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    Made possible by Killerwhale , the Make Slippyfish Smile and Laugh contest! This is a PS4 contest only! The prize : 1 DLC code for the Salmon Star Pack , a $70.00 value ! The contest starts right now and ends on 09/27/17 at 12:00pm How to win : First you must make me smile. You do so by clicking the heart in the lower right-hand corner. Second you must tell me the funniest fishing story I've ever heard. It can be true, partly true or just completely made up, but don't tell me! It can be an in-game fishing story or a real life fishing story. You can only enter once (one post) and you cannot edit your post. Editing your post = disqualified. The winner will be chosen by me and it's hard to get me to laugh so it better be good! Don't try to use one you get off the internet, I'll be checking . Let the funniest fishing story win!
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    Hey folks!:) From this post on, we’ll be sharing with you how things are on our side of the screen! We’ll let you in on our thoughts and secrets as well as make sure to keep you updated on what we’re currently working on. Follow the bold and daring plans of our programmers, daydream together with our designers and graphic artists and get the overall vibe of Fishing Planet’s dev team! But first, let us thank you guys for supporting us from the start! We know and remember all those who were with us right from day one and feel that we’ve truly bonded after all these years. We couldn’t have done it without you! And now that we’re officially released it’s almost impossible to believe in the long road that’s been leading us up to this point for the past few years! We’re officially out on Steam as well as PlayStation®4. For those of you who asked about Xbox… Yes, we definitely plan to port the game to this platform and are already working on that! BOATS But the main focus atm is the new big update we’re working on right now! Those of you who were most attentive already noticed the Garage icon we added a while back and guessed correctly in thinking that we’ll be adding Boats soon!;) Not much longer to wait! We’re already preparing a teaser video to give you a sneak peek! This awesome update will come out on Steam first, and after a month or two will become available on PS4. The first update with boats will feature kayaks that you can use for boat fishing on 5 waterways. After a while we plan to add zodiac boats, bass boats and other motorboats as well as extend our boat fishing waterways for more exploration opportunities. NEW LOCATIONS Way back in the beginning of our journey, the Fishing Planet dev team was just a handful of people with countless dreams and numerous plans! We wanted to add waterways and fishing destinations from all around the globe. And it was extremely difficult to narrow our point of focus and choose something specific to put our efforts into. But that choice was made. And as you all know - we began our journey with North America. The variety of fish species in this region played a significant part in this decision. The territory of USA alone is home to over 1000 different kinds of freshwater fish! There are as many as six types of Bass here, that’s not including the hybrid forms. Another reason was that one of our game designers is an avid angler who spent a lot of time traveling this region and was mesmerized with American waterways, knowing exactly which fish species are found there and what their behavior patterns are. But the game is growing and our plans are too! As much as we love these locations, we already started creating European and British fishing destinations. Actually, one British waterway is finished - Weeping Willow Lake and we’ll show you more screenshots soon enough! BOTTOM FISHING But that’s not all. We’re also busy working on 50+ new European fish species, that will be added to the game together with the new ponds. As we already told you in our Q&A, we plan to release the new waterways and fish species together with bottom fishing in one big update. We had plans to add bottom fishing for quite a long time and now finally began working on this cool feature! Right after we release the boat fishing update, we plan to put all our focus into bottom fishing development. Well, that’s probably enough info for now:) We’ll make sure to keep you informed about our plans and overall day-to-day life. It’s hard to decide what to talk about, so how about you help us out and tell us yourselves what you’re interested in and what you’d like to know more about? Please, comment below and let us know!
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    An updated list of the fishing techniques required to catch (almost*) every unique in the game, including 2018 video of them being caught. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XV6SgJuwCYGDHWFzouapEyfnlFDcMdLXTr1DhKIBdrc/edit?usp=sharing Includes major trophies and common fish too. *Except half the uniques in Quanchkin Lake because I hate and loathe the place and I'm not going back. This is a copy of a post made in the Steam discussion forums. I didn't want to assume people read both forums.
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    When you’re ready to upgrade equipment, it might pay to shop around while in the field. Example: Two identical items shown may be purchased for a cheaper amount “On Location” vs. “At Home.” That’s’ a $6030 savings. Obviously, travel expenses, licenses, etc. would factor in but if planned, we might be able to conserve a few bucks when money and/or bait coins are tight. Especially if members see a cheap deal “on location” regarding the higher end equipment and post it here, it might benefit the community. Some items may be included with specific DLC’s as well so it’s wise to read those descriptions closely. Just thinking out loud and thought I’d put this here. EDIT: My apologies, I meant to identify the locations. The cheaper of the two was found in the Alaska store. The other in the home store.
