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  1. Hi Guys, Since the update I don't seem to be able to by the Particals for my mix to go in the SPOD, at Weeping Willow shop, I have ran out, is this a bug or can we not get them in the Lake shop anymore, if so, how important are they, can I get by without them or is it worth leaving the lake and getting them and coming back, will cost me the travel costs that is all so would like to avoid that if I can
  2. I understand the point you are making but I would bet good money it is covered in the T&Cs, I can't be sure as I like most people only read them when I have a problem
  3. Nice one, will be giving this a try, I am back in the UK now as I have leveled up, I am a higher level on ps4 but switched to PC, so I am up to level 51 now so will start chuming up willow now and trying some of your mixes out
  4. I do think the ratio has something to do with it but I don't full understand what though sorry
  5. You need to fish in deepest part as well and botton/feeder rods are best I found as well, at least for the flat fish and other bottom feeders
  6. Nice catch, I saw this pop up on the leader board, well done, I agree about Germany having a lot of potential, I think it's very underrated, I am making about 30k a day here on the big heads and silver heads and I am by no means advanced at carp fishing, just takes a little patience but I will definitely try this mix out mate
  7. Nice thank you for the heads up mate
  8. This is fantastic mate thank you for this
  9. Hi Guys, I am off to Germany again but it has been some time, how do I find out what the bottom of the lakes are like, just so I know if pop up or sinking boilies are needed, also there is a lot to pick from size and flavour wise, does this matter much like the colour lures, I find hook size and weight matters more with lures, is that the same with boilies, sorry only experience I have with carp fishing is in the game and for the most part at willow where it has been just a case of getting the most expensive boilies that worked best for me and following u tube guides
  10. Hi mate, fantastic work, I am about to go to Germany for a bit of carp fishing, could you help me out with a good set up, but as simple as possible maybe without spods, I have not used them that is all so unsure about what I would be doing with them, also there is a lot to pick from with the boilies, what do the sizes mean, is largest always the best?
  11. Happy to try mate, what are you having trouble with, what are you trying to do?
  12. Is it not anymore? I just unlocked it so would be annoying, also any handy tips for me, just planning my trip to blue crab now
  13. I understand what you mean but there is always going to be a grind with games, I would use barbless hooks if you are not already and try to use under powered set up where possible, I have got to level 50 without using premium and it's not taken me too long all things considered. Try to focus on the fishing when you get bored, have you taken a break from the American water ways and tried it in Europe, it can be fun doing the missions etc
  14. I get it a lot as well, it's seems to happen with the rod stand and at high demand times, so think its just a demand issue with the servers and it happens with lots of games to be fair like Fifa etc
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