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    Competitions system rework in progress. Probably will be finished with Players created competitions release, and all american waterways will be switched to the new FIsh AI system. This will keeps cheaters off the comps. And the time will be reduced from 2 hours to 45 min, which will remove twinks.
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    One of the major gripes I see a lot of players having about Fishing Planet is how repetitive and "grindy" it can get. In the lower level lakes, you see players all trying new things and fishing different spots and enjoying the variety, but (thanks to the oppresive costs of higher level gear and travel, etc) people start to focus specifically on making money once they reach around level 25. What you see then is when you go to one of these higher level lakes, all the players are gathered around basically the same spots, fishing for the same fish, day in and day out, just to make enough money to progress. It actually reaches a point where even once you start upgrading your gear, you find it a waste of time to do anything other than fish for that best value per weight fish until you basically have everything you'd ever want in your posession before even thinking about actually enjoying yourself again and trying new things, catching different (less valuable) fish, etc. I have an idea that will change all of that, and I'm no programmer but I think it's quite simple: Fishing Contracts. Imagine you travel to Alberta and right next to the log cabin there's a bulletin board. You walk up to it (or access the board from the ESC menu) and you see a list of Contracts that you can browse. New contracts would be procedurally generated daily, and they would read something like this (a few examples): 1. "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium is requesting 4 Unique Lake Trout, and will pay 24k upon completion of the contract. You have 24 hours (ingame) to delivery the fish once you accept." 2. "Uncle Hank's Fresh Fish Market is asking for 5 Trophy Pike, 5 Trophy Atlantic Salmon, and 5 Trophy Burbot for a special order needed within 12 hours of contract acceptance. They are offering 20k for this order" 3. "Triton's Goblet Seafood Cafeteria is requesting 200 pounds of Atlantic Salmon to be delivered within 48 hours, and paying 20k" I think you get the idea. I think this feature would be an amazing and immersive way to encourage players to explore fishing for other species, and rewarding their efforts. Some contracts could reward premium coin instead of cash, or even extra challenging contracts that reward special lures, hats, or other visible feature items. It might also be neat to be able to develop a reputation with certain contract companies to that once you complete one contract, you are offered another more challenging one for a greater reward, and eventually get cool items, like a "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium" hat with a silly Trout head sticking out of the front, for example. From beginning to end, this would give players so much more to do, and so much more to look forward to when they log into the game besides just thinking "ok I guess I'm gonna fish for (this valuable fish) all day again today so maybe I can get enough money to go fish for (this other valuable fish) in the other lake all day tomorrow." No offense devs, but the grind is really on the very precipice of making the game not fun. This feature would really breathe new life into the game and diversifly the gameplay exponentially. Please seriously consider my suggestion. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!
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    We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only Steam). This competition is in memory of two friends we lost this year. Alex, one of the original FP development team, and PH_Hilrond, long-time leader of ProHookers and a well respected and much loved member of the FP community. Both lost their battles with cancer and will be truely missed by those of us whose lives they touched. The event will start Friday, October 11, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, October 18 at 11:59 am EDT. We will be fishing in Louisianna (Quanchkin Lake) for Alligator Gar, Bowfin, and Bluegill. The biggest fish of each species caught during the event time may be entered. (NOTE: You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form.) Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI. At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot. Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx! AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Watch the video below. You can use any tackle. Rod Stands are NOT allowed. The fish weight (must be in pounds, so use you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught. Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event. A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event. As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entry on the entry form. Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score. Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count. (NOTE: You must be registered on the forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form) Prizes: Metalhead Boat DLC’s, Daredevil Boat DLC’s, Carp Lord DLC's and Golden Dragon DLC's. 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have one fish of each species entered to qualify). SCREENSHOT CODE: gramps Entry Form: https://forms.gle/DqoQEstMSRsWYw3S6 (closed) Standings Page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ/edit?ts=5d83cebe#gid=368887694 Screen shot video: (one change to the video, in the video it says hit the Tab key to go into the chat box. Now, you have to put your cursor into the chat box and left click.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9FQwHRU5E&t=5s
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    I was online last night fishing when I had a message to come in. It was from my 13 year old grandson who just downloaded Fishing Planet. He had caught his very first fish. It wasn't but a 3.5 lb bluegill but it was a fish and he caught it without any help! Hopefully his love for fishing will continue to grow into a real life adventure for him as well. Needless to say, we have a party planned for tomorrow night. God bless his heart; he had no idea of what a minnow was so hopefully Mawmaw can share some of the tips her angling buddies have shared with her. Sorry, I know this isn't earth shattering news but I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it would be you guys!
