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    Пользовательские соревнования уже заняли достаточно хорошую нишу в игре. Пора продолжать дальше развивать их. На данный момент в них есть 2 режима: обычный и расширенный. Игроки создают множество соревнований, но все они однотипные... Командные могут быть только 3-х типов (Суммарный вес / суммарная длина / суммарное кол-во), с индивидуальными ситуация обстоит лучше, но они тоже сильно ограничены по выбору типов. Как можно разнообразить соревнования, сделав их более интересными, и, тем самым, привлечь к ним большее кол-во игроков: Для индивидуальных соревнований: Добавить возможность хосту назначать балы за пойманную рыбу. (Аналог системных соревнований, в которых дают баллы за рыбу) Добавить возможность создавать соревнование по критерию "кол-во максимальных рыб в садке" (Аналог системных соревнований и турниров) Расширить настройку выдачи награды: не только первые 3 места, а с возможностью расширять до топ 5 и топ 10 Добавить возможность выставлять награду для самого большого зачетного экземпляра. Добавить возможность изменять 2-й критерий (Сейчас он работает только в режиме максимальной пойманной рыбы) Для командных соревнований: Добавить возможность хосту создавать критерии с назначением балов за пойманную рыбу. (Аналог системных соревнований, в которых дают баллы за рыбу) Добавить возможность изменять 2-й критерий (Сейчас он работает только в режиме максимальной пойманной рыбы) Добавить возможность выставлять награду для самого большого зачетного экземпляра. (Как общего, так и в каждой команде) Добавить тип соревнований "максимальная разница между мелкой и крупной рыбой, пойманной командой" (2-м критерием в этом случае может быть суммарный общий вес / суммарное кол-во / суммарная длина) Не выдавать награду игрокам, которые не участвовали в соревновании (не ловили или поймали меньше 5-10% от лидера в своей команде или среднего веса, пойманого командой). Данное улучшение будет стимулировать всех игроков принимать участие, а не просто ждать награду. Улучшить алгоритмы рандомного уравнивания игроков (сейчас при уравнивании в командах одни и те же игроки всегда остаются в одних и тех же командах) Перемещать привязанных игроков всегда в верх списка Сделать сортировку по уровню Для спонсируемых соревнований: Добавить рейтинги (индивидуальные / командные) Добавить испытания (победы в индивидуальных, победы в командных, гигантолов, сыграть определенное кол-во соревнований и т.д.) Запретить создание соревнований под паролем или уменьшить для них спонсируемую награду. (Для избежания целенаправленного фарма бейткоинов) Общее для всех соревнований: Добавить возможность создавать соревнование на 45 минут Добавить возможность хосту, при создании соревнования, запрещать переходы игроков между командами Привязывать игрока к той команде, к которой закрепил его хост, после перезахода в соревнование.
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    Might have had a bit of delay getting some of those boilies through customs.
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    5 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: seriously fishing sim world is probably the most arcade like fishing game on the market where nothing makes a difference in tackle choices and every fish fight is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning lol 100% agree could only be worse if they added underwater view when fishing.
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    How are the fines out of proportion to real life? Ive seen where Fish and Game officers will confiscate your boat or vehicle as well as fine and jail people. Has fishing planet thrown you in jail??
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    The first league in which novice players compete among themselves for certain prizes. leagues where good players compete among themselves for high-level rewards. I think such a formation will make more players happy. provided that you achieve certain levels of success to upgrade the league. If there are problems with the number of competitors. formations that encourage players to competitions can be added. 70/5000
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    Could we please have some info on if the game is going to be supported by the developers.
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    6 months now not a single update or bug fix how ripped of do ya all like me feel now
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    Did you do all of the steps below? If so then your best bet is to send an email to support@fishingplanet.com
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    Have you tried doing it in the Everglades during Peak time. I think it still may be possible there with the bass. I did Angling II there quite easily during a competition this week.
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    Don't know for The Fisherman, suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with a description of your login problem. They should know what you need to do or who you need to talk to.
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    You know that's right lol. Now if I could only skip out of work. I think I feel a stomach virus or something coming on...
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    Yep Downloading 3.8 gig . Time for you to dip into your wallet let the dust fly LOL.
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    seriously fishing sim world is probably the most arcade like fishing game on the market where nothing makes a difference in tackle choices and every fish fight is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning lol
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    He was on the Blue Team and came in 24th place, even though he was clearly the best.
