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  1. Thanks again.there is no sinker 175 or 150 ,115 is it ok?
  2. Unfortunately large cut bait is too heavy for my rod.the duck is ok.
  3. Thanks for your help.now I’m using the following set up:rod heavy chaser 290,reel ambusher 9000,line braid 0,28,sinker 200,mono leader 0,45,bait mole cricket lacra,I’m catching wels catfish(trophy wels catfish 12,714kg)but and smoller(young catfish)what do you suggest me for biggest fish?
  4. Thanks for the answer.I’m not able to record a video at the moment. I will try your suggestion and post again.
  5. Please some advise.My line is breaking constantly .level 42,akhtuda river,I have the following set up:rod heavy chaser 290,reel ambusher 9000,line braid 0,28,mono leader 0,45,hook #4/0,bait mole cricket larva.
  6. Thanks for your help.At the moment I’m using the following set up:rod :Loki 200,reel espiradoublepunch 4500,fishing line braid 0,19,titanium leader 0,2,medium spoon 56g#6/0 but I’m catching only Asp,my second set up is :rod mega chuber 400,reel thunderspin5500,fishing line fluoro 0,6carp leader 20,4 kg ,bite strawberry pop-up Boolie..with the following set up I’m catching common carp,can you suggest me set up for biggest fish (wels catfish)but with this rod (mega chuber 400and reel thunderspin 5500?best regards.
  7. Please suggest set up for akhtuda .
  8. Thanks for your answer.i want to know what controls to use on ps4 in order to place down the rod stand .
  9. Please give me some advice on how to plays the rod stand.i can’t seem to find how it is done.
  10. Thanks Charles .but I need set up for the sander baggersee lake(Germany)
  11. Please suggest set up for sander baggersee lake (Germany)
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