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    As written on the post in steam I want a refund for this game. I also sent an email, but I am also writing it here, maybe others join the request. The game is dead, no support, no updates, there is not even a dedicated channel on the Big Ben official website, indeed, there is not even a game on their site. It is not acceptable that they bought the game, claimed money, and then abandoned it in this way, I believe that there are all the conditions for being reimbursed.
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    There are two bobbers in different missions. We updated this one from the thread's header, Trophy Glow Bobber Blue, on 06/18/2019. We found out this issue might affect other missions rewards as well and this one float from your screenshot was updated later. Waiting any comments from players who received them like yesterday or today. I'll solve this bobber case.
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    Hey guys, I just did a small updated sheet for the 30 days x-series rewards for me and my friends. Thought I might share it with the community - even though I know most of you guys probably don't need it anymore. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZDUXKnIPddLt0HCjtc21WPOb26BQQOxi/view (It's in German and metric. But I guess most of it is pretty international anyways ) Be aware that repair costs are not included in the costs! Leave your equipment in your home storage of you're just after the rewards. Let me know if you find any mistakes. I also asked support if they could give us an updated sheet with all the x-series rewards - including (new) competitions and tournaments. The last one we got from killerwhale is > 2 years old, and since some stuff was added and some changed, it might be cool to get a more recent version. Tight lines!
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    Too bad you're not in a room with Pierre, you could've just asked him to go get it.
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    Bigben is a shitty company who have a terrible reputation . They offer little to no support on the products they sell . Shame on them and Fishing Planet for selling the publishing right to such a crap company . The game was advertised on Fishing Planet forums or dev interviews , shares the Fishing Planet name yet they dont have any control lol . Great job on dividing the community then screwing them .
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    the fishing planet has been sold to Big Ben? is it a different game? or just the name changed? or is all bullshit?
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    VV, dude, looks like you never got through the whole list of comps in the game. FP already has comps exactly you are asking for, here they are: 1. Steelhead showdown 2. Trout hunter 3. Ideal accuracy 4. The size matters 5. Zander Zeek difference 6. Breaking shad 7. Muskie topping 8. One of us, two of asp 9. Length matters All above mentioned comps give equal chances for all participants. Isnt enough for you? For sure with your attitude forget about such comps like: Xvaganza, Neherrin minimal, emerald predator, one by one, cheesy cat, nightcatchers, big bowfin, etc.... There you need to work hardly before you can win. If you dont want to work in the game, then do casual fishing or visit "lottery comps". Its simple. The game offers a lot: from one side casual fishing and from another competing part for those who likes it. And going deeper, comps also divided on "lottery" and "best found solution". As for the comps, what I understood: really works: places of casting retrieve tech type of lure/bait size of hook leader adjustment Not works: colour of lure pressure difference type of line (depends only on casting distance) For sure I am far away to know about all game secrets, but at least that is what i believe nowdays.
