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  1. In early development we've done the VR version. Thinking to do it again. Already heavily optimized for mobile, so now almost ready for VR
  2. Xbox have a strict policy about voice chat, so it's not possible to do. Or you not about xbox?
  3. Still have this problem?
  4. Pls send me your nickname also try to opt out from beta test if you participated.
  5. Game is not compatible with intel based chrome OS devices for now.
  6. Fix to support intel chromebook probably is not possible because of current apk limitations. it's not fit in the apk size. However we will try to get one of this chromebooks to check the compatibility. Game was created with an arm architecture in mind.
  7. Android 12 is the right OS for support PS5 controller. Lower version of Android OS probably just not support it right
  8. It's already released. Strange you wrote it under android release news.
  9. Yes, Android release will be in 5 min Along with Blue Crab and iOS update.
  10. Yea, probably next week. Now it's in beta and a lot of bug fixes coming.
  11. We will also remove the behavior, which cause player to lost lure if the fish on hook and disconnect (implemented before to prevent cheating to cut of with big fish - not a lot of players use it anyway, and we can check for this exact case). Now fuming probably cause in some strange server side delay - we are working on to find and fix the problem source. And for sure for last year we reworked a lot in the interface, need to polish all this stuff. And we will sure do it soon. Todays patches for xbox and ps4 target crashes and memory consumption, and also image quality.
  12. Open Beta test was completed. Probably Android launch will be next week. Stay tune for more info. We are fixing bugs and polishing controller support. And controller support will be also released on iPhones/iPads. And next thing we are working on is the Blue Crab for mobile platforms. Also iOS and Android owners will play together on the same servers.
  13. Hi! New update is for stability and fixing issues with unstable PSN behavior, which lock players inside local maps and not allow to travel, join comps etc. About pop ups - could you pls get us more details - popups must not appear while you cast. If you have ad popups in not appropriate time or they block or annoy your play - please, write it here, and we will fix it
  14. It's bad to hear from loyal players about this state of the game. We've redesigned the way UI communicate to the server, making it less buggy in terms of disruption of the inventory and with more sync approach. Lags - working on lags. Will do a new wave of rewriting, and in 1-2 month we will start our own server engine to have a full control over the network processes and architecture. This thing took about 2 years to write from scratch. And about mission and x-series lures - finally have time to let player regain them. So I hope in 1-2 month all this problems will go away. Will write here about steps we make to get rid of all this nasty glitches.
  15. Ну есть много разных мнений. Некоторым очень не нравится это нововведение, потому не скажу, что всем и сразу хорошо. Но на настоящих соревнованиях ты должен стартовать с пирса, все из одной точки. Но, многие аргументируют что зачем тратить время если уже можно было подготовится и перескочить в соревнование в нужной точке, это ведь игра. А кто как думает?
  16. Оба предложения толковые. Прорабатываем как их реализовать.
  17. В данный момент сделали при старте соревнования телепорт в начальную точку. Т.е. теперь заранее переместиться в нужную точку до начала соревнования не получится. Продолжаем доработки.
  18. Очень толково, спасибо. Разбираемся с багами и предложениями. Отпишусь детально чуть позже.
  19. Косяки исправляются. Античит пока не включен. Собираем данные.
  20. Хранить информацию а каждом из друзей, а также скачивать массу аватарок, состояния друзей и поддерживать активную информацию а них. Может занимать память, и канал. До 200 думаю можно расширить без проблем.
  21. Спасибо, мы почти закончили работу над системой античита, так что скоро ребяткам прилетит по полной.
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