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    The investigation has been provided at PS4 platform in the reason of cheating and farming of in-game currency. The Sponsored Competitions creation licenses have been revoked for some players.
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    Please stop using this free to play argument. It starts to piss me off. When I purchase the Premium the grinding does not stop. Its not like you have better experience then. It helps a little. But really you still have to farm and this is ridiculous that you have 20+ lakes and thousands of tackles and in the end everyone are farming in Weeping Willow, California or Michigan. You pay 100 euros a year for a premium and you still have to grind, pay baitcoins to fast forward etc. I bet you that the Bolivia DLC that comes out will cost you more than 30 euros on PS4. Its a full price for an indie game. And in Fishing Planet you even don't get an unlimited license for the lake. You get 30 days access to the lake. Equipment you get is not the best one either. When you level up you probably replace it etc. I think we should actually not buy anything from them for a month that they would start listening to us. I know that they are not struggling financially so its pure greed and nothing else. I like the game and I really think you should spend money on it just to support the developers. But the prices they have right now will backfire sooner or later.
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    Sorry if I'm intruding. Always the same old stories, every time a newbie arrives he says they are rigged. If you want to compete you have to play a lot, study, take notes, start with amateur competitions. Let's face it, you would like to arrive, never made one, and win. But what do you do in real life?
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    I have to agree with @TheGreedySheep on this one. Taking into account how many combinations there are for chums, its out ouf balance if only very limited choices ( only 1 recipe I'm aware right now) provide you these "oversized" fishes. Right now this "miracle" recipe (maybe there are more than I know of) is not really very logical. So it feels like entering a cheat code in some other games. I fished and wrote down on paper more than 200 uniques in Weeping Willow. None of them were "oversized". Then I started to experiment with different mixtures and the most logical ones, you would use there didn't provide these oversized fishes. Considering that these fishes actually don't exist in UK I would say that its a bug in their bite system that some of the players are able to take advantage now. Can't say if I have the same mixture as everyone else, maybe there is more than 1. But none of us would like the bite system be built up in a way that you have to cast exactly to certain x and y coordinates to get the biggest fish. Thats what this chum recipe is right now. You could literally spend hundreds of hours on trial and error and not stumble on it.
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    To be fair and to be frank I’ve tried every mix here caught 250+ unis last two weeks nothing oversized not even remotely close it was only when I mixed a specific 5 components with weight to exact gram with an exact method/bait I was able to maximise even go over the normal fish size it’s not a hack ur rite but it is an exploit otherwise out of 200+ unis the week previous to this week I would of hit at least one even slightly over but I didn’t but now I can with the exact mix to the gram and exact bait, if the fish were ment to be there You would be able to catch them normally with anything like any other fish on the server ! No other fish is even remotely close to what they grow in real life on the game ,but suddenly the carp are ridiculously oversized with this mix and method Anyways enjoy it in comps while u can coz when I have time to sit down and make a video I will be levelling the playing field so everyone can catch them the video will be up on my YouTube eventually anyways enjoy ya day people TheGreedySheep
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    Yes, it is the Crystal Burbot, otherwise known as the Bowfin of Canada. I can't remember anything older than 1 month.
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    Actually I think it's for catching the crystal burbot during the Christmas event, the antlered salmon and furry trout challenges both give you a regular hat if I'm not mistaken (Santa and reindeer hats). It's the bomber hat that has the light and I like this hat better than the hard hat one as well, the light seems brighter to me.
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    As Carpman says, you cannot purchase another cap with a light, however I believe you can earn one. You will have to complete Deer Hunter III over the Christmas Holidays by catching 150 Antlered Salmon
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    No, I am not aware of a way to obtaining another cap (with a light). The only other cap with a headlamp I could find comes with the Topwater midnight pack DLC (not cheap). You could send an email support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of your problem. As the headlamp really enhances the night fishing experience it's a real shame you can't have a light on any hat you choose (IMO).
