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  1. 13 hours ago, perswonal-eclipse said:

    Totally not true. Emerald is a grind,  but St Croix is a losing endeavor unless you fish it daily or quite often.

    Travel to St Croix is $9800 plus the license. Get a one day license $8000. You've paid $17800 for one day fishing at St. Croix.
    Target Blue Catfish and pay bait costs. Use cheap medium cut at $370 for 10. 20 is $740.

    Here's how I did with a premium account and a 485lb keepnet.

    29 Fish.
    Money earned $26830
    Experience earned 4730

    Total weight 483.927 of 485.017
    Average weight 16.68 lbs

    Average pay $925

    Average Experience 163

    Per fish it looks great, but you were <$18540> in the red when you started between travel, license and bait.
    You brought in $26830.

    $26830 - $18540 = $8290 that actually went into your pocket.

    Compare that to Emerald.....
    Travel $3000. License $900. No bait cost.

    Today I pulled in 111 Fish. $31791. 9930 experience.

    That's $31791 - $3900 = $27,891 in the pocket dollars.

    San Joaquin is no different.
    28 fish. $32002. 7366 experience.

    Don't forget you started out $17800 plus any bait in the red.

    So $32002 - $17800 = $14202 (if you didn't use bait).

    What it comes down to is....

    You can't put enough of the larger fish in a moderate size keepnet to make those lakes pay off like Emerald does. I've done this several times with different nets and I'm here to tell the newer members.....

    Don't rush yourself to the higher level lakes until you have a decent sized net (551 or 660). Sure make trips to all the lakes available, but grind out Emerald if you need money. And if you need money Emerald is the place to find it (that doesn't cost an arm and leg).

    I'm well past level 30 and still fish Emerald (occasionally at least) due to the money factor.  And the money you put in your pocket is as real as it gets when it comes down to affording the rods, reels, boat and equipment you want.



    Mate I am level 62 almost 63 haha, it's not the Catfish you target at St. Croix, its pike and muski, you will make a lot more money in real time so long as you know what you are doing, I find Emerald too bland and a lot of a grind, the bass lakes and trout lakes are much more fun and you still make good money, remember you want to stay at a lake for as long as possible to simply offset the travel costs, I have over 2 million cash in game now so I am not too worried about it now but once you hit level 40 from memory you will find it hard to beat San Joaquin for money and xp when you are going after sturgeon with bottom rods 

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  2. 12 minutes ago, kdog013 said:

    Get in a kayak and use one rod with the anchor up. When you catch one at 5 am, skip to the next hour and catch the next one then skip again. Keep doing this until your net is full and start over at 5 am again. You can reel them in fast being in a kayak and if there's a cooldown it should only be for a couple of minutes, I was switching to a lure and taking a couple of casts instead of using a baitcoin to skip. With 100 candy canes you'll make about $1M total, $1.5M if you have premium.

    Nice call thanks mate 

  3. It's one of my favourite lakes, we all like different things, if you change your mind and need help with the mission and making good cash give me a shout, the silver and big head carp are where the money is at to be fair, on that lake anyway

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