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    Well yeah, it is a game. But it has a lot more to it than just throwing in your lure and catching fish after fish. Especially when it comes to competitions - and even more when it comes to the big tournaments. When I started this topic I was kinda lost - not making any progress. By now I know that there is much more to competitions and tourneys than you'd think. You gotta talk to people who might share their knowledge, you gotta inform yourself through videos and stuff like the ubersheet. But most of all you gotta practice, practice, practice. Find out stuff for yourself, and take notes. If you're not willing to invest some time into the game, don't expect to make it to the top 10. If you don't like the competitive aspect of the game, skip it. But if you like competing with other people all around the world, finding the lure and retrieve and spot(s) that work best: fishing planet has a lot to offer. It can be quite rewarding to finally score a top 3 position after a lot of practice. But it takes time. And if you wanna improve by letting people help you, don't diss the people that want to help you.
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    Independence Day is here, so let’s celebrate the triumph of liberty in all its glory! Do not miss the opportunity to experience the greatness of American fishing and visit all 11 USA waterways with the astonishing discount! Only from July 4th till July 7th you have an incredible opportunity to visit all 11 American waterways with a 50% discount on the trip. Challenge yourself with new "4th of July" missions, find Cannonballs, raise the USA flag and win unique prizes!
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    Nothing to do with cheats, u play for a month and expect automatically win against many people who have played a long time who most have played 100s of comps gaining extensive knowledge on how to play within the comps and tournys. I know a few players that have played less than a year that have been lucky enough to gain a few wins and also place well but all of these people have still played a few 100 comps and taken time to learn them. A month isnt long enough for you to even begin to learn them especially since most likely the best part of that month you have been leveling up and learning how to play the game it self. A good place to start would be some of the size comps eg trout hunter were anybody can win, just a matter of hitting that lucky weight of a fish. The more time you put into learning the more likely you are to see the benifits. Deciding after a month you want to play comps and expecting to get top spots just doesnt work, but deciding to play comps and each time you enter you learn a little in time you might just get the prize
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    Agree only use for either of the rewards is to sell for a few baitcoins . This is common with fishing planet even dlc hats and vests all are useless as they aren't on par with higher level gear.
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    Sorry for my confusion, I have directed this to the devs. Thanks for your patience.
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    Here's a few more; LONE STAR TX: 300 yd mono .005"/.12mm 105 instead of 140 500 yd mono .005"/.12mm 150 200 MUDWATER MO: 300 yd mono .007"/.18mm 135 instead of 180 500 yd mono .007"/.18mm 195 260 500 yd fluoro .008"/.2mm 3BC 4BC EMERALD NY: 150 yd braid .005"/.12mm 135 instead of 280 1000 yd mono .009"/.23mm 4BC 6BC 1000 yd braid .006"/.15mm 10BC 12BC 1000 yd braid .004"/.1mm 5BC 17BC 300 yd braid .005"/.12mm 210 420 500 yd braid .005"/.12mm 315 630 Casting Spoon 1/4oz. #1/0 1BC 2BC Red+Wht, Yel+Red Rombs Shiners (level5) 3BC 7BC ROCKY CO: 1000 yd mono .01"/.25mm 5BC Instead of 8BC 1000 yd braid .007"/.18mm 12BC 15BC 1000 yd braid .0055"/.13mm 6BC 22BC Spinner 1/8oz. #1/0 2BC 3BC Rainbow or Beetle Barbless Nano Spin 1/16oz. #2 1BC 4BC All colors Barbless Nano Spin 1/8oz. #1 1BC 5BC All Colors Barbless Narrow Spoon 1/4oz. #1/0 2BC 3BC All colors Nano Spinner 1/16oz. #2 180 350 All colors Nano Spinner 1/8oz. #1 225 400 All colors
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    I feel you . Great game but so many things that are annoying it ruins the fun sometimes . Taking a break from playing for a week usually helps.
