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    I think you are referring to your line. I use the three settings turned on not just the combined one and I see two circles below the line tension bar one for the condition of the line itself and the other with the tag on it I believe is for the leader. You can turn on or off the three separate (line, rod & reel) settings in the settings page. If you turn it off you will just see the combined bar and not all three separately Hope this helps tight lines
  2. I think there was a catapult for the Xmas snowball mission (I did not play it). It is shame they do not add the catapult into the game permanently as it is a very common method of adding either small amounts of ground bait with some bait added or just for for adding bait or groundbait on their own.
  3. Hand throwing ground bait is very inaccurate and it uses alot of groundbait each time you throw. It looks like you may be level 50 or over. if so maybe think about using a spod even when you are float fishing as it is much more accurate and you can select a different spod size to suit.
  4. Hi Dipper, I do not think there is a PS5 only version of the game maybe you can just play the game on console including PS5 and yes the game is a bit clunky but still plenty of fun tight lines
  5. maybe try to fish for the monster at white moose with more than one rod and try to hook two monsters or more at the same time. I think then you may be able to catch several that you have hooked at the same time. I am not sure the game will spawn anymore once you have completed the mission but you will still be able catch/land the other monsters you have already hooked and get good xp good luck
  6. I understand you can fish for monster fish using several rods and therefore it is possible to catch more than one of some of the monsters, but you may have to hook them before reeling one in but I am not sure on that last point - I have not done it myself. If you have not caught the white moose lake monster yet maybe give that one a go or one of the others and let us know how you get on. tight lines
  7. I had a look at my stats after my last post and I did manage a uni bream at weeping willow on blood worms - i guess take a good assortment of likely baits and give them all a go. good luck
  8. I had some luck with bream in a few spots at weeping willow. Maybe try this spot if you haven't already tried it: go to golden lake and walk quite a way up the left hand side and there is a large tree tree on the bank on a small promontory and just out from the tree quite close to the bank are two small but deep holes quite close together - you can see and mark them on the lake depth/contour map. I got quite a few bream in there. I may have got a trophy there certainly plenty of bream though - try night fishing at good times for them if you haven't already. I used ground bait probably best with a feeder but I used a float setup with a fairly small hook. Try using the pinkies or yellow maggots I think I got my bream on yellow maggots but it's been a while. I also got bream in various other locations usually fishing close in deep holes as I like to float fish. As a side I also picked up quite a few chub on pinkies and tench of course but using tench baits. This game does not always fish as you might in RL eg I used to catch a lot of chub in RL on cheese years ago but in this game the chub don't go for it! good luck
  9. you may already be aware of this - the kayak is great for doing the sleigh missions if you do not anchor when you fish and also it allows you to fish with relatively light gear and still catch big fish eg muskies on St Croix or some of the monster missions and get good XP. If you were not aware of this I hope it helps you
  10. I agree St Croix and San Joaquin are better for grinding than Emerald and whilst I had to return to Emerald quite a few times to grind/unlock St Croix I think once you have done it you will probably not go back to Emerald except maybe just to complete a mission. I found St Croix really good fun and I will definitely return there to stalk the monster muskie but I doubt I will buy an unlimited licence - I can always cover my costs as a free to play player there. I think if I was going to buy an unlimited licence I may wait possibly to unlock Weeping Willow although I can cover my costs there too. I think with it's variety it is a lake that you will wish to return to time and time again and you will probably get good value from an unlimited licence there. Blue Crab seems to be the quickest to grind out the higher levels and provides a huge waterway to explore and prospect for fish with lures but I doubt I will buy an unlimited licence there. I may consider getting an unlimited licence for Marron River but it all depends on play style etc. So to sum it up basically as I move up the game I tend to find I have not revisited lakes as much as I thought I would, except for Weeping Willow. So consider your unlimited licence purchases carefully. Play styles vary some play lots of competitions and maybe unlimited licences for their favorite competition lakes would suit and some may only be able to play for short periods in which case they may really some need unlimited licences I am still having fun and looking forward to unlocking my next lake and also trying out some of the higher level carp baits tight lines
  11. I also experienced this problem when trying to buy some groundbait a couple of days ago. The bait screen did not load and I must have got impatient and pressed the X button on my console once whilst I was waiting for it to load. When the screen loaded I found I had purchased the first groundbait that the screen goes to once it loads. In this case I think it was crimson gold the pack you have to buy for bait coins as that is the first one listed. I was a bit put out but I ignored it. I guess I will definitely remember to let the page load before I try to make a selection in future. I agree - there should be a popup message to ask you to confirm you want to spend bait coins before the transaction can be completed. I also think the shop should retain your last search so when you are cross checking line weights and sizes etc it would be much easier to then go back to last selection in the shop to make the correct purchase
  12. I agree if you just use the dock and the beach it is a bit limited, but around this time you may have have unlocked a kayak. If so consider getting one as it opens up a lot more possibilities and if I remember there are some other beaches that are only accessible by boat/kayak. There is also a little stream at the end at the rhs I think.
  13. When I used to fish there I used night/glow shads (at night), blue worms and my goto for walleye was an amber grub - lots of others work as well. Cast straight out from the dock but you need to get out into the deeper water towards the back of the lake. During the day the walleye mainly sit on the bottom but at night they tend to move around a bit more and may move into the shallows particularly along the reeds to the right from the dock. I usually just cast out from the dock towards the hole in the trees at the other end of the lake into the deeper water and let it sink right to the bottom and then use a slow one or two speed retrieve bouncing it along the bottom. I used a jig winner with 3.6 kg braid if I remember correctly perhaps with a fluoro trace, use barbless hooks if you have some. Sometimes at night you can even get them on the drop as the lure sinks into the deeper water. The Walleye bite best when it's raining and at night. They are slow to bite on sunny days. If you get a Kayak it opens up more possibilities and you may need it to get the zander. I did most of the grinding at Emerald to get me to level 30 and onto St Croix, but the other trout lakes before you go to St Croix are really fun also. I really liked to just use the jig winner on most of those lakes but you can also fish for the trout at the other lakes and the walleye with a float and minnows etc so maybe mix it up a bit to have a bit more fun.
