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  1. Wow, that was unforgettable! Epic way to spend the 4th of July! And now, with the 1st Qualifying Round of Independence Trout Open behind us, we are thrilled to announce our first lucky Top-20 Trout anglers who’ll be heading straight on to the tournament’s Semifinal Round held on July 8th in Oregon! If you don’t find yourself on the list - just give the Qualifiers another go or two Cuz there are still two more chances left! 1 N.A.Y.A-50Cent 2 leox 3 UA_Sergiy 4 Sergei-SA 5 rachy 6 TAMAO 7 Vermillion666 8 COM.MY_wrongHOLE 9 kos1904 10 Player121122 11 COM.MY_RED_GIANTS 12 wlad7160 13 LeviathanVII 14 Palavino 15 IFS-Kraken 16 Karlson3 17 IkanCelaka 18 ademarcus_it 19 COM.MY_Amarull 20 N.A.Y.A-anno20
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