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  1. What baits are considered as "Meat-Based" baits? Technically, their are only 2 or 3; (blood, meat chunk and canned meat) Are these baits considered Meat-Based?: 1) Organ Baits; (chicken & large liver, buffalo kidney)? 2) Fish Bait; (minnows, live/dead fish baits, cut baits, tilapia)? 3) Crustaceans; (crab, prawns, shrimp, crawfish, crawfish cut)? 3) Worms; (bloodworms, night crawlers, red worms, leeches)? 5) Larva; (wax worms, maggots, dobsonfly larva, giant silk moth, caddis)? My guess is NO? 6) Insects; (crickets, grasshoppers, flies, African giant water bug). My guess is NO. 7) Fruit? My guess is NO.
  2. I guess we'll just deal with a garbage system for comp's. It's all just pure dumb luck, right? The FP code/algorithms are meaningless crap.
  3. And that's a problem with discounting practice for comps. It is 180° opposite of IRL tournaments. Have you ever been in a tournament or watched one on tv where anglers don't pre-fish the event. FP claims to be a fishing simulator; I guess that's really only true for farming fish then. FP needs to change the comps ever time that they run it. And it should be your job to figure out the fishing pattern for the upcoming event. FP would be a much more enjoyable game by constantly changing up the comps and keeping things competitive for each run of the events. I believe that it can be achieved by adding in a RNG code for fish locations. It is kind of stupid to fish a comp with say 2 or 3 locations over and over again for the duration of the comp.
  4. I'm convinced that comps and tournaments have always been broken. It's sad to see that you do well due to nepotism or you stream the event. You might as well just get an attendance award. It's like throwing darts at balloons. It's all bs. Practice means everything IRL fishing but means nothing in FP fishing. Developers need to fish IRL tournaments; otherwise, they don't know how to program the game. There's a lot to learning how to fish than just searching the internet for answers?
  5. Tonto, I do play Steam comps, so you can't compare Xbox to PC. The continuous (to this day) negative comp results are a result of FP dev team not liking what I post on the forum. I don't believe that they should be allowed to manipulate comps and tournaments just because you ask honest questions, nor for any other reason what's so ever. It shatters the credibility of fair and equitable competitions. I dropped out of IRL fishing tournaments because of all the cheating; and when a top 10 ranked Pro angler asked another Pro's winning technique for the 1st day qualifier (in a 3 day tournament). The rule is no collaborating once the tournament starts; it's a disqualification. You can't stop the cheating when 150 anglers are vying for $160,000 - 1st place prize. Here, you have the FP dev team picking winners and losers and that's cheating as well, just on a much smaller scale. There are far too many You Tube videos of gamers having much better results in comps/tournaments than most players; this is cheating as well by the FP dev team. I know of one YT gamer that states that he only plays in FP tournaments and makes it into the top 30 of a Q1, Q2 or Q3 for all tournaments. He doesn't even play comps nor practices. Figure that one out. Good comp/tournament results need to be earned by pre-fishing them. IRL fishing, the Pro angler will practice for say a week or so at a lake/river before ever tournament. They need to figure out so many aspects of a winning pattern at the location. The ones that don't practice usually lose their entry fee and with no winnings. Fishing locations change DAILY, so should be true for FP comps/tournaments. That's how a good fishing simulator would run. And to practice for hours on end in FP, just to get a good result just doesn't happen. All this RNG is a bunch of hogwash. The only RNG that is needed is the fish locations and catch method; which should be different for ever single comp and tourny that is run. And FP dev team needs to keep their hands out of players accounts.
  6. The Topwater Victory comp (Amazonian Maze) game time runs from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. No scoring fish can be caught after 9:00 PM in night mode. The comp runs for 60 min., so the easy fix would be to make it a 30 min. comp. A better fix would be to shift the entire comp game time to daytime only or allow scoring fish to be caught after dark.
  7. I think that competitions and tournaments are all a scam. FP picks winners and losers and nobody calls them out on it. And yes, FP developers can and will manipulate your account and competition results. FP, It's time to issue refunds for all purchased DLC's.
  8. Wow, I must have struck a nerve with the developers. All my competition and tournament results have really plunged into the abyss. And I know it's not me. So, if developers don't like your post, then they can manipulate your outcome? Your game should come with a warning label - players beware.
  9. I noticed over the past 4 or 5 tournaments that I practice that the Q1, Q2, and Q3 locations stop recording your larger fish on the Leaderboard when pre-fishing (or practicing) for a tournament. Only your Young size fish get recorded. Is this normal? Please tell me that this does not play into the algorithm/code for doing well in the tournament.
  10. It looks like the Cooldown time has been extended for Time Forwarding, if you travel to the next day or so. Recently, we could forward time to 9:00 PM and then forward time a full day or many days, and not have to encounter the Cooldown Time for day one. Now it appears that we have to wait an additional 50 min. or so, or use a baitcoin. Is there another way to forward time without having to wait the additional 50 min.?
  11. Seniority benefits are those with being in FP for a long time, caught more fish than most, played in more comps than most and have better results than most; thus being in the top 10 all the time. You know, stuff that's irrelevant to real life fishing tournament results.
  12. With the rollout of Fanduel, (online sports gambling), in many US States, I am curious if Fishing Planet developers might be considering cash or real prize awards for Competitions and Tournaments? If so, that would greatly expand the FP community. Of course, competitions and tournaments would have to be neutralized by eliminating the current seniority benefits and create an even playing field for all players. To win, you have to practice just like in real life fishing.
  13. I'm a bit confused as to the formula for improving your Rank value. I can see under my Profile/Performance there is a "Exp. to the next rank"; and this seems to be the same formula as that for leveling-up. But there are those that have a rank value before they reach level 60. I thought that maybe level "61" would be be the same as Level 60, Rank 1; but this is not the case b/c players can have a Rank value before reaching level 60. Does anybody know what the formula is for improving your Rank value? Does it include doing the Missions, Exploring, Mastering and Collecting, Fish Monsters, and/or Comp's.? ty
  14. Can you get a replacement x-series walker by redoing the 30 day explorer at San Joaquin.
  15. I just read an older posting, stating that PC and PS4 accounts cannot be linked. Is this still the case today? I would like to do more competitions/tournaments but I already got to level 60 on my FP - PC account and don't want to have to start over at level 1 on a PS4 account. I would like to believe that the game is faster on PS4 but I don't really know. Can the PC players contend at the same competition level with the PS4 console players, (not by skill level, but by computer processor speed)? My PC does not meet the recommended requirements to run FP ideally and I need to upgrade my PC or go to PS4. Any info/advice is helpful. pverdura
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