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  1. Hey, anglers! Welcome to the second diary of our diary series about the upcoming updates! Today we introduce the upcoming feature we put lots of energy and passion into. With the positive feedback we have received after briefly announcing it in the previous diary, we are very excited to tell you more about Clubs. In-game friends identification and playing together is certainly very important to all players so we decided to create a new tool and an opportunity for you to manage your own friend’s environment in Fishing Planet. So anglers, get ready! If your rod is cast while reading, don’t forget about the bell so you don’t miss your fish, and let’s dive deeper into the Club community! Introducing the Clubs! We had an idea of creating clubs since the beginning of Fishing Planet, and it was our must-have feature that we were exploring, developing and polishing. We took our time to make it useful, convenient and fun for every member of the Fishing Planet family. Now we will explain a bit about what you will get with the release of Clubs. Clubs will give you the opportunity to be in touch with your fishing friends and like-minded people all around while playing Fishing Planet while sharing a great time and creating your fishing history together. They are built for players to interact with each other in a virtual environment as if they would go on a fishing trip together. Joining a Club you will have an expanded range of communication features, for example, a special chat where you can exchange baits and marker buoys. You’ll also get a unique club room for fishing together, which allows you to receive an additional experience bonus for catching fish! As we mentioned before, the most important benefit will be a chance to start building a friendly community or join the existing one. While browsing the list of clubs, you will learn more about them from the short description, including the country of origin, which will make it easier to choose the most suitable community. When creating a new Club, first of all, you will need to select a Club Name and add a Description. An important recognition sign for every Club will be the Club Logo. It will help to visually recognize players and their friends inside Fishing Planet and highlight their unique fishing community. The logo can be created by using an in-game club logo editor with all available elements in it. After creating your Club, any player can be invited to join. All club members will be able to invite new players. Club membership will be available for all players with no level restriction, but creating a club is only available to players of level 5 and higher. Also, please be aware that the minimum level of club members is determined by the Club President when the club is being created. The chat will be another huge advantage of participating in clubs. It only includes the club members so that all clubmates are always in touch. Clubs in Fishing Planet are created for groups of players who come together to socialize, collaborate and participate in various activities, it is also an ongoing adventure and a place to grow your skills and progress together. The club you join will become a perfect space to share fishing information and experience between members. Clubs are very important to us. This is the project of our dear colleague, who put his heart into this update. Volodymyr Egov, who designed clubs and leagues, was killed defending Bakhmut, Ukraine. We are heartbroken but not stopped because making his ideas happen is one of the ways for us to celebrate his life and continue his legacy. We hope it will become a platform for connecting players with different skills, knowledge and level with the main goal of experiencing fishing on a new level! The Сlubs are in its final stages of testing and improvement and coming in a few weeks. So, these are the first steps in introducing clubs to you guys, but what’s coming after is even more exciting! There will be competitive activities among clubs, which will be rewarded with exciting prizes. In order to run these activities, there must be a lot of clubs. This is why we really count on your active involvement because there is so much more to come! We hope you like the clubs as much as we do, and we’ll be able to launch a Club League Season very soon!
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