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  1. Welcome to noob anonymous. I do very noob things like forget my spod rods, forget my keepnet, and forget to equip a Titanium leader when handling toothy fishies. You are not alone. How many of us have lost their favorite Golem Lure to titanium amnesia? An old-timer who brings-up the mystical term RNG while also telling new players "beginner's luck," really has no clue WTF RNG is. I don't know what these guys mean by RNG. Are they tossing around a buzzword because they are a developer that understands how a random number generator was implemented into a particular fish species on this particular pond? Do they understand how attribute stacking/filtering works within a game system? Do they know if the unique/trophy place holder is regenerated when it is released? Do they know the fish school demographic for the spot they are fishing at? Do they know if sustained nibbling mechanic increases or decreases the size of a unique placeholder? A weirdo nerd like me tickles game mechanics with attribute stacking versus environmental filters (ie: peak time, temp, species behavior, light wavelength, current, bottom terrain, etc.) to convince the fishing engine that she should produce lovely oversized fish for me. If they believe in RNG mechanics, they can't believe in luck. RNG mechanics is luck based when you know absolutely nothing about what you are doing. However, the more you understand the game and the way different mechanics interact with each other, the better your skill becomes in predicting the outcome of WTF. If you can recognize WTF ASAP, you can easily recover and change the outcome of your mistake. Competitions aren't always about perfect execution. If it were, the most skilled player would slay the competition in half the time of everyone else by using keen knowledge to both narrow a RNG band and predict the next active spot. Narrowing a RNG band produces consistent oversized stuff. Often times, it's a matter of correcting mistakes in judgement, casting accuracy, and equipment failure with expediency rather than forcing a bad pattern to produce favorable results. I think too many of us veterans get stuck in forcing a bad pattern to produce favorable results, hence the "beginner's luck" tirade. Adding a titanium leader or switching to a heavier line is a quick and recoverable change. Forcing a bad pattern to produce a favorable results is what ultimately sinks many veterans. Bad habits are hard to unlearn. Therefore, enjoy your noobness and let it help you learn to change your path expediently. During competitions, close chat window and click off chat display so you are not distracted by superfluous chatter.
  2. I wanted to demonstrate how to arm and deploy Mudwater's special X-Series Spinner for maximum effectiveness on Mudwater since the op asked earlier in the year. I wasn't around to answer stuff then because of connection issues earlier in the year. I'm sorry. This is for beginners who still want to learn how to get the Mudwater special spinner bait and learn how to use it with dead on accuracy. ----- PHCarpman99 is correct. The fish the spinnerbait was targeting was too small and clumsy. However, there is a way around this for level 15+ beginners who still want to learn how to use a spinnerbait from a level 4 waterway with dead on accuracy. The reason this works for level 15+ beginners is because the line needed is level 15. The rod is level 8, 7 levels before the rod. The game can be brutal in this regards to beginners. Going into Mudwater or Falcon Lake with a less than level 15 set-up will wreck the rod and reel. PRO BEGINNER TIP Always wait until your level is high enough to buy the line and lures before getting the rod. The problem with frilly lures with bass skirts, both ir and ingame, is that they have more mass to swallow in relation to their hook size. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good in trying to generate bigger fish; bad when targeting fish with smaller mouths. Fish like bass use the quick strike mechanism which seems to have various degrees of accuracy in predator fish. In quick strike, fish don't nibble. They attempt to swallow something whole! They either hit the target, miss, or partially hit it. In order, to trigger dead on accuracy in quick strike, you want the lure to ding as many sensory stimuli as possible. Predator fish have keen eyesight but need movement and extra stimuli to trigger BOTH quick strike AND accuracy. The X-Series Spinnerbait #2/0 is available as the Mudwater Explorer III 30 day achievement reward. It adds visual stimulation with 1) color, 2) flash, 3) water vibration and 4) X-series mojo. Add a softbait to the spinnerbait like this: To stimulate feeding interest with added 5) more color and 6) native fish bait shape. Set time to 7) peak fishing: In this type of weather, there is 6 game hours of lovely fishing (1 hour 30 minute ir) Add sweep retrieval and long casting distance to cover more space, 9) more water vibration and 10) alot more flash action and boom, you created dead accuracy which not only attracts fish but gets them to quick strike with dead on accuracy even if their mouths maybe a little smaller. I probably have overkill with my dead on accuracy set-up and retrieval, but try to ding as much stim points as possible to get lots of primo action on the water. This following video is a little shaky because of lag reasons. But the lure execution was still dead on accurate even with lag caused by 2 very popular events running simultaneously. I'll do some beginner speed runs after all the events are over on Mudwater and Falcon Lake with the same set-up.
  3. @Yuccasu, What are you hoping to get out of this event? I'm after the ridiculous hats and baitcoins. Baitcoins is good to target because you can also purchase clovercoins and a variety of other more valuable stuff. Baitcoins are a far more valuable commodity than targeting the event boat at your level. I do think some of this event is meant to coerce lower levels into buying the event pack to get pond access, licenses and the stringer. You are able to use other baits and lures to catch event fish. Non event fish baits and lures have a wider target range of fish so targeting event fish may take longer. One of my Italian carp friends uses spod and a variety of baits to eliminate local fish in order to catch event fish. The Irish Crayfish softbait paired off with the an X-Series Spinnerbait catches all of the event fish.
