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  1. Introduction When we start to play the game we realize that we have a lot of things to do and to get before the competitions. Learning and understanding the game and getting equipment. So we increase the levels and open new lakes. We do some missions and its ok, we are motivated to continue until the last levels. After this phase some or many players they need to compete because this is the essence of any game. What happens now? Many players dont know what to do because if they are not in a clan they dont get good results in competitions, its too hard for them. When they start to understand some comps, they start to see that this comps they come only 1 time per week or less than that. At the same time they see many amateurs comps totally empty. They start to demotivate until they leave the game or they stay only for the big tournaments. Proposal I am convinced that the game would keep many of the players who quit if competitions were more numerous and the accessibility for all time zones were improved. So why not to join the amateurs competitions with the other comps? The rewards could be given to normal players and to amateurs at the same comp. Its not to much work, only need little changes in the structure of the database. You have a great game with great maps and very good mechanic but the general organization of the game needs more! More comps, more tournaments acessible for all time zones. Maybe start the team competitions like you have in the custom comps. Maybe start a year league with the tournament points, like we see some youtubers doing by themselves. 1st Step - FINISH the AMATEURS COMPS 2nd Step - ????
  2. You are correct, thats the problem. Ty
  3. In PS4 Why the diferencie of weight is NOT working in the comp "One of us, Two of Asp"?
  4. Strange problem. I sign for 1 oficial comp and 1 custom comp 'Jaguarferoz' both in Kaniq, both at the same time 11h, the oficial with 30m and the custom 1h duration. Starting the custom comp the message 'server down' appears. The problem was solved only when the time of the custom comp finished. I look to the border and all players were with zero points. What was the problem?
  5. Ps4 Servers down LOADING message for more than 10m.
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