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    Dear friends! We are happy to announce February 5th as the release date for the Euro Update on PS4! Thank you for your patience and hope you will enjoy it!
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    Hello Fishing planet , Olha o que eu fiz, eu mereço um DLC com meu nome agora?
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    Hey dear friends! Happy to announce that PS4 Euro Update arrived earlier than expected! PS4 servers will be rebooted in 15min. Expected downtime is 60min. It is a Fishing Planet 2.0: Euro Update. Get ready for new European adventures and sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.
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    give a starving man a fish and he can eat for a day but teach that same man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime . to everyone who has never actually been fishing before and only played it in a game then you are missing one of the best experiences you could have as a human being in your lifetime . i have never met one single person who has been fishing for the first time and didnt like or love it . the best way is to go with someone u know who already fishes as you can learn a lot and get experience same time and if he or she has a few rods u could borrow one and try it . when i started many eons ago i did just that and next day i bought a rod and reel line and hook and went fishing was the cheapest set up lol but was awesome and never looked back . the memories i have are the most vivid memories i have of fish i have caught and the fish that got away grrrrrrrr so please give it a try i guarantee u will love it
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    FREE DLC Feeder pack:)) https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1449-CUSA06941_00-PSFREE0000000000 Thank you FP
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    Yesterday the forum began to come alive again, humour added turning new light to bad subjects. Made it worth coming on here to read the threads again finally, heck i could of gone on fishing for a couple of extra hours while my baby girl had a sleep. Instead i came and talked sh!te on here. In my eyes a greater win than any comp or tourny. Remember people this is just a game everybody is entitled to an opinion but dont let it ruin the fun. We all have something in common (we all like to fish) some oviously like to fish different to others but we all playing the same end game. Anyway just my morning brain fart, enjoy the rest of your day fishing people✌
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    True. This game produces a lot of frustration. And I don't know exactly why. To me it's always been (and still is) the most fun to talk to the other guys in a party and do some competitions or farming. I hardly played anything else than fishing planet in the last year. But I always thought to myself, if somebody that doesn't know anything about the game could hear us talk, they'd wonder why we even do this to ourselves It's always several hours of ranting and raving.. "Ah shit, three amateur competitions again", "ooh fuck, only OneByOne and Yellow Perch", "shit I can't catch anything", "it's always the same guys in the top10", "ah fuck the yeti stole my x-series", "God I hate this fucking menu", "shit I got kicked out of the chat again - now I have to paddle again - I can't find your chat - open up a new one - I'll go restart", "Michigan is not what it used to be, can't even get my net full" bla bla bla. But somehow we still can't stop playing it. It's got something really addicting to it. Even though it's full of bugs (that take like forever to be fixed) and bad decisions and has a lot of room for improvement to become a great game (see Kps video on the 5 pillars): I guess we're all in love with the idea of what this game could be. Maybe that's it: the game is still far from what it could be. Maybe that's the reason for all the frustration and toxicity - also on the forums. It has its moments. But it could be much more rewarding. Still, I totally agree with you. We shouldn't forget that it's just a game. A game that we all love and enjoy. That's why we're here. Let's have some with it. Turn the hate around, and come up with ideas on how to fix stuff. Personally, I'd love it if the devs took their time to get involved in the discussion. Do more Q&A's. Ask the people what they like and don't like about the game. Tell us what you're working on, and what your plans are. Take part in the forums. Read what's going on here and reply to it. Anyways, maybe I took it too far.. This thread is aimed at the community.. My reply is just a long ass version of saying "yup, agreed!" We've got something in common; the love for fishing. Let's not work against each other. Let's have some fun together.
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    Hello my fellow Anglers,The PS4 Community Event Seaon 1 Event 3 Starting tomorrow 1/21at 12pm est. and ends on 1/28 at 11:59am est. It will be held at Rocky Lake In Colorado You will be hunting the biggest 3 Trout you can find You will need 1 of each species Colorado Golden,Cutthroat and a Rainbow Trout The RULES are simple NO X-SERIES and NO KAYAKS Fish caught during Competitions do not count Scoring is done by total weight divided by 3 All pictures of your catch must have the chat code I will post the spreadsheet on the Forums and Facebook Prizes Are 1st Place Salmon Star Pack 2nd Place Bass Boss Pack 3rd Place 1 month Premium I only have North America And European Codes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TT1nCNSqUw&t=142s https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-PEt_59tR9uwXmUHU83TDjc9NibCZPTItxM1PnU_83U/edit?usp=sharing
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    European waterways come along with a lot of new European fish. We have added 37 new species: Asp Barbel Bighead Carp Bitterling Bleak Blue Bream Bream Brown Trout Prussian Carp Caspian Roach Creek Brown Trout European Chub European Eel European Perch Flounder Crucian Carp Grass Carp Grayling Gudgeon Ide MarbleTrout Mirror Carp Monkey Goby Leather Carp Roach Round Goby Rudd Ruffe Silver Bream Silver Carp Tench Thicklip Grey Mullet Volga Zander Zander Ziege This update also includes few fish giants that will get on nerves of even hardcore anglers. No one can remain indifferent in the face of 60 kg Wels Catfish and Beluga. At the same time, you have a possibility to meet and catch, well known Common Carp and Northern Pike.
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    Just passed 1000 personal points the other day. Started playing in July, and playing contests in August or end of July. I have played 369 contests and have 1021 points. I have lost many points playing contests as well. Even when I am losing 15 points in a contest that I am just learning, and end up losing more points in other contests, I keep coming back to compete. I am getting better and demonstrating anyone can beat the best in the game on any given day with the right skills, knowledge, and patience. Anyone else want to share their story or just comment?
