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  1. Have gifted a load of items to my sons account rellikdoc ready for the Halloween bash and they all disapeared so tried to message support and found that it is impossible to navigate to the description box and can only write in the subject box so cannot send a message to support?
  2. Polar lights from the Christmas event do a good job of cutting glare and on the PlayStation they bring the colour balance back to a sensible level on the waterways that seem to be over saturated to the point of glowing.
  3. I'm sure they do wear quicker but more evenly than an unbalanced setup,and you don't notice the cost until you go home. Agreed have a max drag setup for every type or weight of fishing I need. Also noticed as its more apparent with all the levels going to max that rod tip position makes a big difference to the amount of strain you can put on a fish, with the tip low or towards the fish it may not be in the red and the fish may take line,but raising the tip or pulling to the side so that the rod is maxed out puts way more. Pressure on it.
  4. Using a console the same buttons are used to select rods in the stand as are used to change the drag level on the reel. Before I started using max drag I was often losing tackle because I had not realised I had increased my drag whilst swapping rods,especially when you have fish on multiple rods and you are trying to switch between them all so you don't lose any. Using max drag and a full spool you have plenty of time to decide to cut the line as it approaches the four or five hundred yards that you have on the spool and it is rare unless you purposely fish for large fish on light gear for this to happen. I like the fact that you never lose a fish but you may cut a fish loose if there is a risk of damaging your reel.
  5. Glad it was of help. The main thing with max drag is that you are using the full potential of the rod and reel, so having the heaviest gear is not always the best if you can't match it to a suitable line and leader, as soon as you have to adjust your drag down from max you are losing the advantage of that heavy gear. The important thing with max drag is the MAXIMUM REEL DRAG as that determines the maximum force on all the equipment without destroying itself or any of the rest of the tackle, think of it as a safety valve that releases the pressure at that set force so as long as all the gear is of a higher value than the maximum reel drag it cannot break. At the Congo I am using BOTTOM GEAR Mokonzi 11'10" 86lb L'Impulsion 1300 86lb Braid 0.0145 88lb Titanium leader 0.0185 87lb CASTING Tropicana 7'10" 83.7lb Bailarina 7500 83.7 Braid 0.0145 88lb Titanium leader 0.0185 87lb as you can see you wont break the rod braid or leader as you never "EXCEED" their max rating. Always use max amount of line on reel as running out will destroy your reel. It may look scary with all the indicators hard up in the red zone but it wont break. For a lower level set up for spinning level 63 unless you use baitcoins for braid. I am using (and still am for fun with the Tigerfish) Agurarayo 6'10" 76lb Fileur 12000 74.9lb Braid 0.014 76.5lb Titanium 0.018 81.5lb and you are using almost all the power of the rod. Also the Texas,Carolina and Three way Rigs even though they are not Titanium seem to be bite proof most of the time. Buzzbait with X Series nymph(fished minimum speed across surface)is magic for Tigerfish as is X Series medium spoon. Hope this is of use to somebody.
  6. What's the best use for clover coins when you have completed the event? Can I buy bait with them to carry on farming baitcoins? I'm talking in the region of 300 clover coins so buying boats to sell is out of the question
  7. If a fish runs towards you then a high recovery rate will enable you to take in slack line and stop the fish escaping. Once a fish is hooked the retrieve rate goes to maximum automatically independent of what retrieve rate you have set when using lures.Fish are more likely to escape if you are using a short or excessively heavy rod as there will be less bend in the rod to absorb the rapid movement of fish,also heavy rods mean less XP so using the correct rod for the size of fish is important. Gear ratios are less important as it is usually easy to decide on what speed to fish a lure by the way it swims in the water.
  8. Glad you finally found the backlash,there's a cleanup challenge on every waterway so get used to pulling out weeds boots and plastic bags without losing your favourite lures.
  9. Top water lure or float set shallow with free red worm from compost heap as you will lose your bait, cast from bridge into Lilly pads and keep snagging Lilly pads out of water, discard Lilly pads and after snagging several times a piece of trash will be cought this may or may not be backlash but don't forget that other items need to be collected for other challenges, eventually all items that can be cought can be snagged from the same spot. The weeds branches and bark for some of the other challenges are specific to the waterways where they grow. If you find a good snag spot stick with it. Don't forget to keep room for items you need to keep.
  10. It would be interesting to know if all changes to the programming are tested on console as well as pc? I have brought this up in bug reports because I thought it may get reviewed more often by the programmers than some of the other topics
  11. Yes please,please can they add the option to switch off post effects on the PlayStation or even just have them off permanently if that's easier as I am sure no console user wants or likes the new look.
  12. So basically speaking they are putting the game out with brightness and colour saturation settings that are way out of the normal settings and expecting users to correct it in their own settings which unfortunately Xbox and PlayStation don't have as most games are set up correctly by the developers. They obviously don't test anything out on the consoles as can be seen by the button layout for picking up rods that has been mentioned many times before (left button right rod) why?
  13. weeksy

    free Kayak

    If you havn't done the Fishy racing challenge at white moose lake yet then you are missing out on the most lucrative challenge this christmas. Set up a float rod with X heavy waggler set to 40 inches 4/0 hook and large minnow, fish off peak as you do not want to waste time with non event fish. Make sure other people are setting off fireworks and position yourself either end of the lake and make a maximum cast to the middle of the lake. set your drag to level one this will allow you to keep reeling continuosly without actually landing the fish but will stop it escaping due to slack line. Bingo one free kayak. Merry Christmas
  14. Don't fish peak time to avoid other fish, snow in feeder and medium cut bait on 4/0 hook or large minnow on float, yes float! I put minnow out on float so that if anyone launched fireworks I could also catch furry or antler. I found that I was catching Crystal on all rods as long as I had snow in one feeder! Also found that although I was targeting crystals up against the rocks as shown in that video they could also be caught from the front of the deck in the area where you would normally fish for furry, as long as you have snow in at least one feeder.
  15. So dark in the shadows that the boat interiors are just black and the only detail you can see is the fish finder that glows like its going to explode. Have just updated to the christmas event and the Juke boxes glow like theres somebody welding in them.:0
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