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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only Steam). This competition is in memory of two friends we lost this year. Alex, one of the original FP development team, and PH_Hilrond, long-time leader of ProHookers and a well respected and much loved member of the FP community. Both lost their battles with cancer and will be truely missed by those of us whose lives they touched. The event will start Friday, October 11, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, October 18 at 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Louisianna (Quanchkin Lake) for Alligator Gar, Bowfin, and Bluegill. The biggest fish of each species caught during the event time may be entered. (NOTE: You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form.) Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx! AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Watch the video below. You can use any tackle. Rod Stands are NOT allowed. The fish weight (must be in pounds, so use you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entry on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form) Prizes: Metalhead Boat DLC’s, Daredevil Boat DLC’s, Carp Lord DLC's and Golden Dragon DLC's. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have one fish of each species entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: gramps Entry Form: https://forms.gle/DqoQEstMSRsWYw3S6 (closed) Standings Page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ/edit?ts=5d83cebe#gid=368887694 Screen shot video: (one change to the video, in the video it says hit the Tab key to go into the chat box. Now, you have to put your cursor into the chat box and left click.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9FQwHRU5E&t=5s
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    After dominating so many years now, this statement says a lot. I was thinking about changing my ID to "VFF_xxxxx" just to see if it would help catch more Pike in qualifier 2... It pains me to say this, but I just have to be honest. Lots of fishing games have come out in the past couple years and haven't had the success that Fishing Planet has had. There's almost a cult following and it's because the game was FUN above all, and competitive. I think the FP team or whoever owns the company have done a good job creating that experience like no other. Here is the truth as I see it: Fishing Planet should sell their entire game to a triple A game company who has: 1. The money to have a staff more than 5 people. 2. The ability to communicate with gamers about what can make the game fun again. 3. Expanding the game in all areas-- fish, bait, tackle, sponsorship, and get real life competition anglers to buy in. This would allow them to subsidize their own marketing efforts as we all know they are basically salesmen who speak for various products and look like a Nascar while in competitions. 4. The SPEED OF INNOVATION.... according to my calculations the game has been in existence since 2013. Look how long it took to get bottom rods, fishing boats, and custom competitions as part of the game!!! Right now there are people fishing from Ski Doos in the ocean! Unless you can afford one yourself, this is the only medium that you could possibly go spear fishing along the Florida Keys. The inability to keep up with current trends is uncanny. The potential to make more money is exponential. The lack of ambition to improve and expand has simply never been more disappointing. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game because I had a false expectation that they wanted to be competitive in the gaming market space, and truly make an innovative product for a population that drastically needed a fishing simulator on point with Gran Turismo. I am a video producer and make 3d models with animation for digital video and this one bites me harder than anything-- PLAYER CUSTOMIZATION. I'd have to go back to Playstation 1, or Xbox to compare the level of in game customization. As part of a simulation experience, part of the immersion is being able to make yourself look any way you want. This is not cutting edge technology reserved only for Hollywood. This is as simple as buying an Adobe Creative Cloud membership and PUTTING IN THE WORK to make these options available. Holy cow! did they ever miss the boat on customization... Why? So they wouldn't have to work to change anything and the jackets, hats, and boats are virtually binary (M/F). For every skin that changes, i.e. the "new" Boat Series equipment, is a Zeus rod, which is the same exact thing they've had for years upon years, with no change. The rod case/fish net/stringers are a waste of time because (a) YOU NEVER EVEN SEE IT (b) We have better options pretty much from the jump (c) rod cases are glorified man purse in this game. I have never seen an opportunity so wasted as the one for customization in Fishing Planet. It's sad. I'd even be willing to donate my own time and resources FREE of charge to help get it off the ground. I'm sure there are hundreds of players who also work in code on GitHub, doing graphic design/3d modeling, who could band together and have this knocked out in less than a month! I should be able to customize the amount of nose hair I have sticking out! The one size fits all animation of holding up a fish is truly a disgrace. Respectfully, none of us are holding a 200lb Arapaima with one arm. The retrieval of a fish that monstrous deserves some realism, as well as the countless other monsters in the game. That is when a simulation becomes just any other sort of game. Why do people walk/sprint as though they are characters in a low budget claymation video. The list could go on for hours, but the bottom line is this, your game gets stale because you don't innovate at a fast, or even average pace. This happens when developers are content to put in as little effort as possible and slooooowly watch the rubles pile up. 5. I would not waste my time giving this litany of shortcomings if I did not truly enjoy the game. I'm writing this because as a player, I think we have seen the best that your team can do. Its quite an accomplishment what you've built here. We all just want to see it handled competently as 99% of the other games manage to do. I hope you sell the game to 2K or someone who has all the necessary components figured out already.