  4. Marron has had the fastest bite rates. I fished from boat looking for medium blips on or near mid to peak periods. I've landed 3 back to back before moving a little further to catch more. Mudwater is fairly decent. I think I like Mudwater more than Quanchkin, but BCI more than Mudwater because my friends think Mudwater is too lowly to fish. I wanted to love Weeping Willows, but it was actually slower than Mudwater and I can't carp with the event stringer...thus making me hate Weeping Willows for snakehead kicking. I'd be fishing Marron more, but my friends were fishing BCI. All of us want new hats by doing the 150 per event species (Rowdy Bass, Leprechaun Fish, and the Tamborine named fish that escapes me) and are farming bait coins as well as event coins.
  5. I inadvertently made a great argument for VR in one of my posts about rigging mechanics and the use of sweep dancing in lure retrieval:
  6. I did do a quick demo with sweep method on topwater lures found in the St. Patricks "Kick the Snake" event. Sweep works surprising well with topwater and can be used with all the lures in the event at different depths depending on the lure type: bottom floor, mid depth, topwater. Sweeping with other lure types adds more horizontal area to attract fish to quick strike. Musette, aren't you full of BS? Of course I am full of Bull Shark! Did I mention the game's bull sharks are dialed into rigging mechanics too? However, it takes skill and unanchored dancing to swim the trophy sharks up to the boat with a Texas or Carolina rig. Swimming a 180kg-200kg trophy shark up to your boat triggers the telescopic effect of instant reel when they quick strike the rig. Swimming trophy sharks to your boat is the only way to successfully reel-in a trophy shark on a spinning (Nile Chasseur) or casting (Tropicana) rod. Rigging leaders are fluorocarbon. The shark's sharp teeth will cut through the fluorocarbon rig when the line hits max load on trophy sharks. The instant reel-in effect only works with Texas and Carolina rigs because the leader length needs to be 1 meter. Whilst a 3 Way rig leader is listed as 1 meter long, it is actually half the length of a Texas or Carolina rig because it is split into a plomb line for a drop sinker and a jig line for softbait. A long 1 meter leader is needed for the telescopic instant reel effect to kick in. A 1 meter leader folded in half like the Texas rig is .5 meters. Plomb Line VERSUS: When the telescopic reel-in effect triggers on your spinning or casting rod, before the fish's fight and flight animation reflex triggers in a trophy shark or unique Nile Perch, these heavy beasts won't have the opportunity to engage in those 15-to-100 minute lengthy battles. (See the previous post's video of how the automatic telescopic reel-in effects defeats the fight and flight animation from kicking-in on a Nile Perch.) Rigging and sweeping still allows for attracting fish up to your feet. Sometimes, you might not know a predator is still trailing your rig and may even get a fish to jump out of water as you reel-in the rig below your feet. I have had instances of fish actually jumping out of water and swallowing the lure with quick strike. If you can land a trophy shark with a fluorocarbon rig, you have mastered the art of rigging ingame. If you can't land a trophy bull shark with a 44kg test Texas or Carolina rig, ask the devs to make Titanium rigs when they are able to. Not all predator fish or waterways have the ambush predator mechanic active for rigging. However, ALL Bass Masters take exquisite glee in swimming their rigs and jigs within visual distance and watching the bass lunge with quick strike. Thus, rig mechanics is a very powerful tool to lure game fish and real pro fishers. The devs know quick strike is sexy because it's their signature visual ad on all platforms from Steam to Xbox. (Bass jumping out of the water after quick strike animation occurs) Sheesh, this rigging topic really is going beyond the Congo and keeping me from carping. Shout out to Dtale1 and many others for encouraging me to produce more videos. Thank you for your patience. Shout out to KCE and fellow carpers, will get back to carping as soon as the St. Patricks event is over. Bros, my rl style is colorful beanies, berets and tiny hats...the St. Paddy's event has new hats for Musette! You lost me temporarily to boho chic fashion... Disclaimer
  7. And just when I thought 3 Way Rigging was the best way to speed run a 700kg creel in under 30 minutes...My little buddy Haggis came along to prove me wrong by helping with the Texas Rig demo. You just need the position of 3 or 4 Nile Perch schools to fill a 700kg past capacity in under 20 minutes. The most time consuming part of fishing this way is boating to each spot. This should also work with Carolina Rig as they are both maxed at 1 meter in length and are like mirror images of each other. I'll do a demo on Carolina on another species of fish in a terrain where it is more suited in real like so I can better explain the difference of each rig type. While the diehard gamers are only interested in meta strategies to get there big and fast, there are also pro fishers that appreciate learning what makes the world go round. Yes, there be memes! The sweeping dance method does not need to ding 3 marks on Stop&Go/Straight. It just needs to have consistent rhythm. I use mostly Stop&Go which occasionally transitions back and forth into Straight. As the lure gets closer to the boat, I lower the width of each swing and speed to dance the fish as close to the boat or shore as possible. Twitch and drop are a bit harder to control with sweeping. My VR saber skill is too low to consistently do sweep with Twitch/LiftDrop. I'm in the process of learning how to do sweep with spoons, jigs and other lure types. Sweeping covers a wider