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    The DLC packs do serve a purpose: they are available to everyone at any level, so long as you have the means to purchase. And in turn, where casual fishing is concerned, these packs do give an advantage, too. At level 1 you can buy a pack with a pass, thus enabling you to catch fish you wouldn't be able to catch otherwise, while also allowing you to level at a much quicker rate. Also, they provide an option to players who would rather save credits. So, again, in this respect, they do give an advantage. As far as comps are concerned, however, I do not feel they should give an advantage; not of any kind. And I am so very glad that they do not. If it were the case, even if I owned every DLC pack available, I would most likely quit playing the game, simply because I do not like the concept of it.
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    If you consider it earnestly (and I'm not talking about obvious trolls who wave their fish in your face, etc.) there are certain spots where everyone wants to fish -- the angle is better, the uniques are there, and so forth; whatever the case -- so you are going to have people around you, real close, often. Even if at times annoying, I don't think it is meant to be an inflammatory action, it's just the design of the game. And luckily, with that in mind, there is the option, as already mentioned, to turn off avatar. Very useful! Also, as Carpman pointed out, you can change gender and appearance.
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    Just turn avatars off and you wont see them when they get close .
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    Why is fish tiring non existent? I get there should be more fight when using under powered rig, but hr long fights in a game is ridiculous. Especially when you get them reeled in under 20ft more than 5 times just to have them run 100ft out every time. I've been deep sea fishing catching 500+ lb fish that had less fight & reel time. That aspect of the game really needs tweaking, like put it on a timer (i.e. every 5-10mins of reel time drops the fish stamina by so many points) or something, because if we're good enough to keep 'em on the line without getting low tension or getting spooled the fish should weaken regardless of rig setup, but they don't!
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    tombomb, if it makes you feel any better, I placed 58th in Dancing with Pike today, while you placed 5th. Take the wins when they happen and move on from the losses. I have to remind myself of that constantly.
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    This. One of the more important points you mentioned. Don't get locked into a mindset that you have to fish the same comp the same way every time. Adapt and keep an open mind. If you're getting frustrated with a certain competition, take a break and learn a different comp. You might come back to it with a new view on how to approach it differently.
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    I was feeling the same way, when I first started playing competitions. I was catching about half the amount of fish that the top 10 players were able to catch, and wondering "how is that possible? they must be cheating or something". But the more I play the competitions and the more I practice, the more I realize that the incredible results of the top 10 players are most plausible. E.g. the alligator gar competition in Louisiana: first couple of times I did only catch 6 fish, while the no1 player had 14 or something. I was fishing in the only spot I knew, and couldn't understand the big difference. I watched some more videos (thank you @sabiScs), did some testing on my own, and found 3 more spots for the alligator gar. Next time I played that competition, I was able to catch 12/13 fish because I switched between those 4 spots, and was only 1 or 2 fish short of the no1 player. Are they cheating? I think not. They just did a lot of research and testing. Is their result plausible? Absolutely! Same with the One by One competition. First couple of times I could only catch 30-something fish, while the top 3 players had around 60-70, sometimes even more. I was using the same equipment I saw in the videos, and sometimes trying to switch spots. Couldn't do it. Then I found out about the quick strike technique, and suddenly I realized how they were able to catch that much fish. I still need some practice with that. But if you don't have to wait for the fish to take the bait, and just hook it as soon as you get the first nibble, then yeah, you can catch around 60 or 70 fish in 30 minutes. It all comes down to the right technique and a lot of practice & skill here. Same with the catfish trial. Half the points of the top 10 players all the time. Then, yesterday, I was able to catch two (!) unique flathead catfish in one competition – and bam, into the top 20 I go. A bit of research, a bit of intuition, and a lot of RNG. Yup. Talking to other fishermen is a great way to improve you catch rates. Felt the same way for trout competitions and the best five bass competition in Oregon. It all comes down to the right retrieval technique. You can hook one fish after another, if you get the right technique down. I second that. What you have to understand is