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  1. Yes you are right it turned out to be the lighter gear vs much larger fish... not only that but as you say Cali I can hook & land 100kg of Sturgeon in less then 30min in game with the new multi rod setup... making Cali the best place for both XP & $$$ lol
  2. yea everything "On site" is way more expensive then it is at home usually. It would be nice if you could bulk buy when you purchase bait also
  3. Ive been doing the 30 day thing in cali and can easily fill my 200kg net faster then the skip day timer will allow me even with premium... the Money is better then the Cats I was fishing in MI however the cats pay out double the XP so once my 30day money farm is up its back to Cats if I haven't hit lvl46 yet... Otherwise I was spending 6 game days in cali then 6 days in MI so I wouldn't get bored was bored with it. Ty
  4. Would love to see Saltwater fishing in Australia
  5. nice how regular did you do that?? I only managed 1/3 days of fishing Cats in MI like that... trying to get that XP grind to 46 done lol
  6. Is this still correct I get the red arrows still but using an 11kg setup to catch a 26kg uni salmon & a 9kg setup to catch a 32kg Uni catfish gets me 0 white arrows...
  7. Ast the tital mentions if i go through the menu on my Ps4 and look at say my character stats there is a blue "Playstation store" tab in the bottom middle of my screen, After i leave this menu the tab will stay there until I close the app & re-open it.
  8. I have started fishing in Germany I while the bells & alarms work on the rod holder I have found that when I am holding my Brutus 300 float setup it no longer vibrates when i get bites like it used to before the European update... not sure if it is every map however the vibrate function worked after the update on my comcast lure fishing in Kaniq
  9. Hahahaha thanks guys but I'll probably just end up deleting the game after I get bored of the update that dropped today due to it being more hassle then it is worth to stream/upload
  10. Embarrassingly enough this is still an issue....
  11. Wow so we are now well over a year since the original post and this is still an issue......... Europe water ways are finally about to be released on Ps4 to which I will be playing and would love to stream/Upload to YouTube but can't as I don't have a $300 capture card......
  12. So i jumped on my steam account today and thought i would pop on FP to check a few things out as i haven't really played on pc since it came out on Ps4 and the game will load but in a window so small that it cuts 90% of the game screen off. Im not sure if it is a resolution issue as the game is in full screen mode by the looks of it. I have uninstalled the game and re-downloaded & installed it but the problem remains. I have a picture attached of what it looks like once the game has loaded and would really appreciate any help on getting the game back to normal ty Mick.
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