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    WHITE MOOSE LAKE-Alberta This picturesque and pristine glacial lake is located within one of Canada’s largest and most beautiful national parks and surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountains. Breathtaking natural beauty, crisp fresh atmosphere and an everlasting Christmas vibe make White Moose Lake a real gem for the few chosen anglers aware of this magical fishing hot-spot. Showing off its fantastic shades of emerald and turquoise under the bright glistening sun, framed by magnificent mountain ranges and highlighted by coniferous thickets, the lake is one of the deepest natural freshwater reservoirs in North America. No wonder White Moose is simply a dream destination for Lake Trout fishing and landing some Atlantic Salmon, that was successfully introduced to these waters. Not to mention that Pike and Burbot lovers will find their fish of choice rather abundant in these deep waters.
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    I got Speed(y)hack, we'll fill the board quick
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    Made it to "Pike Alley" and there is some monster in there that has stolen my lure twice! Took me all day to calm down.
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