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    Soo..I spend a fair bit of time on this game. Since the Rowdies and Lepers went live I've fished exclusively for Rowdies. I've caught a few knowing the spots, even had 4 or 5 Lepers pick up Bully Grasshoppers unintentionally - I've yet to fish for the lepers specifically. In the interest of fairness, I have my challenges up right now onscreen and I have 89 Rowdies and 6 lepers. After fishing for the Rowdies exclusively since Monday, one night I spent with Hateful, BJtater and Del and our catch rate was low. So my question is, if someone like me who spends nearly all gaming time on this game ( which amounts to more than most seeing as I only work weekend nights ) and has no trouble catching fish cannot get 150 of just ONE of the event species, how the hell is the average gamer who pops on for an hour or so here and there or when time/circumstances allow supposed to do it? This event is ending in 36 hours at time of posting, and I'm not even 2/3rds through the Rowdies. Event is probably being generous. After the Xmas event, which was awesome and a true ' event ' we ( or I at least ) thought the lesson had been learnt after the Halloween gar debacle. However, if someone who plays as often as I do can't get 150 Rowdies in the time frame without spending 10 hours a day on the game, what chance does the casual player have? Are you trying to piss all your players away on purpose? This event should run for another week at least. St Paddies day is today, and you're ending the ' event ' tomorrow. I can understand adding the allure of a challenge to newbies in the name of purchasing items, but most of your playerbase is level 40 and ranked now. There are posts here of level 40 people saying they didn't even bother because they knew how it was going to turn out...doesn't that bother you that they called it so accurately? It's not just new players who spend money on the game. But by doing crap like this, you push your loyal, long term players further away. If things are ' working as intended ', I would like to see 2 things: One of you guys explaining how making the target ( 150 caught ) for just one species damn near unobtainable, never mind getting 150 of both species. One of you guys logging onto my account and catching either 150 Rowdies or Lepers in the time frame I have to play, which, as I've stated, is a lot more than most people have at their disposal. On the verge of sending a Collins dictionary to FP HQ with the word ' event ' highlighted. We thought you had learned lessons and taken our comments to heart after the brilliant Xmas event following the gar debacle. What a difference between the two. One was fun, one was frustrating and a grind. And here we are, back to the grind. I'm sorry if I sound like I hate the game, I don't. It is fantastic and the best fishing game I've played. You have over £1,000 of my money to prove that. But you should really look at your Xmas event and wonder why nobody complained about that one while the Gars and Rowdies/Lepers generate critiscism. One of those events was fun, the other two aren't/weren't. Oh, fix the crankbaits too please ;-) Anyone have anything to add? Was I too harsh? Did I miss anything? Be constructive, critiscise but don't generalise. Is this ' event ' fun for you or not? Did you get 150 of one species? Did you get 150 of both?! Is it ending too soon tomorrow? Bite rates too low? Was the Xmas event better or worse? Were all events just fine and you hit all targets? How could they improve? Should they read this board more to see what we're saying? Is VV an egocentric megalomaniacal delusionist who's salty? Should I reply to that woman who looks like a chipmunk on the dating site? Thoughts?
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    Информация будет дополняться по мере доступности материалов для публикации.
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    now i find you don't have to have a lot of baitcoins, really good gears, and really good luck to this Christmas event. all you need are really good ingame friends who are willing to help one another and share what they know. for starters..fireworks! wow..this event really appreciate the devs for giving us the spirit of gift giving ( clap clap clap ).. you can't catch this Christmas species alone! you need friends..and if your friends doesnt have the means to buy fireworks and you do..you must help them to get it ( 10 in total..5 for furry trout and 5 for salmon antler ) then in turn help you ..that really is a nice touch! and to get the kayak you must have a friend who is willing to stay a shore and light up those fireworks and help you catch a big salmon antler and drag across ( wow now i know why the only item you can gift a friend is the fireworks ) again i applaud you guys...the devs! a really good event and really enjoyed doing it though i spent a whole lot of hours completing mine and a lot of bantering and laughs..will do it again tomorrow for my other friends still have 7 fireworks left ( suppose to be 8 but so happy i got the kayak that i light it up lol. happy holidays!
