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    @kdog013 Thanks a lot dude. I FINALLY got it. I cast it a little to the left of your marker. Eventually I got 2 trophy's and then the Unique below. I think what also might have helped is that I always used to fish with the 5cm Glow Worm and I saw you caught with the 12.5cm. So I purchased that one and that is what I caught it on. It put up a good fight as well. Now to finish off Neherrin... Thanks again.
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    Hi Kdog I will send you a friend request tonight. Thank you, I appreciate it. Regards, Gunther
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    I don't fish Mudwater much at all so maybe someone else can provide more detail, but you should be able to get one from the default spawn peg, either walking straight out and casting off to the left, or from the same peg walk along the trail to the next opening where the stumps are sticking up out of the water. If you have strong enough gear there will be Rowdy Bass near those stumps next month for the St. Paddy's Day event that weigh close to 20 lbs.!! Good luck
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    If you get too frustrated @gunnies799, send me a friend request in game and I can send you a couple of markers, my ID is the same as here. They do exist, all of the uniques exist on PS4. I doubt I placed a marker for the pumpkinseed though lol, but I have ones for both crappies and a few for the sauger as well.
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    pleasee send this update for ps4 and xbox i cant waiting more
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    I have watched many streams of the new waterway, and I have to say that I am cautiously optimistic. I agree that the costs seem high. The repair on that new big net will be around $2000 per day. And only having 2 pegs, coupled with the lack of rodholders on boats, concerns me. It looks beautiful, and the new species seem interesting. My main concern is that in the streams I have watched, it seems like all the testers parked at the same few spots (ie the half sunk barge). Hopefully there is more testing going on behind the scenes and not just early access for some.
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