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    Reply received from Support staff about the Halloween underwater items (noose, bones, chains, etc...) . Apparently those items will only be used next Halloween & will return; so if inventory space is an issue we can toss them & just find/recieve them at a later time. Unless inventory space isn't an issue, then I suppose keeping them would give folks a headstart on next years missions. Personally I plan on tossing all but 1 of each type, lol that opens up close to 50+ (so far) item slots for me.
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    Yes, it is an old topic, but still relevant. The Halloween bobbers can be repaired and it would great to be able to repair all X-series equipment as well.
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    And yes ther are other positions i can stand to hit them closer but there are better places to sit to see my tv i choose to sit were i feel mor comfortable if u get my drift
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    I fink maybe my wording has been missinterpited sorry and sorry 4 grammer. I can hit all uni spots without xseries but what i am trying to say is i did better wiv further distance and would not like to sacrifice n e mor distance or my setup. For example uni muski i could garantee hit uni evry time 139ft + at 130- i can miss it uni steelhead the same also 2 carp spots 139+ evrytime now i swop rod i do 125- and miss that is y i use my xseries as i say it means me swapping back unless a dlc reskin has got a slight better cast. Again apoligize if hard to understand my veiw
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    Have you used the pumkins and skull the cast alot less i think around 110ft
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    Even daily ones would be great. Something to do after level 40 outside of entering comps and consistently coming in around 100th place "because I haven't trained enough" Honestly I rarely play anymore, but came on when the missions were rolled out, and now recently for the Halloween event.
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    Do you speak Portuguese or German? Contact me please. so I Civi_bra_43 and Melara_Brasil are friends of the BC2 EA time and if we can not play in the same room is the end of the world. I apologize for such slander.
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    Not a fan of spinning R3 to reel in fish . The problem most of us have in FP is using overpowering gear . I remember the 1st pike at Michigan on a fenix took 30 minutes to real in .
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