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  1. Oh crab island ppl can't even fill the end game net anymore..it's so so sad..greed
  2. I'm a premium player and also love to purchase as many dlc as I can..I've been farming at crab for weeks now using the same top set ups that are set up for maximum xp and money earnings..I'm averaging between 25k in xp per day..I've noticed it's almost impossible to even catch a uni tarpon now..I can't even fill 400 lbs in one peak now..I've fished 2 straight game days and not one tarpon uni ..I think I received 1 uni snook in those 2 days fishing..I normally fill my entire end game net in one day before moving to next day..now none is catching anything now..WHAT DID YALL DO!! I'm so close to marron like one lvl away ..I feel so bad for those from here on out..i calculated my catch times per day and logged everything I'm a journal and now it's going to take me 4 times longer..rather 14 game days to lvl per lvl it's now going to take almost 30 just to make it next lvl at ..why did y'all do this..I had 3 friends quit the game today because they couldn't even fill their nets..why why why..I spend so much money here..can someone plz check into this and raise the rng or something? I'm literally doing better at cali than I am at crab now..cali is normally half of what one would earn in crab and now california is now superior to mississippi .you guys are getting very greedy over there..I know your making money cause I've dumped over 1k in this game since playing ..no more until crab is fixed..
  3. Actually your point is very valid..I didn't read others post and I apologise if someone already pointed this out..I'm currently from the low country in the south in the usa.any if the fish species are not listed in many of the southern parts of this game and there are quite a few listed and can be fished for that are absolutely not indigenous to those bodies of waters ( real actually waters in these areas) some of the fish posted in everglades mississippi and other southern waters have many northern types which only time you see any of some of the ones that can be fished for in some of the games waters in real life would have to be stocked there meaning they where brought there on purpose..but yes to answer your question the south has so so so so so many different varieties of fish ( mainly pan types ) and not as many predator types ..I would have to say that nothern fish or lakes have alot more predator fish like bass walleye and the likes as to south has many predator fish like LM bass and the occasional gar..in fact to find any body of water that has alligator gar is actually rare since their not as common as ppl think and many places who govern over fishing population will sometimes stock gar in their waters to cut down the population of fast breeding fish or fish that destroy eco systems like carp..( a carp is a gold fish and if you put a gold fish like at pet store it will never stop growing in size) you won't or don't see carp much in the south and if they are in a body of water in the south it means someone either stocked it there or it was put there from someone 200 yrs ago and they branded out..carp do not belong in the south ..they are a northern fish original and if any body of water or river in the south has them they where brought from either nothern like canada area or from Asia a long time ago..but I'm this game you can catch a ton of those nasty tasting trash fish in many of the southern lakes and such lol..ide personally like to see them add more brackish and fresh water types in the southern waters since our varieties are larger than that if the northern types.. excellent question though..and regards to stripe bass it's hard to find striped bass in a lake these days means it was stocked there which is more common now .it used to be that you could only find stripes in brackish and salt water to brackish and never in lakes but now ppl stock these super predators into their area because ppl love them and they kill the hell out of baby eel and carp which are absolutely horrible for most eco systems carp is really only good for helping alge spread so that a lake or pond gets equal hydrilla distribution which helps for water not to become clear blue which looks pretty but means theirs no oxygen and after the carp spread life into a body of water they then load up on gar or LM bass or striped bass to cut back on those nasty fish..
  4. Yo..Lemmy get that gum for the drive to work hahaha..wait..what flavor chips..lol
  5. Grinding out missions is the worst way to gain xp and money imo..sure their great if you have the money to buy license and do all the task and change out rods and then buy lake fees and then the time it takes to get the lures and then prepare for monsters and such. Average cost to take on any challenge after you've past it and are on new llake is 4x what the pay out is..if a challenge is offering 3k in rewards and 4 k in xp you've just spent all that paying for rods and set up and lake pass and license just to get there .like many others have said once you get to Michigan your money trouble is over if you use multiple float set ups for like or walleye ( unless you prefer casting with lure) and then once you get to cali you can set up 2 to 4 bottom rods on sturgeon and you'll jump from 40 to 50 in a few days of grinding and that's just fishing at night ..catch 2to 4 move to next hour..and even on low peaks each hour you move your first cast dosnt count on slowness they all hit after reset .the low peaks only really kick in after you've caught your first fish on that hour..so if you catch 2 then immediately move to next hour ( night only) then you'll fill 440 lbs in 10 real min..rinse repeat and after 6 nights leave go repair keepnet and then come back for another 6 nights ..this is my second account and with premium I went from 40 to 50 in 3 real days of grinding (8 hours each real day) so once you open cali while grinding michigan go to cali and grind..come back and do missions later.
