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    We will take it into consideration and thank you for idea)
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    Hey there, angling community! We prepared an awesome update with amazing new features, including TOPWATER and NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics! Main highlights Topwater : We created new topwater fishing lures: Walkers, Poppers and Frogs. Two new retrieves added: Popping and Walking. Substantial changes to line and lure physics. Night Fishing: Changes to fishing Licenses: Night Fishing is permitted only with Advanced Licenses. Changes made to the shift between fishing days: your catch in the fishkeeper is sold at 5 a.m. every next morning. This means you can keep fishing all night long! New fish activity charts for nighttime added. New tackle for fishing in the dark: rods with fluorescent tips, that let you see the fish bite even in total darkness! We also added holographic lures of different weights snd sizes: luminescent Cranks and glow in the dark soft lures: Craws, Worms and Shads. A wider selection of glow-in-the-dark floats: now slim and pear-shaped floats added. New unique fishing cap with flashlight that you can get for completing the new "Night Shift" challenge. Miscellaneous New Ardix match rod and LineGlider spinning reel added. Level requirement changes made for Brutus rods as well as reels of Hornet Swarm and Espira DoublePunch series. Retrieves system has been reworked Last selected rod now is saved. Pitching flag for each floating rod will be saved during pond session as well. Last selected in inventory rod will be automatically taken in game when you leave inventory Auto selecting first equipped rod when last used was disassembled Topwater Midnight Pack No fishfight is more visual and powerful than a proper topwater battle! And nothing compares in its atmosphere to a night hunt! Both spectacular and challenging in their beauty, topwater and night fishing are a complex art that equally requires sharp skill and the right tools! That’s why we created the TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK - for all anglers who can handle the eye-popping action and raw emotion of confronting your scaly enemy face-to-face and bring in the catch in the darkest hours! TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK
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    1.) There's Always Texas Get the advanced license for sure, with your first few baitcoins. 2.) Basic Licenses: With the exception of florida at the present moment you can buy 3 day real time basic licenses for just a little bit more then the 1 day advanced. You can keep all commons this way and get 3 days to fish real time. -Granted you have to release trophies/uniques, but the point here is working on a budget. -Trophies/Unis only give just a smidge more credits/lb when you sell them. 3.) Fish Sell Guide: See It Here-> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MVthNeh0VrZZ2mxOAqHojrjowkRZwgcQXIgWlq6ErZ8/edit#gid=0 Thanks Wicked Viking! 4.) Extend Days, And Exiting. When traveling to new locations, extend multiple days. And when you exit the game do so by going to the gear in the top left, and exit game there, you will not leave the waterway. 5.) Keep Your Storage Updated: Your stringer/keepnet is your most important piece of gear to keep updated, it's your livelyhood. 6.) Travel Light! -Take one to three rods, to keep your rod case minimum. Use a small tacklebox and vest as well to carry just the bare minimum gear. (This will give cheaper repair cost because your gear is cheaper.) -When traveling to lower level lakes, you can reduce the size of your keeper/fishnet to reduce repair costs as well, why would you need a 200 or 300lb stringer when you won't get anywhere near to filling it? --Suggested By BonPadre THANKS! 7.) Spawning Locations: Fishing holes can dry up, try to keep moving, don't stay in one place, explore and find more places to get your target fish, this keeps the fish flowing in, which keeps the cash flowing in. 8.) Slow Your Progression. Don't always travel to a new location when it opens, as you won't have a big enough stringer/keepnet to be successful there by filling it. 9.) Keep Old Gear. -Suggested By BonPadre, Thanks! Don't sell off old rod/reel setups or other gear as if something goes wrong you won't have any prior gear to fall back on. 10.) Keep It In The Green, Saves Green -Suggested By darren, Thanks! Watch how much tension your putting on your line, keep all 3 bars for rod/reel/line in the green. If your not seeing those bars go into your settings through the gear icon and turn tackle load indicator to advanced. 11.) Expensive Baits Don't Mean Better. Suggested BonPadre, -Thanks! Keep an eye on how much each bait costs when your using it, and take into account the credits your getting for the fish. IE a bait that costs 50 credits to catch a 55 credit fish makes no sense. Personally this is why i use lures, only 1 initial investment cost, and it's not a consumable. Downside to lure fishing is it takes quite a bit to learn and be effective at it. 12.) IF You have a little bit of money to spend. Buying a New York advance for the $2.99 pack for the 50 baitcoins is worth it. Walleye there are easy to catch with narrow spoons, and give quite a few credits/xp and are a good fallback with a 6lb setup. 13.) Shop at home. Buy your gear/lures/baits at your home, not at the lake, there is a larger markup at the waterway. - Suggested By Hilrond. Also having premium helps as it gives you a 50% boost to credits on fish and xp. I may add more but these are just a few things off my head. Hope this helps. Tight Lines!
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    In Texas there is a pile of dirt by the bridge. But you must have no worms on hand for it too work. Red worms I think not night crawlers
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    Can you give a little more information? My first guess would be you try to equip a lure to a float rod. In short the rods are used as follows: telescopic: floatfishing, uses spinning reel matchrod: floatfishing, uses spinning reel spinning: lures, uses spinning reel casting: lures, uses casting reel Hope that helps!
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    Как говорил один мой знакомый, покойник: «Я слишком много знал…». © Бриллиантовая рука.
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    Hello, Hope now everything is working fine.
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    Hello, 1) yes, we will improve our nights sounds 2) may be, I'll specify Thanks!
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    Not sure how you got to that amount negative but you don't have to stop. Texas is always free to fish and you can also dig for worms there. You can always get out of a negative balance. If you want to fix it faster you can always purchase in-game currency in the shop.
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    Are you sure you do have a fish-keeper and not a jail stringer? If you use a jail stringer you can't release the fish after it's caught. Just check your inventory and see what you have equipped to keep fish.
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    It is a problem they have talked about finding a fix for. The problem is they directly copied the PC version which uses a mouse and a key boards with 100 buttons to navigate. Well you don't have that with a controller. I am however impressed with how identical to the PC version it is, but your right some adjustments to how to navigate the menus is very much needed, if gotten used to it over the week and it's not to bad now but still not great. And plzz change the button to sell ur stuff in tired of selling my lures when trying to exit the menu haha. But if the only thing wrong is this u guys did a great job!
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    Здравствуйте, SlameSX. Ночью запрещено ловить с базовой лицензией. Читайте внимательно патч-ноуты
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    Hi,Can you update us regarding your joystick? What joystick you have?
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