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    To be honest, the question of how it’s done is in many fisherman’s minds, I have fished hard for carp for so long knowing you can get larger fish. I have seen people catching them and I just want to learn how. After hundreds of hours of trying different things you make some head way. Now because it’s the carp tourney that hard work pays of a little. It’s not handed on a plate, it’s not wrote down anywhere to find that I know of. When you get it it’s an amazing feeling. Now all I feel is I’m being attacked and accused of cheating and I’m sure I speak for others, it’s not nice to be accused of cheating. fishing planet could confirm we are not cheating I am sure. the ability to catch these fish has been there for as long as I know as there was always a name up there with an amazing fish. I just wanted to be that name and now I’m there I feel I am now being attacked and don’t think it’s fair. please consider what you say, put the shoe on the other foot
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    correct, there is no cheating in this game except for the losers with multiple accounts. guys who spend hours and come across a mix that nets them bigger fish or more fish are not cheating. imagine the look on their faces when they discover this exploit. everyone would love that feeling. this is a fishing planet issue as usual they are in the wrong with their crappy development practices
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    Day 1 (9/12/2020) Pt. 2 Rod 1: Boilies Tiger Nut Pop-up .8" (Neutral Warm Bait) Method 2 5/6 oz. with Hot Spices Method Mix (All Season Groundbait) Rod 2: Boilies Tiger Nut Pop-up .8" (Neutral Warm Bait) PVA Med with Garlic Pellets .24" (Neutral Warm Groundbait) Rod 3: Boilies Spices Pop-up .8" (All Season Bait) PVA Med with Garlic Pellets .24" (Warm Groundbait) Rod 4: Pellets Garlic Pop-up .6" (Neutral Warm Bait) Method 2 5/6 oz. with Hot Spices Method Mix (All Season Groundbait) Observations: Only 10 unis this round. I was an idiot. I should limit uni magnet configurations to 1 rod. I lost a few unis to line slack by trying to reel 2 in with furious rod swapping. Tiger Nut, a slightly warm weather aroma, appears to work well when paired with spicy or garlic groundbait aromas. Rods 1 and 2 were highly active, with Rod 2 being slightly more active than Rod 1. Curious how neutral warm aromas stimulate carp chemo receptors in cool water. I think this fact is further evidence that aromas have different activation times based on sugar content ratios programed into the fishing AI. Today's result leads me to believe that the fishing AI favors calorie rich proteins with savory spices during cool weather. Warm weather has a different chemo receptor profile of sugary calories. I should try spicy with stinky meats combo in my next test since the fish AI is looking for calories mixed with savory spices. Also of note: I'm using red braid on Rod 2 and green braid on Rod 1. If the carp AI is sensitive to line color, carp should be avoiding the more popular Rod 2 which uses red braid. Either the carp REALLY love garlic, or they are programmed to be line blind. I'm seeing similar line color blindness to the carp in Russia which had warm weather when I last visited. PS: I'm late in posting, already did the other test...another WOWSER. Spicy stinky calories slayed the mighty Tiger Nuts! Stay tuned as I collate the data. Been sick yesterday.
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    Day 1 (9/12/2020) pt. 1 Observations: I have 13 Unis recorded for this game day but actually caught 14. I had to release the last uni because my keepnet was over capacity. I would need to let 2-3 trophies go at a loss of about 2k in profit to keep the last uni. Tiger Nut with Hot Spice Method Mix feed stole the Uni Show in cool weather. While boilies bait does not have a weather rating, boilies groundbait do. Tiger Nut is a nutty warm weather aroma so I paired it with a random cool weather mix, Hot Spices. Wow. The rod with this pairing was super active throughout the 6 game hour test run. I was expecting the other 3 flavors/aromas to beat Tiger Nut. Unique Break Down: Tiger Nut Boilies with Hot Spice Method Mix Feed = 9 uni = 70% efficacy Garlic Pellets with Garlic Boilies Feed = 2 uni = 15% efficacy Spices Boilies with Hot Spice Method Mix Feed = 1 uni = 7.5% efficacy Crab Boilies with Crab Boilies Feed = 1 uni = 7.5% efficacy Please don't get too comfortable with these results as there are other parameters that I have yet to test like synergistic effect with other aromas, line color, rainy weather, bait color/shape and more warm water testing. Not enough testing has been done to use my results as any sort of optimized meta. Listen to the more senior players who have way more knowledge about the fishing AI than I do. PS: If you guys see me catching a bunch of Unis and Trophies then a bunch of Commons and Young, that means I filled my creel to capacity and am testing how the leftover feeder and chum affects corn, sweet corn, peas and sweet peas. Thank you to the kind veterans who try to teach me in game. I'm curious by nature and must investigate what makes things tick. The grind doesn't excite me as much as my amateur mad scientist experiments. The next test is a trial run with method feeder and PVAs. The glitches I have had last month with method feeders seem to be fixed now. Thank you dev team
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    Custom comps are usually so one sided it wouldn't matter if the losing side had twice as long they'd still loose. It's frustrating enough getting smashed sometimes in normal comps! At least it beats waiting for 2 or 3 empty amateur comps to finish.
