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    Pike/Muskie Fishing

    Hey, can anyone make me a light and heavy spinning setup for pikes and muskies ( i mean rod, reel, line and maybe some baits ). I have 30 level
  2. Oh yes, it was my mistake, not theirs. I have already referred to Sony for support. Thanks Spug, you helped me a lot.
  3. Yes, I know and I already send them email. But I have bought two of them The Predator Boat and Trophy Catch Pack and as I said I can still buy Trophy Catch Pack in PS Store but can't buy Predator one and none of them are in game. Did someone know how to fix this? My money just disappeared
  4. I'm on PS4. I have bought two packs the Trophy Catch Pack and the Predator Boat Pack, and I haven't got any of items or coin in game. In PS4 Store I have Predator Boat Pack bought and I cannot buy it again but I can still buy the Trophy Catch Pack. I have them marked as bought in paying history. What should I do?
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