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    Glad people understand my point. Many different motives, veiws, tactics etc... but we all share the same goal CATCHING FISH
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    It was fun. Real good fun. But this is me deleting the game and my bookmark. I have no complaints against the game, the devs have done a sterling job and I'm sure the new content will be awesome. I even have my premium paid up intil 2020. Just a shame it took over a year between the kayak update and the new venue update. I loved every minute and I loved meeting you all, Xmas 2017 cannot be repeated. Jim, Chris, Tony, Greg, Joe, Pierre and many, many others, it was entirely my pleasure. I love you all. But now I'm back in the skies on Ace Combat 7 and even the new venues cannot pull me back. I wish everyone the best of luck and know that I will never forget my FP experience. Take it easy dudes, it was an awesome experience for me
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    New players are normally concerned with learning and levelling up. They don't have the money to do the travelling involved with comps and are normally saving up to buy new equipment so many of the amateur comps have few or no participants meanwhile, everyone else can find something else to do while these ghost comps run sometimes five in a row. Just who is locking who out here?
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    Agreed. Let them take their time to make it more stable. Even though I can't wait for the UI bugfixes that are hopefully coming with the new update. I'd be happy to trade some feeder rods for a responsive menu / inventory
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    New update should be release to end of this month. Just be patient, remodeling pc version to ps4 is hard cous of totally different coding. We all want this update and we all are waiting. Cheers.
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    Maybe something wrong but keep an eye on it until you get the answer m8. Did read other thread yesterday i think reddwarf10 and carpman had confermations from devs repair is at 70% insead of 90%. Hopefully you just not wear gear down enough yet
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    The pack worked for me but i got it from the posted link not ps4 store . It arrived instantly for me .
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    No one is cheating. Dev's are pretty good at being on top of things. I play in nearly all events (when awake), the top scores you see are very capable of getting. (Aside from a few still questionable CN players from China) A couple CN, players were banned last year for exploiting a Kayak bug during events in California and Alberta. One guy was dumb enough to even STREAM IT while sitting on Kayak during the Triple Trout event. As far as the multiple accounts are concerned. It's not so much if you're behind a VPN or IP address, they can also determine if you are using the same device. They can tell if you're using the same computer. I can only speak for the PC community as I only play PC, BUT considering picking up a PS4 soon so I can compete in PS4 events while all the amateur events are going on the PC side of things. (So watch out) looool Also, keep in mind that many players you see consistently on top 10 probably have put well over 2k hours into the game. The game isn't as much as a sim as it's made out to be. There are specific hot spots, every in-game 30 mins on many events such as butterfly peacocks with multiple spots to cast to that reset so you do the same routine every 30 in-game mins to maximize your score. The more you put into the game you will see what I am talking about. YOU CAN have multiple accounts per device if your just fishing. YOU CAN NOT be in the same event or tournament. I hope this makes sense. The probability of any sort of cheating in greatly increased on the PC side of things compared to console. P.S.I hope one day you take a screenshot of me as I will take that as a compliment ;o)
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    This is my first Uni in the new update. Hope you like the music!
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    So with the new euro update within our grasp i decided to take a look see whats going on youtube. After maybe 10-15 clips started fast farwarded all i see is that bridge in auktuba. It seems like the bridge area is home to many of the big fish (unis). We get all this new water to fish and all people want to do is fish same spot. I for 1 am going to be avoiding that bridge like the plague. Its understandable that we do use the same spots as we all know the spots that work but come on surely a month and a half and people still sat at the same bridge in a waterway that looks like it would take half a game day just to walk around. I hope people are gona use there own initiative and venture past the youtube sheep spots.
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    Nevermind the answer. It's strange how if you give your eyes a minute's break you can see what is front of your face. Figured it out and thanks so much for at least reading my post.
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    Yeh defo need the ui sorting. No chance am i unpacking my box for new gear if its like it is now
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    If that's the case, you're totally right. It's only unfair if you double your chances by playing the same competition / tournament twice - using two accounts. I've seen different combinations of the 4-6 accounts in competitions over the last couple of months. And, assuming they belong to 2 or more people, I don't know if one of them is playing with his 1st account, while the other is playing with his / her 2nd account, or if one of them is using 2 accounts simultaneously / after one another. And I don't have proof that there were cases where 3 or more of their accounts took part in the same competition, as I usually only take screenshots when I want to share my score with my friends; not keep track of other people's accounts. So it's mostly just a coincidence. I'm sure I've seen it, but I can't prove it. So forget about it. Looking at the rules, I guess you can interpret them both ways. Using 2 or more accounts to play competitions may be allowed, as long as you don't use more than one in the same competition. It's a different case if you create a secondary account to play amateur competitions (with the knowledge of a rank 50+ player). That'd be pretty unfair. As far as I can tell, the rules don't say anything about that either. Or do they? I couldn't find anything about it. Might be with updating / clarifying them. But that's not the case for team happy either, so let's forget about that, too Be it like it is: only the devs and the account holders themselves know what's true. If this - and the other threads about it - were good for anything, it's maybe to create awareness. The devs know that they should do regular checks to not let cheaters ruin their game, and keep the community happy. And the people that try to double their chances might restrain from using multiple accounts. Be it because of the fear of bans, or the toxicity they're creating in the community. If they're playing fair, I'd be happy to apologize for taking part in this "holy war", as you called it.
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    the update of the kayaks that was not as great as the new lakes took about 55 days. Already this update that is much more complex and involves a lot more things and etc .... can take the same time or a little more. I'm also looking forward to it, but I do not think it's easy to code the game for PS4 ... And I'm wondering how the stick control will be since we do not use a keyboard.