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    I just got to lvl 10. Got here with the same gear since lvl 5/7 and accumulated a fair amount of credits. What are yalls ideal 2 rod load for here on out. Lvl 10 gear max.
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    The most important thing is to ensure the rods line weight higher figure is not exceeded by the reels max drag and the line test is equal or less than the reels max drag. Rod Stongest -> Reel equal or less than rod -> Line equal or less than reel (->leader less than line). The lure and casting weight (spinning/feeder/bottom/carp) should also be noted, if you get a message that your tackle is too heavy do not try using it or it will might break, try using lighter tackle (lure, feeder or (possibly) bait. Possible setup suggestions would be the Valuespin260 (lvl8) with a EspiraSlim2500 (lvl10) for spinning, for float (match) fishing a Omnifloat450 (lvl9) with a CrucianHunter3500 (lvl10), unfortunately you'll be stuck with lvl10/11 2.7 kg (about 5.9lb) mono or braid line. Have a look at what's available and see what you come up with, good luck.
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    I would like to see them put in sun glasses it would stop sun glare off the water and when fishing in to the sun and they could make money off of them as well. Thanks
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    I’ve posted on here before and have yet to get a reply. I LOVE fishing planet on Xbox one but noticed it’s FAR behind PC/PS4. My biggest question is WHEN will Xbox one get boats?! Secondly, WHERE is the best place to find information related to fishing planets Xbox one roadmap, updates, etc. thanks.
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