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    speckled in blue crab and payara in peru r the best paying fish atm
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    When I first starting fishing Weeping Willow, UK, I had no clue what spodding and groundbait carp fishing was about. I just used sweet peas and sweet corn with bottom rods. Then I tried carp rods with random boilies and pellets, no spod, no pvc, no method, slightly better results. Then I tried random groundbait and spod mixing with random boilies and pellets. Ummm, results indicated that I was wasting money as this was slightly better than using just peas and corn. Then I paid attention to the daily/nightly temperature patterns, weather patterns, groundbait temps, aroma temps and looked at bottom composition of bouyed spots. Tailored spod mixes to ambient temps and matched pellet and boilies to the warm/cool weather flavors of groundbait/aromas and bottom textures. Amount of trophies and unis per 6 hours of peak time fishing took a dramatic rise. I got a consistent pattern of Uni bites about 4 every 2 game hour period. I could only land 1 Uni at a time if there were more than 1 Uni on my rod stand. Swapping Uni rods tended to make me lose one of the Unis to line slack after switching rods. This amounted to 3 Unis per each 2 peak game hours. I usually got multiple Unis to bite within the first peak game hour but can only reel in 1 at a time. I prefer to fish carp during peak hours as there are more trophies and less young carps. I keep tweaking recipes and bait combos to see if I can increase carp weight and attract more trophies and unis. I suspect there is a cold water combo of bait and groundbait that is more effective than pairing boilies/pellets to matching groundbait. I'll be testing this theory further. I can't do more warm water testing at this time because ponds do not get warm enough in the fall unless there is a competition with off season warm weather. I'll be posting my Weeping Weeping Willow UK Carp Creels so you folks can see which bait and groundbait combos the carps preferred. My keepnet/creel is 1102 Lb max. I'm in the process of clipping and uploading my creels, weather conditions and chum recipes and combos to get a sense of how I made some of my observations. I'm sorry that I'm not set-up to do videos at the moment, but I did take many screenshots to record my findings. I'll figure out videos later as I've been requested to video some of the bugs I've encountered. 9/7/2020: 1 Day Warm Water Chum Creel (9 Unis) 9/8/2020: 1 Day Cool Water X Flavour Creel (6 Unis) 2 Day Cool Water Giant Octopus Creel (5 Unis) 9/9/2020 1 Day Cool Water X Flavour/Octo Creel (9 Unis) 2 Day Cool Water X Flavour/Octo Creel Double Strength (9 Unis) 3 Day Cool Water X Flavour/Octo Creel Double Strength with Heavier PVA (12 Unis but odd weather change) My Daily Carp Creel Diary will be posted in this forum at Carp A Diem. Weeping Willow UK Carp Observations: 1. Warm water days are extremely sparse but the chum recipe is 2 ingredients. 2. Expect cool water days for awhile during fall and winter and expect to clutter your inventory with 5 ingredient all purpose weather spod mix. 3. If you plan to do both a tournament and farm before or after, you might want to bring both warm and cold baits and groundbaits. Tournaments can have unseasonal warm weather. Carp appear to be more attracted to sweet and nutty baits in warm water. They crave spicy garlicky baits in cool, overcast and rainy weather. 