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  1. It actually happened again when I landed a blue cat, and lost it as a result.
  2. While fishing for the muskies at Michigan, I keep getting this glitch where the fish suddenly flies through the air, over my head into the scrub. It only happens when I'm going for the Muskies, it's okay at night when fishing for the Bluecats and Sturgeon. very strange stuff indeed.
  3. Same, been happening a little bit of late. Also when fishing at the Sandy Cape at Michigin, there is a spot where when you use a stand it glitches out and you can't grab a 2nd rod to fish with, and you're unable to the R1/2 L1/2 trigger buttons.
  4. Fantastic point with getting to higher level especially when from Germany to Russia goes from 42-46. This lake should be a damn site a lot more rewarding than what it currently is.
  5. please do not visit this lake. It's so slow which is a disappointment as I thought with all the different species and the size of the place, I though it would be quite active. all I was catching was carp, carp, carp, and more carp. no trophy's, no uniques just common carp.
  6. Has anyone noticed that sometimes when using a stand the L1 trigger doesn't respond. this has now happened quite a few times where I've had fish hooked on both rods, yet was unable to pick either rod up.
  7. Ditto, have only just started getting back into the game as well with the new Euro locations.
  8. booo, love catching the blue cats at that place. but bring on the kayaks when ever they drop the update. should be fun
  9. This has been posted on these forums before and it's been a massive help for me. It should do the same for you and anyone else having these issues. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B5W-Ab_oaUAmJKQC0F6EsZ-3O9kyutLQtP4EuSh8VT0/edit#gid=856843798
  10. trophy blue cat on shiners @ pike alley
  11. Yeah, I just got that as well. after a while it started again.
  12. I agree with you and I wasn't complaining about it, well that wasn't my intention anyway, if came across different then I apologise. I don't think I've ever played a FREE game as much as i have as this one before, the only other one was RESOGUN when the ps4 1st came out.
  13. Can't wait for the game updates to drop in a month. Looking forward to fishing in the new waterways where ever they'll be.
  14. Ozfisher

    cheat spots

    Is it a cheat spot when you catch a Blue Cat at pike alley?
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