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  1. == Storage == Scrolling through items in storage jumps back to the top after you right click the item to your backpack. - In Progress.
  2. Not planned before saltwater. Thinking to add with a lure and bait craft ability.
  3. Working on M1 dedicated version. Also will switch from OpenGL to Metal on MacBook soon. M1 version will probably give you ability to play on Ultra with HD resolution on Macs. However M1 is the beast from graphics and gaming point of view. On iPad Pro or Air I can play on Ultra setting on Congo.
  4. Good. Will adjust level of the comps and remove amateurs probably from Steam, and maybe on all platforms. After Halloween event
  5. Trying to figure out how to do it as an option. Not found so far.
  6. Hey guys, will replay in detail tomorrow. Thank you for tons of feedback.
  7. Finally all our waterways will be available tomorrow on a mobile platform. Still thinking, do we need to launch an android version on Vulkan or keep using OpenGL. Players complain about compatibility issues with Vulkan during OBT android test. But it will give a bit of performance on slower models and some minor visual benefits.
  8. As long as we've got a lot of requests to delete amateur comps on Steam, start to think about getting rid of them, and let amateur players jump into normal comps. Alternative is to reduce the number of players in amateur comps, but this could cause abuse of the comps system to grab some x-series lures. What do you think guys? Remove the amateur comps and let's do the normal one instead of their place?
  9. The idea of x-series - you can't buy it for the real money. Only with your competitive activity. So introduction of competitive currency could change the way you get it, but not how you get it - you still need to be involved in competitive activity.
  10. Fisherman content will be fully added to FP after next two years. Maybe it will be added o FP mobile faster.
  11. About fish fight - for a fish, which impossible to catch we want to have no more endless stamina or fish fight. So will move towards reality. Yea. About color - Marker Colors, it's annoying sometimes having to open the map just to see what I caught on that marker, having more color would make it easier for anglers. (This is something that a lot of people have been asking) Problem is the more people share buys with they own colors - more headache you will have. Will probably do preworked color coding for buys depends from fish id "- Buying bait faster, by adding an option to buy an X number instead of having to buy it one by one" will be added soon.
  12. Already scheduled for deletion after new Halloween event.
  13. Finally have some free time - here I will post some of my ideas and thoughts about future game development. You guys are welcome to reply with ideas or critics as long as it not a toxic and useless posts. Current state of tests and development going in the three directions. - New fish fight and reeling, based on more realistic pull and reel model with a limited force, applied to the reel. So you can't turn the reel if the fish is big and need to pull and reel after it. Also new final fish catch model in test - no more fish catches under 15m away. The bigger fish is - the shorter distance you need to reel to get it. New indicators to show bigger delay for line breaks (mono about 2-3 sec, braid about 2 sec). Reels will break again with a huge force, but give you delay. More pics and videos soon. (80% done) - New Halloween event. Current one will not gone, but we will add new set of completely different event to give you more fun. Will be out on all platforms soon. (99% done) - Saltwater fishing. Fishing with your friends on one boat, big fish, new tackles, new fish fight, new boats. Huge ocean surface with ocean water (thinking about 30x30 km). With new reeling we could introduce Stamina and Strength. Try to apply fish with friend on current boats, still not sure about it (need to research) (30% done) - Clubs and Leagues with own missions and storage. Also logo editor and maybe club skins. (50% done) - Skins system (10% done) - Trophy room (10% done) - New inventory system (20% done) ( old prototype video about 2 years ago - and also fix huge list of bugs from topic I was mentioned. Part of them already fixed, but the list is huge and we will get rid of all of them. - Optimization for Android platform to get more FPS.
  14. Delivery of items was delayed if you close the game directly after the competition finish. So next time you enter the game and stay 5-10 min you will receive it. But of course this is not good behavior, so we will speed it up in the next patch (hopefully next week). Current workaround is not close the game just after competition finish or wait for 5-10 min in game time in the next game session. PS. Please, if you write on forum mention your platform.
  15. Will do step by step report about status of this bugs.
  16. In early development we've done the VR version. Thinking to do it again. Already heavily optimized for mobile, so now almost ready for VR
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