4. Medium PVA is more cost efficient than Heavy PVA. Heavy PVA is wasteful for exp and cash farming. Heavy PVA might be more useful in tournaments for slightly heavier carp. You'll only need 1 bag of groundbait per rod if you fish till you fill a 1102 Lb keepnet with 4 rods. You'll need 2 bags of expensive groundbait if you use heavy PVA. I'd like to use flat feeders to save on PVA costs, but this means I need to make space for 4 feeders versus 1 slot of stackable PVA. My tackle has limited space. Also, flat feeders tend to glitch for my steam PC set-up. This slows down my ability to manage multiple rods. 5. I suspect unis regenerate at least every 3 game hours in the same spot. Either move after the 3rd or 4th Uni, or advance to another peak period. I need to test this further to be sure. I usually just fish one spot because I'm dyslexic and easily get disoriented if I need to move around too much. I also hate reclipping my rods to a new spot. 6. If I didn't release all my regular carp, my keepnet fills up in about 1 hour IRL. Since I'm still exping, I aim for at least 9 Unis a creel, the rest are all trophies. Fishing like this takes a little longer but gives fast exp and has less wear and tear on a pricey gear. 7. I'm pretty sure X Flavour Aroma is just a cool way of saying Spicy Red Robin Mix by the way it obviously enhances spicy and garlic groundbaits. It's like the 11 herbs and spices that make Kentucky Fried Chicken "finger licking good." Red Robin is a traditional spicy bait enhancing additive by Haiths. 8. The combination of Giant Octopus and X Flavour aromas produces a synergistic effect on Garlic flavored boilles and groundbait. I'm from Hawaii where giant octopus are common where my grandfather fished. Giant octopus aroma contains sea food flavours a giant octopus would be attracted to. Octopus doesn't really have a smell unless it is rotting in the sun or have much taste unless it is enhanced with spices and soy sauce. I fancy chum made from various plant grains, spices and sea food flavoring as the equivalent of delicious sushi for carp. Haiths, the makers of Red Robin carp attractant discusses a similar formulation >here<. 9. Between 3.5-to-4.0 percent of aroma yields similar results to twice that amount. So about 2 percent of Octopus and 2 percent of X Flavour provides enough chemoreceptor enhancing magic for carp. I've doubled the aromas and have seen no great improvement in carp size or attraction. I guess the chemo-receptor carp AI is just keen to a certain amount of chemical concentration and chemical signature. Currently, the carp AI favors a 4% combination of seafood (Giant Octopus Aroma), Red Robin Spices (X Flavour Aroma), and Garlic with Spice boilies, pellets, and groundbait. This chemical signature will change when the weather becomes warm again in the Spring or during an unseasonal competition/tournament or when developers feel the carp are bored. 10. There are several warm water feeder baits and aromas, but only a handful of cool or all purpose feeder baits and aromas. Since it is the start of fall, the water temperature at Weeping Willows UK is cool and will be cool for awhile. Therefore, you need to make your own all season grain mix with all season carp aromas until Spring and Summer weather returns next year. 11. Weeping Willow UK ponds are silty and weedy. Pop-up boilies and pellets should logically do better per description of product. I still need to do more testing on the effect of leader length as carp tend to be bottom dwelling scavengers like catfish. I'm not sure if carp AI is more sensitive to color and motion during the day and aroma at night. Or if the baby carp hang more at the bottom or middle. I want less baby carp and more trophies and unis to exp on. So far, I'm getting more trophies and unis with pop-ups in the UK. 12. In Hawaii, where carp comes to us in the form of a revered Japanese Koi pet, carp are beautiful, smart and can be tamed. They will follow you eagerly around the pond and wait to be hand fed. Carp will grow wary of sameness and begin to reject favorite foods and textures which is why carp baiting is so complex. Carp develop a keen culinary sense according to weather and seasonal changes. I suspect the wild carp AI is programmed with similar chemo-receptor signatures, colors, texture, seasonal and weather sensibilities and boredom.