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    Hi, anglers! Many of you are interested in what we will release next. Get ready to visit South America and experience a new fishing destination - the wild Maku-Maku Lake in the north-east of Peru. The wild Maku-Maku Lake is located in the north-east of Peru, upstream the Amazon basin and in between the Marañón and the Ucayali Rivers, which come together to form the Amazon River. This lake is a forgotten treasure of the immense and impassable Amazonian equatorial rainforest. Nothing even resembling industrial activity can be found within miles of the lake, with no signs of urban life nearby. Probably that’s why the flora and fauna of these places are so vehemently asserted in its rights. People still visit these places, but only as guests rather than masters. There is a small indigenous village at the lakeside, and its residents managed to preserve nature in its primordial state and become its organic part. And of course, the omnipresent tourists found their way here — they usually stay at a small tourist camping site near the lake in pursuit of amazing fishing trophies. It’s constantly warm and humid in these parts of the world, and a year is roughly divided into a wet season and a dry season. Anglers start arriving here late May to early June when the wet season is nearing its end. The temperature and humidity start to drop, the sky lightens, precipitation level decreases (although it rains still), the water level begins to ebb, and the fish sets off to bite at anything it sees in the water! That’s why we chose the summer’s first month! Our lake is rather deep, with many pits measuring some 33 ft (10 m) in depth. The deepest ones can reach up to 50 ft (15 m). After all, our biggest catfish do need somewhere to inhabit! But there are also vast shallow waters where small forage fish are eager to feed, inevitably falling prey to all sorts of predators! The lake is best suited for boat fishing because the exuberant vegetation encroaches close onto the water body. There are only a few places where you can fish from the shore, but they are definitely there. The three main lake locations deserve a special introduction. The first one is a village of the local indigenous tribe on the western shore. Not far from it a narrow river flows out of Maku-Maku Lake and further feeds into one of the sources of the most magnificent river on the planet - the Amazon! The second location is a fishing tourist site situated on a small hill on the southern shore. The third one is a modest camping site in the northern part of the biggest island. It’s necessary to mention a wondrous submerged forest, where you can steer your boat into and land a spectacular trophy. This is the first place of its kind to make an appearance in our game! The reservoir naturally has its unique features. Its flora is uncanny, from palms and giant ferns to rubber trees and pistia the water cabbage, floating freely on the lake surface. A multitude of loud colorful birds and boisterous monkeys are keen on giving careless tourists the shivers. Talking about species diversity, this lake will offer 18 fish species for you to catch, 16 of which are — unprecedentedly — introduced FOR THE FIRST TIME! Never before have we given to you so many exclusive species at one location! And above all: the Amazonian region does not stop here, it only just begins. Expect even more unforgettable fishing experience in the future!
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    As written on the post in steam I want a refund for this game. I also sent an email, but I am also writing it here, maybe others join the request. The game is dead, no support, no updates, there is not even a dedicated channel on the Big Ben official website, indeed, there is not even a game on their site. It is not acceptable that they bought the game, claimed money, and then abandoned it in this way, I believe that there are all the conditions for being reimbursed.
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    One of the major gripes I see a lot of players having about Fishing Planet is how repetitive and "grindy" it can get. In the lower level lakes, you see players all trying new things and fishing different spots and enjoying the variety, but (thanks to the oppresive costs of higher level gear and travel, etc) people start to focus specifically on making money once they reach around level 25. What you see then is when you go to one of these higher level lakes, all the players are gathered around basically the same spots, fishing for the same fish, day in and day out, just to make enough money to progress. It actually reaches a point where even once you start upgrading your gear, you find it a waste of time to do anything other than fish for that best value per weight fish until you basically have everything you'd ever want in your posession before even thinking about actually enjoying yourself again and trying new things, catching different (less valuable) fish, etc. I have an idea that will change all of that, and I'm no programmer but I think it's quite simple: Fishing Contracts. Imagine you travel to Alberta and right next to the log cabin there's a bulletin board. You walk up to it (or access the board from the ESC menu) and you see a list of Contracts that you can browse. New contracts would be procedurally generated daily, and they would read something like this (a few examples): 1. "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium is requesting 4 Unique Lake Trout, and will pay 24k upon completion of the contract. You have 24 hours (ingame) to delivery the fish once you accept." 2. "Uncle Hank's Fresh Fish Market is asking for 5 Trophy Pike, 5 Trophy Atlantic Salmon, and 5 Trophy Burbot for a special order needed within 12 hours of contract acceptance. They are offering 20k for this order" 3. "Triton's Goblet Seafood Cafeteria is requesting 200 pounds of Atlantic Salmon to be delivered within 48 hours, and paying 20k" I think you get the idea. I think this feature would be an amazing and immersive way to encourage players to explore fishing for other species, and rewarding their efforts. Some contracts could reward premium coin instead of cash, or even extra challenging contracts that reward special lures, hats, or other visible feature items. It might also be neat to be able to develop a reputation with certain contract companies to that once you complete one contract, you are offered another more challenging one for a greater reward, and eventually get cool items, like a "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium" hat with a silly Trout head sticking out of the front, for example. From beginning to end, this would give players so much more to do, and so much more to look forward to when they log into the game besides just thinking "ok I guess I'm gonna fish for (this valuable fish) all day again today so maybe I can get enough money to go fish for (this other valuable fish) in the other lake all day tomorrow." No offense devs, but the grind is really on the very precipice of making the game not fun. This feature would really breathe new life into the game and diversifly the gameplay exponentially. Please seriously consider my suggestion. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!