  6. Listen folks we all make small investments during the week rather it be McDonald's Burger King during lunch break easy 10 usd bucks without even thinking about it..we also have that netflix bill or prime or disney plus packages for tv that we all know are of the best cheap worth it investments we don't think much on but we know their worth their weight in gold..so my point here is this.. fishing planet is def not a pay to play game and it's geared perfect mid age folks or even young folks who love the thrill of a fish fight.. nothing I enjoy more than getting off work making a glass of cold Cherry Pepsi or an occasional cold beer or wine while I fish ( that was for us adults only haha) anyways started looking how cheap premium was for 1 day!! Folks I can dig 1.99 out my couch cushion lol and the 4.99. end game rod and reel set ups was like I just purchased something awesome like I just found the best investment of the year lol..sure some of their prices on certain things are kinda high but lets face it..many of you true fisherman will pay 5 bucks for a new real popper at bass pro shop..just think how much ya get here on those rainy days where ya can't go real fishing and you come here to play instead and that 4.99 rod set up just helped you get past that slow spot in your game..to be honest I don't play anymore without premium now because of the perks now..to me it's no different than that cheeseburger I knew I didn't need .. atleast here I won't have to worry about a heart attack after eating it haha..cheers folks..keep the lines tight and I encourage you to try one of their dlc packs ..it's def something worth it.. especially if your older and your working and this is your come home to thing..
  7. This is my second account..I use one for premium and one I use that I share with my kids..listen folks some of you guys are getting real technical with different stuff which is cool too..if ya wanna zoom from 40 to 50 In 2 real days do this..mabye 3 if your fishing 8 hour days. I work alot so I can only do 6 hour days when I'm off work..but anyways listen..fish bottom rods for sturgeon in cali.make sure your using 40 to 50lb test set ups..(maximize your xp) take atleast 2 or 3 bottom rods..( catboxer #1 or #2 ) use fresh egg sacks or large cut bait..take a rod stand and go to the sturgeon hole( fishing Beaver) FISH ONLY NIGHT TIME ( it doesn't matter if the peak is low .) Fish 9pm catch two fish immediately then move to 10 pm catch 2 then to 11 pm..yes even on slow peak the fish bite instant within 15 game min ( 4 real min) on first cast always..catching 2 on each hour will fill 440 lbs keep net in less than the whole night .I normally fill with a few hours left to spare..rinse repeat..make sure your gear can handle 6 days (nights of this) you will then have make over 300k In cash plus moved up an entire player lvl.. congratulations your grind just got simple and easy then after your at 50 you can then relax and hit all those challenge you missed
  9. It's sad because you can see others chatting before the game shuts me out after their premium ads at start of opening game..I just purchased premium too..wonder if it's only happening to ppl who actually pay to show their respect to the devs who made a beautiful game..
  10. Yup ever since they put that chat on the home base screen rather just on the lakes server screen it's been buggy as fudge..plz take it off lol..it's lagging everything..
  11. I'm wondering that because of ps4 new update to conversions to ps5 new update that ironic that fp also updated their game at same time and this is where the bug may lay..perhaps the code needed or written was for older code before the new ps4 update and it's not matching this current ps4 update?..just wish they would let someone know something rather letting us sit here and wait to play.i devote my only day off to fishing planet and don't mind paying premium cause it's actually worth it..it's just gonna suck not being able to play today I'm starting to gather..I can only hope they comp the premium players.. I literally pay every time I get on to play..I'm sure they will do something for us premium folks.. despite the hiccups we have today it's not gonna make me quit game..this game is perfect for gamers in the 40s..it's place where like-minded and older folks can go and sit and enjoy each other company and fish and shoot the breeze with our fellow veteran folks .I've met some of the kindest ppl on their servers..not one immature person popping off dumb stuff..and I'll close with this game lowers my blood pressure aswell as having one of the highest re playability factor I've ever experienced in a game..I'm certain the devs and mods are hard at work trying to solve the broken thingamajig so that we may enjoy some fishing!!
  12. Me too..me too.......I just purchased a bass boat plus a 1 day worth of premium since I can only play 1 day of the week because of work..so that whole premium I just purchased is wasted..money I'll probably not get back..
  13. But I love the game and will continue to pay and play and let's hope they can get the bugs out soon before my premium pass expires..
  14. Game keeps kicking me out and i can't even stay on long enough to report in game.i just paid for premium and can't even use it not to even bring up how much it cost me to go to Michigan a few times before it got worse
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