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  1. On ps4 there is a free fishing planet 2.0 starter bundle that does not show up in free games but does if you do a search. not sure if its also on pc.
  2. Free redworm bait at the compost heap at end of wooden bridge and dont forget to skip time to peak fishing times to improve catch rate.
  3. Look to set up your tackle to take advantage of "maxdrag" as even on light rod the extra benefits of using max drag without risk of losing fish or tackle can speed up landing fish and it doesn't cost anything
  4. Thanks thats what I thought, hope they continue adding more.
  5. Good to see more challenges, can you catch more than one bully Perch or is it a single fish like other monster fish?
  6. Look at bubbles way on YouTube he has some good guides to catching the monster fish and collecting the items required to fish for them, he fishes on PC and PS4 and I think PS5. Good luck I wish I could do the monster challenge again.
  7. Level 68 onwards obviously fish at the new Amazonian maze as the fish are huge and XP massive
  8. Definitely changed the dynamics of night fishing at Marron, used to stay at same favourite spot until net was full and then skip to next night and repeat. Three or four uniques per night. Now if you don't see any fish in the first ten minutes you need to move to another location until you find them and be ready to move two or three times to fill a net. Uniques are still around but not as often as before.
  9. It's the only "FREE" game I have ever played that gets new maps,updates and fixes. Thanks Fishing Planet for an awesome game! PS4 player.
  10. Update on ps4 just reset my level 65 xp bar back to zero. still on level 65 so hope next time I level up it will go to level 66?
  11. If you are seeing the "your bait was pulled away" message then shorten your leader to less than 20inches.
  12. Save lots of cash on bait using duck mussel, you will also catch carp but they are also worth good money and Xp so no problem
  13. Not caught a unique at Marron River for a week, can it be just bad luck? usually get at least three or four per in game day and had a day six with no fish whatsoever, tried ten minutes at several different usual locations then gave up and returned home, returned to water day one back to normal but still no uniques!! Level up when the new map opens may take a little longer than expected
  14. woops dont know why that message came out like that, ipad touch screen fumbles. Not saying you set wrong drag as I also play on console PS4 and was always accidentally ramping up the drag resulting in tackle losses, until I started using a max drag setup that is happy running max drag all the time with no chance of breakage. Hope this is of some use.
  15. So far I've lost a BC jerkbait and a x-series crankbait. Fix your goddamn game guys!
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