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    What u don’t realise futjam I also put in the work I used to be like u with paper everywhere but have fine tuned everything I do ! I also have hours and hours into finding the mix ! But it wouldn’t be fair if I beat people I class as friends In say mighty carp with a fish that shouldn’t be there ! so I’m giving it away on the YouTube channel (don’t care about subs ) I believe in beating people with a better rotation/spots and knowledge not an exploit dude u did realise when u lot started to hit these fish there would be players like me that put in serious time on this game that would go a find out what’s up And to be fair futjam it wasn’t u that spurred me to find this out it was the vffs as I was beat twice by a 74lb mirror in jolly carp and ur comment u put in the work and I got rewarded how do u no what I’m doing is The same as u ? Oh yeah coz it’s an exploit and has to be exact I put in work myself and found it so I’m free to do what I want with information I found - it wasn’t given to me hard graft and boring fishing at willows found it for me . take care anyways
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    the summer update (sunglasses) came out a few days ago for fishing planet but when will it come out on the fisherman (paid version)
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    We should have more competence. Many sponsors do them just to accumulate coins. They are arrogant incompetents, they do team challenges and work everything out in their favor. The last one I did was 5 against 30. Singles don't even take a fish to pay for it, just look at their profiles.
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    my m8 still getting deliveries haha
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    my m8 got 9 packages delivered when buying blue crab he has 9 boats rods reels etc lol then when trying to fish it it said he didnt have a licence and fined him . they just transfer it over with no thought . have to say FP is the worst company ive ever encountered in the gaming world . fp still has so many bugs its impossible to fish anywhere without encountering one ,and yes anyone buying blue crab needs hospital treatment
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    Why do you even buy this shit? 10€ is a fucking rip off. I thought the game was supposed to end all the money spending but now I'm supposed to pay for updates? Fuck you! You ruined Fishing Planet with the grind and now The Fisherman as well. Fuck you, I'm out!
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    So there's a known ground bait glitch to use for carp fishing and you can see it in the results so far in the qualifying.. those of us that don't know it or don't want to use it are basically spectators! What's the point in competing.. if i'm not making a valid point please do tell.
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    as a general rule you can do the following to determine which brake setting to use 1) between the line and leader select the lesser of the two values for the calculation 2) Read the maximum reel strength value (listed in reel description) 3) Determine the total number of brake settings on your Reel. (usually 6, 8, 12) 4) divide the max reel strength (item 2 above), with the total number of brake settings (item 3). That will give you the brake resistance for each incremental setting. 5) click your brake to the setting position that is just below your weakest link of line or leader In the example below I have listed the strengths for both the Kraken 8000 (max 19.65kg) and Kraken 9000 (max 21.5kg), both have 12 settings, and determined best setting setting for max resistance is 1 click from the top when I use Fluoro .60 for the kraken 8000. It will give you max resistance at 18.013kg when the strength of the line is 18.1 Kg. you can't get any closer than that.
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    This is a rip off. Paid for and game froze now it took away my 50,000 and 20 baitcoins and location is locked.I'm not trying to buy it again. Hope they can fix it or Microsoft store refunds my money. Should have stuck with the free version,at least it works
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    I think I've followed those threads more or less, maybe I missed the exact recipe being mentioned, apologies if that's the case. Regarding the tournament though, Q2 was doable. Except if I used a glitch recipe and I don't even know it, who knows, everything's possible I guess.
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    Mighty crap exploit tourney. Come on FP. Patch it
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    Yes, I believe the sunglasses are expected to be added with the next PS4 update, they will help reduce the sun glare and water reflections. 3 pairs (Classic (100bc), FishHunter (230bc) or Spider (290bc)). It seemed the best idea (to me) was to buy the Discovery kit (all 3) for 175 baitcoins while that option was still available (limited time offer). HTH.
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    I was locked out of interacting with the chat HUD until this morning. If you are on Steam using a mouse and have your Video set to Full Screen, you can't interact with the chat HUD on the play screen to change settings. This has to be done on the main HUD by hitting ESC. The chat HUD will now be located in the lower right hand corner. Now the chat HUD will be clickable and you'll be able to change rooms and settings to see catches. I never could get the chat HUD to work correctly on the play screen. Tab button would just open and close the chat HUD for me while on play screen.
