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  1. Over the years of playing this game, I have seen a lot of great suggestions (although some are way out of the realm of possible). I feel that most development teams really lose a lot of player interest due to NOT taking suggestions seriously by the player base that promotes their game(s). Red dead redemption is just one great example of a game dying due to a complete lack of listening from the development team. That game is D E A D. Now I'm not saying that FP is on the outs, or that it is a dying game. You all have done a really good job of keeping us on the water. But we feel that you are leaving money on the table so to speak. Here are just a few examples of what I thought were great ideas / suggestions. 1. Fly fishing with rivers in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. (by far the best suggestion I have seen to date. I personally fly fish, and have spent many a dollar, and time fishing all over the U.S.) 2. Having the ability to bring boats on the Everglades 3. Additional passengers in your boat. (In order to not lose possible boat sales, make it to where if you own a boat you would be allowed to join a friend on their boat) 4. New tournament style based off of fish weight WITHOUT the unique, and trophy fish being able to be caught. This evens the playing field. Not everyone can sit and play FP 10 hours per day to zone in on the exact spawn locations, time, bait, and weather to have the edge in a tourny. 5. The ability to purchase a pond pass at every lake / pond 6. Career mode ( I know that this one is a bit tricky, but I also feel it might be worth looking into) 7. Friends having the ability to help you with multiple lines when the occasion arises. (Personally not my favorite suggestion, but still one I have seen a few times)
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