  14. Just a few thoughts. When I lure fish I often keep the rod in the strike position ie on PS4 i hold down L2 (the left trigger) as I reel in and this will often help you set the hook even on finicky bites. I use it a lot when I lure fish - I guess I am sort of lazy but it does help I think there is a similar method for float/bobber fishing where you do the same thing ie keep the rod in the strike position with the line fairly tight to the bobber. I think it has been called the "quick strike". I haven't really used it yet when i bobber fish but I understand it can be quite effective
  15. This is a bit off track but I thought i would just mention that when I first started grinding out pike at St Croix I was using a lure with a rod and reel that was a bit too light and after catching quite a few fish over several days my gear began to get worn - fairly worn but not completely maybe the reel was around 60% i had used the drag a lot as nearly every fish took line from my light setup. Then I hooked a muskie (of course) the fish gave me the run around big time but I kept fighting giving and taking line throughout the course of the tussle. Then after a while my drag gave out - the reel was still around 50 or 60% but the drag just slipped like crazy, like it had burnt out! - even when I cranked the drag up to max and the line should have broken the drag just paid out line and the line tension would not go above around 30 - 40 % Just thought I'd mention it as it seems to me that it is possible to damage your drag beyond where the reel becomes usable even though the repair value for the reel may still seem quite reasonable. I returned home thinking I had busted my gear, but once I repaired the reel and used it again all was fixed and ok again. All in days fishing I guess! Tight Lines
  16. Hi Mitchell, I know it sort of goes without saying but it is worth rechecking everything - i expect you have done all this already, but maybe check you have: the mission tracked, and all prerequisites to catch the fish have been complied with ie you just have to catch the fish left in the tracked mission notification. Then, use a fairly small hook eg 1# or 2# as the fish has a fairly small mouth and won't get the hook in it's mouth otherwise. Then fish at peak times, close to the bottom out near the middle of the lake. It took me a while and I had to mark the deeper areas in the middle of the lake to help with my casting. Try using the baits that are listed for small mouthed buffalo under the fish description eg semolina balls, dough balls and also try bread with honey. If not try watching some of the videos on you tube Hope this helps a bit Tight Lines
  17. yes maybe try the bread with honey as well. There is a long deep stretch at the top of the lake perhaps try there for the buffalo - best at the top right hand end of the deep hole if I remember correctly. If you have some cutbait you could try there for the cats too Also you could try a bottom rod and feeder if you have one if not a float should do the trick especially now you can use a light slider or waggler float to fish down deep (if these are available to you). You can also feed by hand when you float fish but I have found it disappointingly inaccurate I think the slider float is a bit easier as it lays over when your bait is right on the bottom the waggler does not seem to do that quite as well. Perhaps try putting a really heavy bait on the light slider or any float for that matter if you do not have a slider yet - so it sinks the float and then keep adjusting your depth/shallow up and then recast until the float just sits slightly on it's side. That way you know your bait is just on the bottom where you want to fish/where the buffs are likely to be. You can also slowly reel an overweight/sinking float to plumb various areas/deep holes. You can "plumb deeper holes like this or you can use a bottom rod to drag a weight along the bottom to plumb the depth - as sometimes it states the depth on the indicator. There is also a deeper area in the middle of the lake - i did not get many buffs there but i think you could still catch some there. I think early morning is good for the buffalo Hope this helps, tight lines Mike :)
  18. I was wondering when ground bait expires does that relate to just the left over ground bait? Or, does it also include the ground bait that you have just fed/spodded into the water? I ask this as my swim went surprising quiet the other day/session after the ground bait expired notification popped up even though I had just put some ground bait in! Any thoughts welcome and may I thank you in anticipation.
  19. looks like the bands are not bands but weights as they change how far you can cast. From the shape it looks like they would go on the float but I'm not sure. Also not sure if they affect the bite sensitivity
  20. I really like the new floats - GR8 fun and new dimension but I think they still need some refining: the reel drag was greyed out for me when I used these? not sure how the bands work for the floats? I really like the new zoom but when using the new floats once the fish is hooked the zoom automatically fully zooms out so you can't see the bobber /line at distance to work out how the fight is going. I understand that it is not possible to fight the fish fully zoomed in as there is no peripheral vision, but this is a real shame as the best part about float fishing is the feeling that is conveyed when you hook a fish and watch the float dance around as the fish takes you for a joy ride - that is what differentiates float fishing from bottom fishing with a sinker. I think there needs to be three zoom settings/3 pushes on the controller button: 1: fully zoomed out 2: fully zoomed in 3: half way zoomed in so you can enjoy watching the fight when the fish is hooked. For me when I was younger the joy of float fishing was watching the float as the fish took it and then watching the float dance around as I played the fish. Also one of the fun things which we did was to attach a small "Starlight" to the top of the float which glowed in the dark to allow you to see the top of the float at night - immense fun especially when the float dipped below the surface and you could see see the starlight going along either above or just underneath the water. Of course it disappeared completely when the fish went deeper or the water was murky - even more fun. I expect they have something different now but if it was possible to make these changes it would greatly improve the float fishing experience and almost convey the real feeling of hooking and fighting a fish
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