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    I am having a giveaway on my Twitch channel warlordsully Monday night at 9pm cst or 3am london
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    I'll see if I can bring some friends into your stream Monday Night for some Fun Thank you OldAces-Noneya
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    for to player from ps4 who loves to playe together POST jour PSN ID and add each other.. i will be first be welcome to each other frend req my PSN ID:sefkezgb
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to get some feedback before I proceed to the next video. I just released a video covering how to choose your lure color on YouTube. If you have any constructive comments, just message me, or feel free to respond on here. YOUR feedback means the most to me. I am doing this channel for new FP gamers who want to get in-depth about the best ways to start catching more fish. I want to thank Kdog for his encouragement, and SabiScs for his support. There is a community on PS4 - NextGEN Fishing School as well, for newbies to ask questions if they need help. Thank you community!
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    Cool man, thumbs up for the video! I've been trying to find information on lure colours, depths, weather, reeling techniques, etc. But there's not really much info about it on the web. Most of the guys share their competition videos, which is really helpful sometimes. But they're not really passing on in-depth info about the game. So thank you for passing on some of your knowledge. Really like the editing, too. Keep up the good work, I'll pass it on to my friends and subscribe.
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    1. Wont let me change leader length on new rod set up... Worked before, doesn't now... Have reloaded game, different rods etc... no luck 2. Map screen freezes sometimes, stays like it for a good 5-20minutes before you can navigate again without reloading 3.The Square button to fast forward time acts like a double click sometimes, forcing you into the next morning if you have cooldown, instead of giving you chance to skip the cooldown with bait coins... probably happens 2 out of 10 times, but its annoying + a waste of coins 4. To go with #3... Sometimes costs bait coins to fast forward in night time, even though it says no fee. Probably a few others, i'll add to the list when i come across them again Otherwise have started playing the game just over a week ago and currently sat at level 34, really addictive game! Tight lines! Cheers
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    The test server is separate from the live server. The test server starts you from the beginning. That's what's being tested. If you go back to your steam library, right click Fishing Planet, Properties, Betas, click opt out of betas and it will load you back on the live server. Nothing you do in the Beta will affect your character on the live server.
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    I agree 100%. As far as lure behaviors go, frogs stop, pause, then jump again. The dot system should reflect how well you mimic a frog's behavior, and a little less on the mechanical popping itself. And yes, I do understand that the popping is what gets the attention of the fish. The point is, the three dot system should reflect behavioral effectiveness, not necessarily how frequently someone can get the lure to pop. Your % numbers are spot on in my experience. Good call!
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    ALL information available on this matter in FP doesn't show any light at the end of the tunnel or any sign of being close to it. We might see a 3rd dot flash for a split sec, under abnormal circumstances, but that's it. Regarding ALL dots in retrieving mechanics, the higher the number of dots, the better you are applying those mechanics and therefore the chances of a catch will rise. As for August 2018, this mechanics for poppers are near impossible, useless and a waste of time. But here comes Violent request to dev's, simple but precise. Please show us how we should be: Popping up 3rd dot, maintaining it constant and consistently and its effectiveness Side note: I've been having more luck catching with "zero" dots My approx catching rate: 0 dots: 20%, 1 dot: 60%, 2 dots: 20%
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    I'll be sticking with FP. It is the most accurate representation of fishing that a game can provide IMO, providing a balance between the realism of those days us real anglers know all too well where nothing will bite while keeping non-anglers interested and having fun. How to create a company that bombs completely - make a real fishing simulator. Nobody has, because nobody wants to sit around and not catch anything for hours on end. FP has created a fantastic game, perhaps they didn't foresee how dedicated and motivated their fanbase would be and how quickly we'd plough through, but I can't wait for the new venues to get that element of the unknown again. And this time around, no PC players with years of collective knowledge to enable fast tracking - we're going to have to figure it out ourselves Bring it on.
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    Thank you Alohastone, the spreadsheet is very well organized and contains lots of information. Very appreciate!
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    Quick reminder of the X-Series that you can earn for staying 30 consecutive days at a particular location:
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