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    ok, 2 things on the marker buoys but first, i agree with both of you 1 - i would like to see a bigger capability of showing info "on-screen". Right now, you can rename the buoy, but is limited to 15 or 20 characters. In my case, rename them with: hour, type of weather, air temp & depth But with the new carp update, i require more info: bait, ground bait, hooks, leaders, mix here, mix there, spod mix, etc, etc. (water temp and wind direction) Ok, i know, take PEN & PAPER and write it down......... i think by now, we all have our notes (a mess of papers all over the place, or different pc/mobile phone files/photos) and 2nd...... i would like to see an in-game future that, when at" HOME", you can see a list of the buoys with all desired info on the different lakes, not so much the location of the buoy but the info that we write down there, in order to prepare, in advance at "HOME" I understand that the "TABLET" can only be brought up at the location, but the info of these buoys, would be awesome to access this info from "HOME". side-note: i know you can rename the mix, but still ........
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    There is not really a way of determining the casting distance beforehand. You'd have to buy and equip your setup, and test it out - travelling to texas, for example. Can be quite an expensive way of optimizing, but there's only a handful of fish / spots, where you really need the casting distance. Anyways, like the guys already mentioned, there are some basics to this: The longer your rod, the further it will cast. Which is part of the reason why spinning rods will give you more casting distance than the casting rods. Casting rods usually stop at around 40 meters - partly depending on the line and bait. The BassCaster 240 in combination with the Counsellor reel(s) and braid line is the only one that will cast out up to 57 m, using the medium spoon 42 g. The thinner your line, the further it will cast. Braid line is your best bet, if you really need the distance. But like @Carpman99 already mentioned, it might be a disadvantage if you're fishing for shy fish like the trout. Braid is pretty suitable for bass and walleye, though. There are certain reels that are exceptionally good when it comes to casting distance. E.g. the Espira DoublePunch - which works pretty great on the Thora 290 or the Fenix 450 - with a brake setting of 9/12. Based on your experience with the EspiraSlim, this might be true for all the Espira reels. But I haven't testet that out, really, so don't take my word for it. Last but not least: The heavier the lure, the further it will cast. Which is true for spin fishing, as well as bobber fishing. -- When it comes to bobber fishing, the pear shaped floaters will get you the furthest. If you need a little extra distance, you can always use the X-Series pear shaped floater. But be aware that it wears down by the time, and until now there is no way of repairing or re-obtaining it when it's broken. Apart from the floater, the weight of your bait also makes a difference. Like @FishyWishy already mentioned, a shiner will cast out further than a fly. -- As for the spin fishing, apart from the weight of your lure, the shape of the lure also matters. I haven't really worked out a "ranking" for this, but what I can tell you is that the medium spoons, due to their aerodynamic shape, will cast out the furthest. If there is a lot of "clutter" around your lure, you most likely can expect a little less throwing distance. Leaving out the level restrictions, here are some far-caster setups that work pretty good for me: JigWinner 270 + HornetSwarm 6000 (max brake setting: 6/12!!) + Fluoro 0.35 mm (too heavy for the rod. don't use if you're in danger of getting spooled!) This is my go-to-setup for trout fishing. When it comes to casting distance, the JigWinner behaves like a whip. I sometimes still can't believe how far this thing casts out your lure. The HornetSwarm is pretty great for trout fishing, due to it's recovery of 90 cm. Try this out if you're struggling with losing line tension fishing for trout. Can be substituted with the Espira MLR 3500 and some thinner fluoro line, if you don't want to risk breaking your shit. But you'll get less recovery. Nice setup fishing for the pike with topwater in Louisiana, too. Works great for the "Dancing with Pike" competition. BassCaster 240 + Counsellor 3500 S + Braid Line 0.23 mm Like I mentioned above, this is probably the best casting setup you can get, when it comes to casting distance. The medium spoon 42 g casts around 57 m, and even with the lighter lures, you can get 45 - 50 m easy. Pretty awesome for bass fishing in Florida or hunting walleye / pike in Michigan (but be aware of Muskies! The bigger ones might spool you with this setup!) Thora 290 + Espira DoublePunch 5500 (max brake setting: 