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    There were changes to the chat system with the latest update, you might need to open (holding down CTRL) the chat box and select the Room(nn) tab to see what others in the same room as you are catching.
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    2 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: not cheating just getting the best xp for his fish Not sure only 60 trophy fish and 2 uniques. Seems kinda fishy to me . Could be a hack or Dev account for testing.
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    I had a weird weather shift mid morning from cloudy to sunny. This netted me an extra set of peak fishing time and extra 3 Unis. Every day at the same time there is a "system clock reset", the weather forecast is forwarded to the next day and challenges requiring things like catching a certain amount of fish in a day are reset. It can be very useful to note when this change occurs for you, so you don't accidently forward to a peak time and suddenly find yourself in a snooze zone and stuck with the cool down timer, or getting that sneaky extended run of peak time . Daylight saving time changes need to be taken into account as well. HTH.
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    Again tho....they are making content that very few of their playerbase will actually ever spend any time on or even have much access too at all. Wouldnt it make more sense to let players experience the majority of the game ? Ill say it again , and theres really no argument against it....If someone gets a new account tomorrow there is little to no chance they will EVER see all of the new species and places due to the unreasonable leveling system.
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    They want us to buy the New DLC that comes with every new venue , premium or prepare for a long grind .
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    I have some Golden items from DLCs and are only recently got around to using them to test various chum and boilie/pellet configurations. As Carpman mentioned, the Goldens are available at the shop at slightly lower levels for baitcoins than their regular cash counterparts. Goldens are also twice the weight as their cash counterparts and perform equally.
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    When u catch a fish in a competition it’s doesn’t show on the leaderboard anyways only when ur pleasure fishing
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    If they were ment to of been there there would of been at least one of them caught when willow was first on the fishing planet game over a year back there hasn’t it’s only been the last 6-7months even taking the mix to the fisherman and seeing if u catch them wouldn’t prove it because if it’s an exploit then if u caught one means nothing unfortunately it will be here to stay Bob it’s not an issue if everyone has it as u no it’s why I’ll be making a video
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    maybe come up with tackle box templates makes changing locations and comps more easy was also thinking would be nice to have a track system can put on screen when doing achievements
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    This community is 99% a good bunch of lads , I played fifa my hole life and was constantly threatened and abused, told hope my kids get cancer and much more, that was full of hacks and cheats which is why I don’t compete competitively anymore, I come to this game to master it and compete and I will guarantee u there is no hacks on PS4 please put this to bed and take my word for it before u ruin the game, accusations can ruin people’s lives, there is nothing to worry about it’s just hard work going in
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    To be fair, I was actually watching my friends semi-final stream at the same time, so didn't care what was happening in my own game. At first I did try to get it in, was running around on the shore, hooking and reeling. But after 30 mins didn't bother anymore, so rest of the time I basically was just holding down reeling button and did it only to find out if the fish gets tired or not.
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    Happy to try mate, what are you having trouble with, what are you trying to do?
