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    And that is why Fishing Planets reputation as a whole is poor. They announce something then never give a clear answer . The forum itself isnt even update as fast as Steam , then they change the dates they post stuff lol.
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    Wouldn't it just be easier for you to give a non cryptic answer since you missed posting on the Friday mention in the OP and we are past the first half of November? Why string everyone along. Just say it's not ready yet, sorry for the delay.
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    Вот и прилетело долгожданное обновление с пользовательскими соревнованиями. Создаем интересные соревнования и принимаем участие в уже созданных
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    5mins 24kg trophy Cats n whatever the fkn comp is called.. patch is pathetic.. see if you can ruin the game up more now we've all paid as well..
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    Hey friends! Today we’ll tell you in more detail how these new competitions are going to look like in the game. A new Custom Competitions menu will be added to the game interface that’ll feature a convenient list of all the user competitors both available and already played: To create a Custom Competition, simply push CREATE and then either adjust all of the desired parameters in the competition settings menu or choose one of the preexisting competition templates. Once you complete that step, you’ll find yourself in the Lobby of your newly created Custom Competition, while the event itself will be published in the list of competitions to be seen and joined by other players. Competition Lobby is the place where players can look through the event details and chat with other participants. At the time of the event, there will be a count-down followed by the start of the competition. All players who confirmed their participation (READY button) may then begin competing. Players that fail to confirm and are holding up the other participants, may be excluded from the competition by the Host. In case of pre-scheduled starts, all players who have not submitted their confirmation will be excluded automatically once the competition begins. The Lobby for Team Competitions will be somewhat different, featuring a list of players divided according to their teams. The competition Host may personally assign players to their teams. The Host’s authority pretty much ends there. Once the competition begins, the Host will participate on the same grounds as all the other players, having no further advantages. We can’t wait to share our work with you and present this new functionality. The release is planned for the next week. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Tight lines!
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    That's what Gatorade bottles are for!!! LOL j/k good luck bud!
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    all DLCs are spread throughout the main store and also in the lakes stores.
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    People are getting tired. I have always said that this game is wonderful, but fish must be more random. Change the competitions, make new ones and take away some old ones. Do something to not always see the same names. My friends, and they are many, are fed up.
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    you wanna be on top ? ok so 1- You must be awake 2am , 4am 6am 8m 10 am , after that you can sleep 4 hour.. now ready for comp 14pm 16pm 18pm 20pm (now time to eat a sandwich quickly). 2- so if you are enable to sleep 4 or 5 hours per day , go for ... dont forget sometimes you need to put your alarm to awake in middle at night. 3 - by some dlc , minimum 3 per month with premium, must be enought 4- now just do some research in youtube or twitch , most of comp are there... and you are ready.
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    they already did it on Steam! you will be satisfied when the new update arrives at PS4!
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    Ночная смена Поймай определенное количество рыбы в ночное время: 3-я смена : -100 (рыб) Приз: X-SERIES™ Prometheus™ Рыбацкая Кепка с Фонариком . Предложение: вручайте в качестве награды просто Фонарик, ведь его конструкция позволяет надеть его просто на не прикрытую головным убором голову или на любой головной убор!!! В противном случае, все более красивые и крутые кепки абсолютно не нужны!!!
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    1) Официальный язык тех.поддержки - английский. Не имеет значения, где физически дислоцирована команда разработки. Абсолютно все обращения в службу поддержки получают автоматический ответ о сроках, в которые мы предоставляем ответ на обращение, и предупреждение об официально используемом языке. В качестве исключения мы иногда отвечаем игрокам на русском, так как общение с ними через переводчик Google приводит к огромному недопониманию. 2) То, что мы передали ваше видео и описание проблемы команде разработчиков, не означает, что исследование и исправление бага произойдет мгновенно. Когда исправим, добавим в новый патч и уточним в патчноте. 3) Добавлять "временные рамки на поклевку" не планируем. Данный ИИ существует на европейских водоемах с момента их введения, ничего абсолютно нового на американские водоемы мы не вносили. 4) Прекратите словесный понос и оскорбления разработчиков. Предложение убрать аматорские соревнования не ново, после введения пользовательских соревнований, мы, возможно, пересмотрим генерацию обычных.
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    If you have completed the mission then I think the lure is lost. It is possible when you exited the game it could have been sent to home storage if your backpack storage was over capacity, but not likely. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of your problem.
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    Trolling will be implemented in Fishing Planet after New Year. So you'll be able to fish with rod stands from boats.
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    Очень жду новый моно поводок на 25-25,5 кг. Не понимаю, почему такого до сих пор нет в магазине. Ведь донное удилище на 27 кг и катушка на 26,2 кг есть.