9/12!!) + Braid Line 0.23 mm This is probably the best far-caster setup you can get. With the 42 g medium spoon you can get > 70 m, and even with the 28 g Bass Jigs you can make around 65 m. Again, pretty great for the largemouth bass in Florida, walleye in Michigan, bass & bowfin in Quanchkin, etc. Switching to Fluoro line (and maybe the HornetSwarm), you'll lose some casting distance, but then you can also use this setup for the big trout in Michigan, or - if you want to get full XP - topwater fishing for dolly vardens etc. in Alaska. You can also switch out the Thora 290 for the Loki 270, to trade away some casting distance for some more power. Both these setups are totally worth bringing to Alaska, Alberta, Florida, California, and so on, if you wanna have some fun. I love using those for the steelheads in Cali, the salmon and trout in Alberta, the snooks in Florida, and the salmons, dolly vardens, etc. in Alaska. Won't be your best setup in competitions, as you'll want to get the fish out as fast as possible in those. But it is just so much fun fighting the bigger fish on those setups! Fenix 450 + Espira DoublePunch 6500 (max brake setting: 9/12!!) + Fluoro 0.45 mm + pear shaped bobber Great for pike in New York (reduced XP), Alberta (beware of trout!!) or Quanchkin (careful with catfish and alligator gar), freshwater drum and pike in Michigan, and trout all over the place. Easily gets you out > 50 m. Again, using the X-Series pear shaped floater, you could get some additional metres out of this setup. Depending on the fish, you can also exchange the fluoro for some braid line to get some extra distance. It's also possible to trade away some casting distance for more recovery by switching to the HornetSwarm. Probably my favourite bobber setup, since even the biggest fish don't put up much of a challenge on the Brutus 360. But with the Fenix, the uni pike and smaller Muskies in Michigan give you a great fight! Sometimes I get the impression that the Fenix is kind of indestructible. Even caught a 38+ kg uni blue catfish at the pike spot with this setup last week. Brutus 360 + Thunderspin 5000 + Fluoro 0.55 mm + pear shaped floater Heavy setup for Unique Muskies in Michigan (> 40 m) and the like. As for your FeatherLight setup, the 7" rod in combination with a prima reel and fluoro line is really the best setup you can get for that rod, hunting for trout. You get a nice recovery, and all in all a maxed out, nicely balanced setup. If you really need more throwing distance (which I think you don't, at that point in leveling), it'd be best to wait for the JigWinner 270. Sorry for not using imperial measurements, but I guess you can work it out yourself. Credit for all of the setups goes out to TpCatch, whose video(s) helped me a lot, back in the days. I left out the bottom, feeder, and carp rods, but the same basics are true for them. Longer rod, heavier lure / weight, thinner line = more casting distance. Hope this helps. Tight lines!
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    I think you're missing the point. It's not a question of whether or not they like playing, but a lot of these guys like VV have been playing since day one or close to it and the only thing left to keep them playing on any sort of a regular basis is new content. So finally for these players we have 5 new lakes, but until they grind and level up again like they already did over a year ago, they can only fish at 3 of them and the xp required will increase by 10K with each level you earn. If it were me, instead of freezing everyone's ranking when level 50 was introduced I would have rewarded players for their loyalty and patience, using their rank as credit for time served so to speak and adjust their level ranking accordingly. Some might only get to 42 while others jump right to 48 or 50. To me that would have been the right thing to do instead of making them grind out 10 more levels, which as you know, some players either don't have time for or just aren't interested in doing all over again. In regard to the unlimited license pricing, I've come to accept the fact that they are just a pipe dream for me.
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    @kdog013 Thanks a lot dude. I FINALLY got it. I cast it a little to the left of your marker. Eventually I got 2 trophy's and then the Unique below. I think what also might have helped is that I always used to fish with the 5cm Glow Worm and I saw you caught with the 12.5cm. So I purchased that one and that is what I caught it on. It put up a good fight as well. Now to finish off Neherrin... Thanks again.
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    The answer is simple - do not use cheats.
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    Yes, the severs on Fisherman and Fishing Planet for PC, PS4 and Xbox are different yet. But I heard that developers like an idea of connecting servers.