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    The investigation has been provided at PS4 platform in the reason of cheating and farming of in-game currency. The Sponsored Competitions creation licenses have been revoked for some players.
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    Bigben is a shitty company who have a terrible reputation . They offer little to no support on the products they sell . Shame on them and Fishing Planet for selling the publishing right to such a crap company . The game was advertised on Fishing Planet forums or dev interviews , shares the Fishing Planet name yet they dont have any control lol . Great job on dividing the community then screwing them .
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    I read today on the steam forums about a feature that snuck its way into FP. Spooking fish if you get too close. Was this also included in the update we got today for PS4? In the post, Killerwhale said that it would be fixed tomorrow. Does that include PS4 also?
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    I know many people want crossplay, i know i do. Being able to play with friends who are on pc or xbox would be fun. We as a community need to get the devs to notice this is one of the things we want from this game. So heres me starting that conversation..... WHO WANTS CROSSPLAY IN FISHING PLANET
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    Пользовательские соревнования уже заняли достаточно хорошую нишу в игре. Пора продолжать дальше развивать их. На данный момент в них есть 2 режима: обычный и расширенный. Игроки создают множество соревнований, но все они однотипные... Командные могут быть только 3-х типов (Суммарный вес / суммарная длина / суммарное кол-во), с индивидуальными ситуация обстоит лучше, но они тоже сильно ограничены по выбору типов. Как можно разнообразить соревнования, сделав их более интересными, и, тем самым, привлечь к ним большее кол-во игроков: Для индивидуальных соревнований: Добавить возможность хосту назначать балы за пойманную рыбу. (Аналог системных соревнований, в которых дают баллы за рыбу) Добавить возможность создавать соревнование по критерию "кол-во максимальных рыб в садке" (Аналог системных соревнований и турниров) Расширить настройку выдачи награды: не только первые 3 места, а с возможностью расширять до топ 5 и топ 10 Добавить возможность выставлять награду для самого большого зачетного экземпляра. Добавить возможность изменять 2-й критерий (Сейчас он работает только в режиме максимальной пойманной рыбы) Для командных соревнований: Добавить возможность хосту создавать критерии с назначением балов за пойманную рыбу. (Аналог системных соревнований, в которых дают баллы за рыбу) Добавить возможность изменять 2-й критерий (Сейчас он работает только в режиме максимальной пойманной рыбы) Добавить возможность выставлять награду для самого большого зачетного экземпляра. (Как общего, так и в каждой команде) Добавить тип соревнований "максимальная разница между мелкой и крупной рыбой, пойманной командой" (2-м критерием в этом случае может быть суммарный общий вес / суммарное кол-во / суммарная длина) Не выдавать награду игрокам, которые не участвовали в соревновании (не ловили или поймали меньше 5-10% от лидера в своей команде или среднего веса, пойманого командой). Данное улучшение будет стимулировать всех игроков принимать участие, а не просто ждать награду. Улучшить алгоритмы рандомного уравнивания игроков (сейчас при уравнивании в командах одни и те же игроки всегда остаются в одних и тех же командах) Перемещать привязанных игроков всегда в верх списка Сделать сортировку по уровню Для спонсируемых соревнований: Добавить рейтинги (индивидуальные / командные) Добавить испытания (победы в индивидуальных, победы в командных, гигантолов, сыграть определенное кол-во соревнований и т.д.) Запретить создание соревнований под паролем или уменьшить для них спонсируемую награду. (Для избежания целенаправленного фарма бейткоинов) Общее для всех соревнований: Добавить возможность создавать соревнование на 45 минут Добавить возможность хосту, при создании соревнования, запрещать переходы игроков между командами Привязывать игрока к той команде, к которой закрепил его хост, после перезахода в соревнование.
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    I have caught a trophy Alaska Blackfish on PS4 and Steam, they are rare.
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    Ya when i bought it i thought man this is to good to be true . It definitely was as half of what was talked about dont exist on the game .
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    @kdog013 Thanks a lot dude. I FINALLY got it. I cast it a little to the left of your marker. Eventually I got 2 trophy's and then the Unique below. I think what also might have helped is that I always used to fish with the 5cm Glow Worm and I saw you caught with the 12.5cm. So I purchased that one and that is what I caught it on. It put up a good fight as well. Now to finish off Neherrin... Thanks again.
