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    Hi, it is online now
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    5 hours ago, SabiScs said: X-Series rod case existing 4 years and Supervault 7n6 few months. Again Congratulations here is your useless gear you just won . It really dont affect me as i mostly only play when events or new content comes out . For those who spend hours learning the spots to win to be given a subpar prize seems foolish to most rational people . If a pole was created i would think most everyone would agree prizes along with paid products should be on par with high level gear.
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    why should I? You might be thinking that I am whining about the prize rod case which tech parameters is worse compare to that one possible to buy in store. But you are completely wrong. i would gladly present this "nice" golden case rod to you if I could. All stuff in every game must be divided by the level of accessibility: the easy accessible thing must have the lower features, compare to the harder accessible which must have top features. it is the base of the world. No doubts, that in FP the hardest accessible prizes are the prizes for tournaments. After this I suppose that for a person it will be strange to see, that the prize he receives for top 3 in tourney is worse in relation to that one he can go and easily buy in store. I think this is not right. And this topic is concerned all tourneys. It is quite naive to believe that US waterways were stopped in upgrade on lvl 40 and it stays on that level.
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    Then the tournaments should b capped to level 40 talk sense most who have the gear are level 50 there for usa or not its worthless
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    Tournaments are on US waterways what that's mean? that means all X-series fishing tackles, fishnet, etc is a little bit stronger better than all the gear we can buy Lvl40. I think its all right
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    X-Series rod case existing 4 years and Supervault 7n6 few months.
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    I have had some crazy catches in this game like brown trout n smallmouth bass on large cutbait but a bluegill on a shiner is just stupid and in a competition to make matters worse lol was old bucks which I have fished like 60 times n never had such a thing like that . so would like to know other peoples ridiculous catches have you ball had similar?
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    Many competitions need specific strategy's do actually set a good score. Youll need to invest time to learn the ways to do them. I dont believe that after 1 month of playing you know all the ins and outs of the game, let alone the competitions. Its easy to say others cheat without any proof. There are enough players who either stream or put competition guides on YT, so you can see how they get the very good results.
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    No simply refuses to connect and those people who were playing were simply kicked
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    what what? try ur luck on support@fishingplanet.com
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    Investing in DLCs is bad idea. Wont help you. Better invest in me and I will show you via share play how to achieve such unachievable top results in comps. And seriously speaking: at least in PS4 (no clue about steam) there are no cheats.
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    Hey anglers! We are doing some tech works so you might experience some downtime. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will try to keep the downtime as short as possible!
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    Same here, got kicked from white moose...
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    Да, нажмите клавишу T, используйте стрелку вправо (>), чтобы переслать время до 0500 часов, затем выберите время вперед. Вы начнете новый день. Не используйте баиткоинс для временного пропуска, так как это отходы. (Yes, press T, use the right arrow (>) to forward time to 0500 hrs then select Forward Time. You will start a new day. Do not use baitcoins for time skip, as this is a waste.)
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    I got kicked as i was in everglades and as i try to reconect: "Server isnt available or check your firewall"
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