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  1. After reconsideration (and useful comments! :)), it was my mistake, no titanium leader. I underestimated them teeth on rather small fish (compared to Arapaimas at least!). I was in Peru, 8lb cast setup with walker, going for uni peacock bass (and omg did it work!), the fight was going on for about 3 minutes with all tensions ok, I've had some more yesterday WITH said leader and it didn't happen again! Granted it was very close to the arapaimas spot but the poor 8lb setup would've immediately broke the line I figure with reel tension being very high for the 4-8lb bass! Either way, I'll just check often for the Steelhead comp and get the walker back! :3 Thank you for the comments, have a great day guys! Take care!
  2. These are very good to know, thank you very much for the infos, especially the Steelhead competition! I shall compete for the first time soon(ish) hehe! Your surmising was correct as well as I didn't expect a fish below 8lb to be this .. efficient?.. at breaking gear! Mistake learned at least so thank you for that as well! As for the "no bug" part, all I got to say is this: Funny guy (or gal)! XD Have a good one Tonto and take care!
  3. Hi, I'd need assistance please... I lost my X-series walker between 13:30 and 13:37pm EST on Maku Maku lake. Line, rod and reel were NOT above maximum tension and the line was below 200ft with a maximum of 275 ft or so. It just broke without notice, looked like a bug. I'd very much appreciate if it could be replaced. I'll gladly provide the account information and everything else needed by e-mail. I wouldn't be bothering you guys with this if I could obtain it again but since it's my all time favorite lure, a one time thing, here I am. Thank you in advance!
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