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    Thanks for info. Sure, I can understand that. But I'm annoyed by the fact that neither BigBen nor FP developers have clearly defined the situation. I'm asking for a simple, honest answer. Something like an official announcement (on Steam too): - Dearly beloved, we haven't forgotten about you, but the events will only be on F2P. F2P needs money too. We are working on the updates and they will be introduced to Fisheraman in about X weeks. Or - Dearly beloved, we took your money and now you can only cry. So long losers! They should be honest. There's only silence on Steam. No contact, technical support or announcements from the publisher or developers. Even here - silence... The situation is at least strange. Is it so difficult to write a few words to your clients once a week? Dear FP and BigBen Teams, you have not only taken money but also responsibility! Be honest and start taking those who pay you seriously!
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    Christmas Event 2019: Crystal Fishmas that starts on December 19th. More details coming in the official event announcement on December 19th. New Complex Rigs with new types of terminal tackle: Rigs. Yep, now you can use rigs with your spinning and casting rods: Texas Rig, California Rig. Three-way Rig and Flipping Rig- all to enhance your fishing experience!;) Three-Way Rig One of the most well-known and simplest rigs, the three way rig features a three-way swivel that has separate attachment points for the main line, sinker and the leader. Easy to set up, the three way rig provides smooth rotating and eliminates line twists. Particularly efficient for going after predators like Catfish, Trout, Pike or Bass. Texas Rig The Texas rig is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use soft plastic baits for bass fishing. Just slide some weights on the line, tie on a hook, thread on a soft plastic bait, like a plastic worm, tube or craw and you’re ready to catch some big bad bass! Carolina Rig The Carolina rig is a super effective plastic bait rig that is especially perfect for going after bottom feeding fish and fish like bass. In this rig setup, the weight is fixed above the hook, and can be used with a number of soft plastic baits, like worms, craws or tubes. The Carolina rig is suitable for beginner anglers. Tear Drop and Bullet Sinkers Tear Drop: Bullet Sinkers: High-quality sinkers that are designed for use with jig rigs for spin fishing. These sinkers are one of the most popular choices among anglers. Tails An extremely efficient enhancement for lures such as spinners and spinnerbaits, Tails deliver superb flashing baitfish imitation, making them irresistible for predatory fish like Pike and Muskies. New bite system for North America waterways This is the same fish AI system the game had on European waterways from the beginning. New Exploring missions: New 39 exploring missions will be available on these locations: Neherrin Mudwater Rocky Emerald Ghent-Terneuzen Falcon Everglades Tiber White Moose Quanchkin Saint-Croix San Joaquin Kaniq Creek Sander Baggersee Akhtuba Weeping Willow Do not miss the chance to experience your angling skills!
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    And that is why Fishing Planets reputation as a whole is poor. They announce something then never give a clear answer . The forum itself isnt even update as fast as Steam , then they change the dates they post stuff lol.
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    The answer is simple - do not use cheats.
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    Yes, the severs on Fisherman and Fishing Planet for PC, PS4 and Xbox are different yet. But I heard that developers like an idea of connecting servers.
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    Please stop using this free to play argument. It starts to piss me off. When I purchase the Premium the grinding does not stop. Its not like you have better experience then. It helps a little. But really you still have to farm and this is ridiculous that you have 20+ lakes and thousands of tackles and in the end everyone are farming in Weeping Willow, California or Michigan. You pay 100 euros a year for a premium and you still have to grind, pay baitcoins to fast forward etc. I bet you that the Bolivia DLC that comes out will cost you more than 30 euros on PS4. Its a full price for an indie game. And in Fishing Planet you even don't get an unlimited license for the lake. You get 30 days access to the lake. Equipment you get is not the best one either. When you level up you probably replace it etc. I think we should actually not buy anything from them for a month that they would start listening to us. I know that they are not struggling financially so its pure greed and nothing else. I like the game and I really think you should spend money on it just to support the developers. But the prices they have right now will backfire sooner or later.
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    I have to agree with @TheGreedySheep on this one. Taking into account how many combinations there are for chums, its out ouf balance if only very limited choices ( only 1 recipe I'm aware right now) provide you these "oversized" fishes. Right now this "miracle" recipe (maybe there are more than I know of) is not really very logical. So it feels like entering a cheat code in some other games. I fished and wrote down on paper more than 200 uniques in Weeping Willow. None of them were "oversized". Then I started to experiment with different mixtures and the most logical ones, you would use there didn't provide these oversized fishes. Considering that these fishes actually don't exist in UK I would say that its a bug in their bite system that some of the players are able to take advantage now. Can't say if I have the same mixture as everyone else, maybe there is more than 1. But none of us would like the bite system be built up in a way that you have to cast exactly to certain x and y coordinates to get the biggest fish. Thats what this chum recipe is right now. You could literally spend hundreds of hours on trial and error and not stumble on it.
