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  1. Germany horrible and only enjoyable for staring at water if thats your thing. They did a hotfix on Mississippi last week too.
  2. Why a hotfix to this new pond? Took long enough to fill net the way it was. Was a good a place to fish, now im just wasting my time fishing there. I could go else where probably to fill net faster unless you did a hotfix to all ponds, in which case pointless fishing completely then.
  3. They already hot patched servers on PS4 at blue crab island. Not to fun anymore. DLC package just a quick money grab to anyone who bought it.
  4. Whats the deal with this? The unique chinook fight like a machine now and they randomly unhook for no reason. Not sure if you the development team ever fished any of these fish in real life. I've caught salmon 35 pound chinook irl with not much problem on 20 pound line. I even caught 30 pound muskie on 10 pound line fishing largemouth bass. Only took me 5 minutes to reel in the 30 pound muskie LOL. Normally irl if you dont reap on rod they normally dont fight as much too. I feel like you trolling us and not much of a fan of this.
  5. When I load into the map the game likes to constantly crash. I been playing on an alt account and dont get this problem that often. On the PS4 platform not sure what the deal is but it is very annoying. Takes 3 or 4 game crashes to load into pond map
  6. You expect us to grind to lvl 54 with the nerf to xp? That would be a joke and a waste of time for me. Im assuming you hoping we waste money on premuim to go for another grind. Not to mention ever update always has new bugs.
  7. Why play there tournaments? I doubt its 100% legit from what I seen my own experence beening in rooms of suspected cheaters. Dont believe me, this video is a laugh of exploits back when game first came out.
  8. I finally caught the big antlered salmon. I nice person helped me, I had to cast out much further for the bigger ones. Seems others have had this problem in game as well from what other told me.
  9. A friend and myself tried private room to catch these big antlered salmon. Over 200 fireworks and not one antlered salmon over 22.05 pounds. We caught lots of smaller size ones and the furry trouts. Did the grinch steal Christmas this year?
  10. Not sure why you dont have servers kicking people just sitting in game doing nothing. Been fishing at willow lake, guy been idle 3 days straight now, walked away with game on.
  11. None of the Monsters or spooky fish had this god awful patch to them using Brutus felt good on them for Halloween event. I have 4 bottom rods and only used them at Russia and still didnt fish anywhere else in Europe. Aganist the use of this crap in NA.
  12. I had to find the shells for Gourment Bass, which were on shoreline were you fish sturgeon. Caught the Gourment Bass, then the first cast for Frankenfish I caught it. A bug?
  13. Where the supposed tombstones? Only find pumpkins
  14. This must really be the Curse of the Frankenfish. Same problems and cant get shells snaged for gourment bass as well.
  15. Came back to this in February farmed my Xp to get to lvl 50 at Michigan. Bought the bottom rods and went to Russia, thought a rope on the bridge hanging off it would of been a better experience. Absolutly no patterns to how river fishing really is. Alaska was accurate to how fishing on rivers is but hear it’s nerfed.
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