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  1. Hey, Anglers! On this special day Fishing Planet celebrates its anniversary. Exactly 7 years ago today we launched the Fishing Planet game on Steam. We wanted our game to be available to you anywhere and over the years we released it on PlayStation, Xbox, iOS and Android. We desired the game to give you the best hardware-can-provide experience and atmosphere for fishing, so we polished and tuned our physics, graphics and simulated complex fishing mechanics. We carefully breed our fish, so you can find it exactly where it should be. Released with just US lakes and rivers, we dreamed to become the true planet of fishing and now you can choose between 25 unique destinations from all around the world - in North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. We still have a lot to add and improve, so you can account that our common passion for fishing will lead us much further! Last year we presented you two new destinations - Congo River in Africa and Selenge River in Mongolia. Besides new fishing locations, you got new trophy collecting missions and a bunch of South America monster missions and Twitch Drops. Finally, this year we released a mobile version of Fishing Planet on both iOS and Android, which will help you to explore all the hidden fishing places of our fishing world at any time you want and anywhere you want. During next year we are preparing for you more exciting things, such as new waterways, special events, new tackles and… Saltwater fishing! Yes, it is coming, so stay tuned. And last but not least we want to say how proud we are of our amazing community of over 17 million players from all the parts of the Globe. We’re humbled that you’ve been part of our Planet for 7 wonderful years. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging us to keep improving our game and implementing more and more of interesting features! Thank you for being with us all these years! Tight lines, Anglers! And looking forward to more to come.
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