area and tends to stimulate the generation of uniques and trophies when done with precision. I think the fishing engine just enjoys watching us dance. It's as if the development team had VR mechanics in mind by making sweep so powerful with Stop&Go retrieval. So, yeah, you can play Fishing Planet and The Fisherman like a VR game without the VR gear. Just add your own background music to keep pace and dance like no one's looking. Another reason I think sweeping is crushing certain predator fish mechanics is that ambush predators don't necessarily have the best eye coordination. I'm impressed that the fishing AI mimics ambush predator mechanics well, including the clumsiness. While ambush predator vision is quite good and they can track you from a distance, they simply aren't programmed to pounce unless their prey is moving or creating a disturbance on soil or in water. They may also have poor distance coordination without other sensory stimuli present. My exotic frogs taught me this. In the Texas Rig video, you can see Haggis open her big mouth and lunge forward, but still miss the 1st silver slide minnow in front of her. She knows food is present and will continue to look for movement. I don't dare stick my hand in her space until after she is fully fed. Adult pacman frogs have the teeth and strength of a bear trap. I use a 35cm bamboo tong to wave her food in front of her. She is 90% bear trap mouth with legs. Haggis distanced the next minnows with frightening accuracy like a bass on the prowl as you can see in the official Fishing Planet clip right after Haggis gobbles a minnow and disses oligarchs. (Did I mention memes are included?) I do not know why sweeping is extremely powerful with rigging with it's ability to generate unis and trophies to attack first. The more skilled you are with sweeping, the more consistent you get with pulling the uni from it's school. The only explanation I can think of is that rigging mechanics appeals to several fish receptor simulators at once and covers a wider area than any other fishing method, including spodding. Rig sweeping is incredibly powerful on Nile Perch and oversized unique Chinook Salmon. If carp responded to rigging in game like they do in real life, I could my get my distinguished carping bros to dance.
  8. I updated the first rigging video to add more science stuff, corrections and memes. Memes make the world go round!
  9. Thank you for your kind words, sir. 3-Way has been outperforming Texas and Carolina just about everywhere until you get to areas like Blue Crab Island where buzzbaits are popular. 3-Way works best with the sweeping methods, but I want to try the other methods on Texas and Carolina next.
  10. Shortly after my first Congo rigging video went live, the developers discovered an undocumented rigging feature that has been in existence for some years but can still be found in the Jedi backwoods known as The Fisherman. So for those of you on The Fisherman, this rigging update does not apply to the backwoods. I cover that deleted rig feature in the above video while showing everyone how to equip an updated 3-Way Rig with the newest and heaviest spinning rod in game, the NileChasseur 200 on oversized Chinook Salmon in Kaniq Creek, Alaska. While 1 sinker is all that is needed for any of the rigs now, the 3-Way Rig is sadly soundless while the other two rigs have red glass clacker beads which the sinkers strike to make claw clacking noises that mimic crayfish and crab claws. However, the updated 3-Way is still just as powerful with a single sinker and tends to out perform the other two rigs on specific types of fish like perch, salmon and bass. This makes me wonder if the clacking noise is programmed into the other two rigs as clacking helps draw and maintain attention to the rig. Or perhaps, all three rig types were meant to be auditory stimulators? I'm assuming the fishing AI is programmed to simulate fish auditory receptors because there are other lure types that are designed to make noise like buzzbaits and poppers. The other two rigs should be out performing the 3-Way with that extra dimension of stimulating fish auditory receptors, especially in areas with lots of vegetation or very little silt. While 3-Way Rigs do get snagged in vegetation and obstructions a little more than the other two rigs, 3-Way still out performs them. I'm still going around the planet testing the three rig types with different softbaits on both Fishing Planet and The Fisherman. Those of us with the mad scientist mindset love to test every facet of a new toy even if it's been around for years. Meanwhile, I apologize for the short howto video. I know I sound excited that I landed an oversized Chinook Salmon in 55 seconds, but I was also disappointed because the way I assembled the updated rig was a little too optimal. This was not the best way to demonstrate rig retrieval. An oversized unique Chinook attacked the rig before I could demonstrate retrieval. The salmon attacked the rig in 8 seconds of the rig hitting the water. Four of those seconds was the rig slowly gliding to the bottom of the creek. I could only pull off half a side sweep as the salmon gulped the lure just as I reeled in the slack. I didn't even realize I caught an oversized Chinook uni because I haven't fished Alaska with overpowered gear before. Rigging works the same way on The Fisherman in Alaska, but the assembly needs to be weighted down a little more because the current is a little faster. I'll need to try this again on a slightly less optimal setting or deeper water to demonstrate the retrieval methods. In the video, you see me survey the creek with a bottom rod and a match float rod. The float test is to see the strength of the water flow to get an idea of sinker weight and the direction of flow. For fast water flow, side sweep in