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    Wanted to give a quick tip on choosing colors for fishing in different types of weather. There is probably other tips similar to this but this is from my experiences in fishing planet and also in real life. When fishing on a bright sunny day try to use natural or dull colors as much as possible.browns, reds, blu, purples. When fishing cloudy days use bright colors like yellows,greens, or anything bright. Night lures also work in the day and work well in cloudy days. Rainy or snowy weather use bright colors as well. At night anything black is perfect or fluorescent night lures. Partly color seems to be the best weather to fish in and pretty much can use any color so experiment and find the color that seems to be nailing the fish. As for metal colors gold tends to work better in sunny situations and silver works better in cloudy or bad weather but I find that you can use both colors in all types of weather making them versatile. So when traveling to your favorite spots try to have multiple colors it will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. Oh and by the way the ammelite purple narrow spoon works in any weather any time of the day and on any fish that’s a predator. Hope this helps and prepares you for say when you go to the mighty Kaniq in Alaska and spend all that money on traveling there and only brought the blue 8 ft crank and caught only a couple of fish and a lot of Misfortune on misses you will be glad that you also brought the yellow 8 ft crank which landed you 3 unique and and 5 trophy’s chinook salmons in a very short time period.
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    This may be a little much but i think there should be real ocean fishing i know blue crab is the best we have right now but i think we should have the ability to catch amberjack, grouper,jacks,sharks,etc this would be a good step for the game and middle consone boats such as.. this might be a bit much but i think this game would pop if we had this and the ability to deep sea fish.
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    Does this affect sonar? What is the effective radius of the sonar? Is it more/less than the distance that fish are spooked? Is sonar now useless? Does this affect depth? Will I scare away a catfish on the bottom? At what depth? 30 feet? 50 feet? Is there a cooldown period? Will a scared fish return after a certain amount of time? Think about Lone Star. Are most of the fish on the back side of the dock now going to be scared away? Does this render the easy cast for float poles useless? It was less than 30 feet. So may questions, yet no acknowledgement in this forum that the issue even exists.
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    This nerf has also eliminated the trolling option apparently. If you pass over a spawn point now it gets turned off and fish will not bite even when your lure is 150 feet behind the boat. It was working pretty well to locate spawn points while exploring before the update, but now after 2 in game hours cruising an entire shoreline in one direction you catch zero Arapaima. Turning around and spending another 2 game hours cruising the same shoreline in the opposite direction had the same result, with the exception of the occasional 2 pound croaker or piranha.
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    Yes, this nerf is on PS4 as well. And boat fishing is officially pointless now. In Maku Maku we used to catch Arapaima from 8-10m. My friend tried it yesterday and there you can't catch even young and common ones from close range anymore. He spent 2h real life time and got only 1 common (peak competition time/weather).
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    Typical response from Devs .
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    I have one idea that has been on my mind lately. Maybe the devs could enhance the buoy/markers in game? How about the ability to color code the buoys or have the label of fish caught appear above the buoy? I want something to help me identify each buoy without going to the map. If anyone has other ideas maybe share here. Maybe leave ranting about how the game is 'broke' for another thread...
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    Hello, anglers! Now, you can create and customize competitive fishing events based on your own preferences, by fine-tuning and adjusting multiple event settings, including rules, locations, time schedules, participants and much more! We designed a whole array of new tools to make it more comfortable for you to create and host just the perfect angling competitions and set numerous parameters to your preferences: Use pre-existing templates or generate your fishing event from scratch! Select the competition formats (free for all/team/duel) and privacy settings. Set your own Entry Fee and Prize Pool. Choose from multiple settings, including location, number of participants, player LVLs, duration, time, weather conditions, tackle, qualifying fish, etc...! We’ll tell you in more detail here how these new competitions are going to look like in the game. A new Custom Competitions will be added to the game interface that’ll feature a convenient list of all the user competitors both available and already played. Aside from standard Custom Competitions, there will be Sponsored Competitions easily recognized by the distinctive golden design of the following elements: Logo frame Icon for the competition format Competition name These competitions have some special characteristics: Only a Hosts appointed by the game devs may create Sponsored Competitions. Once created, such events get checked by the Administrator before publishing. These competitions have unique names and are always shown at the top of the event list. Devs may assign sponsor rewards for these competitions. Sponsored Competitions will pose a particular interest for the more advanced sport anglers, being a perfect chance to compete against equally worthy opponents and win valuable prizes! If you're an influencer and want to create your own competition, please contact sс@fishingplanet.com with information about your channel and your nickname in Fishing Planet and they will provide you all the information needed. That’s all for now! Stay tuned to keep track of what’s fishing;)
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    Thank you for this. And thank you @Tapatalgud also! You both are awesome for even taking the time to write all that you both have. I took 135th on the second qualifier. Stayed in the same spot, using the same lure the entire time. I was 3.5lbs away from 1st. That’s crazy.. It was an absolute blast, because I caught fish non stop. Night and day from mudwater. Anyhow, thanks again. Sounds like I need a pad, pen, and lots of time... ...
