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  1. Not sure why you dont have servers kicking people just sitting in game doing nothing. Been fishing at willow lake, guy been idle 3 days straight now, walked away with game on.
  2. None of the Monsters or spooky fish had this god awful patch to them using Brutus felt good on them for Halloween event. I have 4 bottom rods and only used them at Russia and still didnt fish anywhere else in Europe. Aganist the use of this crap in NA.
  3. I had to find the shells for Gourment Bass, which were on shoreline were you fish sturgeon. Caught the Gourment Bass, then the first cast for Frankenfish I caught it. A bug?
  4. Where the supposed tombstones? Only find pumpkins
  5. This must really be the Curse of the Frankenfish. Same problems and cant get shells snaged for gourment bass as well.
  6. Came back to this in February farmed my Xp to get to lvl 50 at Michigan. Bought the bottom rods and went to Russia, thought a rope on the bridge hanging off it would of been a better experience. Absolutly no patterns to how river fishing really is. Alaska was accurate to how fishing on rivers is but hear it’s nerfed.
  7. So I see game more buggy then ever. I remember I said Developer was going wreck this game on PS4. Funny how I could predict that outcome. How long tell they fix all the bugs? Will they ever get fixed? Will game get optimized? Took them 3 years in Beta for PC to make full release. Now I hear an updated coming for new maps? Better get things straight before opening sail to a new ship.
  8. I have not played game for a year and came back to disaster. Water depths have changed and fishing in some locations are not the same. Unique fish seem to be a lot harder to catch for some of them as well. No surprised since this game was in beta for two years i think. I guess no coming back to this game.
  9. This pic must be the profile of yours ROFLMA 2 year beta lol. You think they could have all extras done. I think they had there finger in there butts LMAO.
  10. This Gar O Ween event is joke! Pay DLC for skins that dont do anything? Yea, claim to make game realistic and going to add garbage. I would rather see an ice fishing dlc with new maps without a price tag. How long in beta? .......Two years and game has bugs that probably wont ever get fixed and people going to give them money for putting in fake fish. (yea the wack fish is free but not the tackle) This is why the gaming industry is going down under without the abandoned ship warning.
  11. I came to thought that it would cool to add something to get bait coins. Out of the top of my head, something like playing so many days in a row. Or could be something like daily objective to catch a certain amount of a fish in a day. Something in that route to keep interested as I know I am one of them that feel game needs to hook us in to keep playing.
  12. Played for less then 3 week already lvl 38. Hence forecast will make spawns not the same. I never been to Michigan yet alone for pike ally. Michigan a good place to fish a variety of fish. Im more of a walleye fisherman that the developers put in the darkness. I live next to Lake Michigan in real life and with Lake Winnebago to the side. Its a fishermen's dream here, cold water fish. not the yucky warm water fish.
  13. So all talk and no proof? I got no secrets playing a game. When someone ask me how I catch fish good, I tell them. I'd rather see the game grow then die like the developer and moderators to this dead forum.
  14. Sniping? I give good input to make game good, not to be on lame side. You wasted your time replying so +1 on for me.
  15. So what your saying is drag people in a boat that's already sinking? Okay, I made many friends in game and most don't want to come back.
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