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  1. Hi, human behavior often leaves you speechless. I understand the annoyance you feel. Sometimes I have come to have to put myself in private rooms to avoid these characters. I think they're just little men who don't have better things to do. The only thing to do is "don't care for them but look and pass". n.b (Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa (Inf. III, 51) Dante Alighieri)
  2. Hi, the two screens look the same to me, except that the second one doesn't have any bait. Most of the time not having any hoockwith the lure mounted is a hard mistake to find. Bye
  3. Sandropen traduction: Great!! Now they will all be on the same level !! Great job my friend !! I will support you with the videos on YouTube !!! Hello my friend, yes we do the videos, it will be easier to explain.
  4. Hello, very good! But the right question to ask is: did you win the competition? Follow my instructions and you will win. Hello bro
  5. Chapter 1 "FORMA MENTIS" and White Moose Let's talk about two much loved spinning competition to explain what I mean by "FORMA MENTIS": Triple Trout and Big Red Fish. Identify the spots that can give us the desired prey, identify the baits that give the best results and in what times. Be ready to quickly understand when you are wasting time and change the necessary. The competitions examined have the same duration, 45 minutes, but two completely different approaches. These two ways of dealing with them will recur for many others. I mean as a mental disposition. Triple trout: we divide the competition into three halves of 15 minutes each. 1st spot - 1st quarter Here we must take, within the first quarter, 1 unique lake trout (pt.10) 2 lake trout trophies (pt.10) 1 unique splake (pt.12) 1 trophy splake (pt.6) not necessarily: 1 single brook (pt.8) 1 tropical brook (pt.4) A number of common, at least 4 (pt.8) for a total of about 45-58 points in the first quarter. When we are trained to achieve this result in the first half we move on to the second. 2nd and 3rd spot 2nd quarter time If we didn't get the only one from the brook in the first quarter we have to get it here. 2 trophy lake (pt.10) 2 trophy splake (pt.12) a number of common of all species (pt.10) 1st Spot - 3rd quarter now let's go back to the first spot where they should regenerate: 2 trophy splake (pt.12) 2 trophy lake (pt.10) 1 brook trophy (pt.4) a number of common of all species. (pt.10) The total of points with this round is ideally 126, you win even with less. If you have grasped the concept of time and generation, just train. So we shot three spot at regular intervals, not going back and forth like the fools. We have identified which fish we need to obtain and at what times. We have a "round". The "round" is something that we must remember for almost all competition. The unique of the lake trout can be taken in the first launches, so I suggest you give it a try right away with the roach spoon or the like. With the sun she will eat immediately under the surface of the water or in the fall, if it doesn't happen, don't despair and stop and go to the bottom. However, if we didn't catch it on the third launch change lure and switch to the narrow spoon 21g. # 3/0 better yet x-series narrow barbless spoon 14g. # 3/0. 36g # 4/0 x series bullet spinner is also fine. Experiment and find the one that satisfies you the most. Stop and go on the bottom is certainly the technique that gives the best results. As the lure descends, move it slightly to keep the line under tension. BIG RED FISH: Here too we have the famous round. The tour gives us the times, going randomly from one spot to another leads to nothing. In this competition we have the case in which what really matters is the lure and the technique, taking for granted the mindset of the round. I repeat myself but it is important that I try to make myself understood. We divide the lake into 5 sectors, in the center of which we will have markers for the trophy. The bait to be used is only one (more unique than rare case) and it is this: The technique is more difficult, if only for the patience it requires. Stop and go to the surface of the water. your cranck must never, and I mean never, sink. It should launch around 50 meters stop and go up to 28 meters and then recover quickly. Optimizing times with catches, it is useless to waste time under 25 meters, except in sector 4 and 5 where you should launch around 38 meters and recover up to 15 mt. We start from the first portion on the left, even if we take the trophy we continue we start until the fish come out. At the first empty launch, change part of the lake passing through the center of the wooden quay, then all the way to the right of the quay. Let us remember that he will not give us more than 4 trophies in the whole competition if we are lucky. 3 we expect them. The first 3 portions we take from "Fisherman's Hut", the other 2 spawns "Damn Road". If you follow these tips they will surely be in the first positions, just see the same names all the time. In chapter 2 we will go to Marron River for other techniques but with the same mentality, If you have favorite competitions that you want to give priority to leave a comment below. For any doubts leave a comment below. For those who hate me: fuck you.
  6. Hello to all. This forum is practically in agony. I would like to revive it, I will try to do it by putting a "column" on competitions, from the general plan and the mindset to keep in individual competitions. Before I start to devote some of my time to this project I would like to have some feedback to encourage me to do so. If anyone is interested leave a comment and I'll start posting my personal guides on "how to win a competition"
  7. This game is wonderful, well done, but it has one major flaw. The competitions. You should play when the game decides and not when you can. So people who don't work, maybe they are rich, play competitions at any time of day or night, we mere mortals have to take the right time, the right competition. Run two competitions a day at accessible times for each country. Maybe stepping up on the weekend. I would like to play when I can, not when you decide. Anyway thanks for this wonder
  8. it's just a game, create another account, out of respect for others, don't compete in the same competition with both of you, don't participate in tournaments with both of you. The rest is fun
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to introduce our logo to you. tight lines
  10. Sorry if I'm intruding. Always the same old stories, every time a newbie arrives he says they are rigged. If you want to compete you have to play a lot, study, take notes, start with amateur competitions. Let's face it, you would like to arrive, never made one, and win. But what do you do in real life?
  11. I don't know how it translates into English, like "damn you and your dear dead are bastards". This is just an example.
  12. Even yesterday, insults in chat, for me and my companions. There is no trick, we play a lot, we help each other. We have respected the champions of the past, many still are. We have written hundreds of pages with wind temperatures, baits, rods. We spent hundreds of coins on skipping at the right time. We dedicate time and love to the game. So if you really want to insult me, write me and I will come to visit you at home and I'll explain how to play, but do not insult me in chat anymore. Thank you
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