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    I have never heard anyone complain about a Free game having updates . If they are adding new content or trying to fix bugs i say the more the better . Remember this game is FREE they have to patch in new DLC to generate income or the servers would go down . If they wanted they could shut it down and it would be gone so be thankful for what we get. Also if you put your PS4 on rest mode it is supposed to update automaticly
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    There was, I believe, a 50% increase, and then it was lowered to 25%. If you get in this situation again, and can't land a fish, instead of cutting you line and loosing your tackle, just adjust you reel speed to the "negative" side so it will free wheel, and more times than not, the fish will spit the hook, thus saving your tackle.
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    Oh my word, I think I found my glory earlier this week. When I first started with Fishing Planet, I was always eager to learn new techniques, places, etc. So as soon as I leveled up and Alaska opened for me, I spent the bucks and went. What a bomb! I decided Alaska was the most awful place to fish and a total waste of money. But...as I continued to learn new techniques, etc. I decided to try it once more earlier this week. All I can say is WOW! I had a blast and left after one day with $49,500 in hand. I watched no YouTube tutorials, nothing. I went and simply used the techniques that many of you have taught me and I was totally amazed. Now I'm fishing like a mad woman trying to reach level 54. I'm absolutely dying to get to MIssissippi! And sorry I haven't been around for a while. Been dealing with some pretty major health issues and I will admit that Fishing Planet has saved my sanity!
  34. 3 points
    I agree with what you are saying. If you have nothing in your tool box, you will have trouble with Alaska. This is unlike any lake because of the various techniques you have to learn. I had some help on this lake, and once you get the locations, techiques and times, can be very rewarding. Peak times are limited in many cases. So, I'm in Alaska now, just say Hi and let me know if I can help or you can help me. Stay safe.
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    I just wish all game devs would understand some people dont use social media at all . It would take very little to no time to post them here. This is the only source of info for non PC player without social media to get info.
  36. 3 points
    All bugs have been enhanced. Beautifulllll
  37. 3 points
    Had the same issue. I sent an email to support and apparently they are unable to see the issue in the game data. They requested a video of the problem. When they work, they are fun. Hope they get it sorted.
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    Hello, dear anglers, and welcome to the new entry of Fishing Planet Developer Diary! Today we’ll tell you about our latest and perhaps most fascinating of all Fishing Planet waterways - Mississippi: the Blue Crab Island in the Gulf of Mexico! Our team has been working on this new map for the past few months and we are happy to announce it should be released in a week or two. This idyllic and picturesque island is actually a part of Mississippi and is located off the state’s coast in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. From the angling perspective, the coolest thing about this place is perhaps that the island is surrounded by both fresh and saltwater areas! This means that you’ll have the opportunity to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish species within the same angling destination! What’s more, Blue Crab Island is the largest Fishing Planet waterway up-to-date, with an overall area encompassing 4km2 (1.54mi2). This destination is perfect for boat fishing, as the island itself is small and most of the angling will be done offshore. At the same time, the depth is hardly over 1.5m (5ft) in most areas. Despite the waterway’s impressive size, there will be only two fishing locations available at this time. The first location is situated next to a large stilt house, right in the center of the waterway and is a great spot to start exploring both fresh and saltwater areas by boat. The second location is on wooden docks in the middle of a freshwater bay, amidst natural wild scenery and black mangrove trees. To recapture the atmosphere of this enchanting nature paradise as best we could, we added 2 types of mangrove trees: dwarf red mangroves in the saltwater area and tall black mangroves on the border of fresh and saltwater aquatorium. You’ll also find dense thickets of sawgrass - abundantly covering the banks of many natural and man-made canals as well as countless little islets. As far as weather and time of year are concerned, Blue Crab Island welcomes you with beautiful enchantment of early autumn, when the monsoon has already passed, and dry season hasn’t yet taken its reign. This gives us very interesting and diverse weather conditions: from heavy rains to scorching hot tropical sun. But more importantly, and much to any angler’s delight, practically all of the seawater fish species can be found in the northern part of the Mexican Gulf this time of year! There’s a total of 20 fish species for you to catch in the waters of Blue Crab Island, with 4 of them appearing in the game for the first time! The ones particularly worth mentioning are probably every anlger’s dream: we’re talking about saltwater giants like Bonefish, Permit and the Southern Flounder! Whereas in the freshwater area, you can take your chances against the monstrous Speckled Peacock Bass, the largest member of its kind, weighing over 10kg (22lb). From an angler’s point of view, the saltwater area of Blue Crab Island is probably the most interesting. Aside from the above mentioned species, you can also catch some Red Drum, Striped Bass, Gafftopsail Catfish and huge Tarpon! To make your fishing experience even more realistic and add to the overall ambience of the place, we introduced a number of unique anthropogenic objects: 1) a huge house with docks and boat hangar in the center of the waterway; 2) an old and abandoned power line on wooden poles alongside one of the canals; 3) a new power line on huge metal supports seen on the distant horizon; 4) small and shabby little shacks with old windmills scattered around the waterway; 5) old docks and wharfs; 6) modern windmills in the saltwater area of the waterway; 7) hangar-style boat houses with gas barrels. Also, don't miss the opportunity to have fun watching plane flying around. And to make your Blue Crab Island experience even more realistic, you can actually fish out unique objects and critters, like blue crabs themselves!:) Have fun exploring and tight lines!