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    got to say I am very much looking forward to the new carp comp on the new lakes win or lose , so well done to FP for implementing it so soon
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    Being a grandmother in poor health, I thought that I would have very little influence upon my grandsons. However, my thirteen-year-old has fallen in love with fishing planet as well as fishing with Mawmaw. Last night, his younger brother our little six-year-old Dillon, walked into the room and was so excited because he wanted to tell Mawmaw and Pawpaw that he fished yesterday morning. He managed to catch a bass, a bluegill and yet another bass. However the bluegill as he described it was very large, and fact it was "king daddy" of all bluegills. It's so nice to see the next generation of fishermen and fishergirls coming to enjoy this particular hobby. So all of you grandparents out there, never think that you do not have any type of influence over those grandbabies. And to all of you that have offered me so much help, thank you. I am passing your tips along to my grandchildren and they are finding themselves to be extremely successful in this newfound past time.
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    For goodness' sake UPD: According the game data, you received and repaired this item before we made any changes, on 06/15/2019. All item settings are correct now.
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    We are working on a solution.Thank you for reports and sorry for inconvenience. UPD: an update 3.04 has been issued, please check it out.
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    The fastest way rich LvL50 farm Sturgeon at night in CALIFORNIA. also, recommend using a barbless hook +25% XP bonus. bottom sniper360 rod with ThunderSpin4500 or Mega Tank 7000 reels line fluoro 0,55mm & 0,40mm Mono leader.
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    with teams probably not! user competition was staying in beta! I saw the calendar on PC there are more amateur competitions than ever before so no changes in competitions (except design). however, thank you to Killerwhale everything you said on WarlordSully stream previously it all almost becomes reality!
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    Will post more info later, but for now, I will say the game will require constant internet connection. Not because we are too lazy to move the server to the client, but because of the Fish AI in the current game world required a couple of GB of RAM. So it's almost impossible to do it on the client side. About bugs and fixes - optimization and fixes - all we do constantly but especially for last month. But all fixes and optimization will be release to f2p version too.
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    You do realize that they already said the Fisherman version will not have any affect on the free to play game . It is basically a large bundled dlc version of the same game . They said more details would be released when it is closer to coming out.
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    Does "The Game of Thrones" cast actually fish here too?
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    I know what you're saying Hate-ful. My dancing glitch came back last night (the screen moves forward looking like someone took a step, then backward...what a few moments and then we start the sideward slide step). And if you remember for the longest time, I couldn't board my kayak. Thankfully that finally cleared up on its on. I genuinely think I spend more time logging off and then logging back on that I do fishing at times.
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    Fish master III (250 Fishes) Challenge rewards Roach Master - X-series Frog 14g #3/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Bream Master - X-series Crankbait 2,5m #6/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Predator Carp Master - X-series Crankbait 3,5m #4/0 ( Availability LvL 12) Sturgeon Master - X-series Glow&Holo Casting Spoon 28g #4/0 ( Availability LvL30)
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    My my! Time Flies when you’re amidst such competitive thrill and excitement! We’re only a day away from witnessing an epic event in the history of virtual sportfishing - the Grand Finale of Largemouth Bass April Cup! Lo and behold, below are the names of 20 best anglers that’ll fight this final battle for the Championship title and valuable prizes! 1 CP_Manduka 2 AznSaiyan 3 FPU_bigboss1504 4 NesterPs 5 Melara_Brasil 6 ruskachan 7 dmlopuhov 8 jimmorrison1962 9 KYLEROBZ 10 alex-misha 11 VFF_jow1908 12 CP_Rojao12Vala 13 VFF_RTComando 14 mitderplatte 15 Mr_Black_Sam 16 superpolkilo 17 ghosthidden 18 kallur222 19 michelplat 20 ItsKeef
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    Here is some information from the Developer Diaries and Official Q&A and FAQs forums, hope it helps. and The Retrieve To perform a Lift and Drop retrieve, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time for the same duration. Approximately one second. To perform a Stop and Go retrieve, reel in approximately three to five meters of line, stop for a couple of seconds and repeat the process. To perform a Twitch retrieve, reel in continuously while tapping the right mouse button to cause small jerks in the line. Straight retrieves are just that. A retrieve where you steadily reel in without performing any other actions. There are two variants, a slow one and a normal one. Take note that a lure's weight will affect the speed required to do a proper retrieve. Heavier lures will require a faster retrieve as do lures that are further away. To adjust your speed, use scroll wheel up or down to select between four different speeds and reverse.  
