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  1. oh the only thing like that is the fishing forecast on the main lake screen - the wave peak diagram per hour.
  2. Never seen a bite diagram, but you get the flashlight after catching a few dozen fish at night. There's a 'mission' for it that you can see if you click on your name/profile in the menu.
  3. Update: still doesn't work with the Duet rod holder.
  4. Best of luck to you. There's something honorable in trying to overcome a disadvantage, I guess.
  5. Because somebody else was using a more 'optimal solution'. That solution is on YouTube somewhere, because it's simply a puzzle to solve. Each time you run it, you run the same solution.
  6. Ok, 2 solutions lol. The point is that it's the same conditions (and fish locations) every time. That makes it simply a matter of looking up whatever works for that competition, and doing it. Those that try to actually 'fish it' are not going to succeed until they stumble across it, while the others are simply repeating the solution to the puzzle.
  7. I don't claim that they're 'rigged'. I simply mean that it's a fixed scenario. Once you figure out whatever exact thing works in that competition, you simply repeat it. This is nothing like real fishing competitions - where the scenario is unknown, or 'random'. Each competitor would have to figure it out. In FP, we simply repeat whatever works on that competition. Of course it looks rigged - some people have the answer already. The solution is simply to make each Competition occur at a random time, weather, 'heat level', etc. Then everybody is figuring it out at the same time, each time.
  8. Rocky Lake - float with shiners. Nothing else even produces a fish. Take your pick from any of them. They're all an exact scenario with 1 solution.
  9. "competitions" are just a fixed scenario. You either find the magic puzzle piece on the internet, or you lose. Nothing to do with normal fishing.
  10. Why are the competitions always at the same time/weather? This makes them incredibly easy to game out - which is why everyone sees them as ‘cheated’. just make them at random time/weather/fishing ‘heat level’. This should not be difficult. At all.
  11. or just look on youtube for the exact combination of bait/setup that works for each competition. I wasted too many hours, thinking it was 'fishing'. Silly me.
  12. Yeah, apparently, each competition has an exact setup/bait that works, and nothing else. That's the 'system' that they're referring to. It's not cheating, just lazy programming.
  13. are the licenses free to tournament members?
  14. YES!!! why can't we use all the little minnows we catch as bait?
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