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    Ahhhh and theres the rub isn't it? FP had no problem promoting the release of The Fisherman, making it sound like the best game ever. As soon as its released they walk away from it leaving their customers holding the bag. Nice pump 'n' dump
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    Cool update, but you spelled it wrong. It's spelled BOWFIN Island, Mississippi.
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    Everyone is saying blame Big Ben blame Big Ben ! Why would fishing planet enter an agreement with a publisher to release "the full game" only to let the publisher do what they wish with it. (Supports/updates) So the situation is stop playing the full release, load up and start over with the free one ? Spend money now on free one ? How can this not hurt this game? Why let publishers hurt your game? Not everyone is going to continue with the game this way period like this. AND be honest, if there is no future, no updates coming, OR no one knows about the future, let us know! I'm maxed out in The Fisherman,.waiting for lovely update everyone on free version is enjoying. And stop bugging Big Ben at THIS STAGE the main developers need to be bugged. (Its their game they are letting publisher ruin it)
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    hi I create a new channel , i will put some tips for comps or anything.. if you need help , just ask.. you can follow me in twitch/rodrigoskybox. Thx
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    Just don't understand. 39 exploring missions to catch fish everyone has already caught. And the reward is shrimp?? for completing one of them? Still no custom competitions. No new challenges. Underwhelming.
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    you wanna be on top ? ok so 1- You must be awake 2am , 4am 6am 8m 10 am , after that you can sleep 4 hour.. now ready for comp 14pm 16pm 18pm 20pm (now time to eat a sandwich quickly). 2- so if you are enable to sleep 4 or 5 hours per day , go for ... dont forget sometimes you need to put your alarm to awake in middle at night. 3 - by some dlc , minimum 3 per month with premium, must be enought 4- now just do some research in youtube or twitch , most of comp are there... and you are ready.
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    Wouldn't it just be easier for you to give a non cryptic answer since you missed posting on the Friday mention in the OP and we are past the first half of November? Why string everyone along. Just say it's not ready yet, sorry for the delay.
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    all DLCs are spread throughout the main store and also in the lakes stores.
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    I had won at FP and now I got it at The Fisherman. I was using the pole holder and fishing with 3 float rods. He was in Florida fishing for Albino Yeti Gar when he showed the achievement. Normally the fish of the event will not give up and for this reason it is easier for you to achieve the achievement. But you need patience and try not to lose any fish.
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    Jonathan J. O'Neill collected tips for the new players. Please, read it! And if anyone else has other tips, feel free to add them. Money Management When booking a trip, book only one day. If you want to fish another day, press T to extend your trip to the next day. You will be prompted to pay for the extension there. If you book multiple days at once and you end the trip early, you won't get a refund. Read over your licenses. Know what you can keep and what you must keep/release. Fines for keeping or releasing restricted fish are severe. Do not rush to the shop as soon as you level up and buy that newest piece of equipment. Many times, you unlock something before you can effectively use it, such as higher test line. One of the first things you should think of purchasing when you level up is a better keepnet or stringer. They may have a relatively high upfront cost but a larger one allows you to keep more and larger fish, which translates to more money per day. Equipment and Gear There are four types of rods and two types of reels. Spinning, Match and Telescopic rods require a Spinning reel. A Casting rod requires a Casting reel. To float fish, you must use a Match rod or Telescopic rod. When assembling your rod, make sure each piece matches. Your rod should be the strongest part. The reel's max drag should be as close to the rod's max line weight without going over it. The line's test rating should be as close to the reel's max drag without going over. The line should be the weakest point of your setup. A broken line leads to a lost hook and lure/bait. It's much cheaper to replace these than it is to replace a reel or rod. Take the time to understand what each drag setting does for your reel. If you have a reel with a max drag of twelve pounds with six settings, that means that each drag setting adds two pounds of pressure to the line. A high drag reel with low test line can cause line breaks as soon as pressure is applied. Reels have two capacity measurements. Mono Capacity is the amount of monofilament or fluorocarbon line the reel can hold. Braid Capacity is the amount of braided line the reel can hold. For metric users, you would see a measuremnt such as Mono .12/65. This means the reel can hold sixty five meters of .12 millimeter monofilament or fluorocarbon line. For Imperial users, you would see a measurement such as Mono 2/80. This means