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    As a fellow european player, logging in at 5:30 pm I must say: hooooolyyyy crap! The first competition I can take part in is held at 4:00 am. I do understand that it's hard to satisfy everybody, with players all around the world, living in different timezones. But guys, really?
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    Paddling around White Moose, Alberta when I latched on to this nice Whitefish. Didn't know that paddle boards had been introduced!
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    Maybe the easiest way to address this, is the “license warning” needs to be clicked “ok” before you can continue anything... similar to how you have to click ok to quit the game... just a thought
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    It seems while you (the devs) had past mentioned before the european waterways had been released that from now on comps would be more random, fish migration etc. It seems like 1 key element was also ruined.... the fun factor has been lost. Most of the comps are 45 minutes long yet most comp are a struggle even for most of the top competitors to catch more than a hand full of fish if even 1 or 2. I have always enjoyed pleasure fishing rather than training and comps have always been done well or done poor just another way to have fun ingame, yet now i strive to train more as my list of fish is once again complete, all unis accounted for. Most of my friends are soaly competitors so i now spend time with them to learn new things. But unfortunatly as people witnessed the drop in numbers of friends playing outside the comps we are at the point of seeing the same within comps also. People want to catch fish, not everyone can win regardless. There is only 1 1st place spot and so on. Take a look at the amount of players now entering new venue comps as aposed to the old, statistics dont lie. Alot of my friend are top 100 board competitors most of which top 50, 20, 10 so all know how to play and a few of them are still succeeding to win or atleast place top 10 in alot of new comps, yet i havent spoken to one of them with anything good to say about the euro competitions. Most of which leave way before the timer runs out due to reasons we all can see. I understand maybe you (the devs) may have implimented this way of play to encourage casual non competitive players to also join and even win comps, but this will disolve fast as the odd random win for them after re-entering to find they catch almost nothing will not be enough to keep them trying. There is far more i could say regarding this situation but il leave it at that because typing an essay is about as boring as the new comps are. Please dev atleast reconsider adding more fish activity it seems like new versions of yellow perch gold rush. And please all are welcome to there opinion but if you dont play comps dont embarress your selves typing a load of rubish you know nothing about.
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    Yesterday (25/03/2019) I managed to catch at least 3 Crucian carp while fishing at the Weeping Willow fisheries. Which is great, except they are not listed in the fish species for this waterway.
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    i wish they wouldnt call a hook link a leader as a leader is something used for predator fish and usually made of wire so the predator cant bite through it in england we call them hook links and all they do is snap before the main line snaps so you save your end tackle also its better for the fish as they dont have 50 foot of main line and end tackle trailing from mouth , so always have slightly less hook link (leader) than your main line so this allows it to snap without losing your tackle they also help with bites as your mainline is quite big so it helps to minimize the line profile near the hook . also CHUM is mashed up fish parts that u use to catch sharks FP the stuff europe uses is called groundbait GET IT RIGHT
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    "Spinning tackle" refers to rod and reel, not lures or bait. Thus, no bottom rods or feeders, even though they use spinning reels.
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    I always thought they should set the comp times a better schedule that rotates around the clock, example.. Say the Midnight Gars is currently every 72 hours.. Well instead make it every 70 hours so its start time rotates around the clock and at some point everyone can get in on it.
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    Would love to see Saltwater fishing in Australia
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