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  1. i dont even see hwo cheating is possible on the windows app, as the files are all hidden and cannot be acessed. but i was in the tourney with you guys and ive only been playing for 2 months, i finnished 21st (norrowly missed out on the final). there was only that asterix guy that looked a bit dodgy on there to me as half of his big fish didnt even go on the leaderboard, and where bigger than his "biggest" in his profile. and hes always top of all the carp leaderboards by 5-10lb in front of second place, i also find this even more incredible when i checked during the tournament had had entered 63 comps and had only ever had 4 top 3 finnishes. not saying hes cheating, game could have been getting the scores wrong? leaderboards are just broken? it wasnt a case of the leaderboards hadnt updated as they still wherent there days alter, and other people who where fishing in the comp where. just seems very strange
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