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    still cant see leaderboard and am sick of bugs please sort out the game its becoming intolerable
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    Я прекрасно понимаю что я беру и для чего мне все это нужно. И еще я понимаю что моего рюкзака не хватает для того чтобы взять все то что мне нужно. Откинуть лишние приманки я смогу только тогда когда водоем уже будет изучен. Но если едешь на него впервые - тогда что? Яркий пример когда нужно брать всего понемногу это река Тибр. На которой есть и форель клюющая на блесны, сверхлегкие блесны, хвосты те же. Сазаны и усачи для которых нужно захватывать фидерную оснастку и все что с ней связано. Жерех для которого необходимо брать спиннинг и воблеры - дневные, ночные. Голавлик с хариусом требующий кастинга и попперов с волкерами. Сомы на которых неплохо фармить ночью на большие крючки и сомовые оснастки - большие поплавки, крючки, наживки. Даешь мастерскую миссию 50го уровня на Армейский рюкзак на 150 слотов.
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    После обновления ночной клёв стал стремиться к нулю. Касается осетров на Сан-Хоакин и Сент-Круа. Это то, что я лично заметил. Толстолобик в Германии также стал клевать гораздо реже. Пользовательские соревнования вообще не впечатлили. Лишняя опция, на мой взгляд. Предлагаю разработчикам расширить количество слотов в инвентаре под бесполезные хвостики, офсетные крючки и поводки для спиннингов. А также в следующем обновлении добавить в магазин моно поводок, который будет соответствовать катушке на 26,2 кг и донке на 27 кг. Ибо тот, что сейчас есть - всего на 19,5 кг.
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    Ok thank you. I've sorted it now cheers the standard licence is free but the advance one is not..
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    Патч 3.2.1 * Исправлена 3D анимация * Исправлена ошибка в фотомоде * Исправлена ошибка с аватарами в турнирах / соревнованиях * Мелкие исправления в пользовательских соревнованиях * Исправлены мелкие ошибки регулярных соревнований * И ряд мелких исправлений
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    Hmm, heres the thing. Ive been a RL piscatorial now for god knows how long. Ive caught fish by the thousand over the years. In all that time and theres one thing Ive yet to see. An item that this game seems to rely on greatly. Fish with wrist watches. That reminds me I must set the alarm on my automatic umberella its going to rain at 09:00 and stop at 11:00. Now then that big fish will bite at precisely 09:45 an i need to be fishing 121 ft offshore in a NE direction of 045 degrees using a number 6 hook and worms. The true art of fishing isnt the right time, it doesnt start raining at 07:00:00 and stop at 09:00:00. If fish can be encouraged to feed at a time then you do it with baiting, feeding, layering etc. No one stands on the river bank and shoust "Oi come on its 9:30am your supposed to be feeding now, Ive got a meeting in 45 minutes !!!". Ive yet to see that one, so devs, lets lose the split second timing on everything and fish like your supposed to usying brains and bait. Im aware the games easier to program and people like it easy at times for recreation, playing it this way it may as well be a slot machine. Add some spontinaity to it, Lets try oh it might rain today, dunno when though. Im aware the game runs on the Unity engine and that has its limitations etc, but even that has something called RANDOMISING. Whilst I understand the need for simple, adding the realism to it will encourage Bait sales, The sale of Caps, Umberellas (show me a serious RL fisherman who doesnt have a bank brolley), Carp tents for that overnight experienc. And as for rods reels and line. I dont know about the US of A or Europe, but here in England, I se my Float rod for spinning, bottom feeding (screw in quiver or tilt tips), Ive used it for Carp fishing too. I use a Pole, well two really, a telescopic and a carbon put over, im assuming the telescopic float rod is a mimic of this. Yes I know the dutch invented the pole, they didnt invent the stick and thread with a bent pin I used as a kid to get trout out of the local river. I guess what Im saying is a rod can have more than one use. I see that some of the rods do infact have a selection of implimentation, even if the bait is fixed to a selection. Good idea to make money which is what this is about for you. For those who want true fishing, these changes can be implimented easily enough. I got a motor boat with a sonar, the sonar doesnt work yet its advertised as an update to the unit as the price of the boat increases. I was stood still watching the screen show me hills and fish rolling under my boat, lol nope, these things show you whats under your boat, just like a sat nav/ That also isnt hard to impliment your half way there with the rough MAP system. If somethings sold thats supposed to work then for the sake of realism, make it work, it doesnt take a lifetime. I for one would like this to be a tad more realistic. Make these updates to the Fisherman game and I will buy it, just lose its Microsales. If you Devs dont know how, then who wrote this thing in the first place?