the opposite direction of the water flow when you are perpendicular to the water flow. The messy, bumpy, rocky, small vegetation and silt bottom of the creek, along with the fast current and balanced weight of the rig allow for more a more robust kinetic bottom presentation. A heavier weight, still water or smooth creek bottom applies less kinetic energy for the rig to react to. So, until then, if you need to learn more about rig retrieval methods, just reference the first video in the previous post. But if you want to use rigging in Salmon competitions, I guess this is a good way to go about it at level 80. At level 70, you can use a Tropicana 220 casting rod if your competition allows casting rods. Otherwise, a Thetis 250 spin rod works well at long casting distance and is a little more powerful then a Rivertex Zeus 270. Choose a rod based on competition rules and the strongest lines and leaders you can get at your level. I don't do competitions anymore on Fishing Planet because of unstable bandwidth issues with the local ISP. I do some competition testing on The Fisherman because there is less bandwidth traffic there due to a low population. Below level 70, it still takes awhile to reel in an oversized Chinook uni unless you entice the salmon to your feet. Rigging currently allows you to entice fish to within 4 to 5 meters of line distance on both Fishing Planet and The Fisherman--enough to auto reel the fish in. Auto reel might not be favorable because some people gauge monster competition fish by observing the tackle load indicator for probable unique size and let the small uniques escape through line slack. Disclaimer about Musette's Lily Pad Channel:
  11. PART 2: 3-Way Rigging and Perch Rocket Science in the Congo For my first video, I'm going to demonstrate how to land (and launch!) those huge Nile Perch using a 3-Way rig. Note: If you are a carper, you do almost all your fishing in metric because groundbait mixing reasons. Apologies in advance if your mind is wired in imperial units. Jedi don't do imperial units. Included in this video are: How to set-up the complete tackle from Tropicana 220 casting rod to rig assembly. Pro-tip on river bottom terrain surveying Three retrieval methods: FULL SWEEP SIDE SWEEP COMBINED SWEEP 2x Nile Perch Schools with a total of 2x Uniques and 2x Trophies Bonus new Perch Rocketry Sport! Prior to level 80, you want to get the most powerful casting rod available, the Tropicana 220, Bailina 8000 casting reel, 40kg test braid, Titanium Leader 41.5kg test 0.48 at length .5 meters. The 40kg test 3-Way Rig is available early on for free by completing the Congo River Catfish Trial. Otherwise, you will need to wait till you are level 77 to purchase the 40kg test 3-Way with with 450 in cash. There are 3 different types of rigs. The Carolina, The Texas, and The 3-Way. I will be demonstrating the 3-Way in this video. I'll put together clips catching Unique Perch with the Carolina, Texas and 3-Way in my next video using a more advanced spinning set-up and show you how to balance the different rig assemblies to achieve perfect presentation. Once you attach your 3-way rig to the leader, you need to balance this set-up with 2x 56 gram drop sinkers. The sinkers come in packages of two. Use both sinkers because Fishing Planet is using Jedi math. Any other weight combination will throw off the action of the 3-Way Rig. Too little weight and the rig will tend to float more than drag the bottom and kick up silt. Too much dead weight, and you will have problems getting the lure to leap. Use a #11/0 or higher offset hook. Use a 15 cm shad as soft bait. The glow shad works both day and night in the Congo but works best at night. Ribbed Blue is best during the day Ribbed Pink during the evening and Glow Shad at night. Think of the 3-Way presentation as having a similar walking action on the floor of the river, as does a walker on the surface of the river. The 3-Way scampers across the bottom of the river bed kicking-up silt and disturbing bottom predators in the process. Meanwhile, the softbait bounces up over the silt to entice predators into attacking that tasty pop of colorful bait. This mimics the scampering of panicking decapods. Let's motor on over to the southern fishing buoy. There are 2 perch schools in casting distance of the buoy. I'm anchored over school 2 and will be casting about 40 meters out toward school 1 which swim around the area between those 2 markers in the distance. You can do rigging unanchored to cut down on some reeling time but repositioning the boat can get tedious. Also, the kinetic energy of reeling and river current, tends to make it a bit more difficult to control presentation as you drift away from the bouy. With rig fishing, you want to know if the river floor bottom is clear of debris that will snag the rig and also if there is bottom vegetation or silt. If the bottom has lots of vegetation, you want a more jerk intensive slither presentation. A Carolina or Texas rig is great for slithering through vegetation. If the river floor is mostly silty, which this area of the Congo is, you want to use wider full sweep and side sweep presentations. I prefer 3-Way rigs for silty presentations because the design mechanics of the 3-Way causes more silt disturbance while sweeping. The silt disturbance tells lurking predators that a stampede of yummy critters is in the area. I'm using a bottom rod to scan the surface of the river floor where the perch swim. The floor in this part of the Congo river is silty with no vegetation. There are bumps and small dents along the floor to help bounce the softbait up and down. The depth of the water is about 9 meters. Always do this simple check by using a bottom or carp rod whenever fishing an area you are not familiar with. This simple test helps you triangulate spodding