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    @kdog013 THANK YOU!!! I was at a loss. I spent over 30 game days fishing for the 33.1 lb Muskie at St Croix to complete the Pike Hunt II Mastery to no avail. I watched KrellicOG and KpShamino's videos multiple times and I've read every post I can find on the mission (there's not many of those) and I only managed to catch about 6 TOTAL Muskies, the largest being a Trophy Muskie weighing in at 26.621 lbs. I changed shad colours, hook sizes, fished at times other than the recommended 5-7am, sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, and rainy conditions - I should add, sunny mornings are few and far between. Even when the forecast for the next day shows it being sunny, I will warp to the next morning at 5am and it's pouring rain. Then, magically at 7am the rain stops and the sun is out. After reading your post I bought a boat (no shortage of cash since I fished Pike Alley during the non-Muskie times), at 6:03am on a sunny day - BOOM - a 41.057 pounder to finish the challenge. Thanks again, and happy fishing y'all.
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    Happy to help @BEARlyThereCDN . There's some good info on a few of the other missions in this topic if you get stuck again. Best of luck https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/19680-trouble-with-missions/ If it doesn't post as a link, just copy/paste the above line or use the search for "Trouble with missions".
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    I have the 2016 event "Pandora's Box" sells for 7 baitcoins. Also have the 2018 event "Pandora's Box" which sells for 133 baitcoins. Inflation I would guess ! lol
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    None of the Monsters or spooky fish had this god awful patch to them using Brutus felt good on them for Halloween event. I have 4 bottom rods and only used them at Russia and still didnt fish anywhere else in Europe. Aganist the use of this crap in NA.
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    ok please tell me how a 201b muskie can strip 100 feet out of a 351b setup and take ten mins to land how is that realistic? this is what the patch has actually done it has made it harder to fish the best spots because of length of time it takes to get a fish in and reduced xp because higher lvl gear needed to land said fish so it basically takes a lot longer to earn cash or xp as well as making it unrealistic . Yes I agree a few fish needed to have a little more fight in them but you have made a lot more unpleasant with having to fight fish endlessly so please tell me how this is good for fp? everyone I speak to moans about it on the lakes
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    Mine came pretty easy doing the same as @PH_Carpman99 said, sunny morning between 6 & 7 am in the same spot except I had a heavier jig and used 3 speed S&G. Here's a pic, taken with my phone so it's a little grainy, but you can see the lily pads in front of me. I think I was casting around 100' from out in front of those pads and was dragged to where the pic was taken. Good Luck!
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