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  1. Competitive Moby Hunting Each time Jim Kaf sails a 14/0 cap'n hook into Arbor Lake after he carpet bombs the lake with his super particle collider groundbait mix, he creates an entanglement with the server to roll up to 5 different carp within a 35k average range with potential spikes close to 50k and a few below the 20k range. The carp only nibble one at a time to conserve server and end user resources. Smaller hooks, smaller particle mixes, different baits and different aroma intensities result in a smaller weight average or bigger spike range. Jolly Carp contenders like Jim Kaf and Eluce
  2. I imagine the parameters for determining carp size looks something like a graphics equalizer with multiple channels: Ground Bait/Feeder Channel Particles (top priority...sneaky devs left the most important mix component out of the regional shops) Aromas Colors Textures Declining amounts of chum due to water current and multiple schools attacking the chum carpet Tackle Channel Hook Size Bait Size Bait Shape Bait Color Bait Flavor Bait Bouyancy against ground composition, night time and atmospheric pressu
  3. Weeping Willows waterway in UK is teaming with carp. The ponds are clear enough to see carp nibbling underwater starting at 22 meters. The UK water looks pristine because some carp are prolific algae vacuums whilst the mobys have a more cultivated culinary pallette. In Fishing Planet, the carp let you watch up close at 6 meters, the distance before your rod auto lifts fish out of the water. On The Fisherman, carp begin to bolt at 19 meters. Below the waterline, invisible schools of carp are located all over Weeping Willows UK. Carp typically swim in mixed schools of 5-6 different types or size
  4. Musette: I am fascinated with biospheres and ecosystems in real life and in Fishing Planet/The Fisherman. When I am in game, I often annoy fishers with my bass boat, whilst I motor around tracking schools of fish. I do most of my fishing census in The Fisherman, because there are less people to accidentally annoy with my academic pursuits. My favorite waterway is Weeping Willows, UK because the landscape is reminiscent of delicate Zen gardens and Koi ponds in Hawaii and Japan. Unfortunately, I can't destroy the pristine solitude of other fishers with a very loud bass boat in Weeping Willow, U
  5. Zombieland College of Fish Nibbling @jimkaf, remember our nibbling discussion at Weeping Willows waterway the other day... In a college of different fish species, ambush predators and skinny fish outrun the PHatties. Predators and streamlined fish are faster than PHatties for obvious reasons. For example, small carp are like the main character Columbus in Zombieland. Columbus and baby carp have better CARDIO than their overweight zombie fodder brethren. The fish that are nearest and more aqua-dynamic, get to nibble at your hookbait first. If the hook is too big to chomp,
  6. Apologies in advance for incoming nerdy content. Kerry asked for some help landing mobys. Currently he is landing 60 lb/28 kg unis. He is also wondering how to fish UK carp competitively. Seasons Greetings @Kerry, I'm a noob at this. Chum is an alien concept to me. My carp diary starts with me experimenting with chum recipes as if they were aquatic smoothies. My inner mad scientist took over and graduated into hybrid recipes. Since I am a NERD, I did some research into the manufacturers of chum components, Haith's and FeedStim. A Haith article taught me about carp chemo (smell)
  7. I wanted to add an X-directory so people could prioritize which X-gear to target first but discovered that you need writers permission to contribute to FP Wiki. What the devs could do is grant writer status to trusted veteran end users to update Fishing Planet Wiki with that kind of data. Regular Wiki format is set-up for user contribution. However, FP Wiki requires certain permissions to contribute information. I also don't see pre-existing forms on FP Wiki to build a standardized directory of gear components like many well-established MMOs do. A more progressive FP Wiki with preexist
  8. Here are my 2021 Projects: I already splurged on a year of Fishing Planet premium and also The Fisherman + all Fisherman DLCs during the big sale a few weeks ago. I don't need premium but wanted to encourage the devs to keep developing my favorite fishing simulator. I also purchased The Fisherman and DLCs on sale since I've been wanting to build another fisher in Fishing Planet. Now I have a noobie fisher in The Fisherman to gauge the difference in fishing AI tweaks and economic systems. I'll post memes and articles on both iterations of this fishing simulator. Chum Whispere
  9. I won't be able to complete tracking the many carp schools in Germany until I get a better internet connection. I was planning on video recording sonar activity of the large blip clusters during peak period times. However, the best I could do was drop markers where I found giant carp blips near shore. I'll come back to those markers when my internet connectivity is more stable. I'm likely going to switch from Comcast cable to a competitor fiber ISP at the start of 2021. Germany While watching the carp migrations in Germany, I pondered on how the fishing AI generates carp nibbling in the
  10. Dear Sus Claus, I've been a good girl. Please send a better ISP to my neck of the woods. It's impossible to track carp schools in Fishing Planet when I DC several times an hour. My carp, spod and bottom rods begin to degrade and malfunction when Comcast bottlenecks and causes packet loss. I have to force logout when my rods get stuck loading groundbait. I promise to leave a plate of homemade bighead carp and salmon sushi with a bottle of Kirin Beer under the Carpmas Tree. Cheers, Musette
  11. I always buy extra bags of particles. I don't recall seeing bags of particles carried any place else but the Global Shop. I usually restock on all groundbaits, aromas and hookbaits after 2 days because it's cheaper to buy at the global shop and pay for a return trip. Particles just add more bulk to spod, basket and PVA. It's similar in composition to the Spod mixes. Particles are warm based which means they need some help with Xflavor to become active in cooler temps. Spod mixes are All Seasons rated which means that they become active faster in any temp. I like to use a combination of
  12. 11/23/2020 Dear Carp Diary, My Comcast ISP has been savagely brutal with disconnects again: Dear Devs Thank you for this:
  13. Science trigger warning: Please skip over this post if applied science in your favorite fishing game gives you a headache. If not, welcome to carp biology! I am basing my X-Flavour theory on real enzyme carp formulations by feedstim.com. X-Flavour behaves like FeedStim's Enzyme Probiotic feeding stimulant with brocacel yeast, enzymes, amino acids, polypetide and other microelements. The end result of this microelement cocktail is that it unlocks the attractiveness of all flavours and baits in cool water and stimulates feeding frenzy when carp would otherwise be resting.
  14. 11/19/2020 Dear Carp Diary, My internet is being sus again. I wanted to do a Germany carp creel to show how lucrative carp fishing is in the area, but alas...so much disconnect and groundbait loss. Before setting out to fish bighead and silver carps, I wanted to observe their migration habit. I tracked carp migration on my bass boat sonar system just outside the connecting bridges where I normally fish bighead and silver carp. Roughly, the bighead and silver carp appear to run in 2 small schools every 5-6 minutes during prime fishing time. The large trophy/unique blips run by wi
  15. I'll be starting some Germany carp creels soon in my Carp Diary thread. I couldn't do one today because of internet issues, but I am about to post a formula for sunny warm weather moby bighead carp in Germany.
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