that you're suddenly playing against players from all over the world, who might've played FP for a couple of years, and put hours and hours into the game. . Basically, I'm with all the other guys in this thread. Even though it looks like some people might be cheating when you first start playing competitions, it's mostly a matter of time and effort invested into the game. To me, it all comes down to 4 "pillars": 1. Gear & Lure / Bait Having a balanced setup that works for you and for the fish you're trying to catch is essential. I guess most people are using the same setups, since you can find out all about it in the videos and ubersheet. No rocket science here. Use the highest gear possible, to cut down on the drill time. But there is some personal preference involved, too. E.g. I might replace the HornetSwarm that I usually use on the JigWinner with the EspiraMLR - just because I'm able to do a much nicer lure presentation with a specific lure, for a specific fish. Same with the lures and bait: most of the time there is loads of lures and / or bait that work with a specific fish. But one day the Narrow Spoon might be the best lure, one day the spinner might work a lot better. I see people like Rota and others bring a wide variety of lures / bait to a competition / tournament, and spending the first couple of minutes finding the one that works best for them. It's partly knowledge, partly 2. Feeling / Intuition I believe that the more you play the competitions, the more you establish a feeling for what works and what doesn't. Which spot is dry, which is active, if the depth is OK, if the bait is OK, and so on. One day you might have better results with the large cutbait, one day you might have better results with the crayfish. You might have to switch bait during a competition, if you're not getting bites. To me this boils down to experience and intuition. Sometimes you can't just copy what you're seeing in a video guide / stream, and expect to get the same result as the player who did the video. 3. Knowledge Like I said before, knowing a lot of different spots will get you a long way in the competitions. If one spot doesn't work well / is not active, you need to know about other spots you can try. Sometimes you need to change spots after every fish. Sometimes you need to have a variety of lures & bait that you can try. Sometimes it helps to be able to adapt to different weather conditions. Sometimes you need to consult the ubersheet about the unique time zones in a competition, and know if you should go for the smallest or the biggest fish first. Those top 10 players just have a lot of experience and knowledge, and while you're sitting on your one spot waiting and not catching anything, they're changing it up, and filling their nets. 4. RNG Like @Walleyewhisperer said: sometimes it's just the RNG. You might have the perfect setup, the perfect lure, and know about all the spots. If you're out of luck, you're out of luck. There's nothing you can do about that. To come to a conclusion: are there cheaters? I don't know. Maybe. But are the results of the same guys you always see in the top 10 plausible? Absolutely! Guys like Rota and hate_ful and sabi and AKA-Maskulin and all the other guys have lot of experience, do a lot of practice, and know their shit. It's frustrating, to not be able to keep up with them. That's why I still would like to see kind of "intermediate competitions", for players level 40, rank 0-50 or something, and "pro competitions", for the best of the best. The gap between LVL 40 rank 0 and the world's best FP players is quite large, and since the game itself doesn't tell you anything about stuff like reeling techniques, quick strike, weather conditions, etc. it can be frustrating. Maybe they'll take the chance and fix that with the mission system. Maybe they'll think about "intermediate competitions". Maybe not. But don't hate on the players that got their 1st place legit. Most of them are the ones that are putting out videos and guides and helping other people by sharing their information. And from what I've seen and learned in the game, all of the results were plausible.
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    I've heard others suggest this and I think it's a great idea. There are some comps that just don't interest me in the least while others are often at times it's not feasible for me to play. This idea would work well on many levels.
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    While I agree with some of your points, specifically in regard to bug fixes, I do not think this game was ever, or ever should be, a pay to win game. On that point, I believe the developers did a great job of balancing the DLC content in relation to its usefulness on the competitive level. It's quite refreshing to me to see they took a different route than most free to play games in the sense you can't buy wins.
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    That video is 3 months old. I mean it's good to show how it can be done. It would be better to show how sabiErika22 placed 5th today.
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    Bro, if every person who lost a comp or tournament posted a complaint, this would be unsustainable. I think by now EVERYONE knows you want to win, or think you were somehow cheated. We get it.