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    Hey guys Unique Smallmouth Bass @ Neherrin River.... Caught early morning 7am, peak hour... Enjoy
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    Well, anglers, are you ready to explore South America? Then enter the Amazonian jungles and follow to the waters of Maku-Maku Lake! This magical spot in north-western Peru, where the Amazon River begins, presents a rare opportunity to challenge yourself. Local waterways are famous for the variety of rare exotic fish species inhabiting them. Here’s what the wild rainforest has in store for you: Our first Amazonian location in Peru — Maku-Maku Lake! 16 authentic fish species, from Redeye Piranha to the giant Arapaima! New spinning rods for heavy lure casts and large-spooled reels. Swimbait lures look almost indistinguishable from a live fish, and predators can’t resist it. Maximum level raised to 60. New Rainforest Journey Pack. Welcome Maku-Maku Lake in Peru! Maku-Maku Lake embodies everything you can dream of in a tropical paradise fishing adventure! It’s just you, the primeval jungle and scores of rare Amazon fish! Do not be deceived by the seemingly peaceful water surface: it hides the sharp-toothed Payara, the gigantic Arapaima and the vulturous Piranha. When exploring the lake, visit the Oval Island. At the first glance there is nothing remarkable about it apart from a landing pier and a couple of tourist lodges. But you are here for the catch, and you won’t be disappointed. The lake’s muddy bottom near the island is full of deep pits, which make perfect hiding spots for Flatwhiskered Catfish, the enormous Gilded Catfish and other members of the Amazon catfish kind. Otorongo Village in the south-western part of the lake is where an Amazon indigenous tribe lives. The Maku-Maku people have surely chosen their residence wisely, since the local waterways are teeming with fish! The native residents have built a landing pier for their longboats. Take your boat from there to the north of the village to find a long gentle-flowing canal, a habitat of choice for the yellow-eyed Brycon and the elusive Payara. Take a minute to relax at the Tourist Landing Pier, where you can practice your distance casts. Cosy tourist lodges, a new pier with modern boats and the unmatched tropical fishing experience – everything is ready for you to enjoy! 16 authentic fish species! Maku-Maku inhabited by 18 fish species, 16 of them are new in Fishing Planet: Red-bellied Piranha. Redeye Piranha. Arapaima. Jacunda. Peacock Bass. Brycon. Silver Arowana. Payara. Silver Croaker. Flatwhiskered Catfish (Barbado). Ripsaw Catfish (Cuiu Cuiu). Sorubim. Gilded Catfish (Zungaro). Red Tail Barracuda. Spotted Aracu. Biara. Oscar. Flag-Tailed Prochilodus. New spinning rods for heavy lure casts and large-spooled reels. An adventure of this kind requires special tackle and local exotic lures. Don’t forget to visit the shop and check out our new items: The short but powerful Aguarayo™ spinning rod. The Selva Star reel equipped with a large spool for heavy distance casts. New swimbait lures. New Local Baits: Camu-Camu fruit, Dobsonfly Larva, Aracu Minnow, Dead Lambari Fish, Freshwater Prawns, Also added Fresh Meat and Chicken Liver, weighted Walkers, JigHeads and Hunched Runners. Swimbaits: Rainforest Journey Pack! To feel the unique morning rainforest vibe, make sure to purchase The Rainforest Journey Pack: it will be available in stores in a few hours. We will let you know once it will be available for the purchase! Get ready to explore and do not forget that Maku-Maku Lake is the first fishing destination from the Amazonian region. More adventure will wait for you! P.S.: By popular demand of our players, the first entrance to any competition will be available in the form of teleport to the selected pin, regardless of where the player was. During re-entering, the previous position will be saved and resumed.
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    If you haven't already done so send an email to the Support team; support@fishingplanet.com They can be quicker to respond than the forum mods.
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    really dude? you whining over 10k? 1/2 hr fishing to make that
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    I've made a few mistakes, mainly fishing without a license as it had expired and I hadn't noticed. You make a couple of grand at Texas, you move on to the next place, make 4 grand, move on, make 8 grand, etc. You have uninstalled the game because you made a mistake, that the game clearly warned you that you were about to make, and you threw your teddy out of the pram.
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    Привет, ребятки! Сегодня отправимся в дельту главной реки штата Калифорния - Сан-Хоакин. Кроме хорошо нам известных большеротых и малоротых бассов, здесь водится ещё одна бассовая рыба - полосатый лаврак. Кстати, по-английски он так и называется - Striped Bass, то есть полосатый басс. Вот на эту компанию мы и откроем спиннинговую охоту вечерком. Подставки нельзя использовать, лодки и каяки - сколько угодно! Как всегда, каждый участник победившей команды получит 10 бейткоинов и долю бюджета соревнования в кредитах. Дополнителные призы: победители команд получат наборы Bass Boat Explorer Pack, а игрок, поймавший самую крупную рыбу, получит Rainforest Journey Pack. Начало соревнования 25.05.2020 в 19:15 Киев, МСК. Прямая трансляция в 19:00, Киев, МСК на Twitch и YouTube, канал FPdimsam. Играйте, выигрывайте и да пребудет с вами Сила! Запись трансляции соревнования: Поздравляю с победой Синюю команду! Дополнительные призы получают: wenren8858 - Bass Boat Explorer Pack, как занявший первое место в Синей команде. LPFR.Wario - Bass Boat Explorer Pack, как занявший первое место в Красной команде. Rainforest Journey Pack, как игрок, поймавший самую крупную зачётную рыбу. Мои координаты: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FPdimsam/ вконтакте: https://vk.com/dimsamoilov e-mail: fpdimsam@gmail.com Ссылка для доната: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/fpdi... Официальный форум игры: forum.fishingplanet.com Ставьте лайки, подписывайтесь на канал и да пребудет с нами Сила!