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    As per title, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous ( and fishy ) New Year! A massive thank you has to go to the dev team for giving us such a fantastic game and continually striving to make it what it is and even better. If they only manage to implement a fraction of the things they have planned for the future it will make an already awesome game even better for us real life anglers. Yes, there have been ups and downs, and yes, we're very vocal about the downs, but on the whole I think it's fair to say this is an incredible game. While there are little things like animation glitches or frame rate freezes, the experience as a whole is superb and by far the best attempt to accurately portray fishing on a system that I've ever come across. I came across the game by accident while mooching around PSN store for something or other ( I didn't even know it existed ) and immediately hit download without even reading the writeup or checking the trailer. I was immediately hooked ( no pun intended ) and still am, I dread to think how much time I've spent on here, and I do not regret spending a single penny of my own money, as far as I'm concerned they deserve it. So, a huge thank you to the devs and I wish you all a great New Year and I hope everything you have planned for the game sees the light of day and makes this an even better experience! As for you 'orrible lot reading this, I have never come across such an open and friendly community, whether on the forum or in the game. When you have total strangers helping each other, demonstrating things, explaining tactics, sending screenshots of where to cast, telling people to add them as a friend and grab a mic to explain a finer point etc, that shows a community is very close knit and working well. The current event with fireworks demonstrates this very well - everyone is prepared to take their turn on the dock launching for others benefit. And as for the crew I party up with, finer people there are not. I've laughed so hard I've snorted beer out my nose and been unable to breathe...pretty much every time we're partied up! Special mention must go to Headshot for imparting all his knowledge about the Halloween gar to me and fishing the week together, and also for being a great guy all round. And Jim, what can I say about Jim? Awesome friend, awesome laugh and saved me a lot of travelling when the surface lures came out by doing the same thing I was. Also very knowledgable regarding the game and willing to help anyone. There are too many people to mention but you're all awesome and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, hopefully we'll all still be playing this time next year! My one lament is that Jims mic cuts out when he goes into the kitchen to make a drink, but stays live when he goes to the bathroom to pee! Have a good one guys and gals, seeya out there :-)
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    I will sit there for 10 or 20 minutes and my float doesn't twitch. But, the instant I; Scratch my arse Adjust my junk Pick up a drink Light a ciggie Stick a finger up my nose to mine for green gold Pick up a snack Have a look at my phone Open chat. Bam, the float goes and I invariably end up juggling an open beer, a cigarette and an open pack of doritos frantically trying to pick the pad up. And just like real fishing, I never learn my lesson and end up missing the bite. Thank God you can't get tangled in trees otherwise my crankbait casualty list would be shockingly high every day. Nothing quite like leaving a £12 lure dangling from a branch, glad the game didn't replicate that!
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    The answer is simple - the game is already alive for 2+ years and grown up twice for this time. We will keep servers up at least 5+ years from now (actually I think 20+). Also, Xbox One version is coming in next half of the year with more servers. And kayaks coming next week, so your unlimited licenses will work for a very LONG time.
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    Spot on V! And in the time it took to read all of this I still have yet to get a damn bite! LOL. This event was a complete waste of people’s time. I love this game too, but I don’t see how you grow a game and get more players “hooked” when you have events that are anything but fun.
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    Hello there everyone, I am not a pro or anything close to it but after playing close to 90 days for 10+ hrs daily and after losing many fish I learned few things, which I am going to share below. 1. Don't use L2+R2 to get the strike right away when u see ur bobber taken away instead try moving ur right joystick left/right + R2.( u will notice the difference) 2. Repair ur rods/reels while u can because once it's broken u can't fix it or sell it. 3. Sell damaged X series lines/equipment to get baitcoins instead of removing them. 4. Take extra reels/lines for your trip it will come very handy for ur long trip. 5. Don't run around lake to lake instead stick to one until u make enough cash for future(initial stages up to level 20). 6. Buy bigger keepnet/stringer to make best out of ur level( initially try to use stringer as they provide more space compared to any keepnet),Unless u want to jump into competition . 7. Money management is the key to success(specially up to level 30). 8. Try to fall in love with BASS or try dating with Walleyes till level 30 and they will treat u well. 9. Try completing the achievements, if you do so u will get rewards real good ones. 10. Last but not the least while casting your bobber or lure, when u are done pressing R2 to cast try moving your right joystick to move your rod and by doing so u can slightly adjust your cast where you want to land it. [ Turn on the bell for float fishing ] While playing FP u don't have to own everything which store has to offer in initial stages instead try to capitalize for later to buy better stuffs. I know grinding is tough when you are at low level so to avoid that don't run around, try playing from one place.
