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  1. Thank you for Bigdaddy's list, Kdog. I finished the Independence event on Fishing Planet. Know where and what to use. The Fisherman, however, has no missions listed for the event. No mission tracker, so you don't really know how many of each fish with the specific lure as event lures also catch other types of Historic fish. There are so many lures but you are lucky if you get 1 a day. Mostly you get fireworks. I have 3 lures so far, and about 300+ fireworks from daily visits. The Emerald Lake Washington Statue mission isn't even active even though the statue is there. No cannons. This year, The Fisherman's Independence event appears to have loaded incompletely.
  2. No cannons in game. No special lures at area shops to help you figure-out which historical fish can be caught in the area. No mission markers to track progress. I guess I'm here for the fireworks and occasional event lure. Some of the event lures and soft baits work real well with trophy and uni farming.
  3. @Samir Try this: The reel you are using has 12 drag units. Don't go past 8 units. To shorten the fight, keep your line tight and your rod high and slowly follow Mad-Eye toward the bridge as you reel-in the line at 8 drag units. Otherwise, Mad-Eye will continue to take the line further out. Advance carp veterans use this tactic to reel in oversized carp.
  4. @kdog013 I'm sorry for the confusion. The point I was making is that there is a lost fish routine in game where the fish actually has the bait in it's mouth and dives down and pivots on its nose to swallow it further down its gullet. If the leader is too short, the fish ends-up spitting out the hookbait because it feels sus. In the shark's case, however, it is more predatory and continues to swallow rather than spit out anything sus. As the hookbait travels further down the shark's gullet, it's teeth shreds the line. At least, that is what I think is happening. In this case, the devs need to provide us with adjustable titanium or galvanized steel leaders if they programmed certain toothy beasts to keep swallowing past the leader length which allow their teeth to shred the line...or program them like carp to spit out the bait. However, sharks are not as intelligent or picky as carp, so programming sharks to spit out bait is not natural. The predator instinct is to continue to swallow its prey no matter how big or annoying the prey may be. I have a couple of predator frogs that I cannot keep with each other because they will attempt to swallow each other whole even if it kills them to do so. That nose pivot it suppose to help it anchor itself and swallow deeper.
  5. What are you trying to catch? Knowing what your target fish helps determine hook size and leader type.
  6. @kdog013 This sounds like the same pattern that trophy to moby sized carp use in shallow water. The carp will drop the hookbait if it's on a slope or the leader is too short when it digs down and dances on it's nose to grab the hookbait. Seems like the leader is too short for your shark. Sharks are voraciously greedy eating machines that will bite above the leader rather than drop a tasty morsel of food.
  7. @Halfhand99I was kind of annoyed when that happened to me too. What I meant by jumping is sometimes when a fish hits an object underwater like a rock, it bolts (like jumping underwater) and twists. IF your rod strength is stronger than the fish when it hits an obstruction the fish goes sailing in the air like in parts of Oregon. If the fish is in par with your gear, the line slacks or gets snagged and the fish escapes. Not line bit off. Like you, I never did see my Amazon fish jump out of the water so I really don't know if it was a shark or catfish. Just that my line with a titanium leader was bit off. I didn't bother fishing Amazonia for awhile after that in hopes that maybe the area had bugs that needed fixing. In real life, shark hunters use longer, heavier titanium or galvanized steel leaders to fish sharks specifically because sharks will twist and bite-off the line itself if the leader is too short.
  8. LOL. Haggis is right. My swag package is sus. The strainer inside the stainless steel thermos says so: I'm probably going to order extra thermos'. The thermos is dark, wicked and amazing. The sus strainer allows me to make freshly brewed loose leaf tea or coffee directly in the thermos! I'm real picky when it comes to tea and coffee. I use ground Kona coffee beans, or loose leaf black lichee tea from Yunnan. I'm excited that I can brew my favorite caffeinated beverages anywhere: At home, at the office, and at the fishing camp. Hmm. Fishing Planet should develop its own angling roast coffee blend for those long tournament sessions... TF Musette claimed the coffee mug to protect her from her evil twin FP Musette. Sturdy metal construction provides accident insurance for TFM when FPM needs a guinea pig to test more groundbait mixes. I turned the gorgeous shot glasses into mame ikebana vases. I really wanted a Fishing Planet iconic headlight cap to go with the fishing tackle so I could cosplay a Fishing Planet angler at a game convention. There's always monsters to reel-in at gamer conventions. I'll get the rods and reels when the iconic headlight cap comes out. In the mean time, Haggis and I will be attending a reptile convention in a few weeks. Fishing Planet has an on going Independence swag sale until July 5, 2021 at https://shop.fishingplanet.com/. Free shipping for US, UK, EU and Canada. I received my order within 3 days of ordering. That's pretty amazing service!
  9. Mom Musette received a sus package in the mail today. Loaded with Fishing Planet swag. Haggis prefer mom go back to Amazonian River and bring back food for frog.
  10. Lot's of practice, a good internet connection and experience wins Fishing Planet competitions. I can't compete very well on Fishing Planet except for a few range and carp competitions because my internet is very poor. Poor internet connection and server lag means I cannot score high in competitions that rely on speed and accuracy. I accept this sad fact because Fishing Planet is not responsible for my poor internet connection. Many of the top competitors have been playing this game for more than a few years. They have near perfect accuracy. The top competitors do need to keep practicing or they will lose muscle memory and have average accuracy. You need to be willing to practice and run custom competitions with the competition template you are interested in winning. Many of the top competitors and teams also run custom competitions for newer users. Be sure to check out Custom Competitions. Also check for high level individuals running practice competitions and join in. They'll be grateful that you joined so they can practice right away. Make friends with them and ask questions. Some of them make wonderful mentors and friends.
  11. The Independence event started on The Fisherman. I was practicing on Rocky Lake and caught an event fish there. I don't see any cannons around the usually places yet on Fishing Planet, but I'll see if I can catch an event fish while practicing on Rocky Lake, Fishing Planet.
  12. I'm not sure the devs knew about this "feature" either or anticipated that by increasing hooksize and adding new fish, that some of us would be able to push established boundaries that would break the unbreakable and also break previous fish size boundaries.
  13. Update of the previous Telemetry image since I can't edit my original post directly:
  14. @PH_Carpman99 caught my faux pas which I can't edit or repost at the moment. I Inadvertently wrote Alaska instead of of Alberta. Dyslexic me got my words that begin and end with A mixed. My apologies for putting Alberta in Alaska. No continental, tectonic shift occurred, just dyslexic juxtaposition. Again, please note that the last scan was meant for Alberta, White Moose Lake. Not Alaska. Thank you Carpman
  15. I have had this happen to me in Amazonia. Something really big, not sure what, maybe shark. I assumed that whatever toothy beast that bit my line off must have jumped and twisted past the titanium leader. Some fish have incredibly wide mouths and razor sharp rows of teeth that are wider than the longest titanium leader length (only .5 meters/1.64 feet). Maybe we need longer titanium leaders so certain huge beasts can't get to the more delicate braid. Or maybe some of us maniacs (stares @jimkaf) need to fish our monsters with galvanized bridge suspension cables.
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