distance versus bottom rod distance if you are catfishing or carping. It also helps you adjust match rod leader length. But more importantly, It helps you decide what kind of fishing method and retrieval to use when lure fishing. According to the bottom rod scan, depth is 9 meters near the markers. If you check the sonar display near your feet, the depth is at 7 meters. This means that you will have a little bit of resistance dragging the rig toward you as the river current rushes toward the water fall ahead. You will need to weight your rig according to the weight load of your rod versus water depth, and strength of the current. For the Tropicana 220 casting rod versus Congo river dynamics, 2x 56 gram drop sinkers have just the right balance to keep the rig on the bottom kicking-up silt while the lure bounces. Anything lighter will cause the whole assembly to have too much lift. Anything heavier will turn assembly into dead weight. It takes a little bit of experimentation to properly weight your rig assembly for perfect presentation under different conditions and rods. Perfect presentation, aside from my detailed dissertation in rig dynamics means that the fishing AI generates a fish that will continue to follow the lure and strike at it multiple times up to and even under your boat. This is phenomenal as rig fishing defeats the 12-13 meter distance nerf where the fishing AI will either send a bolt command to a following fish or a cease generating a fish command when the assembly is close to the angler. Perfect rig presentation also means that the first fish will often be the leader of the school, a unique that matches the range size of your offset hook and range size of your softbait and color in relation to time and environmental conditions. While I did choose a #11/0 offset hook because this is the largest offset hook a fresh level 75 visitor to the Congo can obtain, I have fun science motives for the #11/0 offset. However, the reason I have come to absolutely love perch fishing in the Congo is NOT to catch the biggest unique. I want a particular trophy and unique range size to for rocket science reasons! You'll have to watch the video to see it to believe it. But, if leaderboarding the Congo is your thing, go ahead and use larger hooks. Happiness is combining both rocketry with fishing dynamics. Play Fishing Planet the way that makes you happiest. Sometimes it's all about the science. Sometimes it's all about variety and exploration. Sometimes it's about hamming the leaderboards. Sometimes it's about competing with each other. Sometimes it's about free styling what floats your boat the most. Enjoy the video. More rigging videos to come: All 3 Rigs and Set-Up to Hunt Unique Nile Perch Rig Fast Farm (Full 620-700kg Keepnet in less than 30 minutes) Rigging Uniques All Over Fishing Planet and Light Weight Set-ups
  12. Rig Basics and Perch Rocket Science at the Congo and Beyond PART 1: Rig Basics Hey, Musette. Why are you doing a tutorial on Rigs? Why bother when there are so many other less complicated methods of fishing? For the same reason I started my carp diary back in the summer of 2020. Groundbait mixing was misunderstood and the people who actually knew how to create mixes for 40kg carp were often harassed by those who didn't know how to mix groundbait. Now the field of groundbait has become so refined that we have mad scientists who create groundbait that break the 50kg barrier in Germany and are close to breaking 50kg in UK. Groundbait mixing is a heck of a lot more complicated than than rigging. If this mad scientist can conjure monster carp effortlessly with groundbait, surely I can crush rigging. Besides, rigging is such a sexy, SEXY angling beast. The method behind rigging is all about slow, tantalizing seduction. Bass, trout, perch, catfish and predator fish are captivated by the alluring slither and scamper of prey kicking-up bottom debris and leaping up and down through silt clouds and vegetation. Essentially, you are coaxing the fishing AI to generate a fish that will continue to follow the lure and strike at it multiple times up to and even under your boat. Phenomenally, rig fishing defeats the 12-13 meter distance nerf where the fishing AI will either send a BOLT command to a following fish or a CEASE fish generation command when the lure is too close to the angler. Furthermore, perfect rig presentation means that the first perch to attack will often be the school leader, a unique that matches the range size of your offset hook and range size of your softbait and color in relation to peak time and environmental conditions. Rigging is so deliciously wicked. If you know where to fish and how often the uniques and trophies are generated, you can fill a 700kg keepnet in less than 30 minutes through rigging alone. With lighter tackle, rigging has the force to summon uniques all over Fishing Planet with the right softbait lure. RIG STIMULI Visual disturbance by kicking-up bottom debris through scampering; Visual disturbance by rustling vegetation; Visual slithering movement that mimics larva, worms and tiny eels; Visual leaping movement that mimics decapods, larva, injured fish; Visual pop of color; Visual shape of soft bait; Sound clicking that mimics the snapping of decapods claws. RIG RETRIEVALS Full Sweep Side Sweep Combined Sweep A vertical twitch adds more kinetic energy to lift a tethered lure on a long leader, up above vegetation if fishing in tall grass for bass while sweeping. Sweeping deploys mostly stop and go or slow straight retrieval from side to side sweeping to produce scampering movement that disturbs silt and vegetation. While you can just use stop&go, twitch or straight retrievals, you are not focusing the full power of the force without the sweep, young Jedi. PRESENTATIONS 3-Way Rig: 3-Way Rig shines in silty