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    Agreed. The DLCs are a great way to get a nicely balanced setup for the specific competition. But in most cases, you'll be able to get a much better setup through the regular shop with your in-game money. I've been looking at all of the DLCs recently, since I really wanna support the devs (and, I admit it, get something that looks different ;). But all of the gear in the DLCs has disadvantages somewhere. Sometimes the rod is shorter than the in-game equivalent that I'm using, and won't allow me to cast as far. Sometimes the reel has a lower recovery or max drag, and won't give me the same load and performance as the in-game equivalent. Once you reach level 40, the DLCs don't give you any advantage over the other players. And as much as I would like to replace my gear with "cooler looking versions" of the rods and reels, I quite like that approach from the devs. You don't need to pay real money, to be able to compete in the competitions. It's not pay-to-win, and it shouldn't be. Yup. Second that. They do boost your leveling and money farming. It's basically a time- (and in-game money-)saver. That's it. And it shouldn't be more than that.
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    Just do everything previously mentioned and...take note that just because someone is fishing right on top of your float, it doesn't affect your chances of catching at all. Everyone has their own RNG. Although there may be 5 on a lake, in essence it's just you because everyone is on different times and weather. I never let it bother me if someone casts right on my float, or even sits in a kayak right next to it, because it makes no difference at all. I get unis, they get unis, everyone's happy.
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    +2 I agree, repairing and/or replacing X-series equipment should be an option, once you have completed the challenge to unlock them or have won them.
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    Yes yes im definitely sold on that
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    Will there be a PS4 version of PH_Hilrond? I've become a fan of the concept and format for the community events that he hosts but I can't participate because it's pc only.
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    Will we ever be able to purchase lost x series gear (with baitcoins) or at least reset challenges that unlock them . Will we ever be allowed to sell lures we dont use , as it is we can only discard them.
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    Hey Vole man Ive been there before and i like to rant sometimes myself. I except your apology and it takes a real man to own up to your remarks as you did. And your new remarks will help this forum be a positive and open an all are welcome because we all share the same passion. I may seem over aggressive sometimes on forums because a game has never affected myself as this game does. I wish the game all the best and Fishing Planet community. Thanks again Vole and dont feel bad about saying ur piece in the future cause your knowledge for all of us is greatly appreciated. ps . I went to Walmart to pick up headphones just so i could play with those guys
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    Tom, I owe you an apology and I'm doing it here rather than via PM so people can see I accept I was an ass and am willing to admit to my mistakes and errors. You didn't deserve to be jumped on simply because your grammar isn't 100%, and for that I am sincerely sorry. I remember partying up and you were a good guy, so I have no excuse other than beer and the pressures of that particular day. I needed to rant and I did so at your expense. I am truly sorry, there was no need to post what I did. I'd remove it if I could. I feel about an inch tall right now 😞
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    I personally like the Competition scheduling as it is. It's more realistic to have to wait for the following competition. If there was constantly running Comps it could lead to a burnout. Having them broken up and scheduled like they are, leaves room for anticipation and allows for there to be such enthusiasm. If they were constantly ongoing, always available.. that's when people get burnt out on them. There's no more anticipation because, well, "I can do a competition any time. No big deal." But that's just my opinion...
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    Hello Poohlykhomyak! Yes, every day I try to learn something in FP and I know that there are still many hidden things that make me want to play more and more every day. I always see players saying they do not win championships and etc ... But they just started playing and want to win "it's going to be difficult" I had played more than 150 when I was winning the first. About my friends, lately I am with few friends, few even, I look for friends who want to train with me and be a true friend! I do not want friends who just want information about how to do or not to do "so I do not have many" Fifikim is a Portuguese friend, we do not play together anymore, but whenever we can talk to each other. Fernado_Rochka is my best friend in FP and because of the blue screen stopped for a while. I have other friends Jimmorrison1962, Geo_vane41, Willians82Br and Kelvinlazzarotto. But most of the time I'm training alone.
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    Thats what I always said. Rota is just fanatically addicted to explore this game. Thats why he is so successful. And his videos are never discover all secrets. Only why thing I can not understand: Rota why all your other Brazilian friends are not even close to your success? You dont share your findings with them? LOL )))
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    I didn't realise that. I assumed it would interfere with the swim. Just had a sex change and turned off the avatar and all went well when I went fishing...thnx all
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    Ya i learned that quick when people where putting their fish in my face.
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    I tried to save on travel costs so I used it as a tent. Must've had some serious night terrors to cause 6k worth of damage.