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    The team is working on an Xbox release as most of you are aware. We have not announced a set date yet, because we do not know when FP can be released on the Xbox. It is coming, though! When we have more information, we'll share.
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    This is my issue. Or being told the bubbles mean nothing and I was in the wrong spot. Competitions could have gotten me by until new content but between weirdly skewed RNG and double accounts, there is no point. And it won't be fixed for one simple reason....money. An example. In a recent amateur comp I saw a screen name almost identical to a well established players name place high enough to earn prizes. This level 10 player had twice as many competitions participated in than in game days. They also had 5 rods, all sport edition! How does a level 10 get a Brutus SE? They are prioritizing DLC over everything else.
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    In reference to the original post....yes they are losing players. I have spent an unknown amount of money on this game ( It's high, $1,500 high ). But now, where am I? BJTater? Hateful? Manny, CTX, Civic, Roy, Pierre, TC, WP, Headshot, Dat, DJ, Myxakis, Lilbomb, Pred, Blu etc? We've all lost faith and branched out and left. 2,500 players a month is all well and good. But the spenders and defenders have left due to unresolved issues, and so will the new players when they realise they're getting screwed. Such a good game with so much potential, but hey, they aren't aware of any crankbait issues despite 6 months of complaints. And as for the comps/tourneys, total b/s. No reflection at all on mainstream fishing. People get annoyed when reporting issues only to be told ' things are working as intended ' or ' you were in the wrong place '. People get even more annoyed when the crankbait issue is basically not acknowledged!!!! Yes, they're losing players. And they've already lost the money from those of us who supported the game from launch. Such a shame.
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