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    I always thought they should set the comp times a better schedule that rotates around the clock, example.. Say the Midnight Gars is currently every 72 hours.. Well instead make it every 70 hours so its start time rotates around the clock and at some point everyone can get in on it.
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    I'd like to see another headlamp cap, that you can win/buy/dlc whatever. Any fancy cap seems sort of worthless if you can't see in the dark with it!
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    Already been here spoken the topic I want here talk is ashame the position of the fishing Planet team, but I would like to ask why European players do not have the right to play between the 18 AM and 24 PM competitions such as: Lucky spot, dancing Pike , Moonlight Gars, bass chalenge, Old Buck, Golrush, Predator Hunt, big bowfin and extravaganza... For many of us Europeans these competitions or always after midnight or then in the morning... As I work and do not stand up or wake up on purpose to make a competition, it is not asking too much for the support team can run the competitions for European players and especially for those who work and want to play a little night without having to always take with Amateur competitions. This has lasted a year... It's time to say ENOUGHT.thx
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    I think amateur competition on the Euro map can be open for everyone, it is a new competition everybody learns!
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    Good morning anglers! I imagine I'm sharing this to fishermen that already know this but just in case, this little trick is better than ketchup. I've always had a hard time gauging my distance on the controller, even with the cast marker and many times wished I had brought my Troy rod with me. Now I can have that option without the actual rod. My husband showed this to me yesterday. If you depress the R1 (right toggle) and give it just a second, you get the underhanded short cast, regardless of the rod. I could only get my 10'10" rod to cast 23 feet but that was the perfect distance for crappie. But then, depress the R1 again, and you get a spot light! I love that one as I always have a hard time distinguishing shadows from real weed beds. But toggle R1 again and you're back to your distance casting. As I said, most of you already knew this but I didn't and it was such a big help to me. I'm still in North Carolina and hated to cast out 50 feet and then reel back in 30 to get to the weed bed where I needed to be.
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    I like TC915's suggestion in one of the old Q&A threads about having an interchangeable light that you can equip to whatever hat you want.
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    Hey, that was a fun event Jim. Maybe because I had the biggest Rowdy Bass means I'm biased somewhat though The reward for completing the event challenge if memory serves was an orange flat cap. I sold it for baitcoins.
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    Beginner level spotted bass at lone star. Once you unlock New York and narrow spoons then walleye at emerald. Then once you unlock falcon the trout using narrow spoon. Everglades is great but the good gear doesn’t come til level 27-28. Michigan for pike, clear muskies and muskies on sunny days, and blue catfish. Walleye here as well but they aren’t as active as emerald but they get bigger much bigger. San Joaquin for sturgeon at night nothing better especially with multiple rods and spawn sacks. Carp there are ok as well and both sturgeon and chinooks are good too. Striped bass can be an option as well. Alaska lots of options but the chinooks are the way to go. Europe Czech lake cheap and can catch a ton of fish with multi rod setup. Holland I’d stay away from unless you target the Zander. Italy is similar to falcon where there are a ton of trout and the asp is definitely worth pursuing for cash and xp. Germany and Russia high level lakes and to be honest with you the others offer better cash and xp unless you want Beluga For xp. You have to releas them so don’t cry when you see 4 grand go back into the water. If you elect to keep them it’s a 25000 fine. Hope this helps.
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    Here you go, the newest version. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEvjycxSaVLNmVOCIZPALsPvLtxnJSz_LDcPKowAFb4/edit#gid=1935795731
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    Walleye in New York when you can get there is one of the best fish to go for for xp and money imo.
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    Same, been happening a little bit of late. Also when fishing at the Sandy Cape at Michigin, there is a spot where when you use a stand it glitches out and you can't grab a 2nd rod to fish with, and you're unable to the R1/2 L1/2 trigger buttons.
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