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    Oh please. Are you for real? I am a lifelong angler, acknowledge this is just a game and also accept I cannot see anything other than new venues or species keeping someone at my level playing. Maybe once you've done everything there is to do you'll understand my dilemma. Barely a session goes by without someone asking how to catch xxxxxx uni, that is all I have to keep the game interesting now. Aside from that, there is absolutely nothing that makes me want to continue playing apart from the company of friends. But hey, you assume that after all the game hours I've put in and all the posts I've made here I need reminding it's a fishing simulator. It's not like I've been looking for the power up mushroom or flower so I can shoot fireballs. Come back when you're in the same place I am now. Until then, stop making assumptions, because you're just making yourself look stupid.
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    I'm at the point where I'll only use 3', 6' and 8' cranks depending on venue. For the longest time I said it was just the lure indicator that was messed up and not the lures themselves. But, I'm starting to reconsider my views given the amount of takes that I miss. I believe it changed at the same time kayaks were added? Before then they were fine, but as it stands it seems to me that the 12' and deeper are worthless now. The indicator shows any deep crank just dragging bottom now ( or hooking invisible Sasquatchs that drag Pierre up the mountain or invisible birds ). While it's still possible to catch on these deep cranks, something changed for the worse. I'm sure all here remember the Vampire Gar fiasco - we kept saying they were screwed up - and for just one Monday night they worked fine. Then they went tits up again. It was never acknowleged they were messed up, despite the whole playerbase saying exactly the same thing. Seems that cranks are messed up now, and the devs won't believe us when we say something's wrong, just like the Vamps. I expect it on franchises like CoD ( someone I know on a CoD forum can no longer play due to a black screen, Activision and SHG simply said ' it's your internet '. They make so much revenue they don't really care if the game works and have been giving progressively worse game since 2009. But, I know the FP devs work hard to give us a great game being a small studio. I'm curious as to how everyone else views cranks. Please note, this is not an attack on the devs so don't write vitriolic posts, just be honest and give your opinion on cranks as they are now. I seemed to have a different experience to the guys I fish with - or I did until recently at least. But now I fully agree with them. If Hegert or any of the team want to reply, I'd welcome it. But be warned, if you say ' cranks are working as intended ' I will ask what is the point of including any crank that dives deeper than 8 feet? Any crank over 8 feet drags bottom, unlike the previous cranks before the update. And before it's suggested, of course I'm not using 23' cranks in FL or LA. I'm not slating the game or the devs, just stating a fact. I welcome a reply from the team, and I'd like to know others opinions on cranks.
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    Hey there, angling friends! Believe it or not, but every now and then Santa Claus himself enjoys a day out fishing in the company of his magic elves. That’s why he particularly enjoys reading any mail coming from a fellow angler! So how about writing a letter to Santa and his elves to tell them about some of the fishing adventures you had this year? Let them know which places you’ve been, what tricks you’ve learned, and don’t forget to mention what kind of present you’d like to get in the Fishing Planet game for Christmas! We’ll make sure to pass the letter on to Santa and will see to it that the writers of the most creative, interesting and original stories get their rewards! Contest Rules: 1. Write an interesting story about your fishing experience, mentioning what kind of present you’d like to receive in the game and explain why. 2. Send us the letter to olga.k@fishingplanet.com 3. All letters must be written and sent before Dec 24th, of course;) Winners will be announced on Dec 25th and get some presents and perhaps, if they are persuasive enough, even the present they asked for in their letter to Santa;) The more interesting, funny, sincere or original your letter will be, the more chances of touching Santa’s heart and getting what you want! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Hey guys! We know many of you have been waiting for the PS4 update and are very anxious to get all the new features on consoles. We are happy to announce December 5 as an official release date for the Topwater & Night Fishing as well as Kayaks fishing on PS4! It took us some time to do the porting and go through the approval procedures. But we have finally all settled down and in a week much awaited update will be waiting for you! Thank you for your patience and support. More new interesting features are to come soon. Stay tuned!
