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  1. Hey Anglers, Welcome to the Third Diary of our diary series about the upcoming updates! We want to introduce you to Pulling-up, a new fishing mechanic we are very excited to implement. As our mission is to create a fishing experience that is as close to real life as possible, we constantly improve our in-game fishing techniques and create new fishing opportunities for our players. An angler can easily reel in the line at maximum speed when fishing for small fish. However, as the size of the fish increases, it becomes more and more difficult to spin the reel. A certain threshold occurs when force is applied to a heavy load, so our point is to reduce side effects and expand your fishing experience by bringing in a new pulling-up mechanic. Pulling up consists of constant, repeatable actions of sharply pulling the line, losing the line, reeling in the loose line and pulling it sharply again. There are a few ways to pull the line sharply: Sharply raise the rod up (RMB (PC), LT (XBOX), L2(PS)) Body rotation (mouse movement (PC), right stick of the controller (PS/Xbox) Character movement (character movement buttons (PC), left controller stick (PS/Xbox)) When fishing for a heavyweight fish, it is very important to safely take it out of the water. In such cases, we commonly use a landing net. Landing Net For fish over 5 kg, there will be a net landing system, as it is necessary to make sure big fish is caught safely. The landing net will become an integral part of the inventory and will be available to every player starting from level 1. It is an important and much-needed update, as with the release of ocean fishing, there will be a lot of big fish!! Upgrade your skill set with a new pumping technique and catch the biggest fish like a pro!
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