river bottoms as it is designed to scamper and kick-up a lot of silt through it's use of dangling drop sinkers. The drop sinkers kick-up more silt than bullet sinker assemblies to create a robust visual disturbance while the leaping lure entices the perch to strike multiple times. Perch will follow the lure right up to the boat where it gets it's most lift. While glass beads can be attached to the 3-way to provide flash and sound, the FP packaging for 3-Way does not include beads. This assembly puts a high value on the large silt cloud presentation which mimic a stampede of scampering, panicking critters like shrimp, crayfish, prawns and scared minnows. This is my favorite rig for perch and catfish because I can control when to set the hook as perch attack can begin as the assembly glides to the bottom all the way to under my boat. Carolina Rig: Carolina Rig shines in tall vegetation lake and river bottoms and can hit all 7 attraction stimuli. The front loaded bullet sinker allows for the angler to slither the rig assembly on the bottom through grassy vegetation with short sweeping motion and jerks to lift the lure above the vegetation. The bullet sinkers kick-up a small cloud of bottom debris to create a visual disturbance while the leaping lure entices the perch to strike multiple times. Perch will follow the lure right up to the boat where it gets it's most lift. It's designed to make sound to further draw attention to the lure. A clicking sound is achieved through bouncing on the lake floor while a bullet sinker clacks against a glass bead. This assembly mimics slithering critters like larva, worms, and eels in addition to jumping critters like shrimp, crayfish, prawns and scared minnows. It also mimics the sound of crustaceans clicking their claws. Fish attack on this assembly midway and closer to the angler. Texas Rig: Texas Rig is versatile and hits all 7 attraction stimuli. It is capable of both slithering through vegetation and scampering through silt with it's back loaded bullet sinker. It's designed to make sound. The bullet sinkers kick-up a small cloud of bottom debris to create a visual disturbance while the leaping lure entices the perch to strike multiple times. Perch will follow the lure right up to the boat where it gets it's most lift. It's designed to make sound to further draw attention to the lure. A clicking sound is achieved through bouncing on the lake floor while a bullet sinker clacks against a glass bead. This assembly mimics slithering critters like larva, worms, and eels in addition to jumping critters like shrimp, crayfish, prawns and scared minnows. It also mimics the sound of crustaceans clicking their claws. Fish attack on this assembly midway and closer to the angler. RESEARCH DATA: Perch School Sampling Data:
  13. Part 3: Practical Applications for Phat Bass Propagation in Carp Competitions (Note: Brother Eluce does not agree with all of my findings because he has his own winning methods. I don't test competitions as much because of lag issues but I do have other competitors test my methods when I can't do them myself. The main point to understand is, on Fishing Planet where the Devs can change fish algorithms and filters at every update, you want additional strategies for those times when your favorite mix falls short on a Dev patch. This is why I encourage people to experiment like Musette mashing her mix with Eluce when both mixes alone are mediocre on a different waterway under different environmental conditions. Learn when to drop a mix, tactic or fishing spot to transition to another more fruitful mix, tactic or fishing spot. That's the real secret of a champion.) How does this BS PHaT theory help with competitions? C'mon, Carp is the most obvious competition to force only uniques to spawn in one spot. Never ever reel in trophies. Then get a .5kg young carp first with an 8mm pellet and #10-#6 regular hook under the Southern Dock. Open spoiler for easy young common carp retrieval info. Lucky Ghost: If your mix can filter 420 and casper range, then start with catching a moby ghost carp and depleting the school of unis. Once the phat uni placeholders are depleted, the next phat range size grouping with a #10/0-#14/0 hook is 13kg-14kg trophies. Jim Kaf gave me this idea with his insistence of using the largest hook only, rather than swapping to a smaller hook to catch the lucky trophy casper. I just exploited Jim Kaf's stubbornness by depleting the school of unis placeholders which left only 13-14kg trophy placeholders with a PHat mix. Jolly Carp: Only need 2-3 spots where you know 2 or more carp schools swim together. Do not reel in trophies, caspers or 420s. A good spot can produce 2-4 monsters. You should move to another spot once you pull-up 2 to let your mix regenerate 2 more monsters. When you reel in trophies, wrong species monsters, and small unis, you deplete the schools of generating potential mobys. For the record, I experimented with Jolly Carp on The Fisherman and accidentally won. Was not expecting success with this experiment because I can't confirm school potential without sonar data. Remember, TF is about 1.5 years behind Fishing Planet, so the max range for Jolly Carp uni is between 32-35kg with a size #10/0 hook. In the evening, I fished all the leftover uni because the prize is a buggy X-braid that breaks with every cast. I honestly did try to let the other guys catch-up. The Musette/Eluce mash-up was used. Not bad for a 45 minute, limited school template farm. 416 baitcoins and 1 troll X-braid! Please get Eluce Jr. to level 50 to help me experiment on TF big bro...just beware of the buggy X-braid prize. Grass Cutter: Check the competition leader board at the half way mark. If you see people struggling to with getting 2x 420, that means the competition hours of 2am-4am, the waterway