work well when paired with spicy or garlic groundbait aromas. Rods 1 and 2 were highly active, with Rod 2 being slightly more active than Rod 1. Curious how neutral warm aromas stimulate carp chemo receptors in cool water. I think this fact is further evidence that aromas have different activation times based on sugar content ratios programed into the fishing AI. Today's result leads me to believe that the fishing AI favors calorie rich proteins with savory spices during cool weather. Warm weather has a different chemo receptor profile of sugary calories. I should try spicy with stinky meats combo in my next test since the fish AI is looking for calories mixed with savory spices. Also of note: I'm using red braid on Rod 2 and green braid on Rod 1. If the carp AI is sensitive to line color, carp should be avoiding the more popular Rod 2 which uses red braid. Either the carp REALLY love garlic, or they are programmed to be line blind. I'm seeing similar line color blindness to the carp in Russia which had warm weather when I last visited. PS: I'm late in posting, already did the other test...another WOWSER. Spicy stinky calories slayed the mighty Tiger Nuts! Stay tuned as I collate the data. Been sick yesterday.
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    Dear Carp Diary, 9/11/2020: I was in Weeping Willow UK today for a competition which was in off-seasonal warm water. I had too much left over warm water feed and spod chum, so I decided to test warm stuff under cool conditions. Here are the results of my little test because I did not want to waste my leftover warm weather competition chum and feeders on 9/11/2020: While I managed to net 8 unis in one spot in the same game day, it was not fun. The first 2 game hours I wanted to give up. Just a few young and regular bites. I still had a lot of feeder and spod that was going to waste so I soldiered on and forwarded from 3pm to 5pm. Bites were mostly regulars until 5:30pm when things picked-up. 4 unis in the evening hours before I forwarded to 9pm, then another 4 unis in the night. I had to fish an extra game hour to fill my keepnet with commons and trophies. Conclusion: I deduce that aromas have a water solubility threshold based on temperature. Warm weather chum are mostly sweet. The more sugary the aroma, the longer it will take to dissolve in cold water. Nutty warm water aromas don't have much sugar so will become active in cold water sooner than the more sugary ones. However, nutty aromas still fall behind fishy, spicy, wormy all season aromas in cool water in activation time. Thus, someone could easily conclude that feeder and spod chum are a waste of money if the wrong kind is used. They may get bored before the aroma hits it's solubility threshold in cooler waters. The AI for Fishing Planet never ceases to amaze me with it's complexities. My next test has some amazing results. I accidentally created a cool water carp uni magnet. I still need to collate and upload the data. Stay tuned.
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    Dear Carp Diary, I only encountered cool weather and water temps on 9/8/2020. My recipes today are mediocre. Here are the results of my creel on Day 1 with an X Flavor All Purpose Recipe: Total of 6 Unis and an assortment of trophy and regulars and 1 young carp for $91801 creel. Conclusion: X Flavour Aroma appears to favor Spice. Lets try Octo Aroma next. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the results of my creel on Day 2 with an Octo All Purpose Recipe: Total of 5 Unis and an assortment of trophy and a few regulars for $92669 creel. Conclusion: Octo Aroma appears to favor Spice too. Perhaps Octo and X Flavour enhances anything spicy when the waters are cool? Let's try mixing Octo and X Flavour tomorrow!
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    Dude, I just spent 50 dollars on this game 1 week ago and now I can't play because you can't figure your servers out.vi want a full refund, it's like all of your games are good but your staff sucks, get it together and quit taking our money if your system doesn't work right, money back please. And quit ignoring your paying customers, what kind of customer service do you think people want?
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    Are we going to get a fish tank so we can keep our trophy catches and show them off to our friends
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