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  1. There is an essential problem in low level competitions especially amateur and ofc school bass. You have a few levels to actually play them. With the schedule not providing them often enough, you quickly level past them if they don't kick off due to lack of participants. E.g.: Emerald Predator Hunt (Amateurs) 14 players registered, did not happen. Min level is 5 (unable to play that with anything non DLC) Max level is 15 and you just got enough credits to afford the travel, the gear and the boat... and that is assuming you did not waste any money on anything else. If you want to foster a competitive community this needs to be changed. In general I guess you should remove amateur competitions and allow a second bracket in which amateurs can participate in the normal competitions. That would also remove all the dead competitions and still allow amateurs to participate. inb4: "you only want to grind the amateur competitions because you know what to do" Yes I do But I still think the community should ease people into competitive play a bit better. Currently 80% of the competitions are a waste of everybody's time, because they never happen.
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