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    We can build setups up to 27kg for groundfishing but leaders are only up to 19.5kg so what up with it? Where is the content?
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    You ignored my question. I didn't ask what you can do with existing leaders I asked why we don't have higher test mono leaders even tho carp setups do have leaders up to 25kg. So why are mono leaders missing this option if setups using those leaders go up to 27kg?
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    With the help of these leaders, you will be able to land fish of much greater weight using a properly tuned drag. For example, I've landed 59 kg beluga using Cat Boxer SE 260 with Kraken 9000 reel, monofilament 0.65 mm and leader 0.5. Of course that was great fight, more than half an hour IRL. But this is the pleasure of fishing!
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    Yes, you will have to start from the beginning as The Fisherman is considered a separate game from Fishing Planet. Some more information about The fisherman can be found on the Fishing Planet Facebook page.
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    I've reported crashes related to the "M" map as soon as it was put into the game. I've sent logs and so on and it was never fixed. I pretty much can't use this map in-game. Funny enough the crash which happens when you go to your friends list also still exists even tho it's not a new bug. How about developer fixes bugs which people report for months now. They are going to release a "full game" aka TheFisherman and this game lack a lot of polish and fixes.
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