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  1. Full length mono leader? If bottom is slope then bait can move several feet when touched by fish, try shortening to 19inch the same as carp leader for quick fix Hope this helps.
  2. weeksy

    PS4 question

    Use DPad right to go across to buy advanced licence press X use R analogue stick to move over to advanced licence box and then use DPad right and left to select required licence, X to buy. It's like a puzzle.
  3. Why does "player models in close range"even exist I see no use for it? I'm sick of people setting up their tackle right on top of me, if they don't wish to fish with others then they should play in a private room. Having it on in a random room with only four other people to consider on a whole lake and still managing to set up right on top of me is inconsiderate and only annoying to myself and other players. My rant for the day:(
  4. If it isn't in your monster missions then you won't be able to activate it at the waterway.
  5. Yea not much to get excited about there
  6. Yep good call! it still exists it's by PH-Bear, I'll be having a look at that.
  7. I had given up on this challenge but then I saw somewhere that you could do it with the Christmas fish when the jukebox is playing as the fish do not turn away once they bite. At the everglades with a rest and three rods right next to the jukebox, and feeding in coins as the music ends worked for me. Google it and be patient until Christmas. Good luck.
  8. Is there a list of equipment that is available at the lake shops that is not available at the home shop, as I always thought you paid a premium for things at the waterways, but apparently some items are better bought on site. The HURU H1 is a great tackle bag that is only available at weeping willow (thanks soopadave),are there any more unique items available at other waters?
  9. Have enjoyed the new Fish Monster challenges and revisiting the older waterways and I am sure it has encouraged others to play and spend cash. Can I suggest releasing an existing Fish Monster each month when all the new waterways and waterways without Fish Monster have been completed, this would also allow anglers to replace their favourite lures where applicable, the Golem lure seems to be a favourite. l still like the idea of one bait coin per event Fish, got to keep the game interesting as once players walk away they find a new game and may not return. Thanks for keeping the new stuff coming.
  10. Turtles at Rocky lake in rocks on right hand side, catch three to earn a spoon for a special challenge
  11. Lower level shells at emerald lake on right hand side up against reeds (looking from dock)
  12. Find a spot where you can consistently snag weed and keep going and you will snag other items available at that waterway. This does not apply to sticks or bark where you must target logs sticking up in the water. Specific weeds can only be found at certain lakes and rivers so use internet to find out what's available and where to find them.
  13. My life is fine and I still say it was exactly as stated in the instructions, near is near and nothing seems broken to me. Im not the one swearing at a computer game, nuff said.
  14. One baitcoin per event fish like there was for the St Patrick's Day event would give everyone that has completed an event previously something to do during it, also having the Fireworks communal helps the festive spirit and encourages people to chat and cooperate in events.
  15. It has been pointed out that there are no real incentives to play as a more advanced player, as all the challenges are one shot items and the events cannot be done a second time. I really enjoyed and looked forward to the new monster fish that have been added and found they encouraged me to fish some of the earlier lakes instead of just hammering away at the latest waterway. Now that I have completed the Halloween,Christmas,St Patrick day and Independence Day events there is no new challenges or rewards as most event fish are not worth money and XP is no good to you if you are already Max level. Could all events maybe reset as I am sure we would all do them again each year and I am sure they produce an increase in revenue to the developers for the time they are running. May I suggest having the ONE BAITCOIN per event fish as there was with the St Patrick event on all events as once you hit max level and do all challenges there is no way to earn them if you are not into comps. Love the game, glad the developers are still adding new things.
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