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    Hey Todd. I am also playing the no money spent route. I just hit level 44 and been playing around 2 months on and off but recently been on a daily grind through Michigan and now at California. I've picked up a few level boost techniques along the way and have some decent markers around the lakes. If you want to meet up just send a friend request, gamer tag: housey72. Have fun
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    Hi Todd, I have been playing for free and I'm around Lvl 44. For me it takes just too many bait coins to unlock a serious waterway permanently and you will need bait coins for the things that you cannot purchase with in game money. Also it's more fun to be able to move around after a stay at one lake. I used my bait coins to get a fair range of barbless hooks and lures which will help you increase your XP and will help to balance the lower XP for free to play players. I also used bait coins to buy larger home storage as you can only use bait coins to get this and you will need it as you progress. Try to get 90 coins when you can and then you get some discount on the storage Try to do as many missions as you can (including the pan fish missions) as these are a rich source of coins and they soon stack up especially at the lower levels. Playing to at least cover your travel costs, license fee and stay over charge are important or you will make a loss. Always buy an advanced license, usually I can cover my costs on the first day but this is subject to keepnet/stringer size and not fishing the more expensive lakes until you have the right keepnet/stringer or you may make a loss by going there too early. Where you can stay for long periods at one lake, stay at least 5 days or longer if you can eg 7 days. To do that you will need to come fully prepared with enough bait and tackle to support your stay. Try not to buy gear at the lake stores as these are nearly always more expensive make sure you take everything with you just like in real fishing and recheck your gear before you travel Use stringers to start until you get to around 150 Kgs then switch to keep nets as these become more worthwhile above around this max weight. Research the lake a bit and the types and sizes of fish that there so you can take the right gear. I don't usually get it right on my first visit to a lake but it's a learning curve that's part of the fun just like real life fishing I tend to fish with usually only one rod and occasionally two. There is a tendency to buy too much gear in this game and this will get very expensive to purchase, maintain and upgrade particularly at the higher levels. So concentrating on just a few good setups can help. Try to fish with lures as well and not just bait as this will reduce your costs Free to play is disadvantaged by lower XP and lower in game earnings from the catch. I think it's around -30% but i"m not entirely sure. Therefore, try to balance that out a bit by using barbless hooks and lures etc (not always possible). Also try to use a setup that requires you to play the fish a bit, sure you will get broken up sometimes but this will maximise the XP you get. It's also more fum and much more realistic than simply turning up with four overpowered rods and playing hit and haul. The Kayak is great get the best one if you can they allow you to do the flipper ski missions and are usually much easier to land the fish from and will get you to the spots that are not accessible form the land I have quite a few spots on the lakes that I can share you with if you wish just describing where they are without a map can be a bit challenging though. I still really enjoy the game and still have to visit some of the lakes I have unlocked. So plenty more fun still to be had, but I have to plan how and when I play to avoid losing credits
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    Having the right sized Keepnet/Stringer for the size of the fish your catching at the waterway helps, right now you want whatever holds the biggest and most fish, later on you might like to have at least three to four at home, one for small fish, another for medium etc the reason being repair costs, it's no good going to Texas with the biggest keeper as the repair costs alone will outweigh any credits earnt. A Stringer is cheaper to buy and maintain at the lower levels with the drawback being you cannot replace fish you've already kept with a better upgrade. HTH.
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    Yes Hate_ful, that would be a good thing. Something I'd consider paying for to level up faster. They should think about their pricing model though. I paid for one month Premium once, which did help with money and XP. Almost cost me the price of a new game here though, so it's not something I'd do often.
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    Please re-evaluate your leveling system ! its getting out of control at this point !!!!!!! Its not a great feeling for the newer players to get this game and find out once they hit 40 its going to come to a screeching halt , oh...and your going to have to fish the same 3 or 4 species of fish nonstop for the next couple months !
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    I don't know what you mean by RNG. For me the RNG means for EVERY SINGLE CAST there is a probability that the fish spawns and after that theres a probability that the fish hooks. And those probabilities are better for you if you are at the correct spot at the correct weather use the correct bait and hook size, use the correct retrieve at the correct depth etc. Thats what kind of RNG I'm looking for and it used to be like that. And I don't want the old "Fisherman" bite system back either. Where you know the 10-15 minute window when you almost always get the fish sitting there. Thats how I placed 4th in Fisherman Anniversary Cup Q1. I had a rotation for a lot of 15 minute time windows when I knew at what spot I have to be. Didn't get all of them, but around 15 trophies was enough to give me better result than those who randomly switch spots. For some months now the mechanics does not work like this in Fishing Planet. So I want to emphasise once again its not me comparing myself with other players and feeling disappointed that I'm not competitive. I'm fully aware that there are players who have more informations, experience and luck. I have won competitions and qualifications and its not that I think the game was working fine then and was broken on those other times when I did not do that well. No, I'm sure those times when I won there were other experienced knowledgable players who felt that the game is broken because they failed to get the usual result they get during those practice sessions. Like I said, when you join the competition, your "magic RNG" is decided and after that it doesn't matter anymore what you do. You can switch baits, spots, retrieve types, depths etc, you will just not get any fish.
