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    Beautiful fish guys! My only proof is the log .... for now anyway. Maybe taking a photo next time if I can remember to do so through all the excitement. I love this game!
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    Hi All. The game seems to be running extremely well with its initial launch. Bug fixes have rolled out that included full screen not being visible. But one thing that I have tried to report before does not seem to be getting any attention. I need to know, am I the only one that is not getting full controller vibration when a fish is on? I get a little rumble(like a tap when the fish hits) but when I strike I dont feel anything. Every other fishing game I have played (including Final Fantasy 15 mini fishing game) has full rumble support and it is so much more immersive. At least tell me if this problem will ever be fixed or something that just cant implicated because it is a pc port. Ronan
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    It is a known issue right now. Have moved to Bug Reports. Thank you guys!
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    I am a player like you and i am just trying to help you )))
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    Did you sell your old fishhut 12 kg ? If not, try to change back. Put 12 kg to hand, then put 20 kg. Open details, click button near your head inside inventory, and check changes about fishhut.
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    ПАТЧИ v1.0.1 и 1.0.2- Исправлена ошибка физики воблеров- Мелкие исправления физики 1.0.3 - Исправлены ошибки физики поплавочной снасти - Исправлены незначительные ошибки
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    Hello Bear, The gifting system was introcuced for centain events. At the moment the only things you can gift to other players are event lures (example: eagle spoon), event baits (example: drunken worm) and fireworks. Its not possible (at the moment) to gift rods, credits or other things to players.
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    Напротив,игра очень нравится (на ps 4 pro), иногда связь с сервером разрывается,но я думаю,что в будущем поправят,в целом всё супер,спасибо разработчикам,что сделали игру на эту тематику,тем более продуманную и бесплатную.Буду только рад новым обновлениям,дополнениям и прочим плюшкам.
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    That's an awesome bass! Nice catch. I finally found one of those 6 lb brownies
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    First unique I've caught. Bad thing was I landed it after the timer ran out in the event so it didn't count. Still a nice large mouth though.
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    My first brown trout. I was pretty happy with this one:
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    Hi slippyfish, thank you for the edit. No, i haven't the hability to edit the post at all, only the messages and with temporal limititation :c (i'm thinking now, this topic should go in Bug Reports section so the devs can view it or not? Can you move this post or other moderator to the other section if it is the case please?)
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    Здравствуйте. На стартовой локации. На противоположном от дома берегу.
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    Hi I want to create a Fishing club. With enough members we can set up tournaments, compare catches, exchange helpful tips and tricks and just have some fun! I run a fishing club in my home town and have set up many tournaments in the past. The club will be strictly for lure anglers. The club name is "Midlands Pike & Predator Club" and depending on the interest I will write up a list of rules to make sure everyone is treated with respect and everybody has an all round fun experience. Let me know if you are interested Ronan
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