have filters that favor orange colors and a sweet, tangy ripe fruit profile. I believe Grass Cutter has a built in seasonal shift that mimics spawning season and harvest season. I've only seen these conditions during Grass Cutter. You can create a 2nd spod that mimics both orange egg color and harvest aroma by enhancing the ground spod with tangy, orange pineapple pellets between 2am-4am. When the sky brightens at 4am, 420 carp return to their meta flavor of shrimp. Most people are stuck trying to stimulate carp to feed during the first 30 minutes of the competition. They can only get carp to feed in the last 15 minutes of the competition when the sky brightens at 4am. I usually win the competition within the first 20 minutes by hooking a 27-32kg grass carp @ [130,54] and then a small grass carp. I spend the last 35 minutes either fishing a smaller or larger 420 carp depending on the other carpers ability to fish-up moby 420s. Don't deplete the school by reeling in other uni species or trophies. Keep pushing for a moby sized 420. Open Spoiler for Musette's complete Grass Cutter strategy FYI: Eluce Do not reel in trophies or wrong species unis. Loosen the drag and let the carp escape or break the line and re-hook if you accidentally hook a moby of the wrong species. I know the Carp Lord lives to reel in 42kg+ mobies, but DON'T in this competition. This is not Jolly Carp or MCT. If you reel in that monster 48kg mirror in this competition, I will so disown you! Bad Carp Lord! Danger in The Grass: Let all trophy commons and brownies escape so you do not deplete the limited pool of potential phat trophy 420s. Carp Foundation: Because you are using a monster mix, you create a phat range for smaller hooks. Thusly, a #1/0 hook with a 20mm citrus boillie will generate trophies in the 6-10kg range and catch all remaining young and regulars when the trophies are depleted. Part 4: Remixes (to be continued at a future date)
  14. Part 2: Monster Mix PHaT Boosting PHaT: Urban slang for Pretty Hot and Thick. A hip way to describe an awesome electric bass line or a bootylicious superstar like Beyonce. So how do we drop the bass to create phat monster carp? The reason Eluce can catch 2-3x 40-48kg mobys back to back is that his MCT mix flips a typical carp school of: 2x Large (trophy or uni) 2-3x Medium Multiple smallies TO: 2 Moby Uni 2-3x Unis (or 4-5x medium uni if no mobys) Multiple trophies and smallies Some waterways include multiple carp schools of varyious types like Bighead, Silver, Mirror, Leather, Common, Grass, Ghost and minnow carp.(*note: https://wiki.fishingplanet.com/Carp_family) These carp can form an entourage college of multiple schools which respond to the same groundbait dependent of hook size, hookbait, depth presentation (leader length of match, bottom or carp rods), hookbait shape, hookbait size, and hookbait bait color. This is how you can have a monster mix which produces both huge bottom carp and topwater carp. Topwater carp aren't designed for bottom feeding groundbait. However, the Devs appear to have simulated an entourage effect where: Monster GB produces multiple PHaT bottom carp ->which produce phat waste, ->which feed the plankton and algae, ->which the Topwater carp feed on. For instance, in San Joachim on Beaver Island, the entourage effect with Musette's Germany Mix + Eluce's Germany monster mix can flip 2 carp schools from: 4x large (trophy or uni) 8x medium multiple young and minnows TO: 4 moby common carp unis of 25kg-32kg 2-8 medium uni multiple trophies and regulars Typically, that same area with a low aroma monster mix produces only: 2 large uni in the 25-30ish kg range (if you are lucky...most people catch only 1) 4 trophies multiple regulars a few young Placeholders for trophy and uni carp show up as large fish on the sonar scan: You want to let all trophy and regular carp escape by relaxing the drag on your rod. This way you don't deplete the limited amount of trophies that can be flipped into a uni. Both my TF Germany mix and Eluce's mix are identical except for one aroma swap. The feeders used are Carp Rival, Catfish Destroyer, Big Riverne Breamer totaling 2500g. 3 aromas each totaling 9.99% or 3.33% each. Combining our mixes gives us 2x aromas @ 3.33% and 2x aromas @1.62%. Both of us use Tutti Frutti and Giant Octo which is common in most of my mixes. The last aroma controls temperature range and enhances either sweet, spicy, or complex flavor profiles of hookbait. Different aromas can be swapped out to make interesting combinations that favor brownies more or larger caspers, 420s and commons. Have fun combining different aromas. Welcome to Musette and Eluce's Monster Mash-up Halloween Party with 4 aroma bass line boost. 2 or more particles as close to 15% are important to speed-up and sustain feeding interest. Mash your monster mixing with a knowledge of which pellet and boillie flavors and colors certain species favor, and lots of practice, and you'll be able to score well in all carp competitions on both Fishing Planet and The Fisherman. There are other monster mixes that use less aroma percentages that generate big monster spike numbers, but they might not spike the entire school into the PHat range. Eluce and Musette's Germany mixes can flip the values of all large and medium placeholders to the Phat Range while generating feeding frenzy. However, mileage may vary on Fishing Planet in regular instances as the devs may change the filter values of waterways to add challenge and variety (which seems to annoy fishers more than inspire them to switch tactics or waterways). You notice the difference more when comparing the same waterway, spot and environmental conditions between Fishing Planet and The Fisherman. The environmental filters on The Fisherman remain constant unless preprogrammed to change with the seasons.