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    Lol at the thought of catching a Goliath Grouper and holding it up with one arm as you do with fish of any size in the game... new animations for catching would be a nice upgrade over the same ones since 2013. I know that’s asking a lot. We could also stand to have a base level of character customization. Ya know, like every other game that’s been around for years and years. I’m confident we will get the saltwater options but not for a few years.
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    And again, Day 2. Filled up 100 Kg well before Lunchtime. With the Afternoon and Night still available, you can see that even a 200 Kg net can be filled quite comfortably with Bass in one day. Also screenshots of smallest fish to heaviest fish.
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    I can't believe no-one is mentioning Neherrin River. If you stand where the sunken car is, you can fill a 100 Kg Net in no time with Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. The occasional Pike can be kept as well. Only throw away Crappies, Gars and Catfish. Neherrin is the first place (after Lone Star) where I purchased a permanent license. This place is still my go-to when I need to make money fast. At the moment I need 100K to buy the 200 Kg Net. So yesterday I went there again and from 5:00 to 7:00 game time (maybe 45 minutes real time) I caught just over 50 Kg of Common, Trophy and Unique Bass as well as a few Pike. This with 2 match rods, one with Shrimp and one Small Minnows with 3/0 Hook, and one spinning rod with a 3/0 Casting Spoon (3/0 Jig Head with 10cm Yellow Slug works well also). Basically you get a fish every cast and at times all 3 rods have action at once. Filling a 100Kg Net, which you can easily do on any given day, will give you 16-17K without Premium Account. 25K with Premium. You do that for 4-5 game days and you have 100K +. I am so confident of filling the net that I don't even keep the occasional Young Largemouth. On average the Bass are 1 - 1,8 Kg. Up to 2,5 or sometimes even 3 Kg. You also don't need big equipment to catch here (5Kg - 6Kg Rods are fine). Nero match rod and Jigwinner spinning rod is more than sufficient. The only problem is that IF you happen to get a large Catfish on the Nero Rod, it can take a bit of time to get him out. But with a short (70cm) Leader, this very rarely happens. I filled up 100Kg in under 2 hours and only got one 9Kg Catfish, one Crappie and one Sunfish, which I threw away. So as I am sure that there are other better ways to make money faster (at higher levels - White Moose or St Croix for instance), this one is very good at lower levels. Emerald Lake catching Walleye is also good, but I prefer this method. Bass bite all day and night. At night I use either the Blue/White/Red Night Casting Spoon or a 2/0 Jighead with a 7cm Night Shad or the 12cm Glow Worm. Nice Unique Smallmouth Bass bite especially at Night during high times. As for XP. The best way to level up is completing Missions and Challenges.
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    Ya when i bought it i thought man this is to good to be true . It definitely was as half of what was talked about dont exist on the game .
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    According to steam forum (Under the news section ) there has been a bug fix recently and it is going to be supported . The Fisherman will be getting all the things in FP including Mississippi but some will be paid DLCs I believe it states late spring. Remember PS4 and Xbox always have to wait roughly 30 days after PC to get patch .
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    can we report it to Sony and get back money bc there isn't any support
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    Goodluck its a Dev team vs a Publishing team battle . In the end the losers are the customers whom trusted them to be honest and upfront. We suffer while they spend our money . Like i said before neither Bigben or Fishing Planet devs have a good track record with support or communication .
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    Size 1 hook, 10lb fluro, float /bobber, bait: shrimp, cast distance: 90 - 100 feet, depth: maximum. The area between 'Last Songs of Summer' and 'Pike Challenge'. Sorry, can not be specific with time of day and weather, but try 11am. to 7pm. cloudy.
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    I'm having a similar problem, only it says invalid email address
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    how does the good fishing challenge go from tutorial thank you
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    Please submit a ticket at support@fishingplanet.com with your gamertag included. If you have any screenshots of this issue it would be very helpful.
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    Report post Posted Thursday at 08:51 PM bonjour , 2 fois que je m'inscrit a la compétition "les attraper tous"a lesni vila . 2 fois ou je ne peux pas entrer pour faire mes 30 minutes de concours . un message me dit :ne répondant pas aux exigences .donc 2 fois que je paye pour rien !! je ne comprends pas pourquoi ? je pense une question de matériel !! les feeders et viviers peut-on me donner des précisions ? merci
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    Paid DLC huh? I thought that buying the game was supposed to get you everything for free afterwards, was marketed that way. Kinda still waiting for all the 36 DLCs that were supposed to come with the game...worst waste of money ever
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