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  1. It was fixed with the new update today, i got the carp hooks, thanks for the help guys!!
  2. I sent one, I made the forum originally not knowing who to contact about this, thank you for your help.
  3. I have a screenshot to show the finished competition with the finished results and shows that I got the reward. I've played about 200-300 competitions i know how they work.
  4. Hey my gamertag is zRezistance, I got second place in the lucky ghost hunt competition on Xbox one fishing planet, but I did not receive anything for a reward (no credits, no xserries 5/0 carp hooks and no baitcoins) this was my first time and probably only time ill ever place in this competition and I was very upset by this situation. I'm hoping you guys can resolve this and get the reward for me. I have screenshots if needed.
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