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  1. I feel robbed once again. I knew I wouldn't be able to afford the event on fishing planet because of the ridiculous fees, so it was a reason for me to buy the fisherman because you announced THE SAME CONTENT. Now I'm stuck with two versions of the game and can't do to event on either one. The way you guys treat players is a disgrace!
  2. Ah I thought it's just me. Only found flags as well
  3. Thanks I'll try. Restarting the game didn't resolve it yesterday but today it works just fine.
  4. Hi, I play on the ps4 version. The creuse waterway is completely unplayable for me. The only way to describe it is that water and land swapped their pyhsical attributes. My character “sinks“ on land, falling into the map. I can run to my boat and enter if I'm quick enough, but then I can't cast because nothing will penetrate the water surface. I get the animation as if my tackle hit the ground, but without the message. In addition, my bait floats on top of the water when lowering my rod tip. I tested the whole map, can't cast anywhere and the only position I can stand on is the viaduct.
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