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    We are fighting with cheaters from the beginning. And probably we will do it one again with some tuning. Now we have all Ps4 comps data which can be used as a reference model (PS4 is a trusted platform, cheating is extremely hard here). So we can use it to tune down our anticheat system on PC. Will start tomorrow and will write down the anticheat progress here.Finally, we have some time and manpower to do it right.
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    this game is so relaxing... lean back in bed before sleep. fall a sleep while bait in water, controller vibrating wake up fish. =)
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    1.) There's Always Texas Get the advanced license for sure, with your first few baitcoins. 2.) Basic Licenses: With the exception of florida at the present moment you can buy 3 day real time basic licenses for just a little bit more then the 1 day advanced. You can keep all commons this way and get 3 days to fish real time. -Granted you have to release trophies/uniques, but the point here is working on a budget. -Trophies/Unis only give just a smidge more credits/lb when you sell them. 3.) Fish Sell Guide: See It Here-> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MVthNeh0VrZZ2mxOAqHojrjowkRZwgcQXIgWlq6ErZ8/edit#gid=0 Thanks Wicked Viking! 4.) Extend Days, And Exiting. When traveling to new locations, extend multiple days. And when you exit the game do so by going to the gear in the top left, and exit game there, you will not leave the waterway. 5.) Keep Your Storage Updated: Your stringer/keepnet is your most important piece of gear to keep updated, it's your livelyhood. 6.) Travel Light! -Take one to three rods, to keep your rod case minimum. Use a small tacklebox and vest as well to carry just the bare minimum gear. (This will give cheaper repair cost because your gear is cheaper.) -When traveling to lower level lakes, you can reduce the size of your keeper/fishnet to reduce repair costs as well, why would you need a 200 or 300lb stringer when you won't get anywhere near to filling it? --Suggested By BonPadre THANKS! 7.) Spawning Locations: Fishing holes can dry up, try to keep moving, don't stay in one place, explore and find more places to get your target fish, this keeps the fish flowing in, which keeps the cash flowing in. 8.) Slow Your Progression. Don't always travel to a new location when it opens, as you won't have a big enough stringer/keepnet to be successful there by filling it. 9.) Keep Old Gear. -Suggested By BonPadre, Thanks! Don't sell off old rod/reel setups or other gear as if something goes wrong you won't have any prior gear to fall back on. 10.) Keep It In The Green, Saves Green -Suggested By darren, Thanks! Watch how much tension your putting on your line, keep all 3 bars for rod/reel/line in the green. If your not seeing those bars go into your settings through the gear icon and turn tackle load indicator to advanced. 11.) Expensive Baits Don't Mean Better. Suggested BonPadre, -Thanks! Keep an eye on how much each bait costs when your using it, and take into account the credits your getting for the fish. IE a bait that costs 50 credits to catch a 55 credit fish makes no sense. Personally this is why i use lures, only 1 initial investment cost, and it's not a consumable. Downside to lure fishing is it takes quite a bit to learn and be effective at it. 12.) IF You have a little bit of money to spend. Buying a New York advance for the $2.99 pack for the 50 baitcoins is worth it. Walleye there are easy to catch with narrow spoons, and give quite a few credits/xp and are a good fallback with a 6lb setup. 13.) Shop at home. Buy your gear/lures/baits at your home, not at the lake, there is a larger markup at the waterway. - Suggested By Hilrond. Also having premium helps as it gives you a 50% boost to credits on fish and xp. I may add more but these are just a few things off my head. Hope this helps. Tight Lines!
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    Rules PLEASE READ! Hey! As we start implementing a community management system and are trying to build the community with the consideration of the Game Rules we may sometimes ban some of you. We ban people for trolling, abuse, lies, profanity. The bans may last one-day minimum. From now on we shall always make warnings before banning. Here are the Game Rules http://fishingplanet.com/GameRules.htm Please, mind, lying to developers may cause ban or warning. As you contact support for reimbursement remember that as devs we have all the data. We need some order here. Hope you understand! P.S. You can criticize the game as much as you want but, please, do not flame.