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    First I want to say that my complaining is not because I fail to qualify or that I don't get top 10 positions. I do realise when there are over 600 players and at least 100-150 of them are as regular players as me the odds of qualifying or getting a good results are not good. So thats not what I'm complaining about. But devs have introduced some mechanics that just nerf some players. How does it look from the players perspective right now. When I join the competition then in 15 mins (1 hour game time) I can tell if the game even allows me to get a good result or not. It's like lottery is drawn when you join the game and your fate is sealed at that moment. It doesn't matter what you do (switch positions, switch baits, restart the game, restart the ps4, restart the router), it has already been decided that you do poorly. I know that it's not only my issue, other old time players have complained about the same thing. I give you some more detailed examples. In trout tournament in White Moose qualification I had quite a lot of practice sessions (using exactly the same weather conditions etc). In all of them I managed to get 1-2 unique lake trouts at least and 8-9 trophies constantly. Then in the real competition I got only 1 trophy in 1 hour (4 hours game time) and then I got 1 trophy, 1 uni and 1 trophy in 3 consecutive casts and then it went quiet again. So my end results was half what I constantly managed to get in practice sessions. And this has happened to me in Anniversary Cup, Independence Trout, FP Boat Series at least. I can't remember if it happened in Virtual Bass as well but lets say that it has happened in past 3-4 month competitions. So out of 10 competitions I won 1 qualification, I can't complain about 2-3 of them even when I did not qualify because I got at least close to my usual practice result and at least 50% of the time I was nerfed so badly that sometime I even didn't get half the result I got in practice sessions. Yesterday I even tried that I fished for an hour (got 18kg of Atlantic Salmon, ain't that ridiculous, closed the game and went to sleep. Woke up in the morning and played the second half. End result is less than 40kg) So even playing at different times didn't change my chances. I have heard some ridiculous ideas what might affect your chances. Some might be true some sound more ridiculous than others. Like you should not practice on the same day, or you should have empty net when you join the competition or its better to join very early or the amount of players in your server etc etc. Whats even worse, my friend has similar experience only difference being, he has been Premium for those past months. And for him the odds are just better. Out of 10 games he has been nerfed 2-3 times. There might be some intentional mechanics to even the playground between less hardcore players with those who do spend literally hundreds of hours for 1 competition only. What ever it is it is destroying the game. I already have seen how many old time players have stoped playing, people have stoped streaming etc. And when you have 600 players in a tournament you can only make very few newbies happy by letting them qualify based on luck only and nerfing those who have the experience. Come up with a rank system or solve this problem somehow differently. Right now the game just feels broken. And you can imagine what those players will do who 7 times out of 10 feel that the game is broken and get frustrated. Well I can tell you one thing, they will not spend any money on this game. Here is my other suggestion. When you change the bite mechanics. Like you did a few releases back nerfing fishes from close range. Please at least mention this in your release notes or even better add a mission that would give some hints about it. I don't mean that you have to say that if you want to catch big Arapaima or Sturgeon then you have to cast at least 20m or anything like that. Just let as know that it's important now how far you get the fish, that it affects the size. You don't have a very good track record with bugs so even when you make intentional changes like that and they change user experience for players, everyone jump to conclusion that the game is broken. When the bite system changes we don't think hey thats nice, let's find out how you can catch fish now. What we think is that game is broken and it doesn't matter how you fish. But please change at least this logic that your fate is sealed in a moment when you join the competition and at least give a fair chance to all players.
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    I hate to break it to you but no one from FP is listening to complaints. If they are, then they don't act like it. Prove me wrong mods.
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    Hi everyone, just my two cents. I'm quite noob at comps, have never had premium nor bought a dlc, member of no clan. Still I've won a couple and usually place in top 20 in most comps I get to join, often top 10. Sometimes I do wonder how the ones at the top have so much success while I'm struggling but then I chat, ask around, try different things on my own and with work every time I tend to do better. It really doesn't seem to me that there's any kind of rigging. Sometimes people have more time or more info or acquired the appropriate gear. Don't give up, I arrived late to the comp aspect but it's so motivating and fun I wish I'd started from earlier.
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