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    :X Well, I've been playing this game for a long time and in my opinion it has never been as bad as it is now. This new patch has done away with fish bites in Alaska. Since the patch was released I never filled my net. The game is very boring, I spend more time looking at the landscape than fighting with the fish. It comes to give me sleep! I would like the game to be as it was before, it was more fun. I don't know if the idea of making this change came from the developers or the players request, but whatever they tried to do went wrong. Maybe they tried to make the game more realistic, and it's OK to try it! But you can not forget that it is still a game, and that being fun is more important than being realistic. Anyway, I don't want to offend anyone or downplay the work done, however, I have to be honest and give you feedback on a change made in the game. That's it, I hope somehow the feedback can help you improve the game.
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    А вот мое видение этого обновления и оно совсем не радостное почему то. Почему публикуются не все детали обновлений? Никак нельзя опубликовать полный список изменений? Где информация про катушки например и про офсетные крючки?
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    I seem to recall having the same difficulty. Then one day I noticed fish activity towards the left of where you can land your kayak(where you can get out on land at the rocky point). Jump out, turn to face water, and to your right is a little inlet where I believe I got mine, right near weeds by shore. There was splashing there, and couldn't catch anything else so I tried the tube bait there, and voila! I hope this helps...that's all the detail I can remember. Good luck
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    It does say [Steam] 3.2.0 update, so yes it is atm.
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    Подарували сьогодні на день народження The Fisherman - Fishing Planet, це просто чудово, мати можливість грати саме у таку версію гри. Дає відкритість дій, наповнює іншими емоціями аніж стандартна FP. Круто! Дякую команді розробки, за адекватний, змістовний продукт який треба купляти. Це потужно і певна річ що коштує свого! Гарний подарунок на ДР (Вибачте що пишу тут, Україномовної гілочки форуму не має)
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    Gratz on your first bud. You'll always remember it LOL But yes you need to start at 9 and fish it through to the end to fish the full 2 hours, Same as in the finals. It will end right at 11 no matter what.
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    wow I guess bare face lying can be added to the list of complaints nice 1 fp
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    Grand Smallie's Cup: Qualifier 2 Results Привет рыбаки! Поздравляем вас с окончанием второй и заключительной Отборочной Игры ноябрьского Турнира по ловле Малоротого Басса, Grand Smallie's Cup. Это был последний шанс показать один из сорока пяти лучших результатов и пройти в Полуфинал для тех, кто не смог сразу попасть в Топ-30 в первой отборочной игре, тем самым пройдя в Полуфинал. Внизу вы найдете список рыбаков, которые теперь в числе 75 лучших Бассо-ловов отправятся на Мичиганское озеро Сент-Круа для участия в Полуфинале турнира уже 23го ноября! Steam PS4 XBox One 1 Alicelad 2 MemoGalacho 3 perkinsik 4 LGD.Jonny 5 Digage1 6 LGD.DouFuRu.Douyu.6214857 7 GPBr-FireHydra 8 stuXx 9 NaBaO 10 Alekseyss 11 Kupa123 12 gertscholten 13 Foxiii 14 Modnar89 15 DR.BLACK-SK 16 Tim71088 17 PH_bigdaddy012678 18 PRO.s_CLUB_HEINO1971 19 Twitch_TV-ZeroeffortZ 20 FU_icenice 21 cc13 22 valere49 23 The_Swamp_Man 24 T.H.O.R-Conan1967 25 CN.love1983 26 GPBr-Edu77 27 jamesmin3 28 LaCasquette 29 mR.aRm 30 Propensity 1 TgF_oiram143 2 michelplat 3 CP_Rui-Manitas 4 valemuay 5 pigkiller180 6 AKA-Maskulin 7 terentiev81 8 GoldFassl 9 FPU_FFM--89 10 fishongaming 11 bruno_bmp 12 Tetrah_1073 13 CeddyCed40 14 Ti_Jacare 15 kallur222 16 pochpifa 17 guitoons9422 18 HughBetcha88 19 bo28 20 Alanon_78 21 BabyJouker 22 sagazbuitre393 23 Poohlykhomyak 24 trabjaw 25 Red_Drag-on_ 26 dedou13340 27 RAYKOKILLER 28 deviltrevor68 29 papubino 30 ZOCAMA 1 gMq PISTOL PETE 2 Superman4real38 3 GPBr flavio 4 HAVOKESMOKE 5 EVIL IVIONKEY 6 BunkerPappy 7 kardyAVC 8 royalbirhat 9 SUICIDECLOWN007 10 Aiur Bender 11 x7 josito x7 12 jay dawg 911 13 Guateng 14 TonySasuke 15 Dreadnort69 16 Halo MidNite 17 GREmper0R 18 KCRoyals83 19 GrimMinato12 20 Sh4dowfox30 21 sithidious 22 TeetaBoro 23 LittleJumper01 24 BFW Essay TroLS 25 T0xxic Assassin 26 O B0I 27 PYGMYMOOSE70 28 VentduSuD 29 FLOWTIME86 30 SpittinVenom77
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    You should be able to, try untracking the mission, ensure you have five free backpack tackle slots available (you might have to get rid of any backlashes, if there are any left), quit and restart the game. Now try tracking the mission again, you should need to catch five backlashes again to get the invisible line back. Suggest using a lower drag setting if this works. GL.