the reel can hold eighty meters of two pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Thanks to user [Sin] Striker for pointing out that it did not use "Feet" as I originally stated. The developers have opted to use "Meters" for capacity, rather than the industry standard "Yards". Thanks to user Deconstructed for helping me point that out. There are three types of line; Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braided. (Note: Some of this info may not translate in game yet) Monofilament line is your cheapest line. It has more stretch than fluoro and braid, which translates to a more forgiving hookset but makes it more difficult to detect subtle bites or hits against structures. It also has near neutral bouyancy which means it will sink slowly. Finally, Mono is more visible than fluoro but less visible than braid, which can affect a fishes tendency to bite. Fluorocarbon line is your moderately priced line. It is the least visible line available and has a higher abrasion resistance than mono line which can help with snags. It is more sensitive to light bites and sinks faster than mono line. Fluro line also has a higher tensile strength than mono of the same diameter. Braided line, also called Superline, is your most expensive choice. The tensile strength of braided line is much higher than mono or fluoro lines of the same diameter, allowing you to power through snags or more easily land larger fish than if you used the other two types. The smaller diameter allows you to load more of it on a reel than you could with the other two types of line. Finally, it is the most visible line, which may make fish less likely to bite and due to it's positive bouyancy, it also floats. Hooks range in size from smallest to largest; 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, and 10/0. There are two types of fish keepers. Keep Nets allow you to release a fish you've caught. These generally have a lower overall and single fish weight than stringers at the same tier. Stringers generally allow you to keep more and larger fish than keepnets at the same tier, but you cannot release fish placed on them. The Retrieve To perform a Lift and Drop retrieve, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time for the same duration. Approximately one second. To perform a Stop and Go retrieve, reel in approximately three to five meters of line, stop for a couple of seconds and repeat the process. To perform a Twitch retrieve, reel in continuously while tapping the right mouse button to cause small jerks in the line. Straight retrieves are just that. A retrieve where you steadily reel in without performing any other actions. There are two variants, a slow one and a normal one. Take note that a lure's weight will affect the speed required to do a proper retrieve. Heavier lures will require a faster retrieve as do lures that are further away. To adjust your speed, use scrollwheel up or down to select between four different speeds and reverse. Hooking and Fighting Fish When using float rigs, match the bait to the float. Each type of float is designed for a specific weight of bait. If the bait is too heavy for the float, it will sink. When setting the hook, try to pull the rod in the opposite direction as the fish is traveling. Pulling in the same direction can pull the hook out of it's mouth before being properly set. When fighting a fish, and tension starts to increase, press and hold right mouse or the return key to pull back on the rod. Pulling back causes a fish to tire out. Turn away from the fish in the opposite direction of it's travel while holding right mouse. This puts a little extra distance between the rod tip and the fish for the next tip. When tension begins to fall as the fish tires, release right mouse or the return key and start to reel in with left mouse or the space bar while slowly turning towards the fish. That allows for a little extra slack in the line to be reeled in each time you pump the fish. Never reel in while holding right mouse or the return key, especially when tension is still high. This will only cause line to leave your reel more quickly. If a fish is too much for you to handle and you want to end the fight, press B to cut the line or reverse your reel to pay out line. Continue paying out line until the fish spits the hook due to low line tension. Imperial/Metric Conversions There are two choices for units of measurement in game. The following are some brief conversions to aid you if someone uses a measurement you're not familiar with. 1 Inch = 2.5 Centimeters (Predominantly used with leader depth) 3.3 Feet = 1 Meter (Predominantly used with line length and cast distance) 1 Ounce = 28.3 Grams (Predominantly used with lure weight) 2.2 Pounds = 1 Kilogram (Predominantly used with fish weight, line test and reel drag) Another difference with Imperial and Metric is time. The Metric setting uses a twenty-four hour clock. The Imperial setting uses a twelve hour clock. 12:00AM = 00:00 12:00PM = 12:00 1:00AM = 01:00 1:00PM = 13:00 2:00AM = 02:00 2:00PM = 14:00 3:00AM = 03:00 3:00PM = 15:00 4:00AM = 04:00 4:00PM = 16:00 5:00AM = 05:00 5:00PM = 17:00 6:00AM = 06:00 6:00PM = 18:00 7:00AM = 07:00 7:00PM = 19:00 8:00AM = 08:00 8:00PM = 20:00 9:00AM = 09:00 9:00PM = 21:00 10:00AM = 10:00 10:00PM = 22:00 11:00AM = 11:00 11:00PM = 23:00
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    Have there been any indications of adding ocean fishing? Would love to go after some Halibut, tuna, mahi mahi, sword fish, shark etc,. on the west coast.
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