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  1. Suggest a size #10 hook fished around 60 cm (24 in) deep (experiment with different depths if no luck), bloodworms, wax worms, red worms or maybe even semolina balls are worth a go. Try the Catfish Heaven or Pike Challenge pegs casting near and drifting the bait close to things like weed beds and drowned trees (cover). GL,
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  2. Our dearest friend and colleague Volodymyr Yezhov lost his life last Thursday near Bakhmut fighting for the freedom of Ukraine. Volodymyr volunteered to join the fight to protect his country on the first day of the full-scale russian invasion. He himself became a part of the Ukrainian victory. The entire team and the whole Fishing Planet community mourns this tragic loss and all of our thoughts are with his family, two sons and the loved ones. We will all miss Volodymyr more than words can express. He was not just our co-worker but our good friend. Volodymyr was a brilliant man who brought tremendous leadership, energy and passion to his job. He made an indelible mark on Fishing Planet’s product design. We will always remember him as the most kind, positive and wise person we know, the time that he spent in our lives was memorable and full of joy. We are proud that our game has become a part of Volodymyr’s legacy. We can never replace his brilliance or leadership, but we will honor him by continuing his passion. R.I.P, our friend! Our HERO. Slava Ukraini!
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