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  1. US_DarkLord

    Not loading

    I'm not sure it is fishing planet that is the issue. Having same trouble with other games as well and PlayStation Network connections all across the world are experiencing issues at the moment
  2. I would buy more if they would evenly matched up the reels with the rods for example a fishing rod capable of holding 20 lb fishing line they match up with a real limited too say 4 lb mono or 12 lb braid with a drag of 15 pounds or so LOL. Sure the drag is increased on the real butt what's the point of having increased drag if you can't pull it up with line equivalent to match the drag or the rod. Also the real should have increased casting distance. So if you are offering a fishing rod capable of 17 pound line then the real should be evenly matched to hold at least 15 pound mono or fluoro line and 14 to 15 LB drag. Come on balance your DLC content please.
  3. You Are Not Alone that is why I quit playing tourneys after yesterday. Fish don't register or disappear as if you never caught it. Sometimes your catch does not even show up in the chat window. Fed up with tournaments fed up with the angling challenge as well. You get down to the last few fish then get a bump that's not actually a bite and it resets back to zero. Been trying to complete that challenge for weeks. Fed up with losing bait coin purchased crankbaits due to kayak flipping out of control and going up into the sky until you're spoiled out of line and line snaps. But hey I still love the game! Just can't put it down.
  4. US_DarkLord

    Not loading

    January 28th 2018 fishing Planet not loading for me on PlayStation 4
  5. I have been having the same issues constantly since they introduced night fishing. Also problems with keeping a fish and it doesn't give you credit for it and doesn't show that you caught the fish or put it on the leaderboards but you can still see what you caught in the chat section. I have a 75 lb Pike caught at Michigan that was taken off the leaderboards and taken off of my personal fish records I emailed support about it and they stated to me that the leaderboards reset every 7 days. I am also having problems with challenges disappearing like the challenge I was almost finished with where you have to be pulled by fish so far I think it's like 100,000 feet or something just like the fishy racing Christmas challenge. It was there until the fishy racing challenge came along and then it disappeared. Your largest catch should be prominent in your personal fish records the only way to obtain proof and not be called a liar and game repeatedly is to take screenshots so that is what I do. Maybe they will fix this. I answered the last muskie tournament and in the last minute I kept a 10 lb Muskie and next cast hooked and harvested and kept a 35 pounds muskie which would have put me from third place to second place at the time. As time was running out I had another fish hooked at the end of the time the fish hook did not count nor did the previous 35 lb muskie it also disappeared from my fish basket.
  6. I'm not worried about the loss, just fix the bug. Get in a kayak roll all the way over and back up against the ice sheet and drop anchor hook a fish and the kayak will roll a lot after a few fish it will eventually roll uncontrollably and shoot up into the sky. The bug is getting annoying it's one of my favorite waterways to fish. The past you all have overcompensated me for bait coins on more than one occasion so to be honest we are just about even LOL I have deleted most of the videos except for two because I'm limited on space one day I will post them as you stated just seems like a lot of trouble to upload them elsewhere.
  7. Due to the kayak bug I am out approximately 150 Bitcoins in crankbaits. But the support staff here is great I'm sure they will figure something out LOL
  8. There is an error with the shop at Alberto Lake concerning the purchase of fireworks with Bitcoins. It seems that some of us see the fireworks and are able to purchase them but others like myself and half of my friends the option does not appear in the shop to purchase fireworks. My friends took screenshots and fireworks are available for purchase under tools and equipment. But for myself and many others only thing there is regular tools and equipment such as keep-net stringers tackle boxes waistcoats and so forth. Also the kayak bug continues to exist flipping out of control shooting up in the sky at Alberta and getting stuck there continue to go higher until you're spoiled out I have lost at least six crankbaits three of which were purchased from store and downloadable content as well as a lot of spoons. This issue has also happened to me twice at Emerald Lake. As far as Alberta Lake if you anchored down near the ice sheet you will eventually hook up fish that will flip you repeatedly and you are unable to write yourself then shoot you into the sky like a scud missile LOL. I have screenshots and several videos of this issue unfortunately you can't just upload them and post them here and I don't do YouTube so until the feature is available to upload pictures and videos to this form I guess the developers would just have to test it for themselves have a wonderful day! Happy holidays!
  9. I don't understand, I catch them back-to-back from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. all night long every night at Emerald. All I use is a 1/4 oz medium spoon or the 2 Oz night spoon real speed one twitch or Real Speed 3 stop and go and pretty much bring the walleye in almost every cast and even in the dead time I'm still able to pick up walleyes one out of five cast. Since night fishing has been implemented fishing for walleyes during the day even rainy days can be tough. That's one a worm and jig head fall into play and work very nicely and then there is always the sauger at the Rock Point they're pretty much always biting LOL hope this helps bro.
  10. Please disregard my previous statement. You have to hook a 19 pound Plus fish. I switched my rig to a 23 foot float rod 10 to 12 pound test line 5/0 hook 30 in leader with a large minnow. Takes about three fireworks to get a bite. But on the third try I was able to get the kayak challenge complete followed by two of my friends who tried my set up and work for them. Once we switch to the 23 foot float rod only took less than 20 fireworks between the three of us I believe the Long Rod is the key makes it easier to steer the kayak keeping it away from the edges or the fish seem to get stuck in going into the ground or into the rocks. Previously we tried all crankbaits, spoons, spinners, jigs, they will hit just about anything The Long Rod is the key was able to produce a good 10-minute toe from a Christmas fish 4 out of 7 tries where I could not make it work with the shorter jigging rods. Hope this helps the rest of you fellow fisherman and fisherwomen.
  11. No reply? I am disgusted! Fix it or cut the distance in half or else I'm done giving you all my money!
  12. This is for the PlayStation 4 console. My friends and I believe the fishy race kayak challenge is bugged. My friends and I believe it to be impossible to complete as we have spent over 250 fireworks trying to complete this challenge and have hooked a fish at one end of the lake toad all the way across from the ice sheet being pulled back and forth and then on all the way to as far as you can go up against the chain at the other side of the lake I guess you would say it is the spillway and the most I have been able to get doing this is 487 out of 500. One of my friends bought masses of fireworks trying to help us out with this as he already has kayaks from DLC. The PC people don't seem to be having the issues that console is having my friends on PC got there kayak challenge completed with ease. It's just sucking money out of people really. 7 of us have been trying this straight for 3 days and sucks that all 7 of us can't get into the same lobby at the same time.
  13. Well that is not fair because your personal records should show your personal best permanently. Aside of the global being reset.
  14. Leaderboards and personal fish records are inaccurate. I have caught large fish in the past and have screenshots of them and now no longer see them in the leaderboards or fish records. I know this to be true as I caught three unique yellow perch that beat my personal best at Emerald Lake kept the fish show them in my basket cash them in and not one of them showed up on the leaderboards or my fish records only a common 2 pound perch showing up in my fish records. I have also caught a large unique 71 lb Pike at Michigan in the past and is no longer there. Only proof I have are my screenshots of them in my fish keeper and I'm unable to post them. I have emailed support about this and have yet to receive an answer on what they're going to do to fix this. I am not the only one suffering from this four of my friends are seeing this as well. A couple months ago I watched a friend of mine I was fishing with in Michigan pole in a catfish over 100 lb and that is not on the leaderboards I have seen several others over 100 lb as I was leveling in the past at Michigan. I know these fish have been caught unless what we were seeing was an inaccurate glitch on weight of the fish.
  15. Same loading times are 2 to 3 minutes for me now and sometimes will not load at all till app restart. Before the update loaded in 10 seconds.
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