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    server change

    Hello Sergey, Thank you very much for your reply but now i really have difficulties to understand how is possible that players from Germany and Russia can have better ping than I have even with less speed internet connection and according to you they should be connected to same address as me Thank you.
  2. kardyAVC

    Weather Bug in Lucky Spot competition

    Team, Glad to hear about this, looking forward for a fix.
  3. kardyAVC

    Reel that work with rods

    @NC1103 there is no bug to report, simply you do not know how to balance a rod with reel and of course line, pm your lvl and I will help to get a good balance between rod and reel. This topic should be closed.
  4. kardyAVC

    B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    you really trying to get us back to the roots with these competitions.