  15. Welcome to Monster Carp School Hosted by Professor Musette with Steam Carp Lord Eluce Part 1: Theories and Themes Theories are just ideas waiting to be tested and replicated. Theories are not made out of thin air. Theories are patterns that you explore through extensive research. Some theories are difficult to unify with current meta models. Some meta models are flawed because they are less than optimal. Other meta models become outdated with new gear or Dev patching. Also bear in mind, theories can be wrapped in programming holes which @PH_Carpman99 refers to as: Undocumented Features. Sometimes you just gotta use your gut feeling. Also bear in mind, my theories and methods evolve daily. Unless you are in continual contact with me, I may have optimized a method further. I don't publish regularly or feel like I should publish everything I test as I hear my theories can cause brain injuries and spread sheet overload. I don't use spread sheets. I keep the data I investigate as screenshots and memorize the data in musical notation. It's easier for me to see and hear patterns, filters, dissonances and algorithms in musical notation than on a 2D spread sheet platform. I can also memorize, extrapolate and counterpoint more data in music notation than Eluce, Average and Jim Kaf can store on their volumes of spread sheets combined. I just think a little differently than you guys because I have an early background in music, dance and science. The battle cry of anyone with a background in music or dance is: PRACTICE! (Trigger warning for Eluce. The following San Joaquin data collecting sheet may hurt your brain.) Brother Eluce can't quantify what I am testing unless he actually goes fishing in the same instance as me. Remember when Brother Jim came over to my instance on FP and tried to disprove my research on carp nibbling patterns? He ended-up proving that carp nibbling is NOT random when using his scrap mix. Brother Jim could not see that his scrap mix produced 5 brown carp at once. He could only see what was on the rod he picked-up. Once Jim saw the screenshot of the multiple brownies nibbling his rods, he understood that his scrap mix had potential to be tweaked to Jolly Carp conditions to target mostly 40kg brownies. Brother Eluce and I have similar recipes on The Fisherman and Fishing Planet. We both developed our mixes through tons of research. Even though we took separate paths, we landed on the same page. The Carp Lord and The Professor might argue and challenge each other but I always enjoy throwing ideas back and forth with Big Bro. Plus, I have permission to meme him mercilessly only because the dude enjoys pranking me in game!
  16. Monster Carp School convened one day after big bro Eluce won Fishing Planet's Steam Mighty Carp Finals 2021 . . . Dramatic embellishment of our conversations in game and Discord using a screenshot from big bro Eluce.
  17. 99 Luft Balloons on The Fisherman:
  18. Two bros arrive at the same dock to fish: @jimkaf
  19. Sharing weird recipes with Big Bro:
  20. Disclaimer: Permission has been granted to Musette by her bros to meme some of our hilarious (fictitious) antics in carping on FP or TF. Have fun competing with each other and sharing tactics everyone. Big Bro's Multipurpose Tool:
  21. You might have run into a glitched instance. Sometimes during lag spikes either server side or from your ISP, data does not completely load and the instance you landed in could become glitched. Sometimes you may have too many processes running at once which may also interrupt data flow. This happens to me frequently on both FP and TF. You may need to quit game and relog to get a refreshed instance in your competition. Friends have also suggested to switch language in the game settings to get a less busy competition instance. Also bear in mind, other issues can occur if you use templates to quickly gear-up a competition rod setting. Templates have a nasty habit of equipping the wrong test weight line or leader which could effect line visibility with trout. Always do a gear check to make sure your template setting has loaded correctly. Good luck on your next competition.
  22. Thank you for Bigdaddy's list, Kdog. I finished the Independence event on Fishing Planet. Know where and what to use. The Fisherman, however, has no missions listed for the event. No mission tracker, so you don't really know how many of each fish with the specific lure as event lures also catch other types of Historic fish. There are so many lures but you are lucky if you get 1 a day. Mostly you get fireworks. I have 3 lures so far, and about 300+ fireworks from daily visits. The Emerald Lake Washington Statue mission isn't even active even though the statue is there. No cannons. This year, The Fisherman's Independence event appears to have loaded incompletely.
  23. No cannons in game. No special lures at area shops to help you figure-out which historical fish can be caught in the area. No mission markers to track progress. I guess I'm here for the fireworks and occasional event lure. Some of the event lures and soft baits work real well with trophy and uni farming.
  24. @Samir Try this: The reel you are using has 12 drag units. Don't go past 8 units. To shorten the fight, keep your line tight and your rod high and slowly follow Mad-Eye toward the bridge as you reel-in the line at 8 drag units. Otherwise, Mad-Eye will continue to take the line further out. Advance carp veterans use this tactic to reel in oversized carp.
  25. @kdog013 I'm sorry for the confusion. The point I was making is that there is a lost fish routine in game where the fish actually has the bait in it's mouth and dives down and pivots on its nose to swallow it further down its gullet. If the leader is too short, the fish ends-up spitting out the hookbait because it feels sus. In the shark's case, however, it is more predatory and continues to swallow rather than spit out anything sus. As the hookbait travels further down the shark's gullet, it's teeth shreds the line. At least, that is what I think is happening. In this case, the devs need to provide us with adjustable titanium or galvanized steel leaders if they programmed certain toothy beasts to keep swallowing past the leader length which allow their teeth to shred the line...or program them like carp to spit out the bait. However, sharks are not as intelligent or picky as carp, so programming sharks to spit out bait is not natural. The predator instinct is to continue to swallow its prey no matter how big or annoying the prey may be. I have a couple of predator frogs that I cannot keep with each other because they will attempt to swallow each other whole even if it kills them to do so. That nose pivot it suppose to help it anchor itself and swallow deeper.
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