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    OMG LOL. Well I am embarrassed a bit I knew about the 30 day challenges and rewards but I was sure the Frog came as a reward from Lousiana Topwater competition. Well thanks and again my bad Cheers.
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    The Fisherman is not available on the Microsoft store. Only the f2p game is. The Fisherman is on Steam , PS4 and Xbox One
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    do you have the required 20k ?
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    haha yea I think it was only exclusive until it comes out on fp
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    yup have to agree for us that is impossible to use a 200kg baitcoin net from lvl1 to 48 without repair? totally impossible, don't know where you got your unbreakable net from but could I have 1 please
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    Dear developers, Please see the bug report below: 1 Username: michamvk 2 Platform (PS4, Steam) : Steam (Linux) 3 Date when the issue was encountered: Not a specific date or patch moment the issue encountered 4 Problem description: When adding a marker buoy to the map, the marker is only placed on map but not in the game world, I tried the markers on another device but results are the same. --> Interesting note: In Windows the marker buoys are displayed, but there the game is not playable for me due to random crashes. So it looks the game is Linux Specific. 5 In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) : not applicable Hopefully you can check this out since it is easily to reproduce. Best regards from a fishing planet fan.
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    Bass fishing is quite an art of its own! And since Fishing Planet wants to help you become a more versatile bass angler, we decided to host a very special Bass tournament, dedicated entirely to Smallmouth Bass! As any Bass angler knows, Smallies are angrier and much more fierce opponents than their Largemouth relatives, which makes the Tournament even more of a fun challenge! So whether you’re a mastermind Bass angler or just getting started in Smallmouth fishing, don’t hesitate to go on this competitive fishing journey for an exciting trip through some breathtaking fishing destinations - from the deep blue waters of Oregon’s Falcon Lake and the the mesmerizingly picturesque San Joaquin Delta in the sunny state of California in the two Qualifiers, to for the Semifinal Round on Michigan’s beautiful Saint-Croix Lake and over to the wide banks of North Carolina’s Neherrin River for the Grand Finale, in which 20 toughest and most skilled Smallmouth anglers will face each other in an epic showdown for the title of Smallmouth fishing Champion and many valuable prizes! Grand Smallie’s Cup will be held November 20th through November 24th, with the Registration starting on November 18th. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 18th of November - Registration for the Tournament begins. 20st of November - Qualifier 1 on Lake Falcon in Oregon. 21nd of November - Qualifier 2 San Joaquin Delta in California. 23th of November - Semifinal Round on Michigan’s Lake Saint-Croix. 24th of November - the Grand Finale on Neherrin River in North Carolina. Do not lose your chance to use the best tackle possible to enjoy your fishing experience to the maximum and get the Grand Smallie’s Pack with the new tackle for the Tournament or any angling occasion! Enjoy your chance to get a whole bundle of goods including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store Xbox
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    I still maintain that the Amazon river should be a priority at some "soon" point in time ! The sheer number of unique species in it make it an anglers dream !
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    Just fishing now in a private room and I’m able to fish with multiple rods, so if you are having issues with multiple rods play in a private room and it should be a lot better
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    Hi, After 2 - 3 days in Michigan the game lags every 10 seconds. I used a rodpod with 3 rods and traveled with a boat to the Island. I played solo on PS4 normal and I am very sure it isnt the Internet. Fps drops are a big problem while u throw. Pls fix the game stability and dont forget to fix this bug in the next Patch. Thanks Edit: Day 4 the rod with bobber has maybe 10 fps all the time and feeder and bottom lag only every 10 seconds. I think the lags increase every day.
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    Here is a video for my problem: Watch the bar on the right side while i threw the bobber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf1RRW5Taog I hope I can help the developer to fix that.
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    That quote is golden and sound advice. Good job brother!
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    What I mean by storage is rod bags, belt pouch, vests, etc (sorry for the confusion). I'm quite enjoying NY. Specially on rainy days and at night. I really need to study this. I've been moving to maps without knowing what I'll find because I'm following a guide but now I think that I should be "less lazy" and learn the stuff instead of having someone holding my hand all the time. Thank you for your time.
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    When the boats come ... fish the great lakes,..... Superior,Michigan,Huron,Erie,Ontario
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    Based on what information I've gathered from various threads, the long range plan is indeed to add locations in Europe, South America and possibly southeast Asia. It just takes a long time for a small development team to do it all. As far as I'm concerned, there's no rush.
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    I like the Amazonas River, in Brazil.
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