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  1. Your information is very good, but what prevails is the hour chart. Peak hours are the same as fish on the radar. And for the rest it's enough to have the marker buoys. It would be great to rely on radar and skill, but that's not how the game works. Just look at the time of day or night and throw it on the buoy and you've got a unic fish.
  2. It's simple. They know exactly where the fish is on the map. The points are fixed, there is no variation of where the fish will be.
  3. I'm sorry but it's a matter of luck, presentation, angle and tackle to coax a leaderboard Uni, not really. It is just having an x and only. Why make an extensive lake if you always catch the fish in the same place (UNIC). The only variable that exists is the weight of the fish. When the Fishing Planet LLC team learns this the game will be a true virtual fishing simulator and then the skill, luck and equipment that will determine a good player in the game. And custom competitions with similar environmental variables as official competitions precisely to find X, not to improve your skills.
  4. Desculpe, vou dar um exemplo simples. COMP: Sturgeon In The Dark existe um ciclo em que os peixes aparecem, o jogadores sabem quantos pegar em cada ponto ( vou chamar esse ponto de X ) e o pior disto é que existe um reset a cada hora e meia do jogo. Resumindo pra uma COMPETIÇÃO mesmo que seja um jogo isto é extremamente desagradavel. Onde esta a VARIAVEL?????
  5. For the Fishing Planet LLC development team. Simulation is not reality so it is a game. But what makes a simulation close to the real. Well in a fishing game is the variable of not knowing whether to catch a big or small fish. Unfortunately this is the game's worst flaw. In Fishing Planet the player knows the exact time and place to catch the fish, especially in tournaments. So it's not a simulator, it's just a fishing game. Five years have passed and the defect continues, my question is when the Fishing Planet LLC team will resolve this. Game is synonymous with fun but Fishing Planet even with new maps there is no fun, because the "X" on the map continues, that is, x hour + x exact point = Unique Fish. This is constant and not variable and simple to correct see: x hour + x some point = Fish (common or trophy or unic). I believe you could understand that the best thing about fishing is not knowing the exact time when you will be able to catch an exemplary fish, especially if you are in a tournament. Thanks.
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