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  1. At this point it's not worth going over and over about it, so long as it's still fun for you that's all that matters, its just not what I would recommend doing if you are trying to progress in the fastest way that is all
  2. Mate I am level 62 almost 63 haha, it's not the Catfish you target at St. Croix, its pike and muski, you will make a lot more money in real time so long as you know what you are doing, I find Emerald too bland and a lot of a grind, the bass lakes and trout lakes are much more fun and you still make good money, remember you want to stay at a lake for as long as possible to simply offset the travel costs, I have over 2 million cash in game now so I am not too worried about it now but once you hit level 40 from memory you will find it hard to beat San Joaquin for money and xp when you are going after sturgeon with bottom rods
  3. Emerald is good when lower level but not a patch on St Croix, you will make far more money for the real time spent there, which is more important especially the higher you get, the grind would be too much at Emerald past level 30
  4. My PS4 ID is Benjimc22 feel free to add me
  5. You can add me mate, not sure on my ID but I will add it here once I get home
  6. Oh don't get me wrong I would love a group of lakes in Africa and Asia, it would be amazing, I just mean I am sure I have read that they where doing 3 rivers in south America that is all
  7. I am sure there will be at least one more south American one, Brazil I would think, after that, who knows but I would think so but it will depend on other developments they have planned I am sure
  8. It sounds like the weight of the bate and sinker is too high, I have used a sinker that is too heavy and it does not do much damage that I could see so I would not worry about it too much
  9. Its about xp, red means you get less and green means you get more, it's to do with how under or over powered the setup is for the fish you got
  10. Benji

    Krampus Fish

    Nice call thanks mate
  11. Benji

    Krampus Fish

    Yeah or there about, I use the rod stand to speed it up so you can lose 1/2 due to swapping them over when 2 or 3 bite the same time
  12. Yeah you can and it's very lucrative
  13. Benji

    Krampus Fish

    This may be Noah but you can catch them more than once, when you have decorated the tree that is, I am farming them and getting very good results in Peru
  14. No I don't see where you can buy them as well and I have premium
  15. It's one of my favourite lakes, we all like different things, if you change your mind and need help with the mission and making good cash give me a shout, the silver and big head carp are where the money is at to be fair, on that lake anyway
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