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    Before I start, this is not a self praise thread. The point of the thread is the result so bear with me.. I jumped on for an hour after work ( always seems to turn into 2 hours! I digress ). Was doing my own thing when a friend enters the room who was having...issues, regarding a uni. In the course of chat I mentioned something all us regs take as given and well known. Not 5 minutes later, bang! That uni dropped for him. I didn't mention location, time, weather or anything like that. Just mentioned something we all take as a given these days. He did all the work required, I was just making my way through fifty or sixty 40lb gar doing my own thing. If the above seems ambiguous, that is intentional. I don't want to steal his thunder and I don't want this thread to seem like self praise. Point is, it's all the communication that occurs in this game that made the above happen. And I was grinning like hell when he caught it - just as happy as if I'd caught it the first time for myself. We all know what I refer to above being longtime forum users and deranged mic users, and I purposely haven't mentioned what I said because to us it would seem to be trivial. But, if you don't know these things...you won't know until you're told! I was over the moon to see that uni come out, and if the person I refer to would prefer to remain silent then that's fine by me. The sharing and willingness of people to help in this community is the best I have ever seen, and being in a position to be able to provide some help and seeing it pay off is awesome too. And what makes that happen? Pretty much every person reading this post. If everyone in the game was a secret squirrel and said or shared nothing, I have no doubt I'd have gone the same way in a form of self defence. Instead, my morning was made seeing this guy get his uni. Long may it continue dudes. We haven't created a poisonous community like CoD, we've made a sharing and helping community. Just look at where we're all from - not a word of discord anywhere about country, language, ethnicity, language skills, religion or sexuality ( actual or implied ). There are no juvenile comments or the regular headset slurs found in other games. Best bit? Myself and the person I refer to have never even spoken. And I was still psyched to help and see the uni he wanted come out. That wasn't just me, it was everyone I play/chat with because I know they all would have done exactly the same thing and been as happy as me when it dropped for him had they been there and not me. I also think I owe Brazly an apology as he was talking to me in familiar terms and I was wracking my brain knowing I'd seen the guy but unable to remember where and too embarrassed to ask if we knew each other. Hey, one step at a time ;-) To quote two favourite dudes of mine....be excellent to each other!
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    I totaly agree with everyones posts. But for me, it also has a deeper meaning. At 55 years old, and being estranged for almost two years now from my wife of 23 years, I have become quite the recluse. Anyone who has been through a divorce, especially after a marriage that consumed almost half of ones life, knows the emotional and financial woes that accompany such. It seems that until lately, my life mostly consisted on immersing myself in work, and spending my evenings at home watching TV and solo gaming. I have a small group of friends that I've known forever, and we manage to get together from time to time, play a round of golf, go have a beer and shoot some pool, watch a sporting event and such. My two oldest sons are grown men, but I have a 15 year old daughter that comes to visit from time to time, so it's not that I have no life, just a limited one lol. But what this site, and the friends I've met since becoming a member, has offered me has been therapeutic. I'ts given me an outlet to cut up, have fun, speak my mind, forget about work, and just generally enjoy the company of my new comrades. And for that, I thank you. Now that I have told my tale, who's up for a cocktail and some fishing later lol.
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    So last night we did a Q&A session with Killer Whale on my stream and thought some people may be interested in getting some more information! so here is a link for most of the Q&A, i had an issuse with my PC near the end, but most of it is in the video. Hope you all enjoy.
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    Our team would like to thank you all for providing us much needed constructive feedback and healthy criticism. We did monitor the event from the beginning and though it is working as intended we’ve taken into consideration the community feedback, especially regarding difficulties catching Vampire Gar. Based on that we made some adjustments which should deliver a more smooth fishing experience. This should be implemented in the current release (1.1.4) as well with some minor bug fixing. Being genuine fishing simulator, we would like to see our game challenging but fun and rewarding at the same time. It's not an easy task, but we would like to thank you for staying with us and supporting our wonderful game!
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    1) Yes. We will try our best to do it twice or once per month with YouTube live stream with Devs. A lot of stuff almost ready and we want to show it to the players and answer your question 2) PS4 version roadmap is under development - our new line physics on topwater section must be polished and optimized to meet PS4 standards. 3) Yes, probably with bottom fishing and feeder rods. We will let player manage up to 3 rods and will add new rigging options. 4) Yes, we think about this, but kayaks, boats and bottom fishing